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  1. Dynamic feels like a waste on cell given his lv1 nets him 2 anger a turn anyways. I would only use the old level 2 in Namekian for the leaping kick.
  2. Saibamen are probably for Blue decks imo. Tag/Resourceful Nappa could be a thing. Would be cool if Nappa had a saibamen fetching named card though. it will be interesting to see if Saiyan reinforcements will be used in Cell ally decks though. Assuming A16 becomes relevant and running x3 Staredown and x2 condor or whaever... I think A16 will result in decks packing more event hate. I will be backing off Namekian for a bit.
  3. A16 has a tutorable exclusive vtp that doesn’t BAU. I look forward to the potential A16 magic that may come. Without thinking about it enough, I am going to predict he has the juice he needs for some tier 1.5-2 fun but Majin Vegeta is going to bully him so hard. Red Android twin blast is way too good with hero 18. Red Drawku anger resource has a new competitor, but I almost think Drawku is still better than hero A18. Nevertheless it puts the RED in redneck robot decks out there, reminiscing their Enraged times. Namekian Assimilation is a fun one. It can be used in your opponents planning step(!) is the key thing about this card. Very bold game design, and it’s synergistic with the Enlightened Mastery while also competing for those event slots with hurried quest in other Namekian decks. Blue 2 anger energy attack. An archetype for blue at this point. I don’t see it relevant until we have a Villian that can whip out positioning drill consistently. Orange sword break is fine, given that it’s a minimum of zero and therefore cannot mill. “Not that orange needed it”, I am happy the net-deckers can now oscillate between blue ally mill and orange phys beats (of the Broly variation of course). Saiyan Reinforcements is great. I will atttmpt a Saiyan Raditz saibamen deck at this point. Wish me luck. Black face crush is stupid because black captures is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope A16 doesn’t find a home here because that would be disappointing. Discuss. Slander. Etc. Anyone else hate what they love and love what they see?
  4. New CRD

    I am not for or against Time, for the record. But Broly sphering a time is a game winning moment. I am pretty sure without time in this game I would have to run an extra set of physical blocks in most of my decks. Maybe that’s not meta-defining and we have a different idea of what meta defining is. At this point I don’t care anymore.
  5. New CRD

    Well let’s remember that 90% of decks don’t seem to change to begin with. We have our staples. Broly only needs 1-2 combats with your pants down. Time is a get out of jail free card. It’s that simple. It sounds like you have never been in jail with Broly
  6. We should disregard any lore perspective in my opinion because there isn’t any consistency. Gohan is Namekian because he was trained by Piccolo, but Goku isn’t an Earthling despite being trained by earthlings. We are talking about the gaming perspective: give each personality one trait. Done. Now the system becomes easy to balance and not clunky to actually implement.
  7. New CRD

    Well... if Time is banned, then I am fairly sure the meta would shift. Broly would be stronger. Period. Therefore, it’s safe to argue that Time is Warrior’s tool is a meta defining card.
  8. There are not enough Earthling villains. So I think it’s the best course of action personally. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough, you know? He gets benefits from energy toss where Ginyu/Frieza do not. Another thing, traits were designed to give some underdog MP’s a better chance, but by giving tier 1 MP’s like Cell and Gohan a lot of traits, we effectively have the trait mechanic being narrowed down to “If your MP has only 1 trait,” in all of our cards anyways... I’m not even sure if there is an earthling clause without that effect (There is that one FanZ Orange energy attack). I say remove the earthling traits from any half-breed Saiyans and Androids. Earthling should be the trait in the absence of any other trait from a gaming perspective.
  9. I have been playing Red style mostly. Ascension Yamcha “anger resource” with the Unleashed/trailing blast package. I’m also toying with ruthless Drawku hybrid beats but I’m not a believer in the deck. Oppressive Future Gohan and Enlightened/Radiant Piccolo are on my “to do” list when I can muster some motivation. With the ToP deck lists released, I have to say I like/respect the Tag Vegeta deck the most.
  10. New CRD

    Devastating Blow is my favorite card in the game. I simply can’t build a deck without it. Heroic Quick Blast is also fantastic. What would that Conflict SKai do vs a Heroic Quick Blast attached? I guess just crit it off, nevermind... I still run it and it is definitely useful in Ruthless Unleashed decks where you don’t want blocks on the top of your discard.
  11. New CRD

    I’d be interested to hear what kind of decks you play. Red Panic is kinda dumb because it can be used more than once from a Trunks Sword slash (situationally). But let’s be fair and acknowledge that you should be running some kind of discard hate (a minimum of 5-6 discard pile haters). We have SKai/Pikkon/Kami, Combative Mastery, Weighted Clothes, Super Nova, Saiyan Rescue, Saiyan Menace, Red Panic, Blue Positioning Drill. I’m sure there are more... discard pile hate might the the most neglected staple there is in this game. I wonder if anyone has tried Red Panic with Cooler’s Rebirth by the way... now THAT’s really dumb.
  12. New CRD

    Yes you are right, we will just have a new set of staples, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Anything new will be amazing, imaginative and diverse for me but the set 1 ban have to coincide with a new release and perhaps a few other restrictions. Let's talk about obvious staples: Blue Betrayal and Orange Staredown. Okay so these are banned, and as result MP's that have board control (Broly, Cooler, Piccolo) become a lot more viable. You are right, it would be a mess. Universal guaranteed (secondary effects), unspherable board control is arguably "non-interactive". You are always going to see them in decks. Things like Black Refusal are a lot more interesting to me. I like cards that sacrifice assets for big gains, it brings depth to the game. In order for those cards to exist you need to ban the "safe" choices with huge benefits. Red Energy Blast is almost okay with me, it can't banish set-ups and if your opponent has no drills/allies and you do, you have to banish your own stuff. Red Lightning Slash is a lot more interesting, there it has to HIT and you lower your anger 2 levels. But nevertheless I am okay with banning it all. Exactly, the new Orange Energy Ball is a fantastic and interesting card in my opinion, but if its competing with cards like Orange Power Point, then it will never see play. I think Namekian and Black as a style are almost in that boat as well, when you consider how long Knowlege Piccolo is still around and that this Conflict SKai certainly feels like Devious Krillin 2.0... I don't think its too late to do rotations, but it will certainly be a mess. I will continue to play the game regardless, and I like the FANZ stuff, especially this new Piccolo/MVegeta MP's synergizing with the useless Set 4 red stuff (Quick Jab, Collision, Smash). But if we go back to the original point with the VTP ban, we have effectively made Supreme Kai and Black Smoothness drill stronger because what other MP/style can readily reuse cards from their discard pile? Orange Combative, Pikkon, and Kami can? Black Smoothness makes it a lot easier to hold onto a sphere while other styles will have to flounder around without a VTP for a sphere option.
  13. New CRD