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  1. Cooler and Roshi are probably the most annoying MP's throughout this game's iteration. It's really annoying to just have game winning engines built straight into the MP's themselves. It doesn't help that it takes them forever to actually win (but win they will). This was especially criminal with things like Devious mastery and Black command (which isn't a problem anymore thank god).
  2. Well... what card choices threw you off?
  3. The Red Ascension Cooler deck... how was it crazy? Was it using Channel Surfing Drill and Speedy Drill?
  4. During set 6 there was a guy who top-cut with a Ruthless Yamcha deck in Vegas. https://dbztopcut.com/deck/red-ruthless-yamcha-15 Interestingly enough, FanZ seemed to want to specifically preserve this archetype with the change in ruling to Red Trailing Blast and with the new physical block Red Reverse. I have yet to pilot any form of this deck, but it seems like a blast to play. I am here to ask what you guys would do to the deck to adapt it to the current meta game. I think I am undervaluing some of his card choices, (an example being Red Disregard to get Unleashed at the bottom of your discard pile for Red Relaxation). Basically, I added some Wall Breakers because I don't think Yamcha's powers alone can handle the MPPV decks these days. Here is my take on the deck so far: Yamcha 1-4 Ruthless Mastery 2 Visiting the Past 3 Yamcha's Expert Assistance 3 Red Relaxation 3 Unleashed 3 Confrontation 2 Heroic Energy Sphere 1 Tug of War 2 Battle Pausing 1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool 1 Red Inferno 3 Yamcha’s Rescue 3 Red Reverse 3 Red Resourceful Block 3 Red Cross Block 2 Wall Breaker 3 Playful Punch 3 Red Eye Beams 2 Pesky Barrage 2 Focused Assault 1 Quick Blast 3 Red Trailing Blast 3 Red Energy Blast 3 Red Static Shot 3 Red Left Bolt 3 Red Interference Cards that I am considering are Red Lasers, Red Downward Blast, Red Tandem Blast, Red Escape, and Namek Dragon Ball 2. Considering just removing the tech to see how these combo pieces function in the deck as a whole. Red Downward Blast might just be a pipe dream (am I running enough anger for it?), but it is the only other way to attach Red Cross Block (unleashed being the other). Red Lasers can tutor out the hand advantage cards like Red Left Bolt and Trailing Blast but maybe the Level 2 power is enough. Tandem Blast, Escape and Ball 2 all have level hopping capabilities as well as some control.
  5. Dynamic is designed for unleashed decks without a doubt. All it needed was an ability to convert endurance from cards into stages for your MP then it would have been thematic and competitive.
  6. https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/have-you-tried-villain-vegeta/ A new villain Vegeta lv1 is out, however the wording seems a bit dumb since HIT effects take place after damage is dealt. This HIT effect should actually just be a secondary effect if it's not gonna be completely useless. Seems really silly that they could make such an amateur mistake imo. So the next question is would Villian Vegeta actually be viable with an improved level 1? My guess is no, Broly became what Villian Vegeta tried to be and I just don't see that changing.
  7. Well let's just freeze Retribution on top of this unleashed nerf and see how the power vacuum fills up. Adept and Adaptive are both perfectly playable so Orange would be fine. I am not sure how to actually fix Retribution but slapping a 2-anger action onto a mastery without any downsides is annoying. It just does way too much compared to other masteries. Maybe it should require destroying a drill to raise anger? Maybe we replace the 2 anger clause with something like: "For the remainder of combat, whenever one of your styled drills would leave play due to one of your card effects, you may raise your anger 1 level" That could be fun maybe (makes bicycle kick broken af though...)
  8. (Limit 2 per deck. If you advance a level with this cards effect, you cannot win by MPPV for the remainder of the game. If your opponent can win by MPPV, you cannot lower your opponents MP with this card's effect). Power: Search your Life Deck for a card that can attach to your MP and place it in play attached. You may banish an attached card attached to your MP. If you do, advance or lower an MP 1 level. (Banish after use.) So roughly the same idea, I guess your version allows some cooler level hop opportunities, but mine is just kinda less confusing. Basically you can either level up or level down one MP that can't win by MPPV. However, with my version you could level up an enemy that likes to camp at lv1, which seems like a fair perk given how nerfed this version is.
  9. From a pure gaming standpoint PanZ is the best iteration of this game. If Set 1 had made a few changes this game would have been epic from the start: 1) Radiant Mastery and Earth Db's instead of knowledge Mastery and namek db's would have made DB victory accessible to all styles and a very volatile/interactive experience. 2) Krillin Promo didn't exist. 3) Devious Mastery, Protective Mastery and Ginyu lv1 mildly nerfed. This would have been a healthy start for a game that periodically came out with mp's that are fun but not overpowered (set 2 mp's are a perfect example) Outside of game mechanics, Panini wouldn't or couldn't provide the resources this game needed/deserved, but that's life. Once dbsuper card ass fails, we can do some sort of kickstarter and truly do it perfect.
  10. How does Hercule lv2 interact with Hidden Power Drill? I faced a tag team deck that claimed that Hidden Power Drill's infinity effect didn't affect him but it did affect me.
  11. I really like the idea of a 10-15 card side deck where you could even have 2 decks in one if built properly. That might give Some cool strategic depth imo. I think more decks would have DBV if that happens.
  12. I am simply comparing deservedly frozen masteries to Retribution. As an Enraged player from sets 1-4, I agree that Enraged decks and Devious decks were not always in the same boat. From Roshi onwards though, we can safely lump Enraged Decks and Devious decks in that broken tier. My least favorite decks throughout this game have been these passive controlly Devious/Enraged decks (Cooler/Roshi) that could just sit back and do it's own lame thing. I found these decks really limited the other strats available. Retribution Cooler/Roshi and Knowledge Cell have filled this void, much to my dismay.
  13. Enraged and Devious BY THEMSELVES aren't a problem either, but its easier to just Occam's Razor that shiz. Retribution has earned itself to be frozen. Of course, that's just my opinion. If you like facing Retribution decks good for you (or heaven forbid you enjoy Retribution mirror match-ups).
  14. On OCTGN, 75-80% of my games have been against retribution decks. If we look at these statistics, 9 retributions decks equals Blue Black and Red styles combined (all 7 masteries). We can look at past events and observe that the "Retribution Saturation" has been a fairly stable trend. We can even mention that Worlds was won by a Retribution deck. Retribution is almost like combining Tag Team and Ascension mastery into one neat package, and it is a mastery that has gotten more than sufficient support. It's also a mastery that can literally be slapped on any Main Personality and still be a decent deck. So in my mind we have 2 options: We can unfreeze Enraged and Devious. We can also pretend like the other styles in this game don't exist. OR We can freeze this abomination of a mastery (Devious Mastery 2.0 ffs). Orange can still do things with Adept and Adaptive (I love both). At least Orange would still be playable whereas Black is just in a super awkward spot since the Devious freeze.
  15. I hope FanZ is ready to freeze Retribution Mastery for set 9 by the way. Who would have guessed that panini made a Devious mistake again.