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  1. dbz tutorial
  2. it's not the exact same your giving a xrare per box when ultra your not.
  3. mistaken you for another member who I originally quoted.
  4. naruto lasted 20+ sets which is great for an anime type game and I do hold myself to the same standards you state like it's fact it will fail and you don't know that for a fact.
  5. got 3 boxes as well pulled decent bought the rest
  6. welcome
  7. really annoying ppl assume a game will fail before it even get's released, I think most of the hate has nothing to do with the game but because ppl blame it for the death of panz, which I believe the main fault goes to panini not willing to put out more money to keep there operations going. Even if Bandai forced this to shut it down(which I don't believe) I would not blame them at all, it's a smart business move everyone here would do the same if they were in that position. anyway I never wish the failure of another game, I know how it fells when a game you invested time in gets canceled ( multiple times) it sucks.
  8. oh I was referring to this dragonball super ccg
  9. most games show inspiration from magic which is not a bad thing since it the number one tcg. If your gonna follow something follow the best
  10. it's not panz but it's not bad like everyone making it out to be, I see a lot of depth in the game i dont know what you all expect
  11. There is nothing wrong with this game, it seems fun and has more depth then it looks. Even if it was simple what the problem? easy to understand easy to teach.
  12. my store ordered 30 got 3
  13. what you come to expect with ffg,
  14. I have to buy cheap as possable, I don't have the money to pay extra 20 per box. I try to buy something why I am there but that's as much as I can do with my current income
  15. FFG

    it's very irratating how ffg supporters blindly support it and act like what there doing has not hurt the game by a lot. some excuses - this game is supposed to be a small community game (no where did they say this ) - all ccg's have problems when just starting - give them time if it's still a problem by dec ( maybe to late by then) - they were overwhelmed with demand - there reprinting more set 1 in june - you can buy online ( for double the price) - they don't have to give us anything things I have been called -inpatient -greedy - whiny - entitled -ect everyone there is only caring about the present and not thinking on the effects it will have in the future, they just don't get how a ccg needs to be run. - there needs to be starters avalable - needs to be loose packs for impulse buy and tourney prizes - tourney support good enough to warrent ppl to travel to events