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  1. Set 2 news

    All this news is hype AF yo! *fire emoji* *fire emoji* *fire emoji*
  2. Where's this thing going?

    I think it is on the start of a slow decline.
  3. Ginyu Force Rules! Ginyu Force Rules!

    I look forward to the report.
  4. Help with Ginyu

    Yeah they will awaken once they are at 4 but the idea is that even if they do awaken you have such an overwhelming advantage that they cant do anything about it.
  5. Help with Ginyu

    You leave them at 5 life and just build your board until you can blow them out in one turn.
  6. Help with Ginyu

    Jarrett is 100% right, deffos run the four Mecha Frieza. I forgot to tell you that yesterday
  7. Battling

    I don't agree because that isn't the way the game is built.
  8. Battling

    It depends on the matchup and state of the game. This game generally encourages offense but sometimes you may want to hold off. Like not wanting to give Mecha Frieza something on the following turn, or as Vegeta normally you want to only attack with Critical effects so if you don't have any and/or are low on life you may want to wait. A strategy that is becoming more prevalent is leaving the opponent at 5 life and waiting until you can kill them in one big turn. So you may hold off on attacking. So basically sometimes yes and sometimes no. hope that helps.
  9. The Deck box sets sound interesting, reminds me of the special sets Bandai did with Zatch Bell. Also very interesting they are already dipping into other source material like Xenoverse.
  10. Worst TCG you've ever played?

    oh my god I wish I was there Dx
  11. vegeta or broly?

    drop the Vegeta for the broly promo, and if you get more keep dropping the Vegetas for them.
  12. Hit Leader Skill

    No, only one response per individual attack.
  13. Auto skills and Blockers

    This is very good to know because I got dicked over two tournaments ago by judges not knowing what the ruling was.
  14. Auto skills and Blockers

    This is REALLY confusing... So Cabba chooses whether or not to take a life AFTER counters but BEFORE blockers?
  15. Why don't Living Card Games get more popular?

    WotC makes so much damn money off of MTG why would they do that?