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  1. HA! I understand that joke. SHORYUU MADE A FUNNY
  2. What the heck are XR? Also, beingas I have bought so many MegaMan NT Warrior boxes, getting 3~4 SR and 1 UR per box feels awesome. The game has a trade off of each character having a Named SR and UR, but with the pull ratio thereare plenty to be pulled and trade value. Panini should really do something like that for this new gameif they want it to stand. NOTE: If they make a megaman set I am going to get overly pissy
  3. Ball 2 was a major contender from the get go. It hurt MPPV and auto level decks. Orange20 for example. It always hurt to get deleveled because I needed those devouring drills to level. It hurt ginyu mid game when he wanted to pull allys via discard. And of course the set 6 MPs all wanted to level
  4. Actual footage of Sircod
  5. Why make the big big names the UR? Maybe something like Azrial Batman, Superman Beyond, Sinestro Bats, White Lantern Superman, wouldbe okay. Also broken? Remeber penisni doesn't understand broken. See example 16
  6. I wouls drop absortion for 2 more copys if Disaster Drill. That card is your engine. In mine I also run 3 refocus
  7. PanZ damaged my already wounded heart
  8. If you want it to work Verse made a solid Gohan Adept build. I used it as a starting point and it has become my Go-To deck alongside A20.
  9. This just in, a Toptier membee has died from a hype seizure
  10. Part of the joy of getting an item signed is that it is an offical product, usually something rare and saught after by many. Your card is just something you worked up that not even FanZ accepts.
  11. Back in the day (2004 to be exact) there was a card game on the Anime that was shown on the WB of MegaMan. The game is long dead and dirt cheap. I can, and have, bought boxes for 4 and 6 dollars each. While I could keep doing this I really don't want all the commons that will come withit laying around. I also want the tournament promos which I can't pull. Ebay has some super rares and ultra rares for sale, most of them being 4ish bucks a piece. I am looking to buy or trade(dbz stuff I have plenty of rares, foils, and UR's. I also have too many heroclix) for Rares, Super rare, Ultra rare, and promos from this game. Cards look like this
  12. Off a custom signed card no less
  13. I had 2 starters and a handful of packs when I was a kid. I just had no one to play with. With booster boxes being 4~6 bucks i may have invested in it because I'ma megaman addict. So far all the local Z warriors that have tried it have enjoyed it. They all say it takes the annoying complications in dbz and tosses them aside and it keeps all the good things.
  14. Just beat story mode on any difficulty. If you get 3 stars on every stage you can buy the super-secret bomber. The secret bombers are just the bosses.
  15. I abaolutely love my switch. Bomberman is kinda annoying with grinding to buy the secret bombers. Zelda is a blast. I have been taking my time with it, but so far I love it. I tend to prefer using spear like weapons and hate two-handed ones like a claymore. I am eager as hell for the 2 Sonic Games though.
  16. I am board at work. Time to lost something semi on topic. There was a TCG from the 2004 era for Megaman NT Warrior and it used the deck as life. 60 card decks, like dbz, and most cards had a cost to play. It kinda feels like UFS and DBZ mixed. At the startof your turn you pu a card from your deck facedown in a 5 card gauge, to represent powering up. Kinda like stages. You then play Resources, which are like Drills and Setups. From there youtake turns playing events and 'battlechips', which are mostly like DBZ attacks, blocks, and Events. The catch is, most cards require so much power (so say 3 facedown cards in thw power gauge) and so many Resources of a color. In this case, cards in DBZ could require styled attach, drills, or setups to be played, or require you to be so many stages above zero to play - especially physical attacks. Eitheror the Megaman game was unique and is pretty fun still for casual play.