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  1. A Home For Frieza?

    I can’t see MPPV Frieza working (too slow). Cooler is better suited for MPPV (retri cooler might be the lamest deck in the format). That being said, any personality with Retribution and Unleashed could work. No reason to explain Retribution decks with Unleashed. I think Frieza’s Lv4 still has the steam to win games if you can get there, which is why Unleashed feels like a staple with him. Personally, I am tempted with getting 2 uses out of Super Nova with Ruthless Mastery. That’s the dream. Physical Ruthless beats in addition to standard anti-anger tech should control any MPPV coming around. Probably won’t be able to get those juicy allies out though. Blue Resolute with dominance and ally support is also nice. Mental drill and positioning drill with a lv2 camp would be the goal here. Blue positioning to get nova back on the top of the deck and then draw with Mastery. You could easily land your nova’s when you have knowledge of their hand. Unleashed still probably has a place in a deck like this as well.
  2. Red amplified hero 18

    Wait efficiency drill says minimum 5 AFTER mods and android attack drill is a mod right? Also energy toss seems kinda garbo unless you are a pure earthling. The problem is you got cheap attacks that are only good if you have your drills out but everyone has drill hate because Ret isn’t frozen yet. 18’s lv1 is probly too weak to seal a game. She probably shines with unleashed and android presence. I think Android efficiency drill is probably destined for namekian, orange, or a level hopping red deck with access to trailing blast.
  3. Here is my gimmicky Namekian beats deck. Not very good, pretty much has to draw unleashed to win. One nice back up sliming to lv2 then fetching leaping kick with the lv2. I do find it fun when it works, but at the end of the day it can't keep up with the big boys. Used to have 3 Namekian Lift and 1 Namekian Self-training, they might come back in, but I opted for Justice Punch for some much needed anger hate (probably need more to be honest). I am having fun with the acquisition drills, people don't expect it, and I usually can rejuv them in my discard to get them back out with tree. Namekian Enlightened Mastery Piccolo - Composed (evo) Piccolo - Anticipating (evo) Piccolo - Fierce Combatant (rev) Piccolo - Warrior (rev) Planning(12) NDB 1-7 Hidden Power Drill 2 Acquisition Drill Tree of Might Namekian Dragon Clan Events(9) 3 Heroic Energy Sphere 3 Unleashed 3 Namekian Ascension Blocks(17) Time is a Warrior's Tool 3 Namekian Hybrid Defense 3 Namekian Buffer 2 Namekian Reinforced Defense 2 Namekian Protective Posture 3 Namekian Forceful Block 3 Namekian Clamp Attacks (22) 2 Heroic Dashing Punch 3 I'll Dig your Grave 1 Namekian Choke 2 Namekian Leaping Kick 3 Namekian Side Kick 3 Namekian Elbow Drop 3 Namekian Backhand 3 Namekian Right Cross 2 Namekian Justice Punch
  4. Ascension Trunks

    WAit really? This is the only way I have played ascension trunks.
  5. Ascension Trunks

    Ah yes the deck is nothing new. I felt dirty playing this deck back in set 7. The whole avoidant/control mppv archetype loses its charm for me. The reason I stopped playing with it was because a Tag Team Gohan deck was able to wreck it pretty consistently (i think it was Mr. Waffles?). I am surprised Ferrari Trunks made it as far as it did even after post lv3 nerf.
  6. Ascension Trunks

    How is the ascension trunks build compared to its previous iterations? I would appreciate a deck list if you guys have
  7. Red Energetic Krillin

    Red announcement is clearly a better choice over Red Heel Kick, I like it a lot. Red Combined Blast and Red Tandem Blast are both relevant cards that need support anyways though.
  8. Red Energetic Krillin

    You’re correct. My statement should still stand despite your clarification. I like tactical drill a little better over embarrassing since it can be used for two functions: ensuring a level up or guaranteeing you can spend your anger on your effects.
  9. In response to OP, you should for sure mention that the promo typo of Krillin would have changed a lot. I will agree with you on all the cards mentioned but mention a few other things. I think you neglected how strong and prevalent Ginyu was. Ginyu was the reason Krillin/Piccolo's crit effects were so relevant and powerful. Lastly, I think my greatest pet peeve over Devious Krillin was control mppv in the form of devious/Enraged Roshi/Cooler.
  10. Red Energetic Krillin

    I like the allies, they can obviously do a lot for this deck if you get them, but I am concerned they don't have enough support. I think you are missing resources that can get you anger quicker, and drills quicker and then sealing the deal with harder attacks like Red Tandem Blast or Red Heel kick. It like the Tactical / Forward stance / embarasssing combo where your heel kicks tutor any card you feel like.
  11. Red Energetic Krillin

    So A18 is the omni block over Forward stance drill... interesting. Since Burning Rage and Blaze can be fetched and subsequently rejuv'd, why not just run 2 copies each instead? Energetic Krillin has a lot of cool options you can't go wrong with. I like your card advantage theme except for two things. I don't like the allies, and I don't like the 18 dead draws. If you can reduce dead draws to like 13-14ish I think you will be good. Consider energy toss since it's amazing and you are relying solely on critical damage for anti anger.
  12. Blue Resourceful Videl

    Broly with Blue Face Grab is going to wreck faces in Blue Resourceful I think. I only mention it because I think Videl pales in comparison. There might be a better Mastery suited for the lv2 + biting drill combo. Something where you have guaranteed anger lower for the mill 2. If you stick with Resourceful, then consider drills that perform styled attacks for the anger lower (I assume that's not counted as a mod?). Lastly, I don't know why you don't have Blue dominance to secure this combo by the way. The drill tutor alone justifies using it.
  13. Retribution Goten

    Biggest thing here might be that you have a few attacks that don't have hit effects for examination drill. Android rising punch and orange left punch seem kinda lackluster but I am seeing Ret Goten as more of an MPPV deck rather than the combo survival we have seen with Ret Goku. I have this feeling that Intense Training drill might actually be useful with Goten, but its probably just my imagination. If you test it, then I would love to hear about it. I think you have a solid starting point, and time will tell if you need dev blows for anger or focused assaults for unleashed engines. Retribution has got to be in a weird place right now though. Seeing as it could have been frozen and the last thing people want to see in topcut are Ret decks.