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  1. Extremely missed opportunity to refine the DBZ system and have superheroes duke it out.
  2. FFG

    Their only problem is they can't produce enough for the market. The custom dice thing is really doing a number on production. I just hope they get it fixed soon.
  3. I don't see a difference between either of these. Could you give me an example so I understand what the difference is?
  4. No, that still encourages stalls as they don't get -1 for a draw.
  5. ..... You have to be in combat and interacting with your opponent to win by MPPV. Only DBV allows you to win without interacting with your opponent. I'm really confused about this argument.
  6. You don't have to like shit. You don't get to say it's a bad game as if it were fact instead of your opinion.
  7. "I played the DBZ demo, but I was given Perceptive Mastery and it was shit, so the game must be shit. Could be fun casually I guess, but with factors like bad masteries how can anyone play competitively? It's not like there are other options in the game."
  8. Promos not in that super weird language? Nice! I just hope they come with dice too.
  9. I feel as if you haven't played the game Artificial. The entire game is built around dice and all the deck manipulation you are talking about is for the dice themselves. Also the odds are much better understood with dice than cards.
  10. MPPV is a secondary win condition that needs to exist so aggro and stall don't dominate play. Other games have this mechanic too and it works out well. Has it been executed right in any version of Dbz? Fuck no. Does it need to be around? Fuck Yes.
  11. Every game is based on randomization. Every, single, one. From monopoly to Dbz. Settlers to dnd. Everything. The only person fooling themselves is you for thinking that's a good argument.
  12. And as always you understand nothing.
  13. Good points. I guess we will have to see what happens when the expansion sets run out.
  14. Camp 1 or two in radiant and beat the shit out of people with a physical for 5 and 3 life cards that's unpreventable and stays 2 more times?
  15. Is pre-ordering not a thing anymore? As long as you can pre-order I don't see anything wrong with this format, Base Sets will be released for a year and you just better make sure you get your pre-order in for expansion sets.