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  1. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    So what is the meta in your points of view? Blue Ally Mill Broly (Anything) Trunks (Ascension/Misch) F.Gohan/Gohan/Drawku (anything) Yamcha/Supreme Kai (Orange). And then maybe Slug Ball, MVegeta, HVegeta, Goten? How are you guys teching accordingly? My tech prioritizes anti-unleash and discard pile hate.
  2. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I think you guys are forgetting how amazing that Raditz ally is as well. I like leveling up these decks with Broly level 3. Throw in a casual Menace or two, then I have milled these ally decks 30 stages (that’s assuming you only have 2 allies). Right now Dynamic Broly is the most solid choice for me. Start on lv2 banishing my opponents combo pieces from the start. If my opponent does get rolling all I have to do is land a Dig and that’s game pretty much. Adept decks will be running Driving Drill, which will hurt Babidi more than Cell. For the non-adept, Moment of Peace is certainly a staple. I want to play Red Hero Vegeta energy beats, but I won’t have enough stages with Ruthless. Red Restriction, Red Chest Beam Final Flash and Vegeta’s Prideful Challenge seems like a solid foundation for what’s out there but Broly smacks it like a fly on the wall. Majin Vegeta has a similar problem in that it’s not fast enough and loses the beats race to Broly.
  3. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I have faced a protective babidi once and it didn’t feel nearly as threatening as tag cell. I have an eye on H.A18 and Kid Trunks but they are not even 75% of the top dogs (with some support they could be though). I am probably being a bit dramatic, we have plenty of viable decks to play with in the game’s current state. It’s just that freezing retribution / tactical drill hasn’t brought any new decks. Ascension Trunks will always keep all decks in check (a deck has to be fast or pack 10+ anti-anger cards). As a result, a (quoting the blog) M. Vegeta survival deck with “a back up of mppv” will never be viable really. This “mppv back up plan” will remain non-existent so long as we have awakening Trunks. Rather than invest in anger for maybe a level or two, you are better off getting Unleashed. Any competitive M. Vegeta deck will be packing Unleashed imo.p
  4. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    After getting my butt kicked on OCTGN, I can tell you guys a few things on my mind. As a disclaimer, all my decks seem to be garbage at the moment. I was hoping the recent freezing of Retribution and Tactical drill would open up room for new decks, but that doesn't seemed to have happened. Ascension Trunks, Saiyan Broly, Tag Cell, Future Gohan, Gohan, Drawku, and Yamcha were and still are the big boys. I haven't experienced the impact of the new Majin personalities yet. Future Gohan mixing with Gohan stacks was an atrocity and reverted for good reason. But these "Future Gohan and friends" decks are also kinda wrong to me imo. He was a loner in the canon, so him taking advantage of Chi Chi and Piccolo allies seems wrong to me. Making Future Gohan a seperate entity that can use Gohan named cards is how it should be imo. He gets so much action advantage as it is (by turning one off your power or gaining actions when you use your power). Anyways x2 Tug of War is very necessary these days, and I think very few decks can get away without using them. If there is one interesting thing they could do is replace the anti-anger effects on F. Gohan with "Banish an ally". Orange Combative and Red Amplified energy beats are my next exploration (unfortunately with Drawku/Yamcha/F.Gohan). For those that are not aware, Adept Drawku/Gohan physical beats can easily deck you in 2 combats (Tutoring key cards for the perfect combo is still very viable).
  5. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    How do you plan on comboing with “On the move”? I guess it’s pretty lucrative in Black or any deck that can take advantage of Heroic Plan... I am a bit unsure about sacrificing a card in hand to cancel a skip effect but a combat ender I can justify. Just wish they didn’t change it to an event card (it was a physical combat at one point). I was expecting a card that could banish cards in the discard pile when entering combat and could be banished from the discard pile to cancel a skip effect (parenthetical).
  6. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Its not gonna be an Orange-Z game because Orange Retribution Mastery and Red Tactical Drill have been frozen. Read the CRD!!! I will admit I felt the same way until I discovered that. That being said, Adept MPPV seems very doable. I think you have gotten a few things wrong: Red Sleeper Hold is going to be absolutely nuts in Ruthless, whether you are going MPPV or survival. Namekian Reinforced Blast is a 7 damage unpreventable card pretty much (2 life cards is hard to endure, and then its mill 5). So that is a brutal card, but it can't crit. Empowering Drill just won't see play until we see a namekian Drill beat-down MP. It's main goal is to support enlightened mastery, but it really needs to be allowed to stay when you level up imo. Namekian Rush is definitely what Namekian Phys beats needed (Justice Punch might be its only other source of anti-anger?). Namekian Destruction Blast is a mediocre card but it fills a huge weakness in radiant energy beats. Namekian Manipulation Drill is absolutely bonkers, hands down. Aggressive ball plays are very open with this card in play. Saiyan Massacre is also really nice: board control that can rejuvenate itself is gonna be priceless in some match ups. Out of the new MP's I think you pretty much nailed it. I am not sure lv2 camp Majin Vegeta decks have what it takes to hinder any combat-ending/action-skipping meta. I also agree that Babidi is just a crappy version of Cell pretty much, but idk. Buu is powerful, but people think they can easily play around his level 4... time will certainly tell. What will be interesting to see is if we will see any non-ally energy beats decks now that we have Buu and Majin Vegeta to accompany Piccolo, Goten, Broly...
  7. Piccolo’s Lethal Chop is great. I didn’t expect Piccolo to get a named card seeing as he is plenty good but a sinister choke with setup/drill/ally/attach card hate is pretty damn amazing. Concussive blow has a place in Majin Vegeta decks easy. Saiyan Flying Kick is a mediocre card for a garbage Mastery.
  8. Sure his level 4 is useless if your opponent has 2 physical blocks and a sinister choke. Everyone understands that... if you don’t land your 8 stages one combat but land a physical the later you still have board control and the potential to land the 8s and rejuv next combat.
  9. You are absolutely crazy if you think his lv4 is just “okay”. The first attack against him does no damage... He has board control on command. He has an EIGHT stage physical... and you think his HIT effect is underwhelming even though it’s a reliable Rejuv 3 but potentially a Rejuv 9... This level 4 is more than okay to me, and if you are not convinced it wouldn’t be difficult to demonstrate... IT HAS EVERYTHING except maybe a crit effect. Let’s add crit effect + Rejuv 3 because I don’t think he is strong enough... I think orange will be best just for devouring drill assist Unleashed in turboing to lv4.
  10. I think I am whining about how Ret will probably be the best deck for him. For beats/mppv I don’t think there is really a contest unfortunately. I will try him in Red as well. Red Restriction + Prideful Challenge should really mess with some decks. I think Ruthless and Ascension have a place for him. If I do go the Ruthless route I will be running Unleashed though. I am a bit pessimistic on Dynamic in general. I don’t think it’s good, but I would def go Unleashed with Dynamic as well.
  11. I can’t wait, I am gonna play him in my Retribution deck /s
  12. Hey guys, here are some fan-made cards I have for a dream personality. The theme here is juggling set-ups and incentivizing the sword theme to camp lower levels. If designed properly, he should have good fits in Resourceful, Radiant, and Enlightenment. I have 2 namekian sword cards in mind (1 a set-up, and 1 an energy) ideally designed to synergize with this stack.
  13. Namekian Sword Archetype

    Namekian Sword Chop has been scrapped at this point but I didn’t make that clear. Thinking of changing the hit effect to “HIT:Raise your anger X levels. X = the number of “Chop” cards in your discard pile. Another thing may be to just reduce the damage output to ensure the card is only active when Radiant Mastery is active. Gohan’s Sword Juke as it stands also works with resourceful mastery, and is perhaps even stronger than in Radiant. One easy change would be to count sword juke as an earth dragon ball and remove the parenthetical from the personality.
  14. Namekian Sword Archetype

    It has been months and I thought I would revisit this Mystic Gohan Sword stack. The level 1 camp idea has been scrapped, and the level 2 has been reworked. This makes him playable in both namekian and blue as a camp lv2 stack. Switching the Lv4's when entering combat power to an energy attack might be too strong with the access to Gohan's Backlash. The lv3 might be complarable now to the awakening lv3 we shall see. Lv1 Gohan Student (Your styled cards with "Sword" in the title are considered to be Earth Dragon Balls for your card effects). ∞Your opponents effects cannot lower your anger. POWER: Place a set-up from your hand into play. Lv2 Gohan Aspiring Swordsman (Your cards with "Sword" in the title are considered to be Earth Dragon Balls for your card effects). ∞Your attacks with "Sword" in the title gain "HIT:Your styled cards are considered to have "Sword" in the title for your card effects for the remainder of combat" POWER: Choose a card in your banished zone and rejuvenate it. If that card had "Sword" in the title, search your life deck for a set-up with "Sword" in the title and place it into play. Lv3 Gohan Broken Sword (Your cards with "Sword" in the title are considered Styled.) ∞Your attacks gain "HIT:Choose a styled card in a discard pile and banish it." POWER: Physical Attack doing 5 stages. HIT: Search your discard pile for a styled attack and banish it to use its "HIT" effect. Lv4 Gohan Mystic ∞Your attacks do +1 Life card for each card with "Sword" in the title in your Banished zone. POWER: Energy Attack DAMAGE: 1 Life card. Draw the bottom card of your discard pile. HIT: Choose a card in a discard pile and banish it. Gohan's Sword Juke (Setup) (This card is considered Styled) Physical Attack. DAMAGE: 4 stages. HIT: Return this card to your hand after use.
  15. So I understand not wanting Confrontation but you should certainly be running 3 Spheres, especially since you will be dumping all your cards (attacks) each combat anyway, might as well hold on to that sphere in your hand until you need it. Orange Meditation is enough reason alone to run spheres imo. I'd also reccommend running Black Searching Techniques and VTP's as your only dead draws if you can manage it, but I understand if that is undermining the goal of this deck.