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  1. Nintendo E3 Direct

    I was actually at E3 last week, it was great. RIP to Snake's ass though...
  2. Majin Vegeta and Escalation revealed

    Oh man I LOVE this stack. Even more evidence how FanZ is better than DBS lol
  3. ToP SCR

    I could if people are interested in it yeah. It is slower than 3ku but far more consistent. The better part is if your SCR strategy gets foiled it still has alternate paths to victory.
  4. ToP SCR

    Also btw, I build a SCR focused deck with the ToP Frieza leader and it is WAAAAYYYY better than 3ku
  5. ToP SCR

    I am playing online. Haven't invested any actual money on cards. That may be where I stay for awhile unless a National near me pops up or something.
  6. ToP SCR

    Yup. Yup, that is it. Also keep in mind that during that 3rd turn you can potentially draw up to 8 cards in a single turn. 1 for turn 2/4 from Yellow 5 drop Goku (depending if you use the ability once or twice) 2 from awakening 1 from swinging with leader This lets you dig through your deck super fast, not counting Piccolos as well. It is also important to note that the new 1 drop Goku and the Universe 7 Representative Extra Card let you nab the SCR.
  7. ToP SCR

    Was testing a deck last night on Untap with the SCR and the 3ku leader, and can confirm it works WONDERS. Can get it out on Turn 3 fairly consistently.
  8. ToP SCR

    I don't expect to see it in play outside of ToP drafts tbh. You HAVE to run one of the U7 leaders, and you are almost forced to play the U7 Goku leader so I don't see it doing much because of that.
  9. ToP SCR

    I mean, at least the card is ass. That's good lol
  10. Set 3 Droids

    I never thought about it like that, but you're right...
  11. ToP SCR

    http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/us-en/strategy/tournament-of-power/scr.php Great... another fucking Goku...
  12. Set 3 Droids

    It has been doing very well on Untap.
  13. Set 3 Droids

    I had 4 Relentless at first as well, but a friend of mine suggested the change and BOY did it help. It is just better to have the options available to you imo. If you don't have Cell chain, the 13 engine is SEVERELY underrated, I would recommend trying that out. The 13 SR is only $2 lol
  14. Set 3 Droids

    Bump? lol
  15. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    I have no problem with a "next generation" show. Hell, one of my favorite series ever is Batman Beyond. Jojo's entire gimmick is that it is a next generation show. Which brings me to a thought I have had since the beginning of Super. Dragon Ball NEEDS to Jojo itself. What do I mean by that? We need a time skip, we need a new lead character, (not necessarily 100% new, have it be Gohan or present timeline adult Trunks, etc.), but it needs to reinvent itself. This is all from a creative standpoint, however. Financially Dragon Ball is doing fine, and therefore the company has no reason to change it. But creatively it has been stagnant for a long time. With so many other Shonen series (Hero Aca being the BIG one) essentially doing everything right that DBS (and Shonen in general) is doing wrong, I can only hope it is just a matter of time before the fan base gets tired of it. I am not holding my breath for that though...