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  1. Now that it's official

    Nightwing/Batgirl seems like it will be a good combo at least for the beginning. I only got one starter and got the Batman one so I know that I will at least be playing it for a while. I'm still trying to track down a booster box locally and then I can try some other stuff out. I like that there are a lot of quality characters that are common and uncommon as well as the rare ones that you would expect.
  2. Now that it's official

    So what kinds of decks have been flying around? Has there been any characters that are being used in most decks? Have you noticed any nice two card combos?
  3. Breakdown of stat types

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to get some discussion going, so one of the things that crossed my mind is what preference people had when filling out their battle card slots. What is the first thing you look for? Is it highest value playable by your characters? Is it effects on the battle card? Are you keeping track of the total number of characters with access to that type of stat? Or something else, just curious as the game is still very new I figured there would be a variety of reasoning.
  4. Now that it's official

    Well I'm not totally giving up but I'm not exactly going to spend much money yet either. I do think that once the cash tournaments start there will be a uptick in interest, turns out people like money lol
  5. Now that it's official

    I tend to agree with you after the seemingly non existent release events nor hype for this game it is a UUUphill battle. I haven't played a game yet but one of my buddies got some cards from SDCC and I sifted through some cards and read through the rule book and the game seem fine but if nobody plays it doesn't much matter I suppose
  6. Now that it's official

    Well that sucks, maybe once the second set comes out and the game has picked up some steam, stores in your area will. I am not sure of any stores in my area except one that might start having tournaments. I'm curious to hear if they announce OP info at Gen-Con
  7. Now that it's official

    Hello and good afternoon, I am just curious if other forum users have had any release events or are having any in the near future. I haven't seen any in my area (Austin) and I know it just came out so I'm just seeing what interest looks like around the US.