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  1. Lightning-fast (Red) Hit

    First off, boo for dark text in the title box. I barely see it when I type. With that out of the way, here's a mono red Hit deck that I slapped together last night and have yet to playtest. The deck aims to apply early offensive pressure witha cards like Cabba, Frost, and leader Hit. Magetta of Universe 6 is an early game one-off shield 'cause everyone needs Blockers, while Fickle Destruction and Assassination Plot clear out threats to your leader. Evolve Hit into his lightning-fast form late game and salt the opponent away from out of nowhere. Vados underperformed in mock playtests so I might swap her with Manipulating Champa and Destructive Terror Champa depending on how playtesting goes. -Leader x1 Hit ---> Assassin Hit -Battle Cards x4 Evolution Premonition Frost x4 Saiyan Cabba x4 Hit x4 Magetta of Universe 6 x3 Son Goten, Family of Justice x4 Calm-Hearted Vados x4 Furthering Destruction Champa x4 Iron Wall Magetta x4 Terror Assault Frost x3 Bewitching God Vados x4 Lightning-fast Hit -Extra Cards x4 Fickle Destruction x4 Assassination Plot Obviously, since this is my first deck built from scratch, there's going to be a bit of saturation of certain cards. I'm sure further playtesting will uproot the weeds, so to speak, and streamline the deck for maximum consistency.