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  1. If anyone wants to play just message me and we'll figure something out. My best times are usually anywhere in the morning central time.
  2. So now that we got most of the cards now what decks are you guys leaning towards? For me Red Champa seems to be my deck but I'm also interested in Blue Goku, Yellow Frieza (both), Yellow Ginyu, and Green Broly.
  3. Awesome. I haven't had the time to read the crd yet so I appreciate the answer so thank you. I think this just makes Champa even better and I feel all you have to do is wait until the perfect time to strike for him. I'm calling Red Champa as my first deck in this game. So now I will go through my thoughts on the rares. Bewitching God Vados - So she's a little bit pricey but duel attack is no joke and then she gets an alien card for each time she attacks for free (as long as you draw them). That's just crazy. Combine this with Champa and this can end games. Raging Cabba - A double strike card. They are good and not much more to say. Although making him switch to active mode is nice if he was in rest mode beforehand. Vegeta Leader - Critical is one of the strongest moves in this game. Then being able to get to your awaken side faster is awesome as we've seen with Ginyu. However I'm still on the fence about his awaken side. Yeah you can gain critical but killing yourself is something that can be risky in the later stages of the game. Also I don't like how you need 7 blue energy to gain the +10000. Would of been nice if it was just any 7 energy but making it where it has to be all blue restricts deck building for him, and I think that's where my main problem with him lies.Especially when we only have two energy ramp cards in blue at the moment. God Charge Vegeta - So this is what it looks like when you give a card all the best powers currently in the game at the moment. I expect this card to be in many blue decks. Only bad thing is the 6 energy cost but if you're evolving that is only 5 and in blue it should be easier. Whis, Judge of the Gods - 12 energy is a hefty cost but dang if I let my opponent summon this battle card I deserve the lost. This card will, probably, not be a problem set 1 but the more energy acceleration cards we get the more I feel this card will be played. Broly Leader - Oh Broly I had a feeling you would be tier 1 and although it's too early for me to say that I still have that feeling. At the cost of not attacking battle cards you make it to where both players have to discard a card from their hand. Awakened side is the same but only that you put a battle card in the drop area as well. Strong effects but good thing Broly has good support. Again I see this being a tier 1 leader but then again you can argue otherwise. I do see some minor things that can change that of course. Raging Attacker Vegeta - I liked this card when it was first revealed. You still need the cost to summon it when it's used for the counter attack but it's a good card. Then he can KO a card with 4 energy of less. Great field clearly. Still don't know if I would play just 3 or 4 of these in a deck but it's definitely a good card to have! Super Saiyan Gotenks - Nasty card. Double stirke, hand drawing, and then can switch 2 of your energy to active mode. So it's like a mini blue effect. Great card to have! Frieza Leader - Don't want to go into much detail but it's a great leader card and I expect high play from this one. Can explain in more detail later if you guys want but been typing a lot lol. Full-Power Frieza - This card will be annoying to fight. A 25000 power blocker, triple strike, and then he gets to go back to active mode after activating his blocker power. Have fun fighting this guy. King Cold, Father of the Emperor - Finally the last card. So I hear double strike is good. Revenge is an interesting type that I love. He then has a counter of sorts and makes it to where he is the target. Of course you still need the cost to play it but it's there. So if you really need to sack a card then this card is for you, but also he can control an opponent's battle card when summoned and switch it to rest mode. Just more control for yellow and I'm excited to play with that color. I got a little lazy typing at the end so please forgive me on that. So those are my overall thoughts so far and I just want to play this game now. Will probably edit this later for spelling and grammar is I find any.
  4. At first I was disappointed in Champa but after reading him for a bit I think he is better than expected. He can draw cards on his front side which a lot of other leaders do lack so he gets card advantage. Now granted you need to attack with 15000 power or more but in Red that should be easy. Then his back side allows you to give any card double strike which as we saw in the demo decks double strike is strong. Also I love the art for Champa. Now I do have a question about Champa though. His back said power doesn't say "once per turn" like the other leaders. So does that mean you can use his power as many times as you want as long as you keep dropping cards into the drop area? I want to assume so but just want to make sure.
  5. All the rares are currently out. I will be giving my thoughts on the cards in a bit but just want to let you guys know that they are out.
  6. I've thought about getting this game but then I decided against it. For me personally I get bored with fighting games pretty fast with the exception of a few titles like Smash Brothers. From the demo I had fun for about 15 minutes and then I started getting bored. If it becomes a Nintendo Select title I'll probably pick it up though.
  7. See that's what I was thinking but they were saying otherwise. Now I was only lurking and other people were having the discussion on this but glad to see you at least think this. I'm going to be playing with this in mind until more official clarification comes out.
  8. So people talked about this on the Facebook group and after some discussion I believe the timing goes like this. 1. Attacker plays their card 2. Counter can be played from defender at this time 3. Counter is checked for, Gotenks powers activates anyways 4. The combos start for the attacker 5. Combos start for the defender after the attacker finishes their combo step 6. Damage calculation Now the only thing I'm wondering is if number 2 and 3 are switched. For some reason I feel Gotenks ability should activate first and then the counter should be played but from my understanding of the chat the counter activates before any abilities are activated. Hopefully we will get some concrete answers soon.
  9. As far as I'm aware most people, if not all, did not get their first name correct in the mail. Even some of their last names were wrong too. However Bandai has noticed and even tweeted that they were aware of what happened and apologized. They also said they are looking to see what caused the issue.
  10. I'm glad to see Goku Black in the new set. I was a fan of the overall arc and will be happy that the arc is getting some love so soon.
  11. I don't think Piccolo will be a leader in this set sadly. I have no evidence but it's not looking likely it seems. I'm personally waiting for my Champa leader and thankfully I think he will be the red rare leader this set.
  12. I don't think mono blue will be best with him but I do think blue and a different color will work with him. Also combine him with the Monaka extra card in blue and that's going to sting (gives your leader double strike for those who don't know off hand).
  13. At first glance I'm really thinking he won't be that good but time will tell. I know critical is a strong ability so that'll help. Also he gets card advantage and he will get to awaken faster. So maybe he won't be bad. I just need to play this game.
  14. Loved the write up and I can't wait to try this game out for myself. Hopefully sometime today or tomorrow I can play with my friend's demo decks.
  15. Surprised no one posted this one already since it's been up for a few hours but anyways this is a good card.