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  1. I've actually never thought about this and I honestly like it much more. It could still be nasty forcing your non mppv opponent to stay at an undesirable level but would also force the unleashed player to keep the same pace as their opponent instead of the massive tempo play they have now. I play resolute Goku while my friend plays restored cell and usually when I unleash to 4 and knock him to one, I win. If it read like that, I would still play unleashed because cells level 3&4 are strong af (especially 3) but I won't have the overwhelming power [ ] of constantly searching out answers every combat when I'm already ahead. i like this. FanZ, do this.
  2. I still think unleashed needs the de-level clause removed. A final nerf before straight out banning it. I'm all for balance and if unleashed still proves to be too powerful even after that fix then yes it should go.
  3. As bad as rampaging mastery is, I think the discard aspect was incredibly underutilized. Make a card that when discarded you can add 2 styled cards to your hand from the discard pile. Make discard effects that actually DO something instead measly 1-3 stage vanilla attacks. On that point, the discard attack should deal life, or the player chooses either or. There are cards that have far more utility while swinging for at least five life, easily. There's nothing broken about a vanilla 6 life attack. It's just raw power that's likely to be blocked anyway.
  4. Buff everything to playability and make this game great. Also forgot about paratheticals in drills that empowerment can't negate. Makes me want to look over them again.
  5. Villainous empowerment. They could have made this sort of the De facto anti control drill search but the only real target is smoothness drill and that orange drill that blows up a setup during the planning step I think. Would have loved to have seen the idea of drills being useful outside of combat.
  6. That sounds about right. It seemed to me that the "support" for adept was merely fixing what was wrong with the mastery in the first place. Orange is my favorite color in the game and it pains me that one of its masteries is just balls. A continuous on hit effect for the first part of the mastery. rejuvenating 3 drills instead of one would help a lot too especially since the mastery points to a low count drill style. But it doesn't really have any awesome combos it can pull off nor can you really find a set of 3 styled drills that synergize well enough outside of beatdown. Ive read it on here before that red ruthless does what adept wants to do, but better. at this point it might as well not even have been made. edit: mastery shouldn't be on HIT. Make them immediate effects added to styled attacks and place a cap on the mastery. Rejuvenate 3 drills when you level and done. You have a good mastery. I think that would be good anyway at least without being super broken. Really think fanZ should consider this
  7. Basically the effect will read "after a successful attack, if you control less than 3 drills, search your life deck for a styled drill and place it into play."
  8. I feel like this mastery would be much better if it's main power was continuous rather than a lightning effect. I'm talking of course about its ability to tutor drills from the deck. The limit of "2 or less" or "3 or less" whichever it is would still be there but I think this minor tweak would really help it shine. I can see some messed up 13 and broly decks becoming a similar variant to saiyan empowered beatdown but it would go from dumpster fire trash to actually being playable. what do you guys think? Broken? Or is this maybe something the fanZ developers should consider?
  9. I really don't feel like this game (or any game) should 100% represent their respective series. I like to think this game itself has mechanics and inspirations from dbz but it is it's own entity. No, krillin powering up to full isn't going to curb stomp even Frieza but you're not watching the show. You're playing the game. Survival gets boring which is why yugioh has things like exodia and mtg has poison counters. It prevents the monotony of "well either I kill him or he kills me. again." Having to compensate for different win conditions which also means different play styles is what keeps you on your toes and makes this game fun.
  10. In hesperia. Super out in the boonies lol
  11. Where in California? I'm always looking for new players for my local, maybe you're close by?
  12. Those look fantastic. Definitely wollbe checking out the site myself.
  13. I personally hope it lasts. I love the the IP and the game itself so I'm willing to enjoy the ride while it does lasts. I'm only worried that if/when the game picks up enough speed to warrant a cease and desist letter from probabaly both Bandai and panini.
  14. I've thought about this and kaio ken is much slower compared to unleashed and it costs 3 life to use. I suppose one could use in conjunction with dig possibly speeding up the process but your point does have its merits. It actually may be the better solution.