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  1. Thanks to the greatness that is Facebook and its wonderful ability to bring out the most cancerous of egg sucking chicken head pleabs, I have discoveres how to in fact, make a deck 100% better instantly! Do you also wish to learn this lession? Of course you do! Clearly in asking for deck advice, you should run foil versions! The foil will make the card perform better because in a deck with limited foil options it isn't any kind of handicap to have a shine hit ypur face or glasses! In fact, you can use the foil to shine the light in your opponets eyes and force misplays! Also never read what someone posts about their deck and why they dislike Tien but keep some in deck just in case. Players don't understand how to play the game, only egg sucking chicken heads do. They also cause butthole cancer.
  2. Draft Box Leaders

    I am calling it now, Red/Green Majin vegeta is going to be a sleeper deck.
  3. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    I can say I soundly won a tournement because i crusher ball'd a Gohan (and then blew him up with mecha freiza). The card wins games.
  4. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    Honestly I would consider dropping or swapping out 1 or 2 appule for cold bloodlust. If you need to keep certain ratios I would maybe drop a crushing ball. I only own 1 cold bloodlust but if I had more I'd run at least 2 od them. You don't want to get LifeScrewed.
  5. Android 17/18 alpha build

    Here is the list so far. Leader: A17 Terrible creator A20 x3 Expanding energy A17 x4 Exterminating energy A18 x4 Iron hammer of justice A16 x2 Twin brother 17 x4 Twin sister A18 x4 Krillin destined deed x4 Son Goten Family of justice x2 Trunks protector of childrenx4 Krillin human shield x4 Tien x2 Chilling Terror A17 x2 Enraged Gohan awakening x2 Father son kamahame x2 King vegeta suprise attack x1 Senzu Bean x3 Objection x4 For some reason using my phone to post is making the post box format weird. Sorry for the odd spaces.
  6. Android 17/18 alpha build

    I sadly don't have any of those, I pulled 3 and they all became Ginyu Squads lol. I'm going to push this deck as hard as I can. 17 is my fav, and 18 is a waifu, so I have to make them decimate. #lifegoal
  7. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    I can make the post have two builds for the two tyoes of players, Aggro and Control to let people have choices when they look in here. The goal was to get some discussion going.
  8. Android 17/18 alpha build

    I appricate the input! I'll try and answer each question here. The reason for Trunkswas the fact he could hit a 3 cost blocker, like Jeice or 16. It's just something i wanted to test out to see if it was betterin practice than on paper. If you've had little luck with it, I can swap it out. Tien i feel is overall bad. After you combo with him he just sits there, and you're only getting 1 card out of the 2 damage you take. He's just seemed kinda bad but perhaps he's better in practice than I can forsee. A19 was just for card draw, but I do agree there are alot of 2 drop options. He's the first cut in the deck. My issue withthe gohan extra was it costs 2. I already struggle with getting things on the board. Perhaps because the only deck I've played with opponets is Ginyu I'm just use to have 3~4 things out in like turn 2. Also most games end by turn 4, 6 at the latest, so I kinda have only that to go off of for game data. This weekend I'll be at the inly venue whonhas events, 2 hours away, and will get some plays in with this deck. Is the energy ramp, which I'm assuming is just through objection, useful? With already have trouble getting enough things out is the 1-2 turns of just ramping that much liable? What mods I may do -4 A19 -3 Vegeta -2 trunks +4 objection +3 Sebzu Bean +2 Tien I'll do some ordering as well to grt some Full Power Energy and a couple more king geta's. Say what you will I love that card.
  9. Hey

    I'm working on a cooler, will post it once I build the alpha deck. I also posted a thread for the community to build a Vegito deck together, so we'll see how that goes. So far Shoryu_Rep is our forum champion.
  10. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    There seem's to be endless options for building Vegito, and in fact in theory crafting he seems to be fastly versital in terms of what he can do. Question is, HOW do we do this? Let's delve in, as a team, and figure out the best of the best deck choices. After all, we are team TopTier. So I'll stsrt off with the obvious addition, SSB Vegito, the secret rare. It's a no brainer that if he hits the field, the game end. I'll update this post as we build onto the deck and form thw ultimate ass kicking fusion monster that'll make @sh0ryu_repp4 drop a brick in his tighty-whiteys. Post below! State reasons! BUILD! Deck: 1 Leader: BT2-001 Vegito Battle Cards: 1 Ultimate Force SSB Vegito x1 Extra Cards: 0 Side Deck: 0
  11. Hey

    I played PanZ and loved it, and as well i am playing Super. I've been trying to keep discussions going so please, post decks and junk. It's entertaining and can help you (or others).
  12. Android 17/18 alpha build

    Got 2 Promo 17's today. Dropping Enraged Gohan extra cardfor them. In my mild playtesting Father-Son Kamahame doesn't hit as often as I'd like. It has situational uses though so I may sidedeck it and put in Family kamahame
  13. I would hope that the stores who do the regionals are able to be picky and chopse competent people. For a LGS generally if there are issues with judges the store can switch them.