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  1. Also yeah Tien sucks lol
  2. Set 10 Decks

    Oppressive Trunks, as of now, is the best MPPV deck hands down. It is freakin bananas Also Mischievous 17 is REALLY REEAALLYYYYY good.
  3. charge your damn phone!
  4. Brand spanking new

    Welcome! What game are you here for? DBS, FanZ, or Destiny?
  5. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    It is CRAZY. Saw a match against Ruthless Videl where Trunks went form 1 to 3 and the Videl only made ONE attack...
  6. Set 10 Decks

  7. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    I am glad they got rid of them, it is going to force players to experiment and there is so much good stuff to experiment with in this set. Soooo.... can we talk about how nuts Saiyan Oppressive Trunks is tho?
  8. Draft Box Leaders

    All the info on the Draft Boxes is up. Leaders: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428901&free=P-025 P-026 P-027 P-028 General Info: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/product/dbs-box01.php#howToPlay01 Releases December 8th for $100. Comes with 12 Set 1 packs, 12 Set 2 packs, 4 of the same random Draft Leader (4 Gokus, 4 Vegetas, etc.) and one TP1 back. Frieza is easily the best of the bunch, and these will be legal in time for the December 16th Regional (which I am attending) so that should be interesting. Personally I am going to buy 1 Box and get the other leaders as singles. What do you all think? Discuss!
  9. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    I keep forgetting about the CBL restriction... lol Wait... I didn't even realize that Cooler COULDN'T use CBL... Holy crap lol
  10. Yellow/Red Frieza 2.0

    If you are running yellow there is no reason to not run 4 CBL and 4 Crusher. It is the only reason to run that awful color lol
  11. Android 17/18 alpha build

    4 level 1 and 4 level 2 for sure. Right now I have Perfect at 4 and Dash at 2 since I dropped Tien. Ratio isn't final though.
  12. Android 17/18 alpha build

    I have decided to run this deck and max it out. I was able to trade for the 2 Dash Cells. I just need two TP1 Cell and 2 TP2 17 promos to finish my deck. Also considering cosplaying 17 at regionals, minus a wig. Would be fun.
  13. Android 17/18 alpha build

    Yeah in testing (and practice) I found Tien useless in 17/18. I would much rather use the Dash pack Cell.
  14. Let's build a deck: Vegito

    Here is my list. This deck has zero testing fyi I just put it together because it sounded good. None of the Vegetas or Gokus are above 4 energy and I omitted Lightning Speed Vegito because I don't like a card you can only attack with once, and I omitted the SCR because, as cool as it is, it is a 1 of and unsearchable and unsummonable aside from drawing it naturally and playing it. I kept the number of Gokus and Vegetas at 12 each to ensure better odds of Union Summoning. Furious Yell Vegeta is there to self awaken. Also, to better help Vegito's leader ability to go off, only 10 cards in the deck are not considered red for the purpose of its effect. Again it is untested so feel free to try it out and let me know what glaring error I missed lol Vegito Battle Cards: 4 Kind Saiyan Son Goku 4 Bundle of Curiosity Goku 4 Assailant Vegeta 4 Furious Yell Vegeta 4 Overflowing Spirit Goku 4 Repeated Force Vegito 2 Bursting Energy Super Saiyan Vegito 4 Divine Aide Vados 4 Double Shot SS2 Vegeta Extra Cards: 4 Senzu Bean 4 Whis' Coercion 4 Vados’ Assistance 4 Potara