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  1. A16 has a tutorable exclusive vtp that doesn’t BAU. I look forward to the potential A16 magic that may come. Without thinking about it enough, I am going to predict he has the juice he needs for some tier 1.5-2 fun but Majin Vegeta is going to bully him so hard. Red Android twin blast is way too good with hero 18. Red Drawku anger resource has a new competitor, but I almost think Drawku is still better than hero A18. Nevertheless it puts the RED in redneck robot decks out there, reminiscing their Enraged times. Namekian Assimilation is a fun one. It can be used in your opponents planning step(!) is the key thing about this card. Very bold game design, and it’s synergistic with the Enlightened Mastery while also competing for those event slots with hurried quest in other Namekian decks. Blue 2 anger energy attack. An archetype for blue at this point. I don’t see it relevant until we have a Villian that can whip out positioning drill consistently. Orange sword break is fine, given that it’s a minimum of zero and therefore cannot mill. “Not that orange needed it”, I am happy the net-deckers can now oscillate between blue ally mill and orange phys beats (of the Broly variation of course). Saiyan Reinforcements is great. I will atttmpt a Saiyan Raditz saibamen deck at this point. Wish me luck. Black face crush is stupid because black captures is stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope A16 doesn’t find a home here because that would be disappointing. Discuss. Slander. Etc. Anyone else hate what they love and love what they see?
  2. New CRD

    I am not for or against Time, for the record. But Broly sphering a time is a game winning moment. I am pretty sure without time in this game I would have to run an extra set of physical blocks in most of my decks. Maybe that’s not meta-defining and we have a different idea of what meta defining is. At this point I don’t care anymore.
  3. New CRD

    Well let’s remember that 90% of decks don’t seem to change to begin with. We have our staples. Broly only needs 1-2 combats with your pants down. Time is a get out of jail free card. It’s that simple. It sounds like you have never been in jail with Broly
  4. We should disregard any lore perspective in my opinion because there isn’t any consistency. Gohan is Namekian because he was trained by Piccolo, but Goku isn’t an Earthling despite being trained by earthlings. We are talking about the gaming perspective: give each personality one trait. Done. Now the system becomes easy to balance and not clunky to actually implement.
  5. New CRD

    Well... if Time is banned, then I am fairly sure the meta would shift. Broly would be stronger. Period. Therefore, it’s safe to argue that Time is Warrior’s tool is a meta defining card.
  6. There are not enough Earthling villains. So I think it’s the best course of action personally. It’s not perfect but it’s good enough, you know? He gets benefits from energy toss where Ginyu/Frieza do not. Another thing, traits were designed to give some underdog MP’s a better chance, but by giving tier 1 MP’s like Cell and Gohan a lot of traits, we effectively have the trait mechanic being narrowed down to “If your MP has only 1 trait,” in all of our cards anyways... I’m not even sure if there is an earthling clause without that effect (There is that one FanZ Orange energy attack). I say remove the earthling traits from any half-breed Saiyans and Androids. Earthling should be the trait in the absence of any other trait from a gaming perspective.
  7. I have been playing Red style mostly. Ascension Yamcha “anger resource” with the Unleashed/trailing blast package. I’m also toying with ruthless Drawku hybrid beats but I’m not a believer in the deck. Oppressive Future Gohan and Enlightened/Radiant Piccolo are on my “to do” list when I can muster some motivation. With the ToP deck lists released, I have to say I like/respect the Tag Vegeta deck the most.
  8. New CRD

    Devastating Blow is my favorite card in the game. I simply can’t build a deck without it. Heroic Quick Blast is also fantastic. What would that Conflict SKai do vs a Heroic Quick Blast attached? I guess just crit it off, nevermind... I still run it and it is definitely useful in Ruthless Unleashed decks where you don’t want blocks on the top of your discard.
  9. New CRD

    I’d be interested to hear what kind of decks you play. Red Panic is kinda dumb because it can be used more than once from a Trunks Sword slash (situationally). But let’s be fair and acknowledge that you should be running some kind of discard hate (a minimum of 5-6 discard pile haters). We have SKai/Pikkon/Kami, Combative Mastery, Weighted Clothes, Super Nova, Saiyan Rescue, Saiyan Menace, Red Panic, Blue Positioning Drill. I’m sure there are more... discard pile hate might the the most neglected staple there is in this game. I wonder if anyone has tried Red Panic with Cooler’s Rebirth by the way... now THAT’s really dumb.
  10. New CRD

    Yes you are right, we will just have a new set of staples, and I don't think that's a bad thing. Anything new will be amazing, imaginative and diverse for me but the set 1 ban have to coincide with a new release and perhaps a few other restrictions. Let's talk about obvious staples: Blue Betrayal and Orange Staredown. Okay so these are banned, and as result MP's that have board control (Broly, Cooler, Piccolo) become a lot more viable. You are right, it would be a mess. Universal guaranteed (secondary effects), unspherable board control is arguably "non-interactive". You are always going to see them in decks. Things like Black Refusal are a lot more interesting to me. I like cards that sacrifice assets for big gains, it brings depth to the game. In order for those cards to exist you need to ban the "safe" choices with huge benefits. Red Energy Blast is almost okay with me, it can't banish set-ups and if your opponent has no drills/allies and you do, you have to banish your own stuff. Red Lightning Slash is a lot more interesting, there it has to HIT and you lower your anger 2 levels. But nevertheless I am okay with banning it all. Exactly, the new Orange Energy Ball is a fantastic and interesting card in my opinion, but if its competing with cards like Orange Power Point, then it will never see play. I think Namekian and Black as a style are almost in that boat as well, when you consider how long Knowlege Piccolo is still around and that this Conflict SKai certainly feels like Devious Krillin 2.0... I don't think its too late to do rotations, but it will certainly be a mess. I will continue to play the game regardless, and I like the FANZ stuff, especially this new Piccolo/MVegeta MP's synergizing with the useless Set 4 red stuff (Quick Jab, Collision, Smash). But if we go back to the original point with the VTP ban, we have effectively made Supreme Kai and Black Smoothness drill stronger because what other MP/style can readily reuse cards from their discard pile? Orange Combative, Pikkon, and Kami can? Black Smoothness makes it a lot easier to hold onto a sphere while other styles will have to flounder around without a VTP for a sphere option.
  11. New CRD

  12. New CRD

    It's because the staples are just too good, its not some superstitious behavior developed by card game communities. Orange Stare Down and Blue Betrayal are guaranteed BANISHES of any set-up, drill or ally (universal board control that banishes as a secondary effect... any semi-serious player understands that you CAN'T NOT include it). Its simply lazy game design, if Orange staredown required you to banish a drill you control for guaranteed universal board control then i could respect it a bit more. If powerful effects came at a cost then this game would have had so much more depth to it. This is why Red and Namekian will always be my favorite styles because they toyed with this theme. If you lowered your anger or had enough dragon balls in play, certain cards became better. As of now, its pretty safe to say that a lot of decks kinda build themselves. Every style has their cookie cutter blocks more or less, every deck is running their staple attacks, and staple freestyle cards, maybe there is freedom for around 20 cards but I think its more like 10 cards. That is boring, and its been that way since Set 1. By now it should be obvious what the Set 1 cards are because you see them all the freaking time! If the reprints irk you then just avoid the starter set cards all together, but I know that you would be perfectly capable to adapt to this change. Its really not as bad as it sounds. Why stop at VTP? If anything banning VtP gives supreme kai and orange combative complete monopoly on recycling key cards that are needed. Visiting the Past is the best thing Set 1 had, in my opinion we should take the rest of the garbage with it. I think a game without Namek Dragon Balls, Time is a Warrior's tool. How many red decks are there that don't run red blocking hand? How many blue decks don't run head knock and betrayal? Literally there was a Knowledge Piccolo deck almost unchanged since set 1 in the ToP, I don't know what else there is to say. I think the game would change drastically because I am pretty sure every strategy would get nerfed except for saiyan broly. that would need to be addressed.
  13. New CRD

    Set 7 alone is not nearly as limiting as set 1. Freezing set 1 and it’s reprints in other sets will blow the meta wide open. The only exception is to keep Energy Sphere. There are so many good attacks and blocks from set 1 and it’s getting old. Just look at how many set 1 cards are played in the ToP. I think people are uncomfortable with idea of losing their “staples” and having to start from the ground up but this is the only way to freshen things up without over complicating the game. Removing the core of this game that it was built around is the only way to make more room for new strategies. Yes the game will start unbalanced. Ideally the next sets will patch up the obvious emerging strats in a fresh new way.
  14. New CRD

    From the beginning sensei decks were removed and I can't see how they can be implemented at this point. Every sensei deck will have wall breakers, Tug Of war, chokes... I am going to give the FanZ guys a chance with this freeze and see how they follow up with the next set. Overpowering attack restricted to 1 and no VTP is an obvious nerf to conflict supreme kai, and the reasoning behind those changes might just be that simple. I personally think VTP is good for this game because its kind of a "comeback mechanic" in the sense that the larger your discard pile is the stronger it becomes. Freezing Focusing Drill is the same as freezing Tactical Drill from before. Both strategies can be dealt with but its super tedious and non-interactive. A fun idea might be just freezing all of Set 1. Look at all the Set 1 cards still being played. Namek Dragon Balls. Every Blue deck has head knocks, betrayals, neck beams. Every Black deck has power ups, searching techniques, defensive bursts. Every Orange deck has Stare down, the blocking drills. And before anyone says "Well i have a deck that doesn't use anything" I am going to say well win something win it, and I think freezing set 1 will increase that probability.
  15. Dynamic Broly

    Yes you are correct the last 3 cards are eraser cannons. Saiyan Smack is an amazing card, 2 will go straight into the deck. Tree is out, Sword Skill is in. I can’t let go of the one menace but targeting will be removed since body blow is out as well. -1 Tree -2 Body Blow -1 Tantrum -1 Targetting +1 Sword Skill +2 Elbow Drop +2 Smack
  16. Here is my Dynamic Broly list Visiting the Past x2 Tree of Might x1 Saiyan Menace x1 Saiyan Targeting x1 Unleashed x3 Villainous Energy Sphere x2 Time is a Warrior's Tool x1 Saiyan Rescue x1 Saiyan Strength Test x1 Broly's Face Crusher x3 I'll Dig your Grave! x3 Wall Breaker x2 Devastating Blow x2 Android Arm Breaker x2 Suppressive Strike x2 Saiyan Legendary Strike x3 Saiyan Severing Punch x3 Saiyan Spin Kick x3 Saiyan Body Blow x2 Saiyan Backbreaker x2 Saiyan Face Off x2 Saiyan Domination x2 Saiyan Tantrum x1 Saiyan Tracking Blast x1 Saiyan Outrage x3 Saiyan Parry x2 Saiyan Arm Catch x2 Saiyan Crouch x2 Saiyan Energy Deflection x2 I posted this here because I don't like how many "2-ofs" I am running because as a Broly deck you need to have a strong direction that you kinda commit to. I'll quickly list my answers to each deck type to review if I have my bases covered: Anti-unleashed tech: Severing Punch, Armbreaker, Sphere, Backbreaker, Dominations. Anti-mppv tech: Wallbreaker, Devastating Blow, Legendary Strike, Spin Kick, Severing Punch, Tantrum Anti-Ally tech: Spin Kick, Eraser Cannon, Broly lv3, Menace, Legendary Strike, Tantrum. Anti-control: Domination, Sphere, Suppressive Strike, Face Off. Anti-drill: Broly lv2, Eraser Cannon, Saiyan Targeting. This normally not the mindset I would have when building a Saiyan Broly deck, where I have tech for each situation. This is perhaps an exercise in how to efficiently cover all of your bases without gimping your own beat-down engine. At the end of the day this can just lose to a "real broly deck". Here are a few thoughts: Visiting the Past instead of Saiyan Crunch: Crunch is in principle better for Broly because its an attack. The problem with Crunch for me is that it needs to hit, and I have to have 10 cards in my discard pile, meaning I will be lucky if I can use it in the mid-game. VTP can grab any card but for me to place it in play could mean I don't enter combat which is less than ideal (it should be used aggressively mind you). No Tug of War: I am on the fence but Tug covers two bases (MPPV and Ally). My plan for ally decks is to land a wombo combo where I level them up with Dig so that all the allies lose 7s. While this plan is explosive and great if it happens, it cannot be my only answer. I run a single menace because this effectively does that same thing with Rescue. The thing is these ally decks build a board fast, so I am running the crit cards, the spin kicks. Do I still need Tug of War? There are games where I wish I was still running it. A single Saiyan Destruction Blast can't justify itself if my opponent has already used Blue Training or as Torbi/Buu in play. Saiyan Targetting instead of Combination Drill: This is a card that is often overlooked because it gets banished when you level but so does combination drill. I can justify camping on lv2 in order to address some drill shenanigans. Especially with this obnoxious combo of Orange Attraction Drill and Orange Focusing drill. Orange Destruction is not limit 1 per deck or banish after use and as a result it is a very viable win condition that needs to be kept in mind. This card is my only answer to this kind of deck (especially with F. Gohan). Considering to add Saiyan Dive to help Broly's Eraser Cannon and his lv2. Saiyan Body Blow: While usually a mediocre card for me, I think I have overlooked how much utility it truly provides. Getting out Targeting or Strength Test early is game-winning. Saiyan Face Off: I have replaced Staredown with this card, and I think it has been the right choice. Its also my only answer to Black Defensive Burst. I only run 4 physical blocks which might be too low. One answer this deck had in the past was skipping and getting all my attacks out first the true broly way. I had pregame, gut kick, Sword skill but I can't find room for these shenanigans anymore. Maybe replace the VTP's for Saiyan Pregame and Saiyan Sword skill... No Saiyan Grab: I love the card but it benefits the mischief out there, and doesn't have utility or Endurance. ....Enough Rambling, what tweaks would you consider? I have a Dynamic Broly deck with the exact opposite mentality. Its MPPV/survival, no unleashed, with very little tech and runs at your opponent's face each turn. Its actually just as good...
  17. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Most of those combos are just Retribution Drawku things though. Ret was probably better for this purpose but Adept has the perk of getting out your Devouring drills if you have the right cards to combo with it. Freezing Drill, Driving Drill, and Hiding Drill are also amazing tools to have at your disposal. I would recommend OCTGN. People play all sorts of stuff on there.
  18. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    An Unleashed Adept deck does not need Goten at all and works very well: You land an attack. Get Devouring Drill in play with Mastery. If you have Extension/Collision/Dismissal you level up next action (effects that directly “play” drills). If you have Dodge/ChargedKick, you return a drill to your hand to play it in your setup phase, level up. Dodge/ChargedKick also work splendidly with Possesion Drill. Everytime you level up, you are rejuvenating Checkup Drill with Mastery. Everytime you land an attack you are either tutoring devouring or check up Drill. Adept drawku can easily just chain 10 attacks on you in a combat. He has access to Sword Chop and Kaioken. All of his levels give him an extra card... it’s truly a beast of a deck if piloted properly. Cards just turn into more cards in hand.
  19. Adaptive over Adept in Android 13 beats seems a bit dumb, I have the suspicion he might have been trying some cheesy MPPV build, as an homage to Retribution 13. But I guess this guy was top 16 so I look forward to eating my words.
  20. Wow okay, just saw the game and this is Black Krillin all over again but worse... and he was running ~30 planning step cards... it must have been something like: Namek Ball 1-7 Dragon Radar Heroic Plan x2 Visiting the Past x3 Black Searching Technique x3 Black Command x3 Black Power Up x1 Black Smoothness Drill x1 Black Absorption Drill x1 Black Erasing Drill x2 Black recollection Drill x2 Android Efficiency Drill x1 Kibito x1 Kami x1 Korin x1 Ox King
  21. My guess is that means there wasn’t a non-mppv adept deck there. Devouring Drill/Unleashed consistently get you to level 4. My candidates were Cell(old)/Drawku/Buu/Gohan. Very potent deck... i would love to know the mindset behind the Conflict Mastery but my guess is it addresses two things fairly well: MPPV and Broly. It also might have allowed him to get greedy with some stage costly attacks.
  22. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    So what is the meta in your points of view? Blue Ally Mill Broly (Anything) Trunks (Ascension/Misch) F.Gohan/Gohan/Drawku (anything) Yamcha/Supreme Kai (Orange). And then maybe Slug Ball, MVegeta, HVegeta, Goten? How are you guys teching accordingly? My tech prioritizes anti-unleash and discard pile hate.
  23. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I think you guys are forgetting how amazing that Raditz ally is as well. I like leveling up these decks with Broly level 3. Throw in a casual Menace or two, then I have milled these ally decks 30 stages (that’s assuming you only have 2 allies). Right now Dynamic Broly is the most solid choice for me. Start on lv2 banishing my opponents combo pieces from the start. If my opponent does get rolling all I have to do is land a Dig and that’s game pretty much. Adept decks will be running Driving Drill, which will hurt Babidi more than Cell. For the non-adept, Moment of Peace is certainly a staple. I want to play Red Hero Vegeta energy beats, but I won’t have enough stages with Ruthless. Red Restriction, Red Chest Beam Final Flash and Vegeta’s Prideful Challenge seems like a solid foundation for what’s out there but Broly smacks it like a fly on the wall. Majin Vegeta has a similar problem in that it’s not fast enough and loses the beats race to Broly.
  24. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I have faced a protective babidi once and it didn’t feel nearly as threatening as tag cell. I have an eye on H.A18 and Kid Trunks but they are not even 75% of the top dogs (with some support they could be though). I am probably being a bit dramatic, we have plenty of viable decks to play with in the game’s current state. It’s just that freezing retribution / tactical drill hasn’t brought any new decks. Ascension Trunks will always keep all decks in check (a deck has to be fast or pack 10+ anti-anger cards). As a result, a (quoting the blog) M. Vegeta survival deck with “a back up of mppv” will never be viable really. This “mppv back up plan” will remain non-existent so long as we have awakening Trunks. Rather than invest in anger for maybe a level or two, you are better off getting Unleashed. Any competitive M. Vegeta deck will be packing Unleashed imo.p
  25. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    After getting my butt kicked on OCTGN, I can tell you guys a few things on my mind. As a disclaimer, all my decks seem to be garbage at the moment. I was hoping the recent freezing of Retribution and Tactical drill would open up room for new decks, but that doesn't seemed to have happened. Ascension Trunks, Saiyan Broly, Tag Cell, Future Gohan, Gohan, Drawku, and Yamcha were and still are the big boys. I haven't experienced the impact of the new Majin personalities yet. Future Gohan mixing with Gohan stacks was an atrocity and reverted for good reason. But these "Future Gohan and friends" decks are also kinda wrong to me imo. He was a loner in the canon, so him taking advantage of Chi Chi and Piccolo allies seems wrong to me. Making Future Gohan a seperate entity that can use Gohan named cards is how it should be imo. He gets so much action advantage as it is (by turning one off your power or gaining actions when you use your power). Anyways x2 Tug of War is very necessary these days, and I think very few decks can get away without using them. If there is one interesting thing they could do is replace the anti-anger effects on F. Gohan with "Banish an ally". Orange Combative and Red Amplified energy beats are my next exploration (unfortunately with Drawku/Yamcha/F.Gohan). For those that are not aware, Adept Drawku/Gohan physical beats can easily deck you in 2 combats (Tutoring key cards for the perfect combo is still very viable).