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  1. Idk who told you that. First player is chosen at random. Usually via die roll but can be done thru any other random means like rock paper scissors, coin flip, etc.
  2. Yeah and that was announced a LONG time ago and we now less about it than Meta X, which is next to nothing. and they even have a separate arm of the company now, Panini Games, which says ALOT about them imo I am starting to wonder WHY DC even gave them the license at this point...
  3. Cards in UFS have costs. Every card needs a control check, and once played and added to the card pool add to the progressive difficulty. Every card has a cost.
  4. FFG

    This is true but FF is pretty niche, this is STAR WARS I have never seen a game outside of FF and Destiny where I PHYSICALLY CANT BUY PRODUCT, it boggles my mind.
  5. FFG

    That is a BIIIIIG problem tho
  6. I feel this so bad. I am a big DC fan and to see such a golden opportunity seemingly already flop just hurts my soul.
  7. I'm super disappointed and it's the first announcement Dx
  8. FFG

    They absolutely 100% are. I don't know if it just comes from their lack of experience with CCGs (being so used to the LCG model) or what it is, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot and anchoring the game down from being the best it could be.
  9. Some bare bones Meta X info on the dbz blog Cant really make heads or tails out of the info given, and they really shouldnt be putting the first info for this game on the DBZ blog... -__-
  10. But I agree with what everyone has said. Make a few cards saiyan or namekian only for flavor. PanZ had a HUGE problem with color identity from the start (shoehorning everything into every style) and something like this would really help fix that problem.
  11. You mean Broly is fine? lol
  12. Heads up for anyone interested, boxes are currently $27 off MSRP for pre order on CFL
  13. This is the same thing they have had since the site went up, nothing really explains anything.
  14. Completely agree. The reason I lost my final match at the Perfection era ARG was because of the bogus draw systems in place in DBZ.
  15. Yeah stalling was such a big problem in Pokemon they had to add a whole new section to the rules to try and fix it.