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  1. http://icv2.com/articles/news/view/34253/panini-resurrects-afterworld-tcg Panini seems to have liked their success with the Panini DBZ game and is resurrecting another dead game called "Afterworld." Hopefully they can do a better job balancing this game than they are doing with DBZ. Also hoping they dont stretch the developers of DBZ to work on this new game too. Anyone ever played the old version of this game?
  2. Oversaturation

    I can't be the only one who is starting to get bogged down after seeing the upcoming releases for this game. We've got two deck box "expansion" sets being released this month and in March a new set that includes two starter decks, each containing cards exclusive to the deck. Then we have themed boosters coming out. To me, this just seems like a bit too much product to have. I really love collecting sets so that I can make whatever deck I want when I want, but with so much product coming out I'm really starting to question if it is going to be worth continue playing. It wouldnt be so bad if the starter decks and deck box sets didn't come with exclusive cards, as getting playsets of the exclusives takes 2 purchases of each product. So to get a playset of these exclusives it'll be about $120 (2 of each new starter, 2 of each new deck box set). Sure, not everyone needs playsets, but even if you only want 1-2 copies of a card you'd still have to purchase these products. The deck boxes themselves will be close to worthless as people will be buying that product FOR the promos. People on this forum have criticized Bandai before about how they treat their customers like cash cows and I'm starting to become convinced. It is unfortunate because this game has an ENORMOUS scene, but eventually players like me will be driven out of the game due to having too much shit to collect. This doesnt even touch on the promo situation; 8 exclusive tournament promos pet set, BCC promos, etc. Can I get the forum's thoughts on this?
  3. Expansion Set Reveals! Full List!

    I really like these new cards. Time Ruler Towa seems like a very hard counter to Miraculous Gohan. Other than that, not sure why I'd use it. Mira, From the Darkness is a great pressure card, espescially if you can get one out before your opponent awakens. Overall, the black cards seem kinda neat. Comrades Combined Vegeta....wow that card is good. A 2 cost / 20k beater is definitely ahead of the curve. Vegito leader loves this card. Comrades Combined Goku is neat and seems to open up Vegito decks to run more blue than they do now. The new Goten and Trunks are just sick and really help that type of deck. So much board control in a green Gotenks deck.
  4. Oversaturation

    I also feel product is being rushed out a bit without enough quality control. Even set 2 has a handful of interactions, and even leaders, that seem like they werent fully tested. Bandai is certainly doing a good job marketing though. This game is getting huge. This game's first big hurdle is going to be when the first rotation hits.
  5. Oversaturation

    Foil Prince of Speed still goes for about $8, non foil for like $4.50. Those prices have been relatively stable, which makes sense given that it is basically the only value card in the starter deck. The people selling starter deck exclusives upon release are trying to make money and thus, the combined selling price of the exclusives will exceed their cost. So, anyone wanting ALL of the starter deck exclusives are better off buying a starter deck, but if you only want some of the exclusives then yeah it makes sense to go to the secondary market. With two new starters coming out we'll likely see the same thing; the exclusive cards will be the only thing worth anything. It turns a starter deck from something made to introduce people to the game into a product that exists to distribute staple cards at a set price.
  6. I agree with Vile that there are just too many promos out for a game that only has two sets out.
  7. Best decks for this 3 please :$

    I still like Hit, his awakened ability is very useful against decks that run the A16 or Whis blocker cards. For Goku Black you can run him in a blue/red deck that isnt too expensive since it doesnt run the Goku Black SR or promos. It's called Babidi Black and pretty much focuses on using blue ramp and the leader ramp to drop the 6-cost Babidi. Vile is right when he points out Gotenks is pretty much a better version of Broly. He has a very similar effect and does not have to rely on Broly's Ring, Paragus, and Bio-Army. The only thing Broly has that Gotenks does not is the Bio-Army loop. Broly is still fun to play, but I got tired of relying on getting the Ring early.
  8. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    Sure, it might not be a tier 1 deck but I still have tons of fun playing my Vegito deck. It's alot of fun to overwhelm your opponent with the 7-drop early on.
  9. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    So, they basically made it more confusing while trying to make it less confusing. What do you mean about Revenge not triggering after a negate? I thought it still activated even if the attack is negated; is that incorrect?
  10. Expansion Set Reveal!

    I just dont see how a colorless, 1-cost card with 20k, double strike, and board removal is a good idea when it comes to balancing the game. I also now fear that the introduction of black style essentially being non-styled opens the possibility that the next SCR is going to be a staple in all decks.
  11. Expansion Set Reveal!

    It does worry me a bit to see a non-styled card that can be summoned for 1 energy and has board removal; it just seems too good and can be run in any deck. I'm just not a fan of making non-styled cards that have so much to offer. I'm interested to see if black will really be non-styled; Bandai mentions that the new black cards "of this product" have no specified costs, leaving it open that the whole style might not be like this? In order for people to consider running the 2-cost black cards they're going to need some good effects for the cost. I'm hoping more drop zone interaction is added to the game to make "warping" the cards in your drop area have more impact on the game.
  12. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    Does that mean you got official clarification from Bandai on this? What was changed?
  13. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    It looks like the rule manual was updated and 7-1-1 and 7-1-2 now show the order after attack was changed from: counter > auto > blocker to auto > blocker > counter
  14. I thought the same thing at first but it makes more sense to me now after playing through 3 drafts with the same group of friends. Having only the one leader puts everyone on more equal footing for the tournament which I think makes the drafting experience more fun.
  15. Orlando Regionals

    The regional was awesome and ARG ran it really well. DBS was the largest turnout by FAR! We took up half of the convention room. I dropped after going something like 2-3 and played in a box tournament where I lost in the second round. Players were generally nice and judges were quick. Me and three friends eventually all dropped and bought two draft boxes, which we played that night at the hotel room and the next day at my friend's apartment. Biggest cons were: No food allowed, so me and my friends had to run to the car between rounds to get some snacks in us. There was one concession stand, which wasn't enough. It wasnt open early on and closed before we left. After round 4/5 tensions between players were noticeably rising. Box tournament entry was $20 a head; so $160 in entries to play for a box the organizers get for below MSRP. 3rd-8th did get TP2 and 2nd got an ARG playmat, but this still seems a bit excessive and many people were complaining. $15/per person ($120 total) would make them less money per box tournament but would make up for it by getting more tournaments going.
  16. Draft Box Leaders

    Ha, so it appears people were able to figure out Frieza rather quickly to make it incredibly effective. Draft Frieza took 12 of the Top 32 spots; the most represented leader by far with Cell at 6 and both Blue Vegeta and Starter Goku with 4. I dropped after 5 rounds and only played 1; I played against alot of red though.
  17. Net Neutrality 2017

    Another few notes: The FCC claims that their open comment system was taken down due to a DDOS attack a few months ago; this was right after a wave of comments from people supporting NN were made after John Oliver brought it up on his show and encouraged people to voice their opinions to the FCC. While many media outlets have filed FOIA requests to obtain proof that the comments system was taken offline due to a DDOS attack, the FCC has stonewalled these requests at every turn. Some suspect that the FCC took the comments section offline due to an influx of comments supporting NN and they are scapegoating it by stating it was a DDOS attack without providing any proof. Many of the comments on the FCC comment system that were against NN have been shown to be cookie-cutter statements made using people's identities without their consent; to put it another way, identity theft was used in order to support the repeal of NN. While the NY AG has been investigating the identity theft to support the repeal of NN and has been seeking the FCC's help in the matter, the FCC has stonewalled the investigation at every point.
  18. Draft Box Leaders

    Gotenks is a nice replacement for Broly in green; very aggressive. I quite like it. Played against 3 Draft Frieza decks last night at locals; beat all 3 with tricolor Ginyu. Two were Vegito builds that searched out the 5 cost with Potara, but CBL and Crusher Ball had my back on that front. My first opponent played two Objections on turn 1 but taking the life worked in my favor as I could keep tempo with Ginyu. One of the builds was a more aggressive mostly red build (I dont think he ran Vegito) that used Ghostenks and Babidi; again, CBL was clutch. [Side note: FD Champa put in a lot of work, I suppose because when awakened Ginyu doesnt give himself double strike people dont expect you to Champa.] Draft Frieza is awesome and has alot of surprises, but it is probably one of the toughest decks to build and play well; until someone finds a more consistent game plan and gets a lot of testing in I think it will be tier 2. I'm hoping people aren't able to break it before the Orlando regional this weekend.
  19. Upcoming DBS products - December 2017 through May 2018

    He was run in the Cell, A17, and Ginyu decks that topped in Hartford, so that alone is enough to boost the price given that every card game has its share of people who would rather use someone else’s reliable creation than come up with their own. Why did the top decks run it? It works really well with the Cell evolutions that drop your opponent’s hand to 3 cards. Critical is amazing at that point as your opponent has limited options in hand to avoid any damage and taking damage will not add to their hand. Plus it has board removal, giving the Cell leader even more potential to keep the opponent’s board clear. Ginyu likes it too, since it keeps his green ratio up and offers board control they used to rely on Energy Boost Beerus for but without the requirement of having 5 energy. Plus crit, because crit is just that good.
  20. Upcoming DBS products - December 2017 through May 2018

    I think the only promo to increase in price since the last regional was the Green Gohan from TP2. Goku Black Rose sank like a brick.
  21. I cant stress enough how important it is to have 4 copies of the Meta Cooler Core SR in this deck. Between natural card draw, milling yourself with Big Gete ,and the possibility of them ending up in your life, you absolutely need to run 4 of them for when you are finally able to search for it using the 1-cost core and Gete. Meta Cooler tends to rely on this move, so 4 is a must. I'd change out the Mecha Frieza uncommon; 4 cost is quite steep and you can use your multiplication coolers for board control instead of attacking the opponent. On that note, I like to have my Multi-Coolers at 22-24 because of how essential it is. Darkness Eye Beams is neat but I prefer Death Razor, as the opponent will tend to attack with their most powerful cards and your awakened cooler has the ability to rest a battle card, so eye beams is kinda redundant. I like Meta Cooler but ultimately I feel it tends to suffer the same way that the Babidi leader does, in that their primary effects (Cooler Core Searching out the 7 drop and Buu's Ball searching out fat Buu) can ONLY search the deck. There is always the potential for these effects to whiff since by the time you are able to use them it is the mid/late game and the target cards may no longer be in the deck. Even with 4 copies of the target cards in each deck I found that whiffing on the search was not uncommon; in this deck it means you spend 5 energy and shoot yourself in the foot by eating your Gete Star. That being said, MetaCooler is tons of fun to play but I wouldnt take it to a regional due to the inconsistency with the search effect. I've only started using OCTGN recently but recommend it if you are having trouble finding people to play with.
  22. Upcoming DBS products - December 2017 through May 2018

    I'm excited to play a draft box with some close friends this saturday! I actually did not know that the next set will have foils for every card. Even though I dont really care for foils over non-foils, that is pretty neat. Draft box 2 is going to come with TP3 and not TP2? Weird. How is 176 new cards a "smaller set?" Themed packs are a neat idea but I cant help but think some themes will be in higher demand than others.
  23. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    I also heard all of the Megaman X series is coming to the new generation, which is great because I get tired of dusting off my GameCube when I get the itch to play through X3 and X4.
  24. DBZ Figure-Rise Model Kits

    Saw this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Saiyan-Version-Figure-rise-Standard/dp/B01HZ6Q9QU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1474305577&sr=8-2&keywords=gohan+model+kit Does anyone have one of these/know anything about them? It looks like it should be comparable to MG gunpla kits (in size if not necessarily building time) but only comes with 6 runners? Anyways, if anyone knows anything about these (stock quality without detailing, ease of construction, posability, etc) let me know! Otherwise, you'll see a review in a few months anyway!
  25. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    While I love doing custom paint jobs on my model kits it is not really necessary to get models looking great; I do not have airbrush so spray can is what I usually use when custom painting and it is time consuming when you live in an apartment with no dedicated workshop. Panel line detailing followed by a flat coat is usually my go-to for alot of kits and really makes the kit pop without having to paint the kit. If you ever have problems with loose joints my preferred method is to use a dab of superglue on the male end of any connection and allow it to dry outside of the joint, sand down a bit, and reinsert the joint; this usually does a great job making the joint more snug. WARNING: You have to make sure the glue is fully cured before sanding and reinserting the joint, otherwise you may inadvertently superglue the joint together. @Vile: I would totally follow that facebook page and a "Vile's Customs" thread would probably get all my likes on here. Let me know when either is up!