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  1. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    LEEEEON!!!! HEEEEELP! Sorry, couldn’t resist.
  2. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    I believe he means Unbreakable SS2 Son Goku from the new red starter. I was confused at first cause I saw OP say 8 supercombos.
  3. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    It's a black energy, but nothing introduced so far has specific black energy costs. As Shoryu pointed out, they're only good now for paying colorless costs.
  4. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    You're right, I was being a bit unfair. But I dont think banning it as energy would really be handicapping as much as balancing it. To me, it just seems that a color that is viable for so many deck types needs to have some big disadvantage to encourage a diverse meta.
  5. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Nice objective analysis there.
  6. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    I totally agree that it would be a nice balancing mechanic, which is why I think it’s a real possibility. A black promo staple would be horrible, same goes for a black SPR staple. I’m not familiar with Naruto, could you explain more specifically what happened?
  7. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Bandai mentions on the DBS website that “a black deck cannot be constructed solely of black cards...players will always need to add a second color.” Now, it would be too easy to just make a rule saying a deck cannot be all black cards, as someone would just run 1 copy of a card of another color. So, pure speculation here, but I think bandai is going to announce before set 3 releases that black cards cannot be played as energy.
  8. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Zamasu is going to be one of Broly's hardest matchups due to just how much of a hard counter it is. Broly's awakened ability gets trashed by Zamasu's indestructible cards. Crit is going to really help in this matchup until your opponent awakens, so Kale/Gohan is a must-have. Or you could run Piccolo to keep their hand under control around the time they awaken, which will help because Zamasu is one of those leaders that tends to get 12 card hands. Once Zamasu awakens he becomes a real bitch to deal with but the bright side is that he no longer draws on damage (which is why crit is so good earlier in the match). Zamasu is also susceptible to triple strike, but I know the options for that are limited in Green. I'm not sure the full turtle strategy is going to work. Most Zamasu are between 20-25 cards left in deck when they awaken (in my experience at least). Once they get the 10 drop out they are going to be hitting you for 1 with the ability and pressuring damage with that and their leader at the least. It's going to be very difficult to stall against all of that.
  9. Starting Now

    Blue Crit Vegeta, Cell, Mecha Frieza, and Starter Goku will be relevant until they are rotated out or get power creeped into obscurity.
  10. R/G Gotenks

    Totally agree. Played Gotenks for a bit when it came out and the only real reason to run him right now is the Ghost Attack card that summons two of him. I really think Cell is better positioned to make use of the new Gotenks fusion just because of the amount of draw power he has to set it up. I would also not run 4x of any of the Gotenks cards that cost 5 or more energy as you can use Leap to the Future to search out the one you need. I'd go 4x on Energy Power Gotenks tho; his effect is awesome and you can evolve him into the green or red 5 drop. @OP, I'm not a big fan of the Gohan evolve play. I think Mighty Mask is a much stronger turn 2 play, netting you board removal (combo Goten) and the free 10k combo trunks, or even a Leap to the Future if you need one. I would not run Kale, opt for Masked Saiyan instead if the expansion sets are legal in your area; otherwise, yeah Kale is good. My personal recommendations would be: - 4 Fully Trained Gohan, -4 Videl, -3 Raging Cabba, -1 Jiren, -2 SS3 Gotenks, -4 Cabba's Awakening to +4 Mighty Mask, +2 SS Gotenks (green), +1 Miraculous Gohan, +4 Ability Unleashed Gohan, +3 Son Goten, Family of Justice, +2 Kale, +1 LTF Trunks, +1 LTF Goten. If you have the expansion set available this changes alot. Kale becomes Masked Saiyan and stuff would generally be taken out to make room for Psyched Gotenks, Prodigy Fusion Gotenks, and some more Leap to the Future cards. And space would be made for TP Trunks. Gotenks is tons of fun. It was not uncommon for my fiancee to play ghost tokens on turn 2 and 3, beat me down a bit, and the finish me off by dropping the Ghost Attack SS3 Gotenks. Senzu bean really kills you, but thats why you run the 5-drop green SS Gotenks to power past it. Gotenks suffers greatly when controlled; I would refrain from playing Cabba until you have 5 life to use it to help you awaken. Otherwise people will stall you at 5 life, which will really slow you down. The expansion set gives you more tools to use the Fusion mechanic, but I really think Cell works better with this as he gets crazy draw power once awakened and can then amass the cards needed to pull this off more easily.
  11. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Yeah I completely missed that he wasn’t running bio warrior army. That card should be 4 of in a Broly deck imo.
  12. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    I'd play Broly's ring at 4 just because of how essential it is; between that and Paragus at 4 you should see your ring most games. Slasher Trunks is a cool early pressure card and green doesnt have alot of solid 1 cost plays but he really doesnt shine unless you're going to evolve him. Son Gohan blocker isn't very good, in most cases he is going to take one attack and die, which Krillin is better at since he's cheaper. If you're looking to add A16 I'd say swap him for the Gohan blocker. I'd pass on Tenacious Vegeta; while he gives some early game pressure his Revenge is not that great since most people will attack him with their leader, and after your opponent awakens he's only really good to combo with. Aura of Rage Trunks is like Goten but not as good, since you already have Goten I'd cut Trunks for something. In monogreen I'd definitely recommend Energy Power Gotenks and Super Saiyan Gotenks.
  13. Warp and black cards

    No way. Vegito HTSTD stands out from all the other Vegitos in that it doesn’t use potara fusion. I don’t think I’ve used HTSTD in a deck that was focused on the potara mechanic, as I’m running too many Goku and Vegeta to also throw in Gohan, Goten, And Trunks. As an example: the BR Vegeta I posted the other day runs Vegito HTSTD due the fact I’m already running the cards needed to fulfill its play condition and it offers a lot of aggro. I wouldn’t even consider running the new Vegito because I don’t run enough Goku, Vegeta, or blue energy. It’s just too different from the other Vegito to be lumped in with them; you’re comparing two different bundle of Gokus.
  14. The Bear's R/B SSB Vegeta

    This deck evolved from a R/B Trunks deck I had been playing for a few weeks now. With the release of black cards with Overrealm I did some testing and decided to change to Vegeta for a more consistent strategy. This allowed me to take out stuff like Result of Training and Mai Blocker, and go for a more aggressive approach.
  15. The Bear's R/B SSB Vegeta

    This is my take on SSB Vegeta. This deck is aggressive but prioritizes critical damage over just rushing damage, which is why Cabba is currently a sideboard card. You generally want to mulligan for FD Champa and Mira to keep your crit game going; Mighty Mask is also worth holding on to. Leader: SSB Vegeta Card Name Quantity Time Patrol Trunks 4 Mira, From the Darkness 4 Masked Saiyan, Mysterious Warrior 3 Boost Attack Piccolo 4 Energy Boost Majin Buu 2 Raging Spirit Son Gohan 4 Unyielding Spirit Trunks 4 Manipulating God Champa 4 Furthering Destruction Champa 4 Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan 3 Ability Unleashed Ultimate Gohan 3 Vegito, Here To Save The Day 2 Mighty Mask, Mysterious Warrior 4 Son Goten, Family of Justice 3 Senzu Bean 2 Side Quantity Masked Saiyan, Mysterious Warrior 1 Miraculous Comeback Ultimate Gohan 1 Ability Unleashed Ultimate Gohan 1 Vegito, HTSTD 2 Son Goten, Family of Justice 1 Energy Boost Majin Buu 2 Senzu Bean 2 Saiyan Cabba 3 Leap To Future Goten 1 Ghost Attack SS3 Gotenks 1