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  1. Namekian Sword Archetype

    So the parenthetical has to stay on the MP in my opinion. Otherwise it cannot compete with the other Gohan stacks. The parenthetical should only affect styled sword cards, eliminating the turn 1 Aggressive Sword drill option (which should be a Trunks thing). Namekian Sword Chop is then tolerable in my opinion. It’s goal was to synergize with leaping kick or provide a card in hand for enlightened mastery. Sword cards should always be mediocre, since they have amazing tutor/draw options. The goal of the lv3 and lv4 is then to incentivize “trashing” your sword cards in your banish pile for substantial bonuses. Lv3 is going to be reworked with this idea in mind. Another goal is to make him a little more compatible in Resourceful and Ruthless. Maybe the lv2 can lean towards blue more (Dominance).
  2. Namekian Sword Archetype

    Actually now that you mention it Namekian Sword Chop and Dashing Sword Attack would create an infinite loop. With this Gohan.
  3. Namekian Sword Archetype

    I think what I am going for is a set-up theme, and the sword theme more or less only works in namekian for him. Another thing is the levels purposely don’t synergize together. The higher levels use different strategies from the lower levels, forcing you to make interesting choices as a specific game develops. (Rather then oh look I pulled Unleashed, GG) “Do I want to bank my sword cards in my banished zone, and gamble that I can reach Lv4?” “Or do I rejuvenate them and go back down to a very solid lv1” You are correct that the level 2’s only purpose is to bring you back down to lv1. Maybe give the player a choice to raise anger instead of lowering 1 MP level, but this is not intended to be an MPPV stack. the level 3 needs work. It’s too close to evo trunks lv3 for my liking. But I was hoping to do some sort of utility level rather than straight beat your face lv 3. Last thing to point out is Sword Chop is not banish after use and as a result can’t combo on itself unless you are level 3. You can use leaping kick to banish them however . i also think Gohan should have exclusive perks to namekian Sword, (it’s the whole point, I don’t want radiant slug sword) which is why the parenthetical is exclusive to Gohan’s early levels. Lastly, I somewhere along the line this stack was supposed to be compatible with enlightenment mastery as well. I lost sight of that now.
  4. Namekian Sword Archetype

    1st concern: Radiant with the lv1 might be too strong. DB7, Gohan's Sword Juke, and Aggressive Sword Drill are all tutorable from the mastery. So being able to place sword juke back into play twice (lv1 power and db7) is probably too strong. First turn tutor Sword drill (mastery). Second turn tutor Juke and DB7. Juke gets reused twice if your opponent has no phys block. The only reason it might not be too strong is if your opponent has time to see what is coming. Physical Block or setup hate will completely halt this combo (both which people should be packing). Another point worth mentioning is since these actions are all gaining you anger, you will not be able to easily abuse this combo. 2nd concern: I am not sure how I feel about Namekian Sword Chop combo'ing with itself. I think its cool that it can support some Namekian Chop shenanigans however
  5. Namekian Sword Archetype

    Lv2 Gohan Aspiring Swordsman (Your cards with "Sword" in the title are considered to be Earth Dragon Balls for your card effects). ∞Your attacks with "Sword" in the title gain "HIT:Raise or lower your opponents anger 1 level" POWER: Search your banished zone for 2 cards with "Sword" in the title. Rejuvenate them to lower your MP 1 level. Lv3 Gohan Broken Sword (Your cards with "Sword" in the title are considered Styled and gain "Banish after use.") POWER: After performing a successful attack, search your discard pile for a styled attack and banish it to use its "HIT" effect. Lv4 Gohan Mystic ∞Your attacks do +1 Life card for each card with "Sword" in the title in your Banished zone. POWER: Use when entering combat. Choose a card in a discard pile and banish it. Draw the bottom card of your discard pile. Gohan's Sword Juke (Setup) (This card is considered Styled) Physical Attack. DAMAGE: 4 stages. HIT: Return this card to your hand after use. Namekian Sword Shatter (Setup) (Endurance 2) Use when one of your opponent's effects would cause you to skip your next action. Your opponent skips their next action. You may banish 1 of your Dragon Balls in play to return this card to your hand after use. Namekian Sword Chop (Energy Combat) (Endurance 1) Energy Attack costing 1 stage. DAMAGE:5 stages. HIT: If this attack dealt Life Card damage, search your banished zone for an Earth Dragon Ball or a card with "Chop" in the title and place it in your hand.
  6. Hey guys, here are some fan-made cards I have for a dream personality. The theme here is juggling set-ups and incentivizing the sword theme to camp lower levels. If designed properly, he should have good fits in Resourceful, Radiant, and Enlightenment. I have 2 namekian sword cards in mind (1 a set-up, and 1 an energy) ideally designed to synergize with this stack.
  7. Hey guys, this was a deck I came across on OCTGN a little over a year ago. It was pretty much unstoppable. It's a shame it never got its chance in a tourney because I am pretty sure it would have gone very far. Anyways the guy piloting it hadn't lost with it (tobye), and I had a fairly high win rate with it since. I have updated the list (and probably made it worse) with the current cards available and I am interested to hear your thoughts. Orange Adept Mastery Drawku (1-4) Planning (11) 1 Namek Dragon Ball 4 1 Orange Checkup Drill 1 Orange Devouring Drill 1 Orange Conference Drill 1 Orange Joint Restraint Drill 1 Orange Freezing Drill 1 Orange Possession Drill 1 Orange Steady Drill 1 Orange Burning Aura Drill 2 Orange Dressing Room Events (15) 2 Heroic Energy Sphere 2 Confrontation 2 Goku's Kaio-ken 3 Unleashed 1 Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Orange Juke 1 Orange Meditation 1 Orange Dodge Energy (7) 2 Orange Flee 2 Orange Stare Down 1 Orange Energized Push 1 Orange Bicycle Kick 1 Quick Blast Physical (27) 3 Orange Defense 1 Orange Charged Kick 1 Orange Hug 2 Orange Left Punch 2 Orange Uppercut 2 Orange Lasso 3 Orange Extenstion 3 Orange Collision 3 Orange Knee Strike 3 Orange Sword Chop 2 I'll Dig Your Grave! 2 Devastating Blow And thats it! Honorable mentions go to Orange Swerve+Orange Leaping Punch, Orange Distracting Drill, Orange Devastation Drill, and Namek Dragon Ball 2. This deck is absurdly powerful: it might have the most actions in the game. Goku has plenty of options to get to lv4 and once he is there he can just tutor whatever control/combo piece he needs to chain a killer combat.
  8. Set 10.5

    If Orange Luxury allowed you to avoid discarding a card from your hand if you placed adrill from your hand into play then it would have been playable. My guess is this is how the card was originally worded actually: ”Draw 2 cards. Discard a card. If that card was a styled drill, place it into play instead” seeing as orange doesn’t need any favors I guess they busted it.
  9. A Home For Frieza?

    I can’t see MPPV Frieza working (too slow). Cooler is better suited for MPPV (retri cooler might be the lamest deck in the format). That being said, any personality with Retribution and Unleashed could work. No reason to explain Retribution decks with Unleashed. I think Frieza’s Lv4 still has the steam to win games if you can get there, which is why Unleashed feels like a staple with him. Personally, I am tempted with getting 2 uses out of Super Nova with Ruthless Mastery. That’s the dream. Physical Ruthless beats in addition to standard anti-anger tech should control any MPPV coming around. Probably won’t be able to get those juicy allies out though. Blue Resolute with dominance and ally support is also nice. Mental drill and positioning drill with a lv2 camp would be the goal here. Blue positioning to get nova back on the top of the deck and then draw with Mastery. You could easily land your nova’s when you have knowledge of their hand. Unleashed still probably has a place in a deck like this as well.