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  1. Ultimate Box Info

    First off, $100 seems like an absolutely ridiculous price for what it comes with. The value of this box sucks for anyone who doesnt collect and play all styles. This product features many of the same problems that people had with the expansion deck box sets: It will be difficult to find people willing to break up the play sets they got from this box Scarcity of product (or hoarding product and jacking prices as some stores do) will lead to the better cards (ie: meta) becoming insanely expensive Due to the above, players focused on a specific style will need to pay high prices for individual cards Some of the support look great, some of it looks (much of it, after a second look) half-baked. The 5-cost Cell is very intriguing when you consider building a deck around evolving into him with the 3 drop Cell or play with Cells Birth. The A17 card you mentioned is really cool; I wish they would design more stuff like this rather than putting a paragraph of text on a card. The 2-cost Goku Jr that can have Swap 8 for 5 energy is too good. Masked Saiyan offers a cool effect and I really interested to see its impact on the meta. My guess is that Starterku makes a comeback. Overall, some cool stuff, but I really cant see it ever being worth $100.
  2. Set 4 Green Revealed on Website Today

    Glad there is finally a Piccolo leader. But the real reason I came here today was just to say how disappointed I am in the direction of this game. I've been glancing at the cards previewed for the next set and am just unimpressed with their design. Effects like "draw a card," "switch 1 energy to active mode," and "send an opponent's battle card to the warp/drop" are on a great deal of cards, with many cards getting two or all three of these effects. Some of the new archetypes look neat and fun to play, but I wish they would be more creative. ETA: A few extra gripes No keyword yet for sending battle cards to the drop or warp? Long overdue. Same with effects like switching an energy to active mode. New cards that say "choose an opponent's card ignoring barrier..." just seems like sloppy design. If you're going to do this just make a keyword [Pierce].