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  1. I can't wait for scalpers to ruin this too!
  2. Not yet, but when I get it made I'll post it. The power of the dark side does sound fun though, especially since I roll pretty badly.
  3. So I finally pulled a Vader from awakenings and I was wondering what are some good pairings with his 16 point version? So far it's a three way tie between eFN, Grievous, and Sing. Anybody have any suggestions?
  4. A19 was fine, just no one wanted to bother with his awesome attach theme when you could just mill with 20.
  5. Everything in the game is a variation of beatdown brah. Just sometimes you db or mppv before you beat them down.
  6. Red Ruthless Bardock is gonna be damn strong.
  7. *Cue Nappa ally laughing in the background."
  8. This isn't 3-4 paragraphs, fucking terrible.
  9. Where the hell is Saiyan dive?
  10. I mean, when you give a character paragraphs for powers they are gonna be good (bar 16). Also, if anyone thought slug was fast with Earth Dbs, this fucker is gonna do it even faster. In Black he will mill both players to death with his named drill and Black Recollection Drill.
  11. Hello best physical in the entire history of the game. Glad to see that you're back and somehow more exploitable.
  12. Finally, a more useless ultra than true power!
  13. Ehh, shes not 16 terrible. I had allot of fun with her in orange making her pokes do +5 and laughing as Brolly did 3 stages max.
  14. Exactly! Sure 16, 17, 18, 19, Hurcule, V Vegeta, Nappa, and Set 1 Gohan can be considered bad, but no one else in the game has had as much follow up support as slug. He really has no excuse other than just being a shit mp that doesn't work in practice.