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  1. ToP SCR

    Shoryuu you still playing? I thought I saw you post a getting out of the game post in the candy shop?
  2. D&D and other RPGs

    I play 5E eveey other sat with my girlfriend. Few weeks ago we were attacked while camping in a jungle mission. I wasn't on watch, but I have a sword of warning so i was jolted awake when attacked. Before the others on watch could wake the others I came running out of my tent swinging. The DM asked if I slept in my armor. I question the current temp, assuming it is 80ush. He says 95. I reply that nope, I was nude sleeping becuase thats too damn hot. I then take my turn to attack the monster, hit, burn a superiority die and to inflict fear, and the monster fails the save. So in a nutshell, a naked guy bursts out of a tent swinging a sword. Would you not also be terrified?