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  1. Yah, I was thinking Orange Meditation belongs in either Blue or Namekian. Honestly, aside from the hot mess that is Orange Meditation, these Styled cards are less than impressive. I could see Black Constant Barrage being neat with Cell, but meh. I like that they are adding to Red's drill theme with Red Panic, but honestly, there aren't many drills in Red that are worth playing at all, so to me, the theme is worthless. Red needed about 2 really good drills that are actually worth playing to get that theme off the ground, but we never got them. Hopefully there'll be a good drill in this set that sets the theme off. Saiyan Disruption is lame. Namekian Choke-er-Grab is lame. Blue Easy Knee seems neat, but nothing really impressive. My opinion on this set almost entirely hinges on the support Red is going to get, I want to see some fun, combo-wombo support for Red Ascension, as I have a ton of fun playing it, and I feel that Mastery has a lot of potential.
  2. Love the Vegeta stack, and Cell's Level 4 actually looks unstoppable now lol. But that level 4 of Gohan looks incredible!!!! Any way you could PM these? I can't save the images off of photobucket.