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  1. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I'm totally onboard with FanZ and will continue to build decks and play with my friends.
  2. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is....

    I'm going to try and get into BanZ. Very happy it's available on OCTGN and FF TCG as well!
  3. HOV. No, just kidding. LordAsterion here. Just wanted to say hello to everyone again, after being away from the site for over several months. I attended my last PanZ OP tournament, ARG RI. I brought Radiant Slug and went 1-3. I do plan to continue to play, and I am ordering a foil playset of FanZ's Set 8 & 9. I love this game, and glad it's not completely dead. How have all you been?