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  1. The Games We Play

    I too, Denithan, am playing Gundam Versus. I just bought a ps4 and that was the first game I bought. Had to by Mudrock DLC and I've made him my main. That's pretty much the only game I'm playing. An online bud and me are going to do a team-stream of us doing co-op Donkey Kong Country 2. I'll be rocking Dixie Kong for the playthrough.
  2. So with the anime ending this march, and set 3 drops in march, what does this mean for our game? Will it keep going or be halted?
  3. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    I just noticed, a13 is a deck I want to run Tien in.
  4. Set 3 Leader Opinions

    That Gero.... also the new 17/18... GOD DAMN I AM THE HAPPY
  5. Awhile back @The Bear and @Nothing At All mentioned liking the idea of a thread or facebook group for my models. Well now both exsist. I've been having some airbrush issues, I am hoping to grt it fixed this weekend though. For now you can enjoy the model I've been working on. Just a recolored MG Gyan. Still working on a few parts for him. The AB has been having some issues sprayingso the copper came out.... less than desired. As well a few small spots of the the Future Floor Polish kinda bunched up and made a thickish layer, so I'll have to find a way to fix that. But his custom lance is looking amazing. Funny enough, as of posting this that Gyan has a neg 3 rep on Imgur. Lawl. This resin conversion is being worked on now, Gundam Mudrock. For fun, enjoy my other finished models.
  6. Vile's custom corner [Image Heavy]

    Fun disclaimer, the FB page is still underconstruction. Once I make a lightbox to take better photos and get my feet wet with some image editing software to make a proper cover photo and Profile pic, It'll be active.
  7. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Does black currently count for everycolor?
  8. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Imma run 1 Cabba's Rage or whatever the 0 cost cars from set 1 was. Rest black.
  9. R/G Gotenks

    Ghost Tokens are fun tho
  10. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Ye.My decks are Ginyu, Broly set 1 Droids, Cooler set 2. APPERENTLY I like yellow and green. I should mix em. Maybe I'll make a Y/G in set 3. Honestly though I plan to change Broly to Gotanks when I get one(G/R deck) He seems to be the same but more efficient and dosn't require 8 specific cards in deck.(ring and parsgus)
  11. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Never once have I been stalled to awaken. I've only played a few gsmes with set 2 because my local area sucks and the shop I went to 2 hours away shut down. But self awaken you say? Yell Vegeta always did me good.
  12. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    You all and your Tien cards. Say what you will he's pretty trash. Never once have I wished for Tien in my hand.
  13. Set 2 news

    http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/product/dbs-b02.php Vile is hyped for android 17! Hopefully we get a leader of him from super. I'll deffinetly be switching to green for this set, but i may see how well the new yellows mesh with Ginyu.
  14. Starting Now

    Crit Vegeta is legit good. While I haven't played but 1 game with my andoirds becuase my area sucks, I can tell you the only set 1 card you'll want/need is Youth Trunk Protector of something. He does the EXACT same thing as your Boost Piccalo but for green leaders. Being as you are a fellow 17 fan, I suggest building. Ignore what Shoryuu says, you don't need a single rare or higher to builda fun solid deck for local play. Plus 13 is coming in the next set so we will likely get more android fun.
  15. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    I disagree. EDH is a prime example of why.
  16. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Nice! A13 is my go for. Sadly, I still haven't been able to play my 17 or Cooler deck.
  17. Expansion Set Reveal!

    I split a hero pack with a friend. He took the vegito stuff, I took the gotanks.
  18. Hero 18 Combative

    You can tutor for 16 and hiding. You cannot (without radar) tutor for NDB6.
  19. You gonna rue the day you face off against me and skinny yellow devil. Because I don't remember any clayfighter names.
  20. I don't pay 60 bucks for a cheap 30 dolla fighter. You gonna be waiting son. F1gh7 m3 IRL. We should do a PanZ grudge match.
  21. You wanna go? Huh? You wannna go, let's do this.
  22. Boi, 21 does not know da wae.
  23. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    Not the old one that gundam wing launched back in the early 2000's. http://www.carddass.com/gundam-cw/en/ This one ^
  24. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    Cross War? It was like, 2015. I didn't delve too much into it because I found about it last year. It wad a Cardass series game.
  25. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    Fub fact, there was a Gundam card game that seemed to use the same mechanics as DBS. I think the Leader cards were pilots and the battle cards were mobile suits. I wish that had come stateside.