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  1. Deck testing

    I play with myself all the time But really, I’ve never done a test game against myself. Although I do some demo draws whenever I make a new deck.
  2. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Completely disagree. A large part of playing leaders that can self awaken and continue to hit themselves once awakened is knowing how to control the tempo of the game and when to best use the ability. Going from 3 to 2 or 2 to 1 life is well worth it if you can win the game. Playing Ghost Attack Gotenks and then using Califa's ability is one such situation where it may be worth it, depending on opponents hand size and remaining life. Saying the ability gets blanked at 3 doesnt make sense to me because... well, it just doesnt. Using the ability becomes more risky, but that is exactly the point: a big gamble for a big payoff.
  3. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    Vegeta has to use his power for the +10k boost. He and Califa "blank" in the same way once they hit 1 life.
  4. New Pan vs New Caulifla

    True, but to echo Justin's point, being able to chain the unawakened and awakened powers can provide a lot of momentum. Sure, her power become suicide when awakened, but you should be close to closing out the game by that point anyway. Blue Vegeta's power became suicidal when he awakened and he was tier 1 for 2 sets; the ability to self-awaken is one of the most powerful effects in the game.
  5. San Jose ARG Cheating Scandal

    I had heard about this but havent seen the video. How bad was the scooping his energy mistake? What I mean is: did he pick up his energy and started shuffling, but THEN had to correct the board state? Or was he in the process of scooping them up and catch himself before putting them into the deck and shuffling? I feel like this is an important piece of information when deciding whether the judge was in the right or wrong. If the guy started to pick up his energy and then caught himself, I's say that would be fine. But if was already shuffling those cards in then that is another story. Another thing to consider is the game was streamed, so they have concrete knowledge of exactly what cards were in the players energy. Therefore, this is not an "irreparable game state" as the judge could go through the deck and pick out the cards that were in the energy and allow the game to continue. In this case I think it would be fine, as the Judge (and not the player) is going through the deck, so the player does not gain any knowledge related to the unknown zone of the deck. But then people will argue that the player made a big mistake and that that warrants a game loss. Well, does it? If the game state can be repaired due to the information from the stream, does the player still deserve the loss or just a warning? IMO, we all make mistakes. If this mistake could be corrected without affecting gameplay, then correct it and let the game be played. If it is truly an irreparable game state then the mistake does deserve an auto loss. The mistake regarding March of the Great Apes seems to be on everyone involved. The player that played march is a weasel. The other player needs to be more aware and make sure his opponent appropriately pays for his actions; it sucks, but you always have to be on the watch for people cheating. The judge needs to be replaced and banned from judging as this mistake shows lack of general awareness and basic gameplay knowledge.
  6. Tournament of Power Set

    Incorrect. It gets rid of the specified cost but not the total cost. So a 2-drop card like you mention would have the specific cost removed but not the total cost. More specifically: Gale Strike Vegeta is a 2-cost red card with a specified cost of 2 red energy. When paying for Gale Strike Vegeta (using the new Vegeta leader with the U7 ability) the specific cost of 2 red energy is removed, but the total cost remains at 2. The 2 energy required to summon him no longer have to be red, but 2 energy still must be paid.
  7. Is mecha still playable?

    Mecha did not get nerfed, he got castrated. You can say he is now more defensively oriented and that he can play counters for free, but that is not completely true. Playing those cards for "free" costs a life, and playing a counter at the cost of taking damage is not a very defensive power. Sure, this can be used to soften the blow of Critical or Double/Triple strikes but that is of limited use. To put it another way: hurting yourself to get out of being damaged ultimately does not add up.
  8. Mecha Frieza

    So, after being to a few tournaments my views have changed a bit regarding Mecha Frieza. Mecha Frieza with Goku GT is tough but beatable; well-timed negates and blockers go far in this matchup but it is far from unwinnable. Mecha Frieza with apes is total shananigans and playing against it has been the least amount of fun I've ever had playing a card game. The deck gets out multiple big blockers with additional effects (double strike or crit) that enter active mode at the end of the turn with ease, and then another play gives them all barrier. When it comes down to it, I think there are multiple problem cards here: Mecha Freiza is the obvious one. Bandai should consider changing his power to once per turn to do away with 1-cost spell shenanigans that the dev team will have to design around for the lifetime of the game. His power is too much of a liability going forward, so I think it makes sense to change him in some way. Planet Vegeta should get an outright ban. The card is supremely broken. Other cards that search for 1 cost have more restrictions on them and this one is pretty open in its search criteria. But that's not really what makes it so bad. The worst part is that great apes enter active mode at the end of the turn. A 1-cost spell that nets you a card in hand probably shouldnt have the capability to put multiple 3-5 cost cards into active mode at the end of the turn. Especially since those cards have combinations of effects like 20k/blocker/crit and 20k/blocker/double strike, making them both offensive and defensive powerhouses. This card should have never been printed. Shugesh is another that needs an errata or outright ban. The devs had the good idea to limit the new A16 super combo to green androids, so why not restrict the new yellow super combo to yellow saiyans? And playing a 3-cost card for free is just ridiculous and does not fairly compare to the other super combos. Changing it to 2 cost would go a long way to fix this card. I will agree with Shoryu now, the game is not in a good state at the moment. The devs appear to have designed the game into a corner; I am hoping they fix it soon.
  9. DBS 2018 Product Releases and Nationals Confirmed

    Starterku > SS3 Goku. SS3 Goku leader is a trap.
  10. "Rules Update"

    The CBL ruling is ridiculous, there was no reason to change this card in the first place. Also, that flow chart should be updated to show Shugesh super comboing into free plays.
  11. Oversaturation

    That's kind of what it's doing to me now. I'm on the verge of moving from a "want to have everything so I can build anything" collector to a "I'll buy the rares to fill out the decks I want to play" collector.
  12. Vile's DBS sale.

    Sucks to see you go man. One of the boxes I bought had the SAME EXACT FOILS that you post in that first page. Not kidding.
  13. Oversaturation

    Ah, geez. Did you guys see the new distribution information? Next month a new draft box, same deal with new leaders and comes with a TP3. Then the month after that we get a new set of "themed boosters" which doesnt seem like that small of a set. Month after, and it's an ultimate box with 5 new leaders and 25 new cards (playset of each included) and a card binder. Then, its a new set with two new starters (yay green and yellow), special pack, and booster boxes. And, oh yeah, two SCR this set.
  14. Mecha Frieza

    Exactly. It hasn't even been a week since the set released and some people are already convinced the meta is broken. Frieza didn't even win the event Shoryu mentioned, despite taking up half of top cut. The meta has barely even had time to develop; make no mistake that the people who actually build and test decks instead of playing the flavor of the week/month are coming up with ways to beat Mecha. I remember when set 2 dropped the Goku Rose promo shot up to $100 because people were convinced Zamasu was unkillable and Goku Black was meta.
  15. Mecha Frieza

    I disagree. I can't tell you how many games have come down to one negated or blocked attack. And Vile is right to point out the free blockers; the leaders that can play blockers for free (A17, Trunks, Gohan, etc) have an inherent defensive advantage over decks that dont.