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  1. Lo and behold, the moment I get the itch to return to the game, I learn it's been dead for nearly a year. Shame. Still, perhaps this is a great opportunity for me to collect all the cards and have a "Complete" set of Panini's Dragon Ball Z TCG? Eh? If the price is right, I'm looking to purchase the following: Complete CUR Sets of every release on the PanZ TCG. I'm afraid only complete CUR's will do. I'd rather not have to hunt down 1-2 copies of things such as Sinister Choke, Crushing Beam or Named Cards. Complete Starter Decks/MP sets of every personality in the game. This includes the Starter cards and Masteries from Premier, Evolution & Awakening. Again, I'd rather purchase all of the MP's from each Set. If you only have the ones from Premier or Awakening or what have you, that's fine. But I'm talking like, I don't want to have to purchase all the Vengeance personalities sans Broly, if you know what I'm saying. For everything that falls outside the scope of Starter Decks & CUR Sets, I am also willing to purchase UR's and Promos on a case by case basis, depending on price. This includes Golden Frieza, SSG Goku, "Better" Krillin etc. But I will say with fair warning I'm not paying $100 for Heroic/Villainous Energy Spheres, Heroic Dashing Punches & I'll Dig Your Graves. I'd rather my funds go towards completing CUR's and MP Sets than spending a small fortune on a dead card games rare cards. So if you're looking to make your money back on your UR's and Promos, I'm probably not the guy to sell to. Not to sound blunt, but I don't care about nor do I put any increased value in Foils. So you can keep them if they won't be priced accordingly with the non-foil versions. I understand this is all looking a little vague, so I'll try to post what I "want" to pay for each item and we can haggle from there. I'm looking to pay $5 per Starter Deck that comes with the cards, MP's & Mastery. So that's $30 per complete set of Premier, Evolution or Awakening Starters. I'll pay $100 if you have all three. I can't find anything for reference online as to how much CUR's should be priced at, as the only Ebay links I see are both for Awakening with one guy selling for $80 and one for $30. I'm gonna go with the $30 per CUR as a baseline. UR's and Promos I will buy on a case by case basis and won't even attempt to put a price on it. Because if I haven't rustled your Jimmies already I dare not risk telling you what I think a Sphere is worth to buy for a dead card game, no matter how useful it is. lol.