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  1. New player just made this randomly

    I love Beerus leader, been having some success with him. First, I would bump Whis's Coercion and Senzu Bean up to 4x; this one is a no brainer. I prefer King Kai over Piccolo, would put Kai at 4x and remove Pic; this is because Piccolo costs 2 for a blocker, sure hes harder to kill but usually my blockers are just there to eat one attack and die. Next, I would add Objection to this deck; a turn 2 objection gives you 3 energy and gives you access to Beerus's board destruction skill, which is vital. I would also add some Result of Training cards; this card is awesome in this deck. Too often the opponent will leave you at 5/6 life in order NOT to push you to awakening too early. As Shoryu pointed out, also put Boost Attack Piccolo at 4x. The God Rush Goku is neat but there are better high cost cards to play with this deck; usually you can nuke your opponents blockers with the Beerus Skill. In my Beerus deck the game plan is: Opening hand -> you want to have Objection and Whis/Bulma. Turn 1 King Kai for [Blocker] or Bulma if you do not have a Whis in hand. Turn 2 Objection in order to get access to Beerus power. Turn 3 Whis to get to 5 energy now. Turn 4 start whooping ass. In general you want to use the copies of Objection, Bulma, and Whis that you dont play as energy.
  2. Tri-Mix Goku

    Good question. The reason for Gohan over Raging Cabba is because he has 5k more power and only costs 1 blue energy while Cabba costs 2 red. Only needing 1 of a specific energy to play a 4 cost card really helps when playing with more than 2 colors in a deck. I love saiyan Cabba, its one of the best cards in the set. The untapping effect of Raging Cabba is neat but the +10k (from Saiyan Cabba's effect) only lasts for the turn, then its back down to 20k and double strike. So essentially I'd rather go with having 25k on a 4 cost card for multiple turns than have a battle card with 30k for 1 turn and then 20k for subsequent turns.
  3. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    I was just playing devil's advocate but I think you are right Shoryu. If you didnt have to declare which battle card you were playing you could simply play another card of the same cost after counters are carried out, which would be BS. I will say that the wording in the manual should be updated to make it more clear tho. For example, this should really say "declare which battle card you are going to play and pay the energy cost" for the first point, IMO.
  4. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    Bearded Collectibles has set 2 on preorder with release set for November.
  5. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    I think you are incorrect on just one thing and I think this is going to open a whole can of worms. 6-3-1-3-1-1 states "switch the costs worth of energy to rest mode to play a card" 6-3-1-3-1-2 is counter timing 6-3-1-3-1-3 states "actually playing the battle card" You state that for 6-3-1-3-1-1 that you have to declare what card you are playing when paying the cost. However, the rule manual only says to pay the energy to play the card, but playing the card does not actually happen until after counter timing. Therefore, it looks to me like this counter timing happens before the opponent knows what card you are going to play but after the cost. This seriously affects cards like Crusher Ball and Cold Bloodlust. Please confirm or debate. Thanks!
  6. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    That Trunks is legit man. Zamasu is neat. Really like the Potara and double shot Vegeta cards.
  7. Successful Decks

    Blue Vegeta and Goku are pretty good in my area. Green Broly, yellow frieza both do well also. A Blue Beerus made top 8 last weekend in a 34 player tournament. Red Champa is still good, been itching to test him in something other than red tho.
  8. Auto skills and Blockers

    While it is stated that [Auto] and [Blocker] skills occur in the same step it is impossible for the two effects to occur simultaneously. Therefore, one must take place first. In most card games when effects resolve at the same time the turn player gets priority; this is further enforced in the rules because the ruling you state (7-1-2) mentions auto effects before blocker effects.
  9. Golden Frieza Leader Question

    Yes you can use both the unawakened and the awakened skill in the same turn. This is due to them being separate skills. It can be a huge play that allows you to do alot in one turn in the middle of the game.
  10. Frieza Control

    I'm a big fan of Cold Bloodlust and Bad Ring Laser, I'd run those at 2 or 3-of. I'd bump Recoome and Burter to 4-of, simply to maximize your chances of Jeice hitting one when played. Freiza, Hellish Terror is perfect at 1-of, I like your thinking here. Ultimate Jaco is a good defensive card but you already have a ton of blockers and some good counters; I'd drop these. Sorbet is hit and miss, but more miss. Keep trying him out but if you question his value drop him. That's all I got, hope this helps.
  11. Tri-Mix Goku

    All of the battle cards in the deck have 15k power, so I dont have to combo at all against an unawakened opponent in order to either do damage or force some cards out of their hand via combo. I can also damage an awakened leader with all of the battle cards without any combos. Once the opponent awakens cards like Trunks, Protector of Children and Senzu bean are used to bring my attack up. Since the aggressor wins an even matchup I really want to draw my opponents combos out when I attack so that eventually they cant combo to avoid damage. It is actually pretty effective. I'm currently on the fence about taking Blue out of this deck but Whis's Coercion is a life saver and senzu bean helps me apply offensive pressure.
  12. Tri-Mix Goku

    The only game I've played with this so far was against my fiancee's MonoGreen Broly, which I lost to. It was a fun game but I made some misplays that ended up killing me. I went second in the game and managed to deal 4 damage on my first turn between Cabba and Goku (she did not have enough 0 cost combos in hand and no energy to pay for better combos). However, on the next turn I ended up countering when I should have taken the damage in order to awaken. My leader was unable to apply any pressure to Broly without being awakened on my turn, it swung the momentum in her direction and I was never able to recover. The deck did what it was supposed to do though. Every attack became a must-stop situation to my opponent and it was whittling down their hand. I think I would have a better match against some other decks though.
  13. Set 1 Leader Card Rankings

    How would you rate the leaders now MoT? Mine would be (best to worst): Red: Champa, Hit, Vados Green: Broly, Goku, Gohan Blue: Goku (starter), Beerus/Vegeta, Goku (boosters) Yellow: Frieza (rare), Freiza (not rare), Ginyu
  14. Beerus Auto and Blocker

    You misunderstand. You can awaken any time DURING your combo phase. It is not before the combo phase. But of course, it makes the most sense to awaken at the start of your combo phase in order to get the extra power boost and draw two cards.
  15. Tri-Mix Goku

    Hello All, Built this last night. Needs some work but I really like the idea. Tri-Mix Goku contains 14 Green, 15 Blue, and 21 Red cards. All of the Blue and Green cards are 1-cost with the exception of Might Striker Son Gohan, as this card fits the theme of the deck. And that theme is.... DOUBLE STRIKE!!! Every attacking card in this deck outside of BG Vados has double strike or a way to get double strike. In total you will only need to land 4 hits on your opponent to win the game. Blockers will hamper the game plan, so Family Kamehameha, Son Goten Combo, and Full Power Energy help kill them. It doesn't take long for your attacks to reach "must-stop" and drain the opponent's hand in the process. Many players do not mind taking damage early in a game to awaken ASAP and this deck aims to use this against them. Your opponent may think they have the edge taking 4 damage and awakening early on but by this point 2 hits ends the game. Game Flow: Ideally you want to start the game with a Cabba and a card to pitch for each energy type (one of Frost's evos for Red, North kai for Blue, and any green). Ideally you want to go second in order to attack on your opening turn. If you go first you should play any energy and pass. On the first turn you can attack do so with your leader card, followed by playing Cabba and his ability. During following turns fill out your energy as needed; charge blue if you need it for the counters and charge green if you need to remove any blockers. Use green cards in the mid game to clear the way for your leader and Cabba. Play more Cabba if you draw into them, play Frost if you have him. Senzu bean helps alot if you have more than 1 frost out or if you whiff with his ability. Play Gohan if you draw into him and have the energy; this card helps end the game with 25k power and double strike. BG Vados helps get more Frosts to end the game, but hopefully you've won by this time, Advantages: This deck has alot of focused offense and a solid amount of defensive options. If your opponent lacks a way to remove low cost battle cards you can swamp them early on with Cabba. If your opponent plays alot of high cost cards this deck can swamp them before they get the chance to use them. Disadvantages: This deck is not really made around the late game. Green mops up Cabba. If up against an opponent with alot of blockers and counters you have an uphill battle, hopefully you can exhaust their defensive options. As always, comments and discussion is encouraged.