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  1. It is amazing they're only putting 21 games on it considering the vast library of SNES games. But then again the consoles would likely sell out regardless of the quantity or quality of titles they put on it, so they dont necessarily get anything out of making the game selection better or more expansive. Some things missing: Battle Toads / Double Dragon TMNT: Turtles in Time CHRONO TRIGGER!!!!! Killer Instinct DK Country 2 and 3 Megeman X2 and X3
  2. Was excited until I saw how fugly it is. Its crazy how bad the joints look, especially when you compare it to the Figure Rise kits.
  3. Early deck-building philosophy: Whoop everyone's ass with Red Hit while they figure out how to make the other styles work.
  4. I applied the day it launched and got a confirmation email but nothing since. I expect a notification before it gets sent out but who knows.
  5. Blue Beerus, Green Gohan, Yellow Frieza or Ginyu, and Red Hit will probably be my first builds.
  6. All of the rares look awesome! Champa is not as good as I was expecting. That Whis card is nuts, justifying a 12 energy cost. The Gotenks rare is awesome too.
  7. +1 for Blue A17 mill with Blue Training. A18 and A19 are terrible. A20 still fun in orange.
  8. 8-5-1-2 and 8-5-1-3 Show that the turn player's effect would resolve before the non-turn players effect. Gotenks ability would trigger before [Blocker] can be used but occurs after a [Counter] can be played. ETA: [Blocker] is considered an [Auto] skill (10-3-1).
  9. In reference to my question the rule manual says under point 7-1-2 that a checkpoint occurs after the window to play counters, during which [Auto] effects and [Blocker] effects take place. The rule does not clarify which effect comes first.
  10. After some more thought: - That Vegeta leader is going to have problems with Blocker cards. - His power is finite due to being tied to his life. You can activate his power 3 times max after awakening before killing yourself, this will be a problem. - This card is definitely looking to make games short; he will burn out against anything defensive. Question about Energy Power Gotenks: - I attack the opponents leader card with Gotenks. Does the opponent immediately have to drop a card from their hand due to Gotenks power or do they have a chance to activate Blocker on a battle card and switch the target?
  11. Jason Douglas is going to be at AX?!?!?!? Wish I could get my Beerus pop signed... Also that Vegeta leader is neat. Landing early hits with the critical effect is going to be important. He would have killed in red; blue seems a strange fit for him. The mirror will be fun. Still waiting on a Piccolo leader....
  12. Team attack adds another layer to the game that it really needed. The whole MP and VP mechanics really turns me off from this game. The concept of "victory points" is just ridiculous. In every other game you are trying to deplete your opponent's health, collect dragon balls, reach the highest power, kill your opponents monsters, etc. In this game you collect VP. It seems to open up the possibility of a player having something like Superman, Batman, and Martian Manhunter on the field but your opponent wins the match because they attacked with Nightwing; seems like a boring way to resolve the game. Who knows, the game could be a ton of fun, but just the concept of MP and how VP works just throws me off.
  13. Goo da man! Awesome write up. Every deck is going to need a plan to deal with that Gotenks card by turn 3.
  14. What you said made me wonder if they should errata Ginyu level 3 to make him technically a Saiyan, just to be able to use such effects. I mean, I'm not really being serious but that would be interesting.
  15. Thats the one! I dont think it would work with a personality attack as personalities are already "in play."