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  1. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    That's what he is in the Japanese game. Might be different here though.
  2. New player just made this randomly

    Agree with everything Bear said
  3. New player just made this randomly

    Always have four copies of Boost Attack Piccolo, Senzu Bean, and Whis' Coercion. Drop the six drop Goku too it is no good.
  4. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    Yellow is supposed to be Black/Rose Goku if I remember correctly.
  5. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    Agreed. There are a couple of discrepancies between the starter deck rule manual and the rules manual online that shouldn't be there.
  6. Set 1 Leader Card Rankings

    The card advantage you deny your opponent as Vegeta is completely overwhelming. Plus Vegeta can awaken himself early, leave the opponent unawakened (outside of Champa or another Vegeta) and the fact that the blue card pool has literally EVERYTHING. It has all of the tools available to it.
  7. Rules primer - counter timings - Play vs Attack

    You are correct but also the second sentence of 6-3-1-3-1-1 says: "If you cannot switch the necessary amount of cards to Rest Mode, you cannot declare playing of the card." This would SEEM to imply that you do have to declare the playing of the card. Otherwise why would there be a check to make sure you have the correct energy in play?
  8. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    Yup they have boxes and special packs up for pre order.
  9. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    The Double Shot Vegeta is GODLIKE
  10. Deck Spotlight: The Prince of All Saiyans - Blue / Red Vegeta

    This seems like a great Blitzkrieg deck, but have you found that letting the opponent take so much natural damage (and therefore drawing cards) and letting them awaken slows it down? Have you tested leaving them at 5 and waiting for a kill turn with crits and double/triple strikers?
  11. Set 2 Gencon Spoilers

    Pictures taken from the Bandai booth at Gencon, from the DBS FB group. https://m.imgur.com/a/v0m9U Trunks is "meh" but he is just an uncommon so it makes sense. Hopefully he has a better Rare leader. Also Vegito confirmed and Zamasu looks... interesting... lol
  12. Beerus Auto and Blocker

    If that were the case then Cabba would have to take a damage before blockers were assigned and we already established that isnt the case.
  13. Evolve Cards and Retained Effects

    Wait... what? Cold Bloodlust would resolve on the Mecha Frieza being played and any Frieza you evolve that Mecha Frieza into would also have its effects negated.
  14. Frieza Control

    You HAVE to splash yellow to make it work. The best splash would be Blue. Just so it doesn't die as fast and TRY to catch up.
  15. Frieza Control

    Against a good deck you are usually dead by turn six. and you can only stock up so many cards to combo with when the only cards you draw are from natural drawing and your leader ability, which kills a card on your field.