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  1. Quick Deck Help *Beerus & Hit*

    Welcome to the game first off So I'll comment on the Hit deck as it's a deck I have been tinkering around with lately. The second set provided a lot of really good red cards and I have been enjoyed playing red much more now. There are a couple of cards that you have in your deck that I haven't really had any success with such as fickle destruction and calm hearted Vados. I would suggest replacing the fickle destruction with x2 cabba's awakening and also adding those promo hits. Another card worth adding is the new rare Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, as he is one of the best cards from set 2. I also think the further destruction Champa might be a little redundant in this deck as most of the important cards have double strike already. One other card that I would suggest looking at adding is the rare Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Let me know what revisions you go with and hopefully you can have some fun with this deck too
  2. Draft Box Leaders

    I think Vegeta and Goku will be fairly decent and cause some issues for some "meta" decks
  3. Buu/Red Deck Style

    I hear you, but surprisingly the deck list is a decent one. My buddy built a Babadi deck the first weekend and when the article came out he laughed about the fact that his deck was only 7 cards different from the Bandai deck. He was playing Jiren, which I really like as well, and he wasn't playing x4 of the super rare Gohan because he only has x2. I actually just built the deck on Tuesday but I have not played it yet. I am eager to find out how it fairs against Cell. Cell is pretty popular right now in my area (and most places I'm guessing) so hopefully it's not a too bad of a match-up
  4. Buu/Red Deck Style

    Mono red Babadi decks are the starting point for most, here's a link from the Bandai website about their take on the deck http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/strategy/union-force/decks_majin-buu.php. It is a pretty fun deck and you can build it without the super rare Gohan as that card isn't too cheap. As far as being new to the game, welcome and definitely check out some deck profiles on youtube, there are lots. And with all games be ready to lose some in the beginning and be patient and then the wins will start coming.
  5. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    As far as the super dash promos, I think they will fairly common and easy to get even if you do not purchase the 12 packs to get them
  6. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    I feel like most of the set 1 tournament promos are nice additions to decks but the only one that is perhaps above the curve is the super saiyan 3 Goku but it has to be in a mono red deck to get the full use. In set 2 I think most are in the same brand of "good additions but not needed". I will agree that the secondary market is not where I would like to get the promos.
  7. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    They all seem useful is some way. Vegito seems like most red decks will want it, it's efficient and it combos for zero cost. Cell seems real good in a Broly deck and probably a cell deck. Goku is the one I'm least excited for but yeah the evolve for 3 is the saving grace. Ginyu Force will obviously be great in a Ginyu deck and probably good in a Freiza deck. The overall card pool increase from this set is going to be really nice for deck building, let the hype train keep chuggin' along!
  8. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    I'm liking the yellow cards so far, I like that they have expanded on some of the archetypes from set one as well as creating some variety so that decks won't be as similar
  9. Bo1 vs. Bo3

    I personally like BO3 as well as the inclusion of sideboards. I think for local weekday events that start at 7pm or whatever kinda need to be BO1 so that people can be done at a reasonable time but if it's a Saturday tournament then I would definitly rather BO3 60 minute rounds