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  1. black goku ftw
  2. shinyyyyy
  3. what is a shield trigger may I ask? is it like a trap card in yugioh?
  4. welcome and which game you talking about?
  5. sounds like what I thought of MVC3 and battlefront, which were half a game
  6. pretty good card double strike and revenge
  7. pretty good card, clear the opponents board for only 6 energy
  8. dbz tutorial
  9. it's not the exact same your giving a xrare per box when ultra your not.
  10. mistaken you for another member who I originally quoted.
  11. naruto lasted 20+ sets which is great for an anime type game and I do hold myself to the same standards you state like it's fact it will fail and you don't know that for a fact.
  12. got 3 boxes as well pulled decent bought the rest
  13. welcome
  14. really annoying ppl assume a game will fail before it even get's released, I think most of the hate has nothing to do with the game but because ppl blame it for the death of panz, which I believe the main fault goes to panini not willing to put out more money to keep there operations going. Even if Bandai forced this to shut it down(which I don't believe) I would not blame them at all, it's a smart business move everyone here would do the same if they were in that position. anyway I never wish the failure of another game, I know how it fells when a game you invested time in gets canceled ( multiple times) it sucks.
  15. oh I was referring to this dragonball super ccg