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  1. Dbz/Gt score cards for sale/ trade for pokemon

    I have most of the C/UC/R and MP sets to all sagas. 100s of limited/foils/and alt foils from both Z and GT and some gki alt foils with original numbers. Also have 2 alt foil GT URS left most of the saga promos about half the OP PROMO set over half of each subset ( broly- bojack) Redemption promos irwin promos save! Multiples of all mastery’s from all sets foil Gohan and buu lv 4 fusion many many more if anyone’s interested in buying or trading Pokémon cards message me or pm me on fb for faster replies
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade Score Z

    If your still looking for any of these I have a lot of them. I’m mostly just selling now, but before u hit eBay i could probably work out better prices for you
  3. WTB: Empowered Kamehameha x3 (Bojack Unbound Subset)

    I have at least 1 if not both of these if you still need them