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  1. I have to buy cheap as possable, I don't have the money to pay extra 20 per box. I try to buy something why I am there but that's as much as I can do with my current income
  2. FFG

    it's very irratating how ffg supporters blindly support it and act like what there doing has not hurt the game by a lot. some excuses - this game is supposed to be a small community game (no where did they say this ) - all ccg's have problems when just starting - give them time if it's still a problem by dec ( maybe to late by then) - they were overwhelmed with demand - there reprinting more set 1 in june - you can buy online ( for double the price) - they don't have to give us anything things I have been called -inpatient -greedy - whiny - entitled -ect everyone there is only caring about the present and not thinking on the effects it will have in the future, they just don't get how a ccg needs to be run. - there needs to be starters avalable - needs to be loose packs for impulse buy and tourney prizes - tourney support good enough to warrent ppl to travel to events
  3. FFG

    thank god I thought i was going crazy, ffg have the biggest white knights I have ever seen, have any other ccg had this problem? I never played a game were it was but maybe i am missing something.
  4. FFG

    AM I the only one that thinks ffg is holding this game back with there constant blunders?
  5. just posting some topics to discuss
  6. got my at potomac for 59 per box
  7. so what you think of the rules so far? what you think of the changes?
  8. they wait this late because that is what ffg does
  9. just because i don't change opinion, don't make me a wall
  10. there is only 3 cards that really expensive rest seem to be below 5 dollars
  11. if he calls a spade a space he is wrong :po
  12. the fact there changing anything at all means there actually trying, the easy thing to do is translate and print
  13. wrong section
  14. rares that tend to be that high might as well be super rare since there usually short printed
  15. I believe a lot is changing so I would not count on it being accurate