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  1. New DBS Player

  2. Release Anniversary Event (Gencon 2017)

    I will be there saturday
  3. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    you could do the same with the ccg cards, I am sure the game is still playable.
  4. Supers per Box

    I glad they hold value, beats winning cards that are worth nothing
  5. Intro

  6. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    never said it was an accomplishment, but it adds another avenue to the game. I enjoy the chase, i enjoy my cards are collectible as well as playable not worthless
  7. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    just because it's not easy to get don't make it a bad business model, LCG just don't fell the same to me, I tried a few and it's not my thing. I like the challenge of chasing the cards, finding a good trade, and I defiantly like having something that has value and not just a slip of paper. if it all in the box the magic of it all is gone, it's not part of the gameplay but it's part of the experience. People these days seem to want everything handed to them for a lil bit of nothing or it's a bad business model. the best example I can think of is lcg is like an RPG that has your main character at the highest level and all the puzzles solved for you, it makes a boring game when all the pieces are already there for you.
  8. Welcome Kit and Gencon promos, lead up to release

    you got to try again, you don't need 20+, you can have a fun tourney with 4. not the ideal size but big things start small
  9. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    idk how to really explain it, there is a different thrill with ccgs then lcgs. not saying lcg's are bad but I hate when ppl say ccg's are awful because they require investment. Most hobbies do require money to do esp if you want to play with the serious crowd.
  10. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    LCG just fell like a board game to me
  11. New OP Info!

    can't wait to see what this is all about
  12. yellow golden frieza

    1 4X Ginyu force ginyu 4x avenging frieza 4x sorbet the loyal commander 2 3x ginyu force recoome 3x ginyu force burter 4x dodoria the emeperor attendent 4x son goten family of justice 3 4x ginyu force jeice 4 4x mecha frieza the returning terror 2x king cold father of the emperor 2x shisami the loyal warrior 6 2x full power friza 7 2x golden frieza ressurection of terror extra 1x cold bloodlust 3x crusher ball 2x recoome eraser ball 2x frieza's call
  13. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    getting everything in one box is to easy, there is no chase. I also like that the things I buy have some value, I like opening packs and wondering whats in it, where you dont get that with a lcg. I mean if your playing a lcg why not just print out the cards and save you 60 bucks.
  14. Mixed Colour Decks

    you can run gohan in mono red
  15. Supers per Box

    more supers might help the value go up, each box will have value and they supers will hold more value being more difficult to obtain
  16. Fortunate Events

    you might want to rethink bojack lol
  17. Post your pulls

    got 3 boxes pulled almost everything and a god pack, got alt frieza
  18. Set 10

    I just wish buu was included in the starter set, fat buu is the bees knees
  19. SDCC2017 - Set 2 announced, set 3 rumors are at the wall

    not much on attack on titan or green lanturn
  20. SDCC2017: preliminary hints on OP

    not really interested in green lantern or attack on titan
  21. Ginyu or Freiza?

    all hail the mighty frieza the true god of destruction
  22. Dragon Ball Super Card Game – Gameplay Review

    28th can not come quick enough
  23. Previews

    the rest is alt art of super cards, pr unique cards are not a bad thing it adds to the card pool. if you can not get them threw tourney ebay will have plenty up for sale.