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  1. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    Double post, please delete.
  2. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    It's definitely becoming the biggest negative this game has. The game is really starting to hit the point where there are too many promos. A large concern I have with the upcoming "deck box packs" is that each appears to come with 7 promos.
  3. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    I'm guessing that the Meta-Cooler Core that pays 5 to put another one on top of it is intended to be used with a yet-to-be-spoiled Metal Cooler Core Super Rare.
  4. Bo1 vs. Bo3

    I'm not against BO3 for large tournaments like ARG that are supposed to function as the regional event, more so if the event is planned for 2 days. However, it comes down to attendance, IMO. If too many people show up (7 rounds or more) then BO1 is the best way to go for swiss. If too few people show up (4 or 5 rounds) then BO3 is a better option for swiss.
  5. New "Secret Rare" for Set 2

    I'm really hoping the new card is not: Time is a Warrior's Tool Extra Card, blue style, zero cost. Permanent: This card is considered red, blue, yellow, and green in any zone. Counter: Attack - Negate the attack. Negate all of your opponent's attacks for the remainder of the turn.
  6. New "Secret Rare" for Set 2

    Set 1 was perfect except for leaders being rare cards and promo distribution; supers and specials both dropped at perfect rates. If Bandai distributes set 2 promos in the same was as the premier set than I can really see it becoming a problem. I've already seen playsets of the Bardock promo for ridiculous amounts on eBay and those arent even supposed to be out yet. Other than tournament promo distribution, my biggest gripe about this game is how hard it is to get some shops to order tournament kits in order to build a community. Seems (to me) that shops are taking less of a chance on new games until they really catch on or until they can jack up the retail price due to lack of supply (I've found this the case with both FFTCG and DBS).
  7. The Power of a God - Red / Yellow Champa Deck Video

    Why Sorbet over Guldo? Sorbet's power is not very useful in this deck but I could see Guldo helping alot. I haven't been able to watch the video yet but I get the gist of it. I really love the red/yellow combo; it puts together two of the best cards in the game, Saiyan Cabba and MechaFrieza.
  8. Tri-Mix Goku

    The games that I was able to play with this deck were alot of fun but I really havent been able to really dig into this deck. I'll come back and really test this deck sometime but I've been too busy playtesting other decks with the limited time I'm able to play.
  9. The BEST Golden Frieza Yellow / Red Decklist

    A little surprising to not see Cold Bloodlust, but I guess if your shooting to end the game asap there arent enough low-cost targets to justify packing it. I'd probably cut the Burter and bump Cui up to 4. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Tournament Winning Green Broly Deck List

    Good looking list, congrats on your tournament win! Not enough people run Super Saiyan Gotenks, that card is AMAZING. Awakening Rage Goku fills a necessary control void in your deck, I really like that you run the 2-drop Goku also and can potentially evolve.
  11. I love the idea of a draft box being sold but it's hard to justify that price. Half a box of set one and half a box of set 2 for $100 when a box costs $65? The "prizes" they include better make it worth it if they expect people to buy this instead of making their own draft kits. I thought having only 4 leaders could screw with the draft but then remembered that every pack has a leader in it, so the chances of getting stuck with a leader you dont want can be mitigated by drafting a different one. Even then though, the leaders that require specific cards (Broly, Frieza, Ginyu) get hosed in draft because the cards they need will have limited availability. I like the deck box set idea but that price is killing me. However, since 2 copies of the promos are included I expect many people to buy multiple deck box sets to collect them and then the secondary market will be flooded with extra deck boxes. This is a good sign though. I'm glad Bandai is going the things I wish Panini had done with their game.
  12. Successful Decks

    Local meta has shifted from mostly Broly to mostly Vegeta. Blue/Red and Red/Yellow Champa are still legit and will continue to be. Green Broly is still good, been seeing it splashed with Blue. Yellow Ginyu had a big showing this weekend, but missed top cut. Yellow Frieza is still awesome. Blue/Yellow and Monoblue Beerus are great for early/mid game control, but has a tough match against Vegeta.
  13. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    I wish I could have run a few raids before we decided to give up. The whole story involved myself and two friends; all of us played WoW, but one friend was addicted to it; lets call him AF for Addicted Friend. AF was actually the one who convinced me and my other friend to buy two decks for ourselves and a raid deck for him (he said he would pay us back, but dont think he ever did because he never even played the game). The other friend and I played a handful of games but I always got wrecked by some of the cards he got in his boosters. Eventually we gave up on the game because AF was always too busy playing WoW to, uh, play the WoW card game. I dont doubt that raids were the best thing about that game. It was the primary reason I wanted to try the game out. I thought it would be more akin to a D&D group playing thru a dungeon than what card games are usually like.
  14. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    Two friends and I bought some World of Warcraft cards while we were in high school cause we played the game. Although we never got to do a raid game (where 2-5 players play against a person playing a raid deck) that was probably the coolest thing about it. We played some 1-on-1 games and were pretty disappointed in the game. The only thing I remember about that game is one of my friends opened up some amazing rare card in one of the boosters that came with his starter deck and it gave him a crazy edge in every game.