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  1. Red Yellow Champa Version 2

    So a little while ago I posted my deck of Red/Yellow Champa. However after some testing it started falling a bit short. So after a few weeks of testing I believe I made a more new and improve version of the deck. So here is my current deck list of Red/Yellow Champa The bottom 3 cards on the list is what I added to the deck just for reference. Just some quick thoughts on why I added these cards. I added 3 copies of Guldo mostly for adding in a blocker and provides more yellow energy if I need it for the crusher balls or the Friezas. Having a blocker or two is great when all you need to do is survive for one more turn. Next card I added is Appule. In some of my games before these changes I only had Cabba and hit as early 1 or 2 drop attackers of 15k or more. However there would be quite a number of games where I wouldn't have an attacker of 15k or more until I had 3 energy. I needed to find a way to increase the odds of having a 15k attacker by turn 2 so Appule was very needed. Just by adding this card as a 4 of really helped keeping the draw power thanks to Champa's power. Finally the last card I added was Lighting Fast Hit. Some of you guys may of remember me saying this card was terrible in the last thread I made. I didn't think the games lasted long enough to really justify adding him in the deck outside of a blue/red build. Since then though I added this card to the deck and it just does wonders. If I can't kill them while being aggressive with the deck this card will usually finish the job because they will be at 1-2 life cards and the burn damage will be enough to win games. I was wrong to say that this card was terrible in set 1 and if you have the room to play it in your red decks I do suggest it. So down below I will provide my former deck list I posted. I've tested many different cards into the build and I feel this is the best edition of the deck I built of Red/Yellow Champa so far. I am always looking for improvements though so feel free to give me some suggestions. Also if you have any questions on what I removed or add some cards feel free to ask. It's late at night so not sure how my grammar will be so I will probably edit this sometime tomorrow to fix any spelling errors and grammatical errors as well.
  2. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Not sure what happened to the picture but here you go, also note this deck has gone through some changes since I posted this. If you're interested I can post the the changes in this forum or I might make a new topic.
  3. Need opinions.

    Honestly the demo decks were quite boring. Played with them twice and I did have the same fear that this game wasn't going to be fun. However after playing with a good friend on Octgn for a while I started having fun and starting seeing the strategies this game can have. I wouldn't say there are "deep" strategies yet but that's also to be expected from only one set. Now granted I do feel this game is simple at its core but at higher play you will need to think about every move you think, and I only expect it to get deeper as more sets come in. My thoughts is that you should try a few games on octgn with already prebuilt decks and see if it's something you would like to get into. If you do decide to get into it the game is very cheap to get into at its current form.
  4. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Actually you can't get Raging Cabba off with Vados. His power is 20000 and Vados can only get 15000 or less. If that was the case then I would probably keep R. Cabba in and take out Botamo.
  5. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    I have and tried it. After testing games with it I felt it was lacking. It was cute at best. When I played it and attacked with Cabba twice it was nice and could catch people off guard but overall I just wanted to save my energy for something better like counters, other battle cards, etc. It wasn't bad just lacking imo.
  6. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Hit is good because he's 15k which runs well with Champa and Bewitching Vados. Lightning Fast Hit, in my opinion, is terrible in set 1. I've tried so hard to have him work but I've never had the chance to pull it off. So I decided to use the spots I had for him for other cards.
  7. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    I haven't tried the red/blue combo yet mostly because I'm tired of seeing blue every where lol, but I do agree that red needs to be splashed for it to work. Mono red is not good enough on its own. I have been loving the red/yellow combination though and highly recommend to at least try it.
  8. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Yes Frost has been doing lots of things for me. So let me be clear on how I use Frost. I tend to put his evolutions line as my energy, not always but that's what tends to happen. I try and not use the 1 drop's 2 energy move unless I don't have many options or none at all until late game. I've noticed in my testing that it is best to use the 2 energy power late game when you only have Frosts left in the deck after looking at your discard pile and counting to see how much are left. Also because of Bewitching Vados using the Frost line is essential. Using her and grabbing the double strike Frost lines (if possible) is devastating for the opponent. Too much double strikes towards the leader and it's hard for the opponent to keep up. So having the Frost line is a must, at least for set 1. Trust me if I could have Cold Bloodlust in the deck I would. However for the card to work your leader needs to be part of the Frieza's army. Which Champa is not, but on the bright side Crusher Ball and Bad Ring Laser is plenty enough to handle the opponent. Crusher Ball ends games and usually with an aggro deck like mine opponent's tend to hold on to their counters. It just takes one Bad Ring Laser to win the game. Edit: So in case people are wondering I added the yellow for a bit more control. When testing with mono red I've noticed I lacked any control that Champa might of needed. So I added the Crusher Balls and the Bad Ring Lasers for that bit of control. Also Mecha Frieza is just a beast with Champa so he was a no brainer to add to the deck since I was adding yellow. Also his board wipe auto just gave even more control.
  9. Red-Yellow Champa Deck

    Just wanted to share my deck with you guys. Since I'm on my tablet it's hard to type so if you guys want me to discuss anything about the deck just ask and I'll give my input once I'm on my computer.
  10. The Bear's Red Hit

    Okay that's how we've been playing it and no you don't have to pay. Although I haven't read the full rulebook I believe it says you only pay the cost if it comes from the hand. Bewitching, to me, is one of the best cards available right now.
  11. The Bear's Red Hit

    Only 1? Are you sure about that? She has duel attack and her text "when this card attacks." So she should be able to summon two battle cards per turn. Was their a ruling on this or am me and my friends just reading the card wrong?
  12. The Bear's Red Hit

    Yeah so it really comes down to deck construction, but she has duel attack so she can attack twice. Then every time she attacks you more or less always get a battle card on the field. I've never failed with the search but the lowest I have gotten is a 5k power battle card. So with her attacking twice plus being able to summon 2 more battle cards if you are lucky you can pretty much attack at least 4 times. Twice for her and one for each battle card you summon. That doesn't even include other battle cards or your leader. Now granted sometimes it's best to keep the battle cards you summon as combo cards for later on but overall you want to use them to apply more pressure.
  13. Post your pulls

    Posted this on the Facebook group a few days ago but since there is a post here I'll post my pulls. I opened 2 boxes and a special pack and this is what I got. Overall I was happy with them but I did wish I pulled a second Beerus ha.
  14. The Bear's Red Hit

    Yeah I just haven't found Fickle to be good at all. Maybe because the people I play with don't use blockers ha, but if you are playing in a heavy blocker environment that would make it better. Vados is expensive don't get me wrong (5 drop for those wondering) but her payoff is nice. For a 5 drop you pretty much summon 3 battle cards and apply the pressure even more. I do recommend at least trying her out if you haven't yet. Also it is incredibly hard to get LFH effect off. I've played a lot of red decks and not once have I gotten it. I came close several times but could never do it. So in my version I only play 2. Still not sure if that's going to be the right choice but I feel 4 is way too much. How is 3 of them working out for you?
  15. The Bear's Red Hit

    So I decided to try out Hit not expecting much but man after playing with him all day I love him. He's simple and depending on who you play you may never have to use his effect to avoid the blockers, but his 5k boost really adds up some weight to him. I went 2-1 against Broly today (both new decks) and 2-1 against a Vegeta deck who has had weeks to improve his deck (ThieoZ gaming Vegeta's deck). Hit may be my favorite leader after today and he is just a simple leader. So my deck has 4 copies of Bewitching God Vados and I have to ask why you don't play it? To me that card is mvp to my deck and has won me tons of games today. Have you considered it? Also I don't like Fickle Destruction in any deck after testing multiple red decks. For me the card is only okay early game and late game it's nothing but energy fodder. Was that your plan? Just curious is all.