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  1. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    I have been taking it to count for colorless
  2. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    That's another reason I think there won't be an official deck construction rule. Because you would just do exactly that. What else would they do? A certain amount has to be non black? What percentage would that be? It just feels so arbitrary. The energy thing may happen. But honestly, thinking about it more, Black cards should just give "black energy". They can't pay for anything except colorless costs. That way it wouldn't make anything unfair. Running too many black cards would actually be a hindrance to people running multiple colors.
  3. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    I completely agree, I will just be a little disappointed.
  4. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    I mean if you just cut off half of what I say, sure.
  5. Set 3 official preliminary info commercial

    Honestly I think that would suck, considering I am interested in making a mono black deck. I can understand WHY they would do it, but it would just seem lame to introduce a new color and then handicap it right off the bat. Plus everyone on FB keeps telling me how much mono black would suck so what's the big deal?
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    For anyone interested, here is my full review of FIghterZ! http:// http://www.outrightgeekery.com/2018/02/06/dragon-ball-fighterz-review/
  7. Set 3 - Cross Worlds - Information thread

    Oh ok. that is kinda better. I wonder why they are even doing it in the first place...
  8. R/G Gotenks

    -4 Fully Trained Son Gohan -4 Videl, Gohan's Partner -3 Raging Cabba -4 Cabba's Awakening -4 Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack +4 Leap to the Future Son Goten +4 Mighty Mask, The Mysterious Warrior +4 Psyched Up Gotenks + 4 Super Saiyan Gotenks +3 Hidden Awakening Kale If you are going to run Gotenks I recommend using the Gotenks engine, especially since the new Expansion cards came out. Mighty Mask is too good not to run, it gives you access to your 10K combo cards at all times.
  9. Starting Now

    Critgeta will always be good to great, meta depending. He does too much to not be, and can support virtually any play style.
  10. Set 3 - Cross Worlds - Information thread

    Sauce? Cause that sounds SUPER (heh) lame
  11. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    Were you playing Broly?
  12. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    How the hell else do you awaken in Green? In any reliable way, that is.
  13. Score MP into Pan/Fan Z

  14. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    I agree but I split him among the Gotenks so he can decide how much he likes having them.
  15. Mono G Broly - Literally Saiyan Style

    -4 Slasher Trunks -4 Human Shield Krillin -4 Tenacious Vegeta -4 Son Gohan, Family of Justice -4 Aura of Rage, Super Saiyan Trunks -4 Full Power Vegeta +2 Broly's Ring (you absolutely have to have 4, the deck can't function without it) +4 Martial Expert Tien Shinhan (Best self awakening option in Green) +4 Hidden Awakening Kale +4 Broly, The Rampaging Horror +4 Broly, Dawn of the Rampage +2 Overflowing Bio Warrior Army +2 Super Saiyan Gotenks +2 Energy Power Gotenks That is where I would start anyway.