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  1. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I hate trunks too man, he is definitely up there. Maybe I have to just come to terms with the fact that I hate this game despite how awesome it actually is.
  2. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Sure, I agree that my opinion should probably be taken with a grain of salt, but I don't agree that my point be dismissed completely. Cell is not just a hard counter to what I like. Cell is the epitome of autopilot in this game. Mill is essentially unstoppable, unpreventable damage (but it can't crit at least). Before Cell, mill mechanics were offset by not being very efficient or coming from a source that was easily countered (like a drill for example). That is why things that punished milling weren't needed, and Lookout Drill sufficed. Now, we have Cell that provides efficient mill by himself (every turn) without any investment or sacrifice in deck building. Like I said, it is just my opinion. I am sure people have had thought provoking and interesting games playing with and against Awakening Cell, but that has not been my personal experience.
  3. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Well you should define your definition of good. Of course better decks and options will close doors . Mind you Tag Team 13 and Protective Raditz have topped events prior. It's not like I mentioned Villian Vegeta or Wheelo. We are talking about whether the existence of certain strategies fosters a healthy diverse metagame where decks have to respond to each other's strategies. I mention those decks in particular because before awakening Cell, they could win games (excluding Radiant of course). They had their weaknesses but they were fun interactive decks. Even if they didn't have the best win rates, they had a chance to win against even the best of decks. Awakening Cell makes them absolutely obsolete, like <20% win rate. It's a shame because they have a chance against other stuff like Broly/Yamcha.
  4. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Enraged is definitely autopilot when it draws well (it can almost feel like playing solitaire with yourself), but that can probably be said about most decks, if not all of them. I am salty about Cell mill because it totally wrecks some of my fun rogue decks. Protective Raditz, Tag Team 13, Radiant Piccolo (without unleashed), Ruthless Drill Mill (fun deck that has to work so hard to achieve what cell gets for nothing). Like I said before, I think cell mill closes a lot of doors for other decks out there but it's not broken when compared to other top decks. Broly having access to Tantrum and Legendary Strike closes a lot of doors to rogue decks as well.
  5. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    You are crazy not to pick New lv4, simply for the fact of getting deleveled by ball 2 which you would be running. Curious what's your set up package? You gotta run x3 Relaxation, x3 Blaze, x1 Dragon Radar, how many bribes can you afford when they compete with Destiny and VTP?
  6. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Awakening Cell for me isn't broken but just super freaking lame. It lame because it closes the doors to so many rogue decks out there. Tag Team 13 is a prime victim of this example. Another issue is just Mill mechanics don't have a lot of counters, and they didn't need it because they weren't as efficient as damage. I think efficient mill decks can be fine if its like a silly Red Channel Surfing Drill + Red Speedy Drill deck because that deck is easy to counter and its efficient mill is conditional (discard a drill from hand and then rejuv a drill, etc.) Awakening Cell? No, he just has an efficient mill engine built completely neatly into his personality. All your deck needs? A cell jr and a saiyan ally. This is why I hate cooler as well because he just has an efficient rejuv engine built completely into his personality. All your deck needs? Nothing, the personality does it by himself
  7. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    He is diet drawku at best, but in Enraged that's a good thing. But if I run Cell that way I probably just give up on the counter kick idea. As for Enraged, Ginyu is also a decent contender with his level 2. But I think Piccolo (Triple threat) is the strongest available option for Enraged, even with the nerf to his level 2 (set 1). I am gonna run Piccolo with his evolution level 2 (highly underrated).
  8. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    A+D. Turles and Nappa are both so freaking useful but I will probably ditch the Overpowering attack. You are probably right though, lv3 guarantees a Wallbreaker removal as well. If I ditch all but 2 Cell Jr. allies then I can dabble with some set ups. B. Interestingly enough, I have just added Resourceful Block on top of my other phys blocks because Chilled is everywhere (in addition to Broly). I am really liking the tutor from his old level 2, I am tutoring blocking hands a lot more than I would have thought. However, this is probably the toughest call. C. I am not sure about Furious Lunge either : / its Endurance 2 and a 2 anger card... but I am looking for alternatives (probably Red Tandem Attack actually... derp)
  9. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    Red Enraged Mastery Cell Prepared (lv1) Cell Semi-perfect (lv2) Cell Smooth (lv3) Cell Unstoppable (lv4) Dead Draws (5) 1 Cell Jr. Trapped 1 Paragus Desperate Father 1 Turles Fighter 1 Nappa Space Traveler 1 Namek Dragon Ball 4 Events (8) 3 Villainous Energy Sphere 1 Time is a Warriors Tool 3 Red Restriction 1 Red Observation Attacks (35) 3 Red Static Shot 3 Red Energy Blast 3 Red Shoulder Grab 3 Red Mule Kick 3 Red Driving Knee 3 Red Counter Kick 3 Red Double Strike 3 Red Furious Lunge 3 Overpowering Attack 3 Devastating Blow 3 Sobering Hammer 2 Cell's Draining Attack Blocks (12) 3 Red Energy Defensive Stance 3 Red Sacrifice 3 Red Blocking Hand 3 Red Catch Enraged now has access to the new awakening cards (Counter Kick and Driving Knee) and is now faster than ever. Cell should probably not have access to Enraged in the same way A13 shouldn't: he has a lv1 power that provides 2 anger and can use the allies he fetches as fodder for Red Counter kick. I run the old level 2 to fetch restriction and shut down unleashed shenanigans. In addition to sobering hammer, I hope this will keep unleashed in check for the ~3 turns I need to win. The addition of Paragus and Nappa should keep control decks in check as well. Some of the cards here are gimmicky choices that will most likely get replaced as the meta evolves. Right now its leaned to the anticipated control meta, but I will probably have to add extra physical blocks for Broly.
  10. East Kai Deck Lists?

    Cooler and Roshi are probably the most annoying MP's throughout this game's iteration. It's really annoying to just have game winning engines built straight into the MP's themselves. It doesn't help that it takes them forever to actually win (but win they will). This was especially criminal with things like Devious mastery and Black command (which isn't a problem anymore thank god).
  11. East Kai Deck Lists?

    Well... what card choices threw you off?
  12. East Kai Deck Lists?

    The Red Ascension Cooler deck... how was it crazy? Was it using Channel Surfing Drill and Speedy Drill?
  13. Ruthless Yamcha

    During set 6 there was a guy who top-cut with a Ruthless Yamcha deck in Vegas. https://dbztopcut.com/deck/red-ruthless-yamcha-15 Interestingly enough, FanZ seemed to want to specifically preserve this archetype with the change in ruling to Red Trailing Blast and with the new physical block Red Reverse. I have yet to pilot any form of this deck, but it seems like a blast to play. I am here to ask what you guys would do to the deck to adapt it to the current meta game. I think I am undervaluing some of his card choices, (an example being Red Disregard to get Unleashed at the bottom of your discard pile for Red Relaxation). Basically, I added some Wall Breakers because I don't think Yamcha's powers alone can handle the MPPV decks these days. Here is my take on the deck so far: Yamcha 1-4 Ruthless Mastery 2 Visiting the Past 3 Yamcha's Expert Assistance 3 Red Relaxation 3 Unleashed 3 Confrontation 2 Heroic Energy Sphere 1 Tug of War 2 Battle Pausing 1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool 1 Red Inferno 3 Yamcha’s Rescue 3 Red Reverse 3 Red Resourceful Block 3 Red Cross Block 2 Wall Breaker 3 Playful Punch 3 Red Eye Beams 2 Pesky Barrage 2 Focused Assault 1 Quick Blast 3 Red Trailing Blast 3 Red Energy Blast 3 Red Static Shot 3 Red Left Bolt 3 Red Interference Cards that I am considering are Red Lasers, Red Downward Blast, Red Tandem Blast, Red Escape, and Namek Dragon Ball 2. Considering just removing the tech to see how these combo pieces function in the deck as a whole. Red Downward Blast might just be a pipe dream (am I running enough anger for it?), but it is the only other way to attach Red Cross Block (unleashed being the other). Red Lasers can tutor out the hand advantage cards like Red Left Bolt and Trailing Blast but maybe the Level 2 power is enough. Tandem Blast, Escape and Ball 2 all have level hopping capabilities as well as some control.
  14. New FanZ Villian Vegeta lv1

    Dynamic is designed for unleashed decks without a doubt. All it needed was an ability to convert endurance from cards into stages for your MP then it would have been thematic and competitive.
  15. https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/2017/05/27/have-you-tried-villain-vegeta/ A new villain Vegeta lv1 is out, however the wording seems a bit dumb since HIT effects take place after damage is dealt. This HIT effect should actually just be a secondary effect if it's not gonna be completely useless. Seems really silly that they could make such an amateur mistake imo. So the next question is would Villian Vegeta actually be viable with an improved level 1? My guess is no, Broly became what Villian Vegeta tried to be and I just don't see that changing.