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  1. Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

    Imma bump this cuz why the hell not. Still after the megamanz.
  2. Back in the day (2004 to be exact) there was a card game on the Anime that was shown on the WB of MegaMan. The game is long dead and dirt cheap. I can, and have, bought boxes for 4 and 6 dollars each. While I could keep doing this I really don't want all the commons that will come withit laying around. I also want the tournament promos which I can't pull. Ebay has some super rares and ultra rares for sale, most of them being 4ish bucks a piece. I am looking to buy or trade(dbz stuff I have plenty of rares, foils, and UR's. I also have too many heroclix) for Rares, Super rare, Ultra rare, and promos from this game. Cards look like this
  3. Monaka's too strong?

    Troll post is troll.
  4. Tournament of Power Set

    No new androids? Aids. 17 earned his place as at least a battle card. Damn female sayian loving weebs just wanting hentai of the super sayian vag keeping me (lol not really this game is aids) from getting my robotic badassory.
  5. Draft Box 2 Info

    I love how I can't zoom in on the images or open them in a new tab to view via phone. Bandai can't even preview their cards correctly.
  6. Completely destroy

    Lighter fluid and a match will completely destroy any deck
  7. Mecha Frieza

  8. I'm going to rage when the get MegaMan. Because then I'll buy their game....
  9. Mecha Frieza

    I don't really think their reasoning is ridiculous. Game needs to be fun and they want new archetypes explored(to sell product) as well as be welcome to new players(again to sell product), then we top it off with to not be backed in a corner when designing product(to sell!) As well as to not back players in a corner when designing decks. It's just a smart business move for them.
  10. Mecha Frieza

    And now I await the deck of tears from salty pleabs who don't understand that this is a game. Wouldn't it be a nutshot if that was an april fools though?
  11. I’ll dig your grave

    Orange 20 vs Red Roshi I dropped ball 7 to setup a sinister choke not paying attention to him having 5 balls and Kami ally out. He had 13 cardsleft in deck. He entered on his turn cracking relax to steal ball 7, setting up whatever, the roshi slumber to do setup top o deck. He played Confrontation - my drill make him mill his top card. Top card was tug of war, which killed Kami, Kami made him look for last ball - game. Overall it was a well thought turn, I just keep kicking myself for getting eager to choke out a victory.
  12. I’ll dig your grave

    My butt still hurts from not being able to count DB's in top16 and giving my opponet the win.
  13. Draft Box 2 Info

    Shiiiiiittttt I've only been posting sass and ass for the game. I just stick around cuz I'm a forum junkie.
  14. Draft Box 2 Info

    Cell saga is why Hercule is green, or so is my guess.
  15. I’ll dig your grave

    7 stages, shuts down endurance for the whole combat. The level is optional.
  16. Mecha Frieza

    Meanwhile Vile is using his money from sold cards to purchase more gundams! Becausethis company can't make a proper game but excel at adult toys!
  17. Awhile back @The Bear and @Nothing At All mentioned liking the idea of a thread or facebook group for my models. Well now both exsist. I've been having some airbrush issues, I am hoping to grt it fixed this weekend though. For now you can enjoy the model I've been working on. Just a recolored MG Gyan. Still working on a few parts for him. The AB has been having some issues sprayingso the copper came out.... less than desired. As well a few small spots of the the Future Floor Polish kinda bunched up and made a thickish layer, so I'll have to find a way to fix that. But his custom lance is looking amazing. Funny enough, as of posting this that Gyan has a neg 3 rep on Imgur. Lawl. This resin conversion is being worked on now, Gundam Mudrock. For fun, enjoy my other finished models.
  18. Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

    He is done.
  19. Favorite MP

    I loves A20 in PanZ, as well as Tien and Awkening Gohan at the end. I feel I'd still like these 3 the most, cept Kami may take the A20 spot. He seems insanely fun.
  20. Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

    Did aome stuff
  21. Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

    Been doing some work here. Hopfully gonna have him finished tonight. I've been practicing my shading skills, as in shading for the first time. https://imgur.com/a/KxIVZ Currently a gloss coat is sitting in him. Gonna decal and panel line then give it a matte finish. I have a Gyan Krieger snapped and I bought a display hanger and a standard GM this weekend, so expect them soon. April 7th I am going to a 4 hour build comp and I am planning to make some cool diorama stuff in advance for it. Deciding if i want to have a build unit destroyed in a lunar surface with a shield in it's chest, or if i want to go extreme and use this orange unit in it and have them shooting through the unit. Decisions.....
  22. Mecha Frieza

    Someone quick! Give Shoryuu a bottle of water, his salt levels are reaching critical!
  23. The Games We Play

    I've been rocking Kirby Stsr allies. It feels really short an abysmally easy.
  24. Mecha Frieza

    Jasco is pretty quick to ban things. When I was trying UFS with the megaman sets I was kinda upset that they banned Gemini Man so quickly. Out of Rise of the Masters him amd Magnet were my two favorites (outside of UFS play, more I like them from the mm universe) and i was pretty bummed out over it. I would much rather see errata's than bans. Rotations also work.
  25. Mecha Frieza

    I am okay to ban Planet Vegeta. I just sold my foil one