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  1. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    someone tell me the purpose of regular cooler, seems like lazy work
  2. Alaska is back...

    welcome back
  3. Set 2 news

    cards that put cards from the drop area to the deck will make him even better
  4. New "Secret Rare" for Set 2

    pretty sure I was on the same side? I don't want there to be 200 bucks cards or anything, I just don't want my supers to be worthless
  5. Set 2 news

    Sarah Palin is an android, so much now makes sense
  6. Set 2 Promo pack cards

    awesome they just need to have more kits this time
  7. New "Secret Rare" for Set 2

    overestimating the problem here, it's actually a good thing last set winning/buying packs was meaningless because it was so easy to get a playset of everything you really did not need any more packs.
  8. Set 2 news

    android 21???
  9. Hello there!

  10. Buying Dragon Ball Super Card Game - EVERYTHING

    will you buy just uncommon and uncommons
  11. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    vegito looks very interesting
  12. Gencon 2017 - News and Exclusive spoiler from Anniv Tournament

    did a little better in sundays event 2-3 with one loss due to a double loss and the other 2 were very close one being to saturdays champion. my brother got 3rd despite having the same record and beating the 2nd place player head to head which i dont know how he was rated over him.
  13. Gencon 2017 - News and Exclusive spoiler from Anniv Tournament

    I did not do any better
  14. New DBS Player

  15. Release Anniversary Event (Gencon 2017)

    I will be there saturday