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  1. Yup lol But I am more so referring to like OP events with cash on the line, casuals have way more leniency.
  2. Hey guys I was able to get some time in with DBZF at EVO 2017 and here are my thoughts on it! I hope you enjoy!
  3. Uhhh... Melee says "hi" lol
  4. I am a little confused about the drafting with the leader cards. Are they saying that if you don't draft your leader in your first pack then you HAVE to take one from the next pack, plus an extra card? am i reading that right?
  5. If it is your opponent's responsibility to trigger the effect and they don't then fuck 'em lol
  6. That would involve someone playing Black tho... lol
  7. A new Black mastery could totally work if they just did what they should have done with Devious and restrict it to styled cards only. Other than that I would like to see a Black mastery that works with the "punish your opponent for blocking" theme that we saw a little bit of with cards like tunneling ball. i would love to see that concept expand because I love the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" playstyle.
  8. Discuss! What do you guys think of the draft rules?
  9. This is how I feel 100%. That's like in a fighting game if your opponent drops a combo and going "oh hey let me stand here and let you try that again" fuck that noise.
  10. oh ok i was like hold on a minute lol
  11. There were so many structural problems with PanZ's tournaments...
  12. WHOA! $20 FOR A STARTER!?!?
  13. I would have absolutely popped the fuck off if that happened to me. But glad you got to go full Geese Howard on him at the end lol
  14. As of what we know right now it looks like that the light of hope trunks is in the tournament packs as a foil and as the puzzle hunt promo. but it wouldn't surprise me if a "normal" version comes out in set 2 since this is the only card from the Zamasu arc right now, and set 2 seems to be mainly focused on that arc. So yeah right now puzzle hunt and TP packs only, with more than likely "normal" version in set 2.
  15. I think that is just because those decks aren't good. Better decks and options are gonna shut off other decks/options just by the nature of being better. Whatever "good" happens to be is going to naturally push out the things that are "bad" or just "not as good".