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  1. Saiyan needs a mastery that isn't wet garbage so you at least have 2 choices.
  2. Dope! I combined the four decks into two full 50-card decks and am going to bring them to our Denver group's casual DBZ play on Thursday.
  3. Noooo. I got home yesterday afternoon and the decks were on my doorstep. Hopefully they fix it for you
  4. Yeah, I'm out of town so hoping when I get back tomorrow I'll get it, otherwise I'll be contacting them
  5. Did anyone who applied for the 2nd promo get their decks?
  6. For Blue I'd say Objection is a sure staple. With Blue's focus on having X or more energy and Evolve, being able to play extra energy is crucial.
  7. Red Ascension is auto-pilot?
  8. Same here. I'm going on vacation Friday, but hope to see them before then. The original email I received when applying said they'd be mailed by July 7 and delivered within a week of that day. So, the clock is tickin'
  9. Here's a video showing off the Super Rares and foils in-hand
  10. I totally agree on just about everything lol Keaton is a really good actor, and his villain was a nice change from previous MCU villains. Also
  11. Speaking of, Set 10 is the set where they'll debut new masteries...
  12. It is now my second-favorite MCU film after Winter Soldier. I laughed my ass off. Holland (and Zendaya) were so great, even with the limited lines she had, Zendaya just killed every single one. Perfect tone for Spider-Man, and totally refreshing to see a believable high school Peter Parker after Toby and Andrew couldn't pass for a HS kid to save their life.
  13. I'm stoked for Set 10/11 because, duh, Majin Vegeta when? Very curious about if/when they create their own masteries. That could be the breaking point (literally) for some things, but as @v3rse said, brokenness is easy to fix in FanZ by simply changing the card wording and letting people print off the MRP. So far I've printed all the card images on regular paper at work, so the cost is nil, unless you need some actual cards.
  14. I feel the opposite, I'd rather the super rare cards not be limited to the main characters presumably everyone would want to play, like Goku. I'm already slightly annoyed Vegeta has so many rare cards, but not knowing the drop rates, I can't be too mad. Now, if they wind up saying the drop rates are awful, then if you had multiple Goku/Vegeta Super Rares, people would be pissed that the key characters' best cards are so hard to obtain *coughPaninicough*
  15. Yeah, that card is still really solid, 1 Energy for 1 card draw. Objection is really your most cost-efficient method of getting extra energy out in a turn, but at a cost of 2 energy. Whis, being 4 cost would be more of a mid-game play, but places it from your deck instead of hand like Objection. All strong options. I'd probably do Objection as a 4 and Whis as a 3 in Blue.
  16. Hey gang they officially posted the card for the Promo Vegeta in the special pack set, which comes with 4 boosters and One Hit Destruction Vegeta. He's really strong, with Triple Strike and the ability to evolve at ZERO cost, if you have enough energy in play.
  17. That card (Energy Boosted Majin Buu) is card draw. Are you thinking of Objection and/or Whis, the Resting Attendant? They both provide a way to play extra energy. Objection is cheaper.
  18. Our Denver group is mostly still intact. I live in the north suburbs, and the group up here totally went their separate ways when PanZ died, but the group that lives in the south burbs still plays regularly, so I get to play with them, and everybody is still playing the FanZ stuff. I think they'd made some good and interesting cards, although I'm quite nervous about how much of an impact Kami is going to have.
  19. right right. just wasn't sure if this was a means to circumvent the usual rule, with the general rule for a lot of games that card powers trump rule book where they conflict.
  20. Also, in all the YouTube games I watched from people with proxies, etc., I never saw people taking a game to the point where they had 6-7 energy on the table, anyway. But that could've been just due to the limited card pool at those times. Like the Blue leader Goku needing 7 energy, I don't think I saw anyone pull that off before a game ended. Blue will definitely want to include cards that allow you to play extra energy in a turn, like Whis, Resting Attendant and Objection.
  21. I love Injustice, and Meta Superiority is incredibly flexible, that's a great card. Ted Kord is super interesting. I guess if he's your third character in play, you can't play another character with his ability? Or is this a case of a specific card trumping the rule book?
  22. Jesus that Beerus is insane! Really like God Break Son Goku as well.
  23. Bane sounds phenomenal. Also, Reinforcements could be useful for when you notice a lot of the Battle cards you need to attack are already in the discard.
  24. They updated the site with all the official info for Anime Expo. Booth number, play sessions, free half-decks, starter deck presale, and what sounds like a very cool scavenger hunt.
  25. ohhhhh!!