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  1. Red amplified hero 18

    I think conference would be for builds that want to level (obviously) but whenever I look at combative I think of more control based MPs like garlic or Roshi. Roshi was actually the first to come to mind when I first saw the mastery. if I were to level with this build I would have to remove cards like DC and announcement which are kind of here to actually test the cards (not DC, just new stuff in general). As for DC itself, I’ve always wanted to use it and this seemed like a decent build to try it. It’ll probably be removed but I wanted to try it anyway.
  2. 1 time 3 red announcement 3 red stop 3 heroic spheres 3 defiant challenge 2 red retreat 3 red panic 3 red relaxation 2 vtp 1 android efficiency drill 1 android attack drill 1 red forward stance drill 1 red intimidation drill 3 red flee 3 red reverse 2 red brace 2 red duck 3 18's toss 3 18's D disk 3 red static shot 3 sinister choke 2 energy toss 3 red leftbolt 3 red right blast 3 red heating beam So this is an idea for a deck I've been wanting to try out since revelations was released. Since I don't have ink for my printer yet I haven't been able to test it, but I thought it would be nice to share with all of you what I've been working on. this is a roughly similar list to a somewhat recently posted deck here, an amplified krillin, that operates on the same principles I think, but without testing or seeing either in action I don't know how truthful that statement is. With that said: The main idea is to get your attack drill and efficiency drills in play so your styled attacks swing for 7 life everytime, including her named cards. We play a small drill engine to ensure those drills stay in play and because of 18's and the mastery's parenthetical powers your two cost attacks should be free to play, unless there's a clarification in their interaction that I'm not aware of. In theory, this deck should do well against any physical beats deck. It is a camp build, so maybe someone could fit NDB 2 in here somewhere along with whatever other tech cards you find necessary. I built a core of the deck so I intentially didn't try to include any counters or meta calls. I feel it's best to tweak accordingly. Should someone get around to testing this before I do I would love to hear your thoughts. in short, set up your board, put as much pressure as you can, hope you kill them.
  3. Red amplified hero 18

    Is it just playing an anger/aggressive play style while denying your opponent any meaningful damage?
  4. Red amplified hero 18

    You have me interested. Is there a mock up list you could show me?
  5. Red amplified hero 18

    Sounds spicy, will definitely try to find room for despair drill. I've always wanted to use it too. I have it in an amplified wheelo list I've worked up to that I'm going to post soon. I've been lurking these forums for a couple years but since they've dead lately (in this board anyway) so I want to liven things up a bit and throw around some ideas, no matter how crazy ( looking at red wheelo over here). As for retribution, when it first came out I was pretty stoked because orange is one of my favorite play styles and adaptive mastery is probably my favorite, but after looking at other retribution lists and seeing how similar every build was, it got really stale for me. I remember someone here once said that the only things that change is the mp stack, named and alignment cards. Surprises me that retribution wasn't chosen for the most recent frozen list.
  6. Red amplified hero 18

    You wouldn't happen to know where to get a deck list would you? I tried to google but nothing came but I thought I'd ask anyway.
  7. Red amplified hero 18

    My god, retribution 18 is just better isn't it? Lol And thank you. I'll try the build minus energy toss for freezing beams and tinker around with other variantions as well. If you or anyone else reading this would like to test this out and give feedback I would love to hear it. Still going to be a good minute until I get the ink I need for my printer but hopefully I'll be able to test it myself soon along with some other ideas I've been bouncing around in my spare time. I'll be uploading those as well when I have the time.
  8. Red amplified hero 18

    If I go that route, the best changes I can see are taking out the announcements, DC, and energy toss clearing room for an unleashed engine with or without double IDYG or choosing some burst anger cards. With retribution in mind it might be better to go unleashed considering there is a lot of anti anger as well. I'll go over some card choices and see what I can pull up. edit: question though, freezing beam is an energy attack but deals AT+2 stages. If attack drill is in play granting it +2 life, will effiency drill modify the attack? My guess is yes but I got effiency drill wrong at first so I'm doubting myself lol
  9. Red amplified hero 18

    So if I understand this correctly, a 2 life attack will be buffed to 5 because of effiency drill even with attack drill because with AD, that attack would have dealt only 4 life. The upside is that "-" modifiers like hiding drill and cell jr, trapped would effectively be negated. Thanks for the clarification you two. as for the energy toss, I re-read the card and happened to miss the text that states " if you only have ONE trait" lol my bad definitely will need a replacement for that, no question. Like I said this is a core but since it was stated that retribution is currently very active that drill hate has become mandatory, it may be best to swap out the energy toss for freezing beams. personally I think this deck can camp but with enough drill recursion it may be entirely possible to play an anger/level up variant. I would like to rejuv Ddisks and toss back into the deck without having to rely entirely on DC. So far -2 energy toss +2 freezing beam but I am open to other suggestions.
  10. Red amplified hero 18

    Wait hold on so how does effiency work then?