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  1. More people will be playing Beerus than Hit, I bet.
  2. That's a fair point, that auto damage will allow you to play new characters. I forgot about the 3-character limit.
  3. I'm not referring to VPs. I'm referring to damage (attaching battle cards to characters). It is unclear how often battle cards will have the shield ability. So it does not seem to be a common feature, like defense cards in DBZ. I'd much rather play a game where the option to completely avoid damage is as prevalent as it is in the DBZ mechanic. Defending potentially avoids VPs earned, it does not avoid the character taking damage. That is my point.
  4. I agree. I had a Piccolo deck with it shortly after release that was just OK. Eager to give something another go.
  5. Yeah, they're making Radiant better for almost everybody.
  6. This card is dope. (Minus the typo)
  7. That's a good idea, Goo. I did this, basically, with the deck I'm working on. I have about 4-5 cards I consider the heart of the deck. So they're at 4 copies, and I eliminated the basic cards, since using a 2 energy cost card for energy to play one of my core cards is worth it, as opposed to having basic, cheap things to dilute the deck. But the way you put it is a solid way to go about it.
  8. I do very much like Darkseid and Deathstroke. Also, villains being generally disruptive for your opponent makes it possible to focus on one trait or another with a specific theme and goal in mind, which is very nice.
  9. Panini just previewed Darkseid, Deathstroke, and Lex Luthor. Darkseid is my favorite villain, so I like this card. Discarding a random card is a great effect, even at generating 0 MP. Not a fan of Lex, you'd have to hold him for the right time to KO a rank 7 character. Deathstroke is just all around solid. Could be very useful paired with Batman, who pushes a target character.
  10. Based on the numbers, there are still a couple cards they have not revealed in each color. Red: Missing BT1-004 and BT1-011 Blue: Missing BT1-031 and BT1-041 Green: Missing BT1-059 and BT1-073 Yellow: Missing BT1-086 and BT1-095
  11. I ain't got a problem with that. I was mostly gonna do it for the chance at rares I was missing playsets of, and Saiyan/Red foils. I collect any Saiyan foils I can, but trying to foil out my Ascension Vegeta for the Hall of Fame lol
  12. I won't lie and say I wasn't very disappointed to see 3 really good Vegeta cards as rares. The deck I want to play out of the gate needs the Blue Leader Vegeta, so I'm going to be SOL if I have to track him down. I'm hoping their rarity scheme is more akin to Heroclix where "Rare" actually means "really not that rare" and the actually rare cards are the Super Rare. I haven't seen any word on what a Premium Rare is.
  13. argh I'm very tempted to buy this.... but I know I'd wind up with like 100 cards I don't need
  14. So far, I'm using only 13 cards total that cost more than 3 Energy. Five cards cost 4; four cards cost 5; and four cards cost 6. But I haven't adjusted that based on potentially taking out cards like Kind Saiyan Son Goku. It sounds better on paper to have more copies of stuff like Raging Attacker Vegeta, God Charge Vegeta, and such than that Son Goku. But, this brings up the Evolve mechanic. I included a few copies for KS Son Goku to either 1) be an easy Energy play without much downside; and/or 2) Evolve it into Overflowing Spirit SSGSS Son Goku. However, Overflowing Spirit Son Goku costs 4, and only 2 Blue energy, so it's not as cost-prohibitive as God Charge Vegeta. So I don't actually think I'd need the Evolve mechanic at all there. Especially since Kind Saiyan Son Goku is going to be very easy to KO. I'm just not convinced at this point that Evolve is going to be worth it. At least the 3-cost basic Vegeta has higher power (20,000) and can evolve into something really good like Vegeta, Prince of Speed or God Charge Vegeta. I have 3 copies of that basic Vegeta with that plan in mind, evolve him into God Charge or Prince of Speed at the right time. I'm at least much more confident he can stay in play, since it would require an Awakened leader, or a combo to KO him most of the time, in which case I could decide to combo myself to keep him in-play if it's really needed.