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  1. Yay! A member!

    HSS with a ranged attack in general is really strong. Superman's have always been clix I dislike playing against due to that.
  2. Yay! A member!

    Elseworld looked like an incomplete set. The chase greena rrow from that is rediculous. The highnoon is neat. I like the idea of Flash, fastest gun in the west. Also Colonel Wayne looks badass
  3. Yay! A member!

    I'm sure I have alot of monsters still. I didn't guy into guradians, as I stopped buying sets when uhhh Avengers Assembled came out. I bought some spider-man for the Masters, and pulled Zemo and Doc Oct back to back so super win there, and some Jokers Wild for a sealed league. I'm currently trying to sell my stuff or mod it into cool things. My only turtle, Catapult Turtle, became a MagnetMan. Unless you mean TMNT like I think you mean, to which I just traded a B.Green Arrow for a shitload of Food Ninja's from all 3 sets, a Set 2shredder, and some Alpha ones. I just need a base set Shredder for that little team and IM done. So I guess after MoE, I have Foot Ninja's, Samurai's(in general), and Atlantis. I might also keep my Authority. I have every figure and do enjoy how they play.
  4. Yay! A member!

    I was looking how to post in the club. Oh well. I don't really play much anymore, and in fact I hate the current design philosophy. But I've bewn playing and kicking ass for 12ish years now, so why not join a group and spread knowlage. On a side note, i will need every master of evil in the upcoming Thor set. That's the only team I collect. (Zemo is my favorite character after all)
  5. Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

    There is one place you can get blister boxes for like 8ish bucks. Most boxes are 12ish. If you get some post what you pull and what you want. I'm sure we can strike a deal.
  6. Mono Yellow Frieza

    Mono yellow freezer. A man after my own heart.
  7. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I knew you could do it! Here have a foil Blue Save! Also, rep for 17 love #bestcharacter
  8. DBS Booster Draft Rules

    Drafting in heroclix is balls though. You can see a full booster and whats cpming to you so you can meta build your team with whats coming your way. Every time we drafted one player would take forever to make his picks and he would have 5 boosters behind himso he could pick from each one know exactly what to get. Here, it sounds more enjoyable and bettee than the sealed events of "brinf your own MP/Mastery" which was always Blue protective or Black devious, and either pickles or Krillin.
  9. Awakening Cell is broken.

    For me optional.
  10. Set 10

    I assume in heritage it'll be saiyan cards that say "if your chsracter is a namekian, do cool thing" like uhhh Nemekian Raising Knee (?) Thw one that lets you rejuv and stage gain
  11. Ginyu or Freiza?

    The Freiza Army extra card I was refering to is on that lets you tutor and anyone with freizas army keyword. But sounds good. Seems freiza is the way to go. I plan to play yellow for life. Its the closest to my favorite color, orange.
  12. Ginyu or Freiza?

    Considering I've played the demo's and the game was okay, I'll work on a minor deck for my own casual play. I was looking at Ginyu because comeon, Ginyu Force, and Ginyu had such a stigma in my local scene that I could mever play him in panz. However lookingat him, he's pretty plain. There really seems to be nothing unique to him, as the ginyu force have no special event cards. Then there's freiza... One of the Freiza leaders is focused on ally play, and the number of Freiza Army members outdo the Ginyu force as a whole. What's more? There are two event csrds for freiza army cards. Racoome Eraser gun and Crushing Ball can really be played in amy yellow deck. Oh and the Freiza army members can return to active position thanks to friza himself. Am I missing something? Is there a special trick to ginyu that I don't see? Burter and Racoome are good, Jeice was neat, and Guldo was... well a meat shield. The ginyu battle card is awesome but it doesn't work with ginyu leader. Plus ginyu kills himself
  13. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Agreed. I wish I could remember what site the guy claimed to be a part of, DB Radio, DB podcast? His name was like Melvin, Martin, michael? Something like that.
  14. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Same guy I witnessed at my first big event, a 500 at a place called Yeti games. He cheated hard and I couldn't call him out. Why do you ask? Because poor management. The rule was, if you notice something that requires a judge, go find a judge. Don't interfear with anothers game. That's fine and dandy if the judges wear something that sticks out and are walking around judging not playing. Well, these two looked like a regular player and were in a game. What the pleabe did was call combat, his opponet cracked Isolation, and he continued to count his drills for effects. Because of that he won and it bumbed him into topcut.
  15. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Not really. I only did it because at a regionals Richie explicitly told me I had to. He said part of the game is keeping your opponet aware of his triggers. I was givien a warning because a naive had the 5 watt light bulb idea to stack his drills with only the title showing. Upside down to me, in ultra pro sleves, at the edge of his playmat partly behind his deck/discard pile. I didn't know he had a drill that would make him do less damage, he wsnt to, he wore sunglasses so i couldn't see his eyes and where his attention was. I waited a second, said hit, took said damage and he flipped out and tried to get me DQ'd all because I wasn't aware of one minor trigger of his. You would also think after I flip over csrd 1 he would stop me and be like "oh that hit? Activate this!" But no. Wait till its all done and I hit no endurance to call it. The van helsing wanna-be was simply paving the peasants way to victory by trying to win via disqualification. After my unnessercy write up warning that I signed in an illegal colour by bank standards (Pink! Mwuhahaha!) I proceeded to smack him with a dig and pop off 2 Ki Buildups and a Blue Reject (reject his scum presence!) For the most satisfying kill in my DBZ career. Don't trial with Vile is the moral.