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  1. The Games We Play

    Monster Hunter World has consumed my life. Play Persona 5 OP, it's damn great.
  2. Hero 18 Combative

    Why does nothing one believe I run time? It's the first thing listed lol. I'll address the rest later.
  3. The Naruto CCG

    Fuck that stupid game for making me love it. I payed till the second(?) all English set when they released a Garra that searched for a card that was supposed to replace him with one of his bigger forms, but I only used it to get out of being targeted.
  4. Hero 18 Combative

    Lotsa questions so I'll to answer everyone I can I hated 20 because he was such a must have it eliminated other choices from the deck, he also got crited every combat, so I don't miss him at all. Leisure by itself is 100% worth running 18 over Yamcha. At the end of the day Yamcha just has annoying tricks and has to depend on your opponent getting frustrated and declaring allot. Yeah, DB6 would be nice, but im very worried about the state of criting. At set 7 there was atleast 2 crits per combat in a standard deck, with that many it made running anything that could be crited almost useless. I do not believe it gets around it, I want to say that there was a ruling with Herogeta ally and goku which it was ruled that Hgeta ally couldnt get past freezing but you could still play him from hand. Yes. Spelling is hard for me. I played Orange at worlds and got sick of checkup drill, otherwise it would be in as a one of. Examination can be used to lower if an opponent is MPPVing. Combined Burst also helps a bit. I actually didn't read the card till you said it, but holy shit it's bonkers. I'd make room for 2. I'd need a ruling on it with Efficiency drill. EG can i still do my min 5 while using it. if yes then fuck yeah, if no it is a meta call. I was gonna put it in just because it has 18 on it, but if you can get to 4 fast enough it wont matter. I think the FanZ community benefits from being so small. You guys don't want to lose more players, so no one has made the "real fucker" decks I see with the set 8 and 9 personalities. Bardock should be dominating just on the fact he can snipe your deck from the get go and leave you with a crippled useless deck. King Kai should be oppressive with his ally domination and 10 paragraphs of text. Even future gohan isn't being used to his max potential that you would see in regular play and alls you have to do is stay on 1, enter, and use power.
  5. Hero 18 Combative

    I have been a long time hater of FanZ. I thought it was stupid and overpowered schlock with people who shouldn't be in charge of anything trying to say that they were in charge now. I'm still not convinced that is not the case. At "set 10" though, they released two of my favorite characters, Android 18 and Videl. So I decided to make a deck with each of them. First up was 18, I loved the villain version and used her Orange for the whole set, letting me poke people to death with free energies for 5. The design team seemed to embrace that with Hero 18 and seemed to reward players for playing her in their new Orange Combative Mastery. You see, the biggest thing about hero 18 is that she doesn't need a lot of stages to do anything, which, alongside the new Orange Combative Mastery, makes her able to ignore physical attacks almost completely. Thus, 18 can take a beating while still keeping up her energy aggro, which keeps her from taking too much damage, and when combined with Orange Examination Drill can lead to massive anger gains in a combat. The support card they gave 18 (Orange Leisure) is honestly too strong for this deck allowing you to search your life deck for a much needed drill or itself on the defense while also providing -3-3 from the attack. Combined with 18's and the mastery rejuvenating effects you could play this card every combat, keeping pace with drills while leveling or further prevention. My personal record is 5 combats with at least one Leisure in play and I do not doubt a more skilled player can keep one out permanently. So I built a very basic deck with 18 keeping these main goals in mind: 1 Prevention is Key, prioritize it over damage, Conference over attack drill; 2 Hit are anger, Examination Drill + Mastery = every hit is at least 1 anger; 3 Energies are cost effective, 18 makes most energies 0 or 1 they do small damage but that only leads back to 2; 4 Play aggressive, 18 is broly of energy attacks, after the third combat you should be in a position to do massive damage. Deck: Orange Combative Mastery Hero 18 1-4 Events: Time Confront X3 Allies: Krillin, Protective X1 Setups: Orange Leisure X3 Visiting the Past X2 Drills: Orange Conference Drill X2 Orange Examination Drill X1 Orange Freezing Drill X1 Orange Aura Drill X1 Orange Energy Dan Drill X1 Orange Captivity Drill x1 Android Attack Drill X1 Android Efficiency Drill X1 Blocks Orange Energy Catch X3 Orange Energy Absorption X3 Orange Quick Dodge X3 Orange Refocus X3 Attacks: Android 18's Toss X3 Android 18's Distructo Disk X3 Orange Fierce Attack X3 Orange Stare Down X3 Orange Power Point X2 Orange Separating Shot X3 Orange Offensive Strike X3 Orange Eruption X3 Orange Precise Shot X3 Orange Combined Blast X3 The deck isn't perfect, but after a year away it has been tons of fun to make a new deck. I am open to any suggestions, questions, or critiques so feel free to comment. Thanks for reading.