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  1. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    That is exactly what the ginyu force needed. I will say, I am not a fan of thr nimbet of exclusive cards in this game. I really don't want staples to be limited run promos.
  2. Partners for Black Conflict Mastery?

    When set 7 dropped I mived Tien from devious to conflict. Biggest change I remember in the deck was Black Conflict Shot for some new mill card that rejuvs when self milled. It works well, and honestly I liked conflict for the stage gain which was a sometimes problem in Tien.
  3. Is this game DOA

    I've seen product in STL. Never seen anyone playing it.
  4. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    That 5 cost chilled is a game ender. I'm kinda sad there isn't much i can use from this for Ginyu.
  5. Set 2 news

    @Denithan Zamasu Fused I think you are discrediting. Unless you toss a triple strike at him he will awaken, and after words when you deck becomes your life, you gain life in a sense. Say you awaken and have 20 cards in deck, that's 4 life you opponet has to get through to finish you off. So going off this F.Zamasu starts the game with 12 life to your eight
  6. How big do you like your Decks?

    I lioe my decks 8 inches unsleeved. Oversized cards prefered.
  7. Set 2 news

    I can see the ruling on that. It doesn't specify that each instsnce gets the buff, just each card does and whilea duo, they are one card.
  8. Set 2 news

    I was under the impression they wouldn't count. If that's the case then hot damn, they just need some energy ramp. Still think Cell is better though.
  9. Set 2 news

    Greens are up. I like Cell leader, but I feel the 17/18 leader is crap. Nit gettijg a Power Level boost when awakening really makes them squishy http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428002
  10. Orange Adept No17

    Relooking at your list and loking up a few things, I think you need O.Enraged Bash. If one od your drills gets banished that hurts, moreso as you seem to ve balls in on the block drills. I would drop Searching Techinque. It's crap damage and you have to wait till after combat for your drill. You might also like Orange Leaping Punch from set 7. It's a wonky card
  11. Orange Adept No17

    If you are going to be running allys, While the Van is cool, it's also detrimental. I'd run some sobering hammers. Also, i alwayswant to use 18, but I find her crappy. I'd rather see you run 14 who boosts your stage damage.
  12. Set 2 news

    My wifu is better than any Z warrior. Rin Tosaka has my nerd heart <3 WAAAAIIIIIIFFFFUUUUUU-ARU(had to make that japanese dialect)
  13. Set 2 news

    So I thought Shoryuu was just being a troll and wanting something that didn't exsist..... I was wrong http://m.ign.com/videos/2017/09/25/dragon-ball-fighterz-android-21-in-game-reveal-tgs-2017
  14. Union Force Spoilers Thread

    We'll see how much spashing happens. Honestly I hope the main themes stay consistent and weird quirks show up. Like blue is the energy ramp color, but Yellow having ways to reset energy would do wonders and stay out if blues theme.
  15. Union Force Spoilers Thread

    Looking at everything I think blue is going to continue to be the 'best' color. It can energy ramp, drop battle cards at highly reduced costs, it now can control the board, and has a leader who gains roughly 3 life after awakening. That new Son Gohan is stupid as hell though and is a new blue staple. Combo for 1 energy and then play? Okay.