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  1. Wait, are we arguing mandatory triggers like Red Enraged or optional triggers like Android 13's Impenetrable Defense?
  2. It is your responsibility to play the game as correctly as possible though. Missing a single trigger can change the whole game, it's why it's mandatory for both players to make sure triggers are used correctly.
  3. I remember arguments about how it was the real way to play all the way to the cell saga. It was fun.
  4. Just as title says, what I would consider a good mill deck. Characters 30 Points: E Jyn Ackbar Command Center location Upgrades 7: 1x Fast Hands 2x Con Artist 1X Cunning 2X Lone Operative 1X DL-44 Heavy Blaster Supports 2: 1X R2 D2 1X C3P0 Events 21: 2X Don't Get Cocky Kid 2X Long Con 2X Negotiate 2x Friends in Low Places 2X Commando Raid 2X Electroshock 2X Let the Wookie Win 2X Rebel 1X Hit and Run 1X Leadership 1X Sabotage 1X Cheat 1X Never tell me the odds As you can tell, Jyn's ability is your best friend with almost every card. With rebel and cheat you can play Commando Raid around 5 times per game, which really pisses people off who like to have hands. Con Artists were used more for hand discard rather than their mill as I found claiming was a better solution than using con artist's effect. After a tournament the changes I would make are: - 1X DL-44 Heavy Blaster 1x Fast Hands 1X Cunning 1X Never tell me the odds 1X Leadership No idea what to add though, so suggestions are appreciated.
  5. There is no auto-pilot decks in Z, just salty players that can't stand losing. Hell I remember the extreme salt I felt with Ginyu, even then that deck turned out to be complicated.
  6. Legacy Bonus FanZ will be accommodating the Legacy Bonus introduced in the final Panini DBZ CRD. However, there will be some additional rules and restrictions in order to maintain balance. These MPs may be paired with Mastery Cards on the Frozen List: • Black Devious Mastery: Krillin, Frieza, Piccolo, Captain Ginyu, Vegeta (Villain alignment only), Nail, Nappa, Raditz, Tenshinhan, Turles, Lord Slug, Garlic Jr., Dr. Wheelo, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Android 19, Mercenary Tao, Hercule, Cell Jr. • Red Enraged Mastery: Krillin, Frieza, Piccolo, Captain Ginyu, Vegeta (Villain alignment only), Nail, Nappa, Raditz, Tenshinhan, Turles, Lord Slug, Garlic Jr., Dr. Wheelo, Android 16, Android 17, Android 18, Android 19, Mercenary Tao, Cell, Cell Jr. If you choose to use the Legacy Bonus, you MAY NOT include in your deck or MP stack any cards from Celestial Tournament, Legends, or any future FanZ release. If you choose to use the Legacy Bonus, the following Deck Construction Rules will apply: The following cards gain “Limit 1 Per Deck” Black Smoothness Drill (Premiere S96, Vengeance P1) Black Memories (Awakening R101) Black Strength Display (Awakening R104) Assisted Kamehameha (Awakening UR142) Red Flourish (Awakening U94) Red Driving Knee (Awakening C41) Unleashed (Vengeance UR142)
  7. That's only Legacy decks brah.
  8. While I feel like these changes were needed, I also feel that heroes took a huge dive to viability.
  9. Where is the "I never cared" option as that seems to be everyone's answer. Hell, we as a site could do a much better job organizing events and general card design than the entire FanZ project.
  10. Lol, you really need to play more and maybe netdeck if Cell is giving you trouble.
  11. Online tournaments have been done before and they always fail super hard. It's a combination of being at home (and thus having to do home things during a tournament) and shitty people that ruin it the whole thing.
  12. On paper it looks bleak but in a game it's literally fine. Setups are a useful tool, not deck defining must haves for Red Roshi. Plus even with all of blues get back Nappa wont be in play.
  13. Nah brah, red crits too much for any allies to be a problem at all. Say Blue or Black Roshi had a disadvantage, Red Roshi kicked the shit outta Ginyu.
  14. Literally never.
  15. NOTHING is better as Perceptive Mastery.
  16. I like this far more than any rulings FanZ have done.
  17. So I finally pulled a Vader from awakenings and I was wondering what are some good pairings with his 16 point version? So far it's a three way tie between eFN, Grievous, and Sing. Anybody have any suggestions?
  18. We require a report, ASAP!
  19. Impacts Red quite allot actually as certain builds relied heavily on ranking and recurring drills for a quick defense, anger, mill, or board control. It also kills the want to even bother running drills as their only point would be to pop one, rank, recur. Then again it's not like I'm playing FanZ, so I guess it doesn't really effect me at all and I'm just bitching to bitch lol.
  20. "Oppsies, these two cards that we made that everyone said was busted was busted. I guess we better add banish after use and keep beating this dead horse. Oh and add drill memory to nerf Orange a bit and fuck over every other styles drills."
  21. I can't wait for scalpers to ruin this too!
  22. Not yet, but when I get it made I'll post it. The power of the dark side does sound fun though, especially since I roll pretty badly.
  23. A19 was fine, just no one wanted to bother with his awesome attach theme when you could just mill with 20.
  24. Everything in the game is a variation of beatdown brah. Just sometimes you db or mppv before you beat them down.