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  1. Didnt Panini release their final CRD in mid-January? I dont believe they've mentioned another version coming out after that one. ETA: it was the one with the stupid "hidden zone" rules. I believe they mentioned it was going to be their last act in regards to PaniniZ.
  2. Score Z started matches kind of like how you were told, but Panini Z makes the players decide who goes first. Most commonly, this is a dice roll. In Score Z to determine who goes first: If highest power level on level 1 of one MP is twice or more than that of their opponent's MP, then the following happens: the weaker MP starts at full stages and has first turn the stronger MP starts at 2 stages above 0 If the above is not met and the match up is hero vs villain, then the hero goes first. If the double power level rule is not met and both players are playing the same alignment then I believe the weaker MP goes first or its a die roll; cant quite remember this one.
  3. Dont they have the Afterworld game in the works? And they appear to be half-assing both. If they killed one they could at least full-ass a single game.
  4. +1 Was going to mention this. I believe Panini's problem with certain themes is that they wanted to give each style a different way to do the same thing but did it poorly. The game really needs more costs associated with actions. Its strange, since they nailed this idea with power stages and energy attacks. I just wonder what the original devs idea was at the start when they were like "lets make energy attacks cost stages but make everything else in the game essentially lacking a cost." It literally doesnt make sense.
  5. Didn't quite gave this luck but dropped $26 and got a Dig, Instant Transmission, Flurry of Blows, and my most notable foils were Point Blank Volley and Garlic lvl 3.
  6. Googled "Meta X" yesterday. Couldn't find a single thing on this game and google's suggestion to expand my search to "Metax Panini" was listed...seventh. After expanding the search to "Metax Panini" the search returns articles from February on the DBZ Panini Wordpress blog; nothing on the first two pages links to the recent blog post. Then I just checked the Panini DBZ wordpress and found it. The design of the game means nothing if Panini cant be bothered to even market it. They havent even created a wordpress for Meta X. Somebody at Panini is attempting to troll the Panini-Z community. Why else would their first preview card, Superman, have the ability that reads "draw a card." I'm glad Panini put symbols to show when a card activates, as I expect the rules of the game to be needlessly convoluted.
  7. Completely agree. IME it's also been that the majority of games I have seen to go tie at events there is usually a clear winner (as in, its fairly obvious one of the players would have won in another turn or two). Also the "hit time, then three turns" thing is a problem. It usually causes the person who is losing to take an eternity to make decisions, so games can sometimes go 15 mins past time because of slow play. There should be a 30sec limit on all decisions throughout a game.
  8. While the game sounds fantastic I will say that I am a bit disappointed to hear about how they tackle shrines and dungeons. Going through massive dungeons is quintessential Zelda; making the move to smaller dungeons with 1-2 rooms and a few monsters would kill it for me. I dont doubt it's a great game, just not the direction I was hoping for.
  9. I was responding to your concern of getting sued. I know the value of the cards was not in question; the point being they arent worth enough to sue over, whether that be for monetary or sentimental value. Not even Judge Judy would hear this case.
  10. Lol, good point. Yeah, I wasn't thinking outside of standard. But in legacy the reason why everything is low cost is because of power creep over time and cards now existing outside of the "block" they were designed for.
  11. Kid Buu was like $20 on Amazon last I checked. You're absolutely right too, the DBZ models are nowhere near as complex as MG gundams.
  12. While MPPV may help balance the game due to the presence of certain deck types, this mechanic itself needs to be fairly balanced in order to work. MPPV becomes a garbage mechanic when power creep happens but was a problem since set 1 really. The only things stopping Namek Piccolo in Set 1 were Blue Ginyu and Black Krillin. Due to power creep over time it seems many new cards have "raise your anger/lower your opponents anger" simply tacked on since styles need to do their own thing AND defend against or threaten MPPV. I've been thinking about it lately and I think one of the big problems with this game compared to others is that many actions have no cost whatsoever. If I were to ever remake this game I would add a "Stamina" mechanic in order to help limit actions in some regards. It would be similar to the power stage mechanic in the game but the resource would be used in different ways in order to limit players actions to an extent. Think about it this way: want to use Unleashed on your first turn? Well, thats going to eat up most of your stamina and you may be a sitting duck unless you can find a way to raise it during combat. Comparing it to Magic, things that cost a lot of mana cannot be played early game due to how much mana they cost which is based on powerful they are. There is no such balancing factor in DBZ; powerful cards often have the same cost (none) as other cards that are less useful. Limiting actions helps drive strategic thinking, something this game lacks due to lack of a balancing factor between cards.
  13. Orange Nail was a decent tier 2 deck at some point. Using his named cards can be tricky; you have to make sure Dashing Attack hits for it to really be effective in a long game. I could see him working well with Orange Retribution as a MPPV/DBV deck.
  14. I'd go with the Solomon Solution: cut the cards in half and give each half to one of the guys claiming ownership. But really tho, I dont think you are on the hook for anything. You returned the cards to the person you borrowed them from. Any trades conducted that change the ownership of the cards while they are in your possession is not your responsibility as you do not own the cards. Your responsibility is to return them to the owner when asked; if the ownership of the cards was in question at the time you sent them back then you did right by sending them to the person you borrowed them from. The following is not intended to be legal advice in any way: As far as getting sued? I wouldn't worry about it. The value of these cards is too low to justify litigation of any sort in civil court. You did nothing criminal, so nothing to worry about in that regard either.