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  1. Ultimate Box Info

    First off, $100 seems like an absolutely ridiculous price for what it comes with. The value of this box sucks for anyone who doesnt collect and play all styles. This product features many of the same problems that people had with the expansion deck box sets: It will be difficult to find people willing to break up the play sets they got from this box Scarcity of product (or hoarding product and jacking prices as some stores do) will lead to the better cards (ie: meta) becoming insanely expensive Due to the above, players focused on a specific style will need to pay high prices for individual cards Some of the support look great, some of it looks (much of it, after a second look) half-baked. The 5-cost Cell is very intriguing when you consider building a deck around evolving into him with the 3 drop Cell or play with Cells Birth. The A17 card you mentioned is really cool; I wish they would design more stuff like this rather than putting a paragraph of text on a card. The 2-cost Goku Jr that can have Swap 8 for 5 energy is too good. Masked Saiyan offers a cool effect and I really interested to see its impact on the meta. My guess is that Starterku makes a comeback. Overall, some cool stuff, but I really cant see it ever being worth $100.
  2. Set 4 Green Revealed on Website Today

    Glad there is finally a Piccolo leader. But the real reason I came here today was just to say how disappointed I am in the direction of this game. I've been glancing at the cards previewed for the next set and am just unimpressed with their design. Effects like "draw a card," "switch 1 energy to active mode," and "send an opponent's battle card to the warp/drop" are on a great deal of cards, with many cards getting two or all three of these effects. Some of the new archetypes look neat and fun to play, but I wish they would be more creative. ETA: A few extra gripes No keyword yet for sending battle cards to the drop or warp? Long overdue. Same with effects like switching an energy to active mode. New cards that say "choose an opponent's card ignoring barrier..." just seems like sloppy design. If you're going to do this just make a keyword [Pierce].
  3. Nintendo E3 Direct

    I didn't plan on quitting DBS a month ago but that's pretty much how it is playing out. I haven't gone to any tournaments I said I would, havent hit up any drafts; hell, my wife and I only got a few games in over the last month. I still want to draft some time but I haven't been paying much attention to new stuff at all. Getting into D&D really phased DBS out of my hobby rotation. I don't even own a Switch and I'm excited for a new Smash. Ridley is an awesome addition. From what I read, the damage scales different depending on the number of players that started the match; so damage is higher in 1v1 than a 4-man free-for-all, which is awesome. New Gamecube controllers made for this game too; perhaps they saw pro player's crutching on old controllers or the Smashbox and finally decided to compete? Maybe they'll start having a hand in competitive play? Nintendo had their stuff together this year (I think they're on a roll at this point). Companies like Squeenix, on the other hand, advertised big things and then shit bricks.
  4. ToP SCR

    @Denithan, check my math again. The 5 cost yellow Goku activates one energy, play senzu or combo trunks and then you have the two energy needed for both of the ex-evolves to get to the scr Goku. eta: in regards to Mafuba, the ruling with the 12 drop whis sets precedent. You CAN play Mafuba, but the attack is not negated. Instead, that part whiffs and then the next part happens, so Mafuba is placed on top of the attacking card and THEN the attack fizzles because it is no longer a battler card. So, it does work, but in a strange way.
  5. ToP SCR

    Turn 1 Power - 2 Energy Turn 2 , play energy, play objection; 4 energy Turn 3, play energy to get to 5, play yellow Goku for 5 and get 1 energy back. Senzu or Combo Trunks to get to 2 energy, giving you enough to ex-evolve into the scr.
  6. ToP SCR

    I like the idea of G/Y Cell using the new Goku SCR, it definitely jives with the way I play him. My first idea for the new SCR is actually a Vegito deck using the red leader. It is the only leader that can use Kind Saiyan Goku to search for the SCR. In addition to that, Full Power Spirit Bomb Goku has additional utility in that it is an energy that can pay for any color.
  7. D&D and other RPGs

    A few months ago a convention was in south Florida (paradise city comic con or something like that?) and my wife and I decided to check it out. We invited one of my best friends and his SO and they in turn invited two of their friends, another couple. After going through the con and talking over lunch we found that the new couple played D&D, something the rest of us had talked about before but never seriously tried to put together. After the con I texted to get more information about it and the ball started rolling; we had our second session last weekend and I am HOOKED! D&D has been something I have wanted to try since college, where my roommate of 4 years had a group he played with that I always heard stories about. So this is something I've been interested in for a while. It's seriously tons of fun and very open, you are able to do things you can only dream of doing in video games. Every problem has multiple solutions and every character shines in a different way. In our campaign we are running Lost Mines of Phandelver and I am playing as a halfling rogue (currently level 2, with plans to spec into Arcane Trickster at 3). One thing I like is that the game is as fun as you make it; the possibilities are endless. Do you guys play D&D? Have any stories to share?
  8. Set 3 Droids

    Personally, I feel like this deck would be better off swapping the overrealm package from 2/2 Mira to: + 2 Trunks, Power Overseeing Time +1 Fu, Shrouded in Mystery +1 Relentless Mira So, the reason you have Relentless Mira is for the drop 1 card from hand, right? Well, my suggestion would be to add Trunks(POT) in order to play that and recover one of the A16 supercombos. You essentially get the same effect with the A16 combo, but also get +10k on an attack. Plus, you get a 20k/double striker for a turn; much more powerful than Mira and better suited to close out a game. The only thing better than playing A16 4 times in a game is playing him 6 or more times in a game. In the games where you only draw 1 or 2 A16, Trunks POT recurs him for you. ETA: Trunks also helps you play A17/18 from hand, only to OR and get them back for the Cell chain. It makes the Cell chain more consistent. Fu works much better than people give him credit for in a deck like this. This card ends games. Sure, its expensive, but you are going for game when you play him. Fu works wonders when you have A16 supercombos in hand. Due to the low amount of OR cards, it is not too hard to play him; Cell does a good job fueling OR as well.
  9. D&D and other RPGs

    My first outing as a DM was a success! My group consisted of 4 players: a half-orc barbarian, a dwarf cleric, a tiefling warlock, and a wood elf druid. I was running the group through a custom module called "The Dreaming Heralds" (credit to Michael Button) that consists of finding and exploring a temple to the sun god (changed to Lathander for our setting). Highlights included: The druid in the group fancies himself a Steve Irwin like character. After the Dwarf Cleric was attacked by the giant snake in the pool outside the druid decided he wanted to try and entice it out and grabbed it. He succeeded and initially wanted to try animal friendship on it, but they decided just to kill it (not sure why but I think cause they realized the snake was pretty pissed off). So the barb winds up and mutilates the thing in one hit. The druid then enters the gross pool to find 3 snake eggs. In the first room there is an illusion covering a pit trap with a trigger at the bottom. They successfully managed to detect and avoid it. Soon after they found the room with a feast prepared that was magically preserved but covered with a thick layer of dust. The party was sure this was a trap but the barb put her fingers in the mashed potatoes to taste "delicious mashed potatoes, but also a strong tasted of dust." This encouraged the druid to pick up the turkey and bring it around the dungeon eating while they explore. Once they made it back to the first room he decided to drop the turkey into the hole, immediately retreat a few feet, and see what happens. The turkey triggered the chandelier trap, causing it to plummet into the pit on top of the turkey. The party moves to the second level and investigates a room, setting off an alarm spell. I give them probably a solid two minutes to discuss what they want to do before the first Herald opened the door followed by 4 others. The challenge with the Herald is that they reanimate after d4 rounds unless they are decapitated or otherwise vanquished. I thought this was going to be a challenge but the cleric was able to reduce three of the Heralds to ash by finishing them with some divine spell that deals radiant damage (I ruled radiant damage would ash the zombies). Once they downed the last zombie we called it a night. They will begin the next session right after this fight, with the two downed zombies reanimating after a few rounds while they're still investigating the immediate area. Overall, it was awesome. DMing is tons of fun and I look forward to challenging my group as they make their way through the world.
  10. D&D and other RPGs

    Totally psyched for this weekend and my first session as a DM! After reading over several modules I have chosen to run my party through Hoard of the Dragon Queen over Lost Mines of Phandelver. HotDQ gets a lot of heat over the balance (or lack thereof) of many of the fights and many plot points; but after much research, I think most people just DM some of the encounter poorly. Sure, there are some plot elements that require some finesse on the part of the DM, but you're going to run into this in most modules anyway. An oft-repeated rule of DMing that I have seen is that the material is just a guide for building the adventure, and I plan to take that to heart by tweaking as I see fit. However, my party is starting at level 1...and the opening chapter of HotDQ is, in a word, brutal. I feel like tackling Greenest in Flames for a party of 4 level 1 first-timers is asking for trouble. Level 1's are just so easy to kill. So, at the start of the adventure the heroes will be escorting a merchant to Greenest before the siege. During their first time in town they will find a quest to help a teen in a coma and will undertake "The Dreaming Heralds" quest that is a homebrew adventure that was posted online (credit to Michael Button). DH is intended for 1st level characters; I plan on using this quest and their time in town for our first session, which will bring them to level 2 for the next session where HotDQ will really start, but with the heroes beginning the siege while in the town to avoid the "why would I rush into a siege against a dragon?" problem that people complain about. So excited!
  11. D&D and other RPGs

    Thanks for the tips! Luckily, I dont think my group is going to go GTA on the campaign (spending a week in the barracks makes for a lousy session lol). My main focus is going to be on the players having fun and fair ruling. I've read too many stories where the PCs simply outsmart the encounter, so I know to be ready for shenanigans like that and to reward my players for their creativity. I love improv (considered doing comedy for a few years lol) and am comfortable improvising, especially when in the company of good friends, so I'm hoping to get some good use out of that. Luckily I've read 30+ books by RA Salvatore, so I'm comfortable with the Forgotten Realms setting too. I'm really looking forward to our zero/first session next week.
  12. D&D and other RPGs

    I've seen a lot of complaints about 4e and a lot of praise for 3.5e. Luckily, many people seem to enjoy 5e and it doesnt get as much flak as 4e. So, I've actually recently gone from "has attended 2 sessions" to "will be DMing a short campaign to introduce a friend to the game next weekend." I'm very excited to run my own game and have been preparing for our session. Got any tips for a first time DM? I'm currently planning on running a custom campaign that borrows from the Lost Mines campaign (mostly setting and inspiration for encounters). The party will start off in a town North of Neverwinter and will get a hook to travel to Neverwinter, getting attacked by bandits along the way they can track to a small cave; this is primarily to introduce the new player to combat and dungeon delving. After that I plan on having the party go through a short campaign featuring a baron trying to seize power in a nearby locale. I like Lost Mines but two of the players at this session have done it before, so I want to keep them surprised. Once they hit level 3 I'll start having them work through some of the mines campaign or will have another hook for them to follow.
  13. Recently, I picked up a copy of the new game A Way Out to play through with the wife. The game is not without its flaws, but it was definitely an awesome experience to play through with my SO. The mechanics may not be perfect and some player inputs may not end up mattering, but the presentation and pacing of the game were incredible. My wife and I had a great experience playing through this game, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a couch coop game to play with their SO or a close friend. Definitely go into and through the game without reading about it for the best effect. That being said, what are some of your favorite couch coop titles? I recently picked up Divinity: Original Sin for us to play after AWO, because of all of the positive feedback for the coop in that game. Another two that stand out are: Resident Evil 5 and Fable 2. So, what are some of your favorite couch coop games?
  14. A Way Out, and Other Couch Coop Gems

    I've heard a lot of good things about the multiplayer in Overcooked; I'll have to pick it up for the next time we have some people over. Another game that came to mind is Jackbox. Never heard of it until I was at my brother's place for a bbq but it's a collection of multiplayer games that everyone connects to using their phone. It's not couch coop but its a great game for parties.
  15. D&D and other RPGs

    Thanks! I'm having tons of fun already and I'm only two sessions in. I'm also currently putting together another play group that I will DM for, so I'm excited for that!