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  1. Yeah after watching the tutorial video the game sounds alot better than I previously thought. I think the problem was that rule sheet did a HORRIBLE job explaining the rules.
  2. I think 90% of the designs are unfinished. Which for a game that is supposed to release in under 2 months with pre orders already being accepted, smells a bit too "Activision" for my tastes.
  3. Yeah... this is... wow... also I agree with @Stryyder about card draw gonna be OP and Superman already confirmed to have a draw ability with his starter version watch his UR version be Drawku, just WATCH lol
  4. They have starter deck versions of Bats and Supes and also these UR versions. But for being "broken" I mean actual broken like they make all the URs to hike up box sales (Sphere, Dig, Unleashed, etc.) URs are confirmed 1:2 boxes and XRs are one per box. I had assumed the game would be based around a "personality" like DBZ, but if that's NOT the case then this actually makes it WORSE lol
  5. So the two URs are Batman and Superman. They made the two 1:2 box URs CHARACTER CARDS. As bad as it got with DBZ at least they never made characters URs outside of the alt. art ones in Set 4 (which nobody cared about). They have officially made this worse than DBZ in one set. Cause you know they will be OP af and with them being 1:2 boxes they'll be super pricey and here we are again... -___-
  6. Just fucking ban Unleashed
  7. Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series ... and Knuckles
  8. The same shit we have been saying for what feels like years now. 1. Ban Unleashed 2. Make Drawku styled only 3. Make Devious styled only
  9. PanZ was DEFINITELY a more balanced game than Score Z (although that isn't saying much) but it suffered HEAVILY from lack of testing, corporate oversight, and obvious balance problems being completely ignored. It is almost like all of Scores's problems came from WITHIN the game itself and all of PanZ's problems came from the outside, independent of the actual game itself.
  10. I am sure there is a fan translation somewhere, but unfortunately i dont know where :/ It actually got deep in Magic which was cool. One villain even had a land destruction deck!
  11. and the original manga where they played Magic was actually really good.
  12. Well at that point it doesn't really matter what it was signed on, could just be a regular picture of Goku.
  13. /\ Now that is how you score some sales lol /\
  14. np
  15. Piccolo Premiere 2 only checks what type of card was discarded, not whether it is still in the discard or not. It doesn't have to still be in the discard for the effect to activate. At least that's how I understand it.