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  1. Blue Resourceful Videl

    Broly with Blue Face Grab is going to wreck faces in Blue Resourceful I think. I only mention it because I think Videl pales in comparison. There might be a better Mastery suited for the lv2 + biting drill combo. Something where you have guaranteed anger lower for the mill 2. If you stick with Resourceful, then consider drills that perform styled attacks for the anger lower (I assume that's not counted as a mod?). Lastly, I don't know why you don't have Blue dominance to secure this combo by the way. The drill tutor alone justifies using it.
  2. Retribution Goten

    Biggest thing here might be that you have a few attacks that don't have hit effects for examination drill. Android rising punch and orange left punch seem kinda lackluster but I am seeing Ret Goten as more of an MPPV deck rather than the combo survival we have seen with Ret Goku. I have this feeling that Intense Training drill might actually be useful with Goten, but its probably just my imagination. If you test it, then I would love to hear about it. I think you have a solid starting point, and time will tell if you need dev blows for anger or focused assaults for unleashed engines. Retribution has got to be in a weird place right now though. Seeing as it could have been frozen and the last thing people want to see in topcut are Ret decks.
  3. Set 10 Decks

    Well Broly needs a new home now. I think Red Ruthless and Blue Resourceful can certainly give the Saiyan Masteries some decent competition. Mppv decks that juggle Red tactical drill have been handed autopilot software in the form of Amplified Mastery, which could prove to be strong (Amplified Cooler/Krillin is potentially a disaster waiting to happen). I will be toying with Nam phys beats with the new Piccolo, red/black sword Dabura, and Oppressive Saiyan with a tier 2 MP.
  4. I agree it's a shame the legacy MP's got axed. Those two masteries were too strong, but it would have been nice if they froze Ret as well.
  5. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Just keep it simple: 3 copies of Red Tactical Drill. It will be worse than ascension trunks. Red Pound and Red Driving Knee are 2 anger cards as well.
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I think Namekian Enlightened Mastery is going to be really freaking good. The fact that you draw first then discard is huge. My only gripe is that since all the other masteries have a non-attack action slapped on, the stop effect will go to total waste. Things Enlightened Mastery will need: A new nail/Piccolo lv1 to make the discarding a dragon ball more feasible. A setup/drill that count as dragon balls for your card effects. a "red restrictionesque" resource so that the situational ability doesn't get easily countered.