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  1. Is this game DOA

    We have a group that plays on Saturdays and drafts on Tuesdays here in Minneapolis. We figure if we can keep it going until Attack on Titan we will be set.
  2. Now that it's official

    Everyone is just starting, but my fiancee has a nightwing/batgirl team attack deck that is 6-1 against the two decks I have thrown against it. One is a strength/special midrange deck based around a bunch of rank 7's and the other is a strength/special aggro deck all round 5 stat and less (plus two flashes since that is what I have so far). My favorite combo with that deck is most definitely Power Corrupts and 1/1/1 battle card letting you get in a guaranteed hit and giving you back your battlecard for use later. Also, robin is pretty good on the play as he draws you a card on turn 1. And flash turn 1 is fun too with the 1/1/1 battle card since there is really no downside to it and you start with a VP. A friend though is building something similar to by midrange deck except he already has 2 last son's of krypton.
  3. Now that it's official

    We have a playgroup in Minneapolis that are starting up, the store messed up last week and didn't get the product in time, so we are doing our release this week. They seem to be willing to helpful in getting the word out so hopefully that works.
  4. Welcome Kit and Gencon promos, lead up to release

    Just got word back from our card store last night, they will have product, hopefully by Friday if not Saturday, but they are unsure about the Welcome kits. They emailed Panini just to be sure.
  5. What masteries would you like to see?

    Black Dueling Mastery Inf: At the end of combat, you may discard all the cards in your hand. If you discarded at least one styled card, your opponent discards their hand. POWER: Perform a styled physical attack costing 1 stage that deals 4 stages or 3 life cards of damage and has "HIT: your opponent discards a card." Use this power only if your current MP level has no POWER abilities.