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  1. I just wish buu was included in the starter set, fat buu is the bees knees
  2. not much on attack on titan or green lanturn
  3. not really interested in green lantern or attack on titan
  4. all hail the mighty frieza the true god of destruction
  5. 28th can not come quick enough
  6. the rest is alt art of super cards, pr unique cards are not a bad thing it adds to the card pool. if you can not get them threw tourney ebay will have plenty up for sale.
  7. it's a brand new card, it will be accessible at tourneys or on ebay
  8. I should be interested but ffg has killed my hype on this game so much
  9. the cards effects seem interesting
  10. if I had to geuss it be 4 supers per box 1 special rare per box
  11. love the effort there putting in
  12. I wish they used this set to make a king vegeta mp
  13. if this game does fail it can't be because bandai did not do things right, the video is great PR
  14. how many ppl attended these kai's?