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  1. Give me Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist, Father-Son Kamehameha, Family Kamehameha, Vegeta's Big Bang Attack, Goku's Super Kamehameha, Goku's Spirit Bomb. And last, but not least, Vegeta's Final Sacrifice.
  2. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    Some more cards spoiled over at https://oblivionbar.wordpress.com/2017/11/02/green-lantern-set-preview-how-eventful/ The one I want to point out is Lantern Synergy Imagine all the busted things you can do with this one?
  3. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    https://imgur.com/a/ozztR Spoilers from /r/metaxtcg at reddit. Iroque is so good, hopefully the other indigo tribes are good enough to make a deck.
  4. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    Link with Nightwing to almost guarantee you get in for a second VP!
  5. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    From retro dbz
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Does a little bit of everything.
  7. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    Black Lanterns spoiled, black hand is SOOO good!
  8. Green Lantern Corps Spoilers!

    He can search for himself!
  9. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    It doesn't stop time because Time creates a floating effect that stops all attacks, Time itself only stops one attack.
  10. Pan/Fan Z and not fleshing out archetypes

    I don't like that they made a subtheme of Saiyan Events in place of attacking, and no good MP to go with it =/
  11. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    That energy attack actually feels pretty balanced, 5 LC for 2 stages, can't be blocked except by energy, and it pretty much has to be your first attack. My only problem is that it is steamrolly, like, you play this, it hits, you draw into another, play it, it hits, draw another attack...
  12. Is this game DOA

    We have a group that plays on Saturdays and drafts on Tuesdays here in Minneapolis. We figure if we can keep it going until Attack on Titan we will be set.