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  1. Set 2 news

    Whaaaaaatttttt?! That's perfect!!!
  2. Set 2 news

    http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/product/dbs-b02.php Vile is hyped for android 17! Hopefully we get a leader of him from super. I'll deffinetly be switching to green for this set, but i may see how well the new yellows mesh with Ginyu.
  3. Help with Ginyu

    Based on what singles I could get, thid is my current list. I think I may find ways to add in Appule, and I wish I had Champa's to put in. I also don't know how big a side deck can be. Leader: Ginyu The ginyu force lot x16 Cap Ginyu x2 Appule x2 Cui x4 Sorbert x4 Freiza avenging x4 Freiza The Terror x2 Seiscum x1 Goten x2 (the combo one) Freiza's call x4 Crusher ball x4 Dodoria x4 Mecha Freiza x3 (only had 3 to buy) I haven't played anyone yet, but just sitting and pretending to playthe deck should win or lose by turn 4. I really like freizas call to grab Burter who pretty has no downside withit. I may drop it down to a 2 of though. Currently my side deck is Jaco x4 Cap Ginyu x2 Roided out tripple strike freiza x2 Senzu bean x4 Whis Concern x4 This gives the option of adding in blue card depending on the matchup. I also like Togoma (?) Who protects your other cards. Before the saturday event I'll check the singles again to see if they have more Appules, Mecha freiza, and Champa.
  4. UFS

    Shame. I believe Rolling Cutter or Hyper Bomb are the ones you'd want.
  5. Ginyu Force Rules! Ginyu Force Rules!

    Glad to see I was on the right path woth Yellow/Blue for Ginyu. The 23rd will likelt be my first tournament.
  6. Help with Ginyu

    I get that much. But each attack is seperate and after attack 1, that leaves them less than 4 life, they can awaken in the defensive step. Example Ginyu atracks, gies though, they are now at ehhhh lets say 3 life. Burter attacks, i don't play any combos. They awaken as a reaction. If that's not how it works, my app lies.
  7. Help with Ginyu

    Thanksguys. I've been playing the phone app to practice as I have to go out of town to play. The one thing I really like about Freizas Call is a deck search. I can use that to count my ginyu member's and deduce how mamy, and who, are in my life. I'm confused how you can make someone not awaken. It seems to be a defense ability and I haven't seen any 5-strike cards.
  8. Help with Ginyu

    As the title says, I am building my firdr deck and i am feeling Blue/Yellow for myself and Ginyu gives me a hardon wirh a gamble playstyle. So here's what i have so far Leader - Ginyu (shocker!) 4x Elite Force Captain Ginyu - 4x Ultimate Judgment Jaco - 4x Whis's Coercion - 4x Senzu Bean - 4x Frieza's Call - 4x Dodoria, The Emperor's Attendant, - 4x Burter -4x Jeice -4x Guldo -4x Racoom -4x Crushing Ball -4x Eraser Gun -4x Bad Laser Ring -4x Goten I don't even know the quantity I have of cards here. Did I just buy alot of 4 of in the colors I like because they were a quarter or less? Yes. I also might get that crazy combo Champa based on Shoryuu's advice. Before I really sleeve it and take it to my firsr local which are said to be super casual, should I lool to add anything to this list? Anything I have I shouldn't put in the deck? Shoryuu said Eraser Gun snd I can kindasee why.
  9. Gimmick Cards - What's your take?

    I liked thw sideways carss for Setups and Drills in PanZ. I wish games like Pokemon did thay so to was easier to see what all it on a pokemans. I don't play alot of TCGs so i don't k ow what other uses it could have in other games.
  10. Yay! A member!

    HSS with a ranged attack in general is really strong. Superman's have always been clix I dislike playing against due to that.
  11. Yay! A member!

    Elseworld looked like an incomplete set. The chase greena rrow from that is rediculous. The highnoon is neat. I like the idea of Flash, fastest gun in the west. Also Colonel Wayne looks badass
  12. Yay! A member!

    I'm sure I have alot of monsters still. I didn't guy into guradians, as I stopped buying sets when uhhh Avengers Assembled came out. I bought some spider-man for the Masters, and pulled Zemo and Doc Oct back to back so super win there, and some Jokers Wild for a sealed league. I'm currently trying to sell my stuff or mod it into cool things. My only turtle, Catapult Turtle, became a MagnetMan. Unless you mean TMNT like I think you mean, to which I just traded a B.Green Arrow for a shitload of Food Ninja's from all 3 sets, a Set 2shredder, and some Alpha ones. I just need a base set Shredder for that little team and IM done. So I guess after MoE, I have Foot Ninja's, Samurai's(in general), and Atlantis. I might also keep my Authority. I have every figure and do enjoy how they play.
  13. Yay! A member!

    I was looking how to post in the club. Oh well. I don't really play much anymore, and in fact I hate the current design philosophy. But I've bewn playing and kicking ass for 12ish years now, so why not join a group and spread knowlage. On a side note, i will need every master of evil in the upcoming Thor set. That's the only team I collect. (Zemo is my favorite character after all)
  14. Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

    There is one place you can get blister boxes for like 8ish bucks. Most boxes are 12ish. If you get some post what you pull and what you want. I'm sure we can strike a deal.
  15. Mono Yellow Frieza

    Mono yellow freezer. A man after my own heart.