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  1. Upcoming DBS products - December 2017 through May 2018

    I'm excited to play a draft box with some close friends this saturday! I actually did not know that the next set will have foils for every card. Even though I dont really care for foils over non-foils, that is pretty neat. Draft box 2 is going to come with TP3 and not TP2? Weird. How is 176 new cards a "smaller set?" Themed packs are a neat idea but I cant help but think some themes will be in higher demand than others.
  2. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I also heard all of the Megaman X series is coming to the new generation, which is great because I get tired of dusting off my GameCube when I get the itch to play through X3 and X4.
  3. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    While I love doing custom paint jobs on my model kits it is not really necessary to get models looking great; I do not have airbrush so spray can is what I usually use when custom painting and it is time consuming when you live in an apartment with no dedicated workshop. Panel line detailing followed by a flat coat is usually my go-to for alot of kits and really makes the kit pop without having to paint the kit. If you ever have problems with loose joints my preferred method is to use a dab of superglue on the male end of any connection and allow it to dry outside of the joint, sand down a bit, and reinsert the joint; this usually does a great job making the joint more snug. WARNING: You have to make sure the glue is fully cured before sanding and reinserting the joint, otherwise you may inadvertently superglue the joint together. @Vile: I would totally follow that facebook page and a "Vile's Customs" thread would probably get all my likes on here. Let me know when either is up!
  4. This seems like the most appropriate time to point out that, not only do I love how DBS is doing their foiling on R/SR/SPR/SCR and Promos, but also the fact that they dont tend to bend like the PanZ foils.
  5. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    The general toxicity of the MTG scene is what made me stop going to FNM drafts and constructed tournaments. One of the things I actually miss about the Panini-Z game is that the majority of the players were nice and would play characters they like and actually try new things. Of course, you did have the players that would stick with the top meta decks because they would rather play the same shit over and over to win locals rather than try anything new, but they were not the majority. With DBS being more popular than PanZ I do notice that many players from other games are latching onto DBS, playing the top known meta decks, and bringing the general toxicity of their communities with them, although it is not nearly as bad as the MTG scene a few years ago. Generally, I like my local DBS community with the exception of a handful of people.
  6. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Vile, that kit looks amazing! Congrats on the win, it looks well-earned!
  7. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I have Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS and was really enjoying that game but for some reason I stopped playing it. I'll definitely come back to it, as I want to know how the story ends! I played maybe 5 minutes of Xenogears after downloading it, again mostly because something else caught my attention but its on the list!
  8. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Its the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW (the one with angel-like wings). I bought it earlier this year (at ThinkGeek where it was on sale for like $25) but still had to finish my PG Char's Zaku II; it took a while mostly because I did alot of inner-frame detailing, but also saved some time using the enamel/paint thinner method when doing the exterior panel lines. Total time spent on that kit was about 30 hours. I have opened up the RG kit and was very impressed with the amount of parts for a 1/144 model kit; people have said the RG are the size of a HG with the details of a PG and I didn't believe it until I opened up the box. It also has ALOT of stickers. Not doing any inner frame detailing on this one but unsure how long it will take to finish anyway; after stickers and panel lines I'll probably give it a satin coat (not sure flat would look good for a Gundam and gloss might be too much shiny). There's alot of panel line potential on those wings.... I probably wont start construction on it until after the new year though. Also, there's a new Zaku model coming out?
  9. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I got Shadow of War and the new South Park game for my birthday last month, so I'm excited to play through those before moving on. After that, I'm of course looking forward to the next set of DBS and have a RG Gundam Wing model I have to build. I also just recently downloaded Chrono Trigger for my PS Vita and have yet to actually dig into Xenogears on the same platform. All that should have me busy until at least April next year.
  10. DBZ Figure-Rise Model Kits

    They released a Broly kit: It's neat, but I still dont understand why they're not making the knee joints the same as they did with the Kid Buu kit. For reference: Those knee joints look so much better! I'm not a huge Broly fan, so I'll probably not end up getting this kit. But man, I'm reaaaaally hoping Bandai incorporates those knee joints into their new models!
  11. Buu/Red Deck Style

    The Bandai deck is a solid starting point for Babadi. From there I would make the following changes: Ultimate Evil Dark Prince Vegeta cut to 2-of (-2) Attendants Spopovich and Yamu cut to 2-of (-2) Ability Unleashed Gohan cut to 0 (-2) Add Evil Wizard Babadi to 4-of (to help seal the late game) Add Double Shot Vegeta to 2-of (for early game pressure) My reasoning being that you'll likely wake Majin Buu without having Vegeta and Spopovich at 4-of. Ability Unleashed Gohan is good, but Babadi will help you get out your best cards if you cant get your Buu evolutions going. Babadi can be hit and miss, but if you dont get your Buu evolutions going you're going to have to take the chance. Babadi can also pull Dabura, a very necessary buffer in this deck. Early game try to play Cabba to awaken if your opponent is stalling you. Awakening early will help you damage your opponent during the mid to late game with your weaker battle cards. The goal would be to play Majin Buu Revived with the Sealed Ball in the mid to late game. You dont want to do this too early, as the 1-life hit from the skill gets better as the game progresses. On the turn that you play Majin Buu Revived you want to have: at least 2 free Red energy at least 1 Awakening Evil Buu to evolve into and out of at least Ghost Attack Gotenks or Miraculous Gohan, while each has their own advantages either one is better than neither. This is the main play of the deck, after all. Gotenks into Prodigy Buu is preferred against decks with board removal through skills. Gohan into Grand Evil Buu is a better play when the opponent is near death and/or plays many low cost battle cards that you can try and kill (f*ck up some Bulmas, Cabbas, and Energy Boost Buus). Since your primary Buu evolution will only cost you 2 energy and takes a card from your hand, you should have the energy to pay for other things the turn you evolve. This helps you possible play a miraculous Gohan from the hand to potentially seal the deal or keep energy free for your opponent's turn. Anyways, thats my take on the deck given absolutely zero playtesting.
  12. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    CBL is restricted to Frieza's Army, so unfortunately none of the new leaders can use it. In the case of this deck though, I totally agree with you, CBL is just too good for the leaders that can use it. I'd recommend to the OP to find a way to include 2 Bad Ring Laser in the main deck, that card wins games in yellow and is especially effective against an opponent with 1 free energy and a hand full of Whis' Coercion (people still love running blue Vegeta).
  13. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    I built and played with a Vegito List last night against my fiancee's Broly deck and it was a really fun deck to play. The list is: Unlike Shoryu, I really liked how LS Vegito worked out. I opened with a Repeated Force Vegito in my hand and pitched it when Broly attacked. For this match I didnt attack too early to limit my opponent's options and because I didint want Broly to awaken early and start killing my board. Playing Double Shot Vegeta on my opponents turn through combo was awesome, given you get it for 1 energy. Unfortunately, my first Vegeta and Goku got Kale'd before I could fuse, but I managed to play another two before fusing to LS Vegito and then evolving to RF Vegito; this combo is pretty devastating, given I was able to attack with Vegeta, LS Vegito, and then RF Vegito in a single turn. Due to the high number of Goku/Vegeta in this deck and the mill effect from LS Vegito, my RF Vegito was hitting for 40k+ when it first got out. Then it got Broly'd but I had a Potara in my hand and summoned LS Vegito on my next turn, attacked, milled 10, and attacked with RF Vegito. Unfortunately, I forgot LS Vegito can attack active cards and didnt target my opponents Piccolo Blocker, which was then used to defend against RF Vegito. The misplay lost me the game, had I played it differently I could have killed the blocker with LS Vegito, attacked with my leader to their leader with 20k and double strike (plus 3 Vados in my hand) followed by RF Vegito for about 90k/triple stirke before combos on the leader. Honestly, the deck was VERY fun to play but it is definitely fickle. If your opponent has alot of board control your best option is to stall until you can play low cost Goku/Vegeta and immediately fuse or rely on Potara.
  14. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    As you said, Vegito is versatile and can in theory do many things. There are two primary builds I can see Vegito being good in: Play all the Vegito cards, using Lightning Speed Vegito to search out the higher cost one. This build would use the Potara fusion mechanic, so adding alot of Goku/Vegeta for this mechanic is essential. Overpower your opponent by getting out Force Vegito as early as possible, making full use of attacking with Goku and Vegeta, using Potara to play LS Vegito in active mode to attack with, then searching Repeated Force Vegito to again attack with. That's alot of offensive pressure. Play using Evil Wizard Babadi as the primary win-con card. This build packs all of the highest cost Goku, Vegeta, and Red Battle Cards. Since Goku/Vegeta are considered Red regardless of their actual color, you can search out things like Awakening Rage Son Goku, God Charge Vegeta, and many other <25K battles cards (Ghost Token Gotenks and Miraculous Gohan in Red are also great targets). This build wants to survive until it can hit Babadi. But if you whiff on Babadi your chances diminish greatly. It can be pretty devastating to hit two solid high cost cards with Babadi, especially two Ghost-generating Gotenks.
  15. Android 17/18 alpha build

    My A17/18 deck works best when it can get the 3-cost A17/18 putting my 5-cost A17/18 back into active mode to attack and use their ability again. This combo is devastating and cost-efficient with the A17/18 leader. I am changing my deck to make this combo more attainable by adding blue for energy ramp; my initial list looked alot like yours, but included the new Piccolo and Gohan that pulls Piccolo, but those cards have been underperforming in this deck. One problem I had with my alpha build is lack of turn 1 plays; other than Krillin Blocker your build seems to have the same problem. I also prefer the new Tien over Furious Vegeta, simply because it is cheaper to play. Another underperformer was A19. Sure, a card draw is nice, but the deck has plenty of turn 2 plays in A17/18/20, and in my build, Tien. One question: what is the benefit of running Rage Trunks over two more Goten? Goten has the same effect but can target things other than blockers. The only benefit I see to Trunks is he gets +5000 more combo power than Goten. Personally, I see the freedom to target more cards than blockers to be worth the 5000 combo power. Enraged Gohan awakening has been an MVP in my deck so far, dont sell that card short. I also prefer Full Power Energy over the Krillin Blocker, but I suppose that comes down to personal preference.