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  1. New CRD

    I'd say ban set 7, it's where they obviously didn't care anymore. Set 1 is the core of the game.
  2. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    Then why are we arguing? Like I said, I find FanZ boring and unoriginal, you don't.
  3. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    Friendo, we could go back and forth all day on this as you skip very obvious examples (MVegeta lvl hopping, Babidi allying, Dubura being Trunks/sword Gohan from Scorez, H18 being Krillin). I understand you like it, but it is definitely not the best the game has ever been.
  4. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

    Set 6 was the best the game ever was. Nothing FanZ adds is exciting or new, just new mps that jump levels, get allies, or a re-make of a Score card. Sometimes all three!
  5. Flute/SS3 "Errata"

  6. MetaX set 5 revealed - is it a new IP?

    Vs System was too good for this world and deserved to die after Shift.