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  1. New CRD

    Werent all the premier masteries frozen in the panz awakening meta? If i remember right i think they were only going to allow the most recent 2 sets of masteries. I can see its flaws but its simple enough to implement and any one can understand.
  2. New CRD

    Does this mean the next champion deck might actually be aggro? halfjoking aside, this legit suprised me. Vtp has been a staple for so long its going to be weird not using it. My promos have been reduced to binder bling. Also my favorite style to use happens to be orange so i feel personally attacked here. On the offhand, i now have 6 playsets of meditation lol Seriously though, makes me wonder if we’ll see some discard pile recursion to replace the loss of vtp. I like the game moving towards aggro but i dont want combo or control to die and vtp was definitely a powerful tool for both. orange having a sphere for anger was just too good. Definitely see the reasoning behind this. seems like attraction drill was made to replace focusing drill, part of my reasoning why we’ll maybe see styled/thematic replacements for visiting. No thoughts really on op attack. While not as strong, sobering hammer still exists even it only fetches specific allies. ...... so mant vtp in my binder now....
  3. Title. so recently i can only download the .pdf for set 10 and the links arent appearing on any of the other pages. Is anyone else have this problem or are they all linked together on revelation or something like that? any help is appreciated.
  4. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Thats just gross lol thanks for the tip. My playgroup consists of only two people and im one of them, so much of what we know about the game is what we see here and on the blog. Definitely wish we had more people to play to experiment and develope an actual meta.
  5. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I like how gotens powers take from gokus premier and awakening stacks but with his parantheticals i think he actually was made with adept in mind. Whether he was or not im glad theres finally an mp that can make up for adepts weakness. Been a fan of orange decks since i started playing for some reason and im glad i can finally make a viable adept build. moving on to escalation, i havent printed anything from set 11 but im dying to try On The Move! I knew it had to see play given how popular i remember black delay was during the vengeance format.
  6. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I dont know if i should be happy or annoyed about orange goten in the previous blog post (been away for a while). I said earlier in the thread that i wanted to try combative but after re-reading the mastery i quickly discarded the idea but my after thought was “what about adept goten?” In theory it seemed like it could work but as an mppv build in a mastery that seems to want to focus on a small drill count to then lose momentum when advancing your win condition, im pleasently surprised that i was on the right track (except for the drill count). Were there any adept gotens at TOP?