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  1. FFG

    thank god I thought i was going crazy, ffg have the biggest white knights I have ever seen, have any other ccg had this problem? I never played a game were it was but maybe i am missing something.
  2. FFG

    AM I the only one that thinks ffg is holding this game back with there constant blunders?
  3. just posting some topics to discuss
  4. so what you think of the rules so far? what you think of the changes?
  5. got my at potomac for 59 per box
  6. they wait this late because that is what ffg does
  7. just because i don't change opinion, don't make me a wall
  8. there is only 3 cards that really expensive rest seem to be below 5 dollars
  9. if he calls a spade a space he is wrong :po
  10. the fact there changing anything at all means there actually trying, the easy thing to do is translate and print
  11. wrong section
  12. rares that tend to be that high might as well be super rare since there usually short printed
  13. I believe a lot is changing so I would not count on it being accurate
  14. your wrong superiority has nothing to do with it, alt arts tend to not reach the value of a unique one and I like to get my moneys worth when opening a box. what are you alls definition of an expensive rare card?
  15. it's not a nice felling to pull the same card for the millionth time, why open packs when it be cheaper to just buy singles. I collect and I buy if there something I can't get i get off the single market 20-30 bucks for a card is not that big a deal. db ccg is really the only card game were I needed 100+ to buy a single card
  16. alt cards don't gain as much value as unique cards, oh boy I pulled a slightly different art of a card that I already have soooo exciting. If you are going to play competitive your going to have to put money into it, if you want everything handed to you why not just print it off since it does the same thing.
  17. oh I forgot you all are experts my bad ..... the rarity thing must be new because when I played recently the highest valued cards are very few with most being 5 -10, only a few cards hold any value at all. mot counting out of rotation cards because there not needed. having nothing to chase but rares is incredibly boring to me, and not worth the purchase of a box nothing worth collecting is easy to get, if you don't like it there is board games and lcgs
  18. ik why the company's do it, does not change that without raritys the game loses it's luster to me. I enjoy this for both the collector aspect as well as the game.
  19. in a ccg there has to be rarity's higher then rare or it will end up being pokemon where ever card is worth no more then 10 dollars making it pointless in buying boxes.
  20. there are plenty of people who like the collectible format, chasing the cards is part of the fun. Have everything handed to me is a bore and has the fell of a board game which don't interest me. Cards do hold value after the game is done, ik because I have sold plenty of cards that it's game has long been dead.
  21. that would be like a card that says your must mill 60 cards
  22. just because you don't wont everything handed to you don't mean your more grown up which is what your suggesting. I like for my cards to hold value and to make opening packs interesting which it's not if there is nothing good to pull
  23. welcome
  24. I like the rare cards it's makes opening packs great lol
  25. that's a looot of text