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  1. So RNG implied using uppercut to search this card but the parathetical states it's a physical combat for your modifiers. So should it say card effects instead? Is my reasoning correct? wait, stop. I'm dumb. Never mind haha.
  2. That was something I wanted to try out when he was released along with hidden power drill but once orange 20 won worlds I just built that and never looked back lol would be interesting to see though
  3. Really? I see this hurting him more. I mean orange does have drill recovery and everything but I see a lot instances where you have to dump your hand if it's out early and if it's out late than it kind of doesn't matter at that point. I'm going to try it myself simply because I've been waiting for least decent freestyle drill support for him lol but I'm not too optimistic about the results. on the plus side you can blow it up with tank barrage and tag in with bike kick.
  4. When they released yamcha they said he was to deal "a constant stream of pokes" so they're being consistent I guess. also the ultra rare drill kind of makes me want to play something Aggro now .
  5. Aww, sad face.
  6. I mean to search and destroy from your deck so you can trigger cards like protection, double team, and gut crusher.
  7. Wait, what? There is? Which attack?
  8. How would you play that though? Ruthless or adept? I think you'd get enough value out of it playing something like blue or orange. also super hoping black gets an attack or block that lets you search your life deck for a card and destroy it.
  9. I've been wanting to build resolute krillin and stack spam d disk but I'm surprised I haven't seen any videos in my feed on YouTube. Has anyone even been playing it at the kai tournaments?
  10. Dear god I want to build everything
  11. Except for the fact that this is a card game. Just like someone else here said, if the game was 100% true to the series Goku would be the only playable stack. If you're going to make another tien named card for this iteration of the game then you make it destroy your life to use because that's kind of what he does. They're sticking to that theme. If bardock only viewed and nothing else I don't think anyone would play him. Android 20's level 1 does the same thing and I could care less about about that hand knowledge. It's nice, but what you really want is that drill.
  12. So I guess the "lose the game" clause is so you can't bluff?
  13. If lying about what you played would cost you the game then why lie about it in the first place? To gamble the whole game to see if maybe they don't have the right block and hope it goes through?
  14. Because of the mill/banish requirement, it really only playable in perceptive or a mp that mills or banishes. So kami, broly, black corruption, can all meet the requirement. I'm sure there's more I can't think of at the moment.
  15. Jesus I dont know which one I like better. Blacks "Omni block" or that every saiyan can feel like android 13.