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  1. Hey look, Black Mastery
  2. Funny thing. I own Maximum Carnage and I still do not understand the hype for it.
  3. I wouldn't have chosen Megaman X. X2 was way better. Mario Rpg, Yoshi's Island, ALTTP, snd Super metroidmake my dick ROCK HARD. Must buy.
  4. I have just about everything in the common and uncommon sections. Right now I just need Rares and up. If can snap a pick of your stuff I'll let you know if I'm interested. Thanks for the response!
  5. Blue Mill 17 works pretty damn well. I was more of a fan of the blue build that played combat control and could turn a game around in 1 solid combat. Someone played 17 in the first worlds and his decklist was close to mine. For 18, I had alot of fun with her back in set4 days using Adept, oddly enough. It was jank I'll admit, but I had fun with it. I also made Adaptive 18 and used devouring drills to level but now if I were to try it I would go the unleashed route with like, Dressing Room attached. Making her base 0 damage attacks hit for 5 felt awesome. (Aura and A.Attack Drill plus mastery) For current 17, you can jump on retro and lookup that ladyboy who is 17's #1 fan on retro. She apperently does well with his non-fanz stack.
  6. Sayian Pre-Game should have art of someone drinking from the bar we see on Planet Vegeta
  7. The Saibamen can get crazy combo heavy in something like blue with biting and lifting drill. All the ally support, all the buffs needed. Strange as it maybe, while Nappa is the Natural choice, I feel blue Turles could benefit from them. Unless Vegeta ally wpild buff them by 2 each, then clearly Nappa is the way to go.
  8. This talk pf the best fighting games makes me want to gonplay my personal favorite. Tataunoko Vs Capcom
  9. I think you underestimate the power of the switch.
  10. Hercule is absolute crap.
  11. I must be a pleb because I still don't understand the game flow. Is your life the unside down life cards? Because that's as bad as the prize system in pokemon. I'm also a hands on learner so I may just need to sit down and play it to learn it. That's what i did with PanZ. I don't know how many games I played OrangeGoku against NamPic on my lunch break just to understand it.
  12. One of my friends has Cell and Freiza. I can have him bring them when we do DnD this weekend and test fit them. Truthfully i think Vegeta is fixed is because of the bends on his waist armor.
  13. Just wait till you pull 3 foils of a Basic event that no one will want.
  14. There is alot going on with these cards. How do I tell what makes it good?
  15. Useless cards? Sounds like Panini