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  1. You did it. You made a post that makes no sense as to what I said and completely off your own topic. +2 points for you. As for endurance, try playing without it or with it reduced. It's the only real way to test your theory out. As someone who played in ScoreZ when it didn't have endurance, let me tell you it was shit for everyone.
  2. I'm guessing you didn't follow top decks when the game was alive if you don't believe wallbreaker or ball 2 were staples. The whole game is luck based, every card game is. You can have a semblance of a strategy but it all depends on the draw in the end.
  3. Those have always been staples.
  4. Physical attacks have been doing an average of 8 stages and/or 6 life cards since set 1. Energy attacks do an average of 8 life cards. These high damages make big endurance a much needed item. Namekian's problem is Knowledge Mastery coming back. Mppv can be countered with the right draws or deck building.
  5. Why make any changes? Make your own dbz like game with blackjack and hookers.
  6. Nah, there is just nothing to talk about with the game being dead and all. It's just back down to the hardcores and all of them have lives.
  7. Norcal DBZ TCG facebook group. It was posted by one of the owners of Forgotten Path Games.
  8. West Kai is June 17th. I have no idea why they haven't announced it other than possibly giving up after the reaction to the last set. As for the topic, if they keep making shit like that Orange Bicycle Kick they should just stick to Mps that are broken so it's easier to ignore.
  9. "Villains, Goku, and Gohan only....." was my fave.
  10. Once again, release date is later this month, the 4th was just a nice prerelease that I'm sure they will never do again after all the moaning. Also why do you care so much? Do you just love to complain about a game you hate but don't play? I can understand bitching about DBZ, you played it and enjoyed it, why waste your time arguing with me about a game you don't like and don't play?
  11. My store ordered 3 and got 3. Maybe stores should remember it's a prerelease to celebrate May the Fourth and not expect to get 30 boxes before actual release?
  12. Retro dbz should have all that. The website not the Facebook page.
  13. Flipping a 2 on fate and tapping foundations to clear it is the same as rolling a blank and playing a card to set it to another side.
  14. But you can do all that to the dice in Destiny. I played competitive UFS, I know a good deck, it's the exact same thing. You just didn't want to try in Destiny like you did/do in UFS.
  15. I don't think you have actually played UFS sir. If one does not like dice rolls one cannot possibly like UFS's "check" system.