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  1. So how does everyone feel about the idea of Panini's new game? I personally love the concept and the fact they will be incorporating movies and that the first set will be DC focused is a HUGE draw for me. I am wondering what the possibilities could be! I am very interested to learn more, needless to say. What say you Top Tier?
  2. So the two URs are Batman and Superman. They made the two 1:2 box URs CHARACTER CARDS. As bad as it got with DBZ at least they never made characters URs outside of the alt. art ones in Set 4 (which nobody cared about). They have officially made this worse than DBZ in one set. Cause you know they will be OP af and with them being 1:2 boxes they'll be super pricey and here we are again... -___-
  3. Just fucking ban Unleashed
  4. Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series ... and Knuckles
  5. The same shit we have been saying for what feels like years now. 1. Ban Unleashed 2. Make Drawku styled only 3. Make Devious styled only
  6. PanZ was DEFINITELY a more balanced game than Score Z (although that isn't saying much) but it suffered HEAVILY from lack of testing, corporate oversight, and obvious balance problems being completely ignored. It is almost like all of Scores's problems came from WITHIN the game itself and all of PanZ's problems came from the outside, independent of the actual game itself.
  7. I am sure there is a fan translation somewhere, but unfortunately i dont know where :/ It actually got deep in Magic which was cool. One villain even had a land destruction deck!
  8. So apparently this is the full rule sheet for the DBS game This game is almost insultingly simple.
  9. and the original manga where they played Magic was actually really good.
  10. Well at that point it doesn't really matter what it was signed on, could just be a regular picture of Goku.
  11. What say you on Nintendo's new console, previously known as the "NX", Top Tier? Personally I am completely underwhelmed.
  12. /\ Now that is how you score some sales lol /\
  13. np
  14. Piccolo Premiere 2 only checks what type of card was discarded, not whether it is still in the discard or not. It doesn't have to still be in the discard for the effect to activate. At least that's how I understand it.
  15. Except Duelmasters was FUN lol
  16. oh ok lol
  17. Idk who even plays here anymore (I am just bored at work tbh) but was anyone able to get their hands on some SOR? Because scumbaggery ABOUNDS from retailers today. Charging above MSRP, not selling boxes or packs but ONLY singles to customers, stores only getting 10 boxes for the next three weeks, one store i saw said they're giving priority of selling their ten boxes to the people that ALREADY pre ordered a box. So people who already have one get a chance to get ANOTHER ONE *Khaled.jpeg* before somebody who has ZERO. Also no stores have received official word on how much of their order will be filled on the official release date of the 25th. ... HOORAY!
  18. Oh no i am not saying that's the store's fault, that is 100% the publisher, i am just kind of lumping all the release woes together. apologies if that was unclear.
  19. Because I WISH that this game was good. It has SO MUCH potential but there are so many bad decisions all the way thru from the design level up until distribution that it hurts.
  20. Stores were supposed to get their full orders but were then e-mailed by Asmodee two weeks before release saying they'd get 10% of the order that they PAID FOR. That's 110% on FFG/Asmodee NOT the stores. If they couldn't fill those orders they shouldn't have taken their money.
  21. To quote Pat from the SuperBestFriends, this seems like "a babies game made for babies".
  22. Yup, 10% of the order.
  23. Just posted a new thread with the full rules
  24. 110% agree with the changes to Shoulder Grab, Devious, and Enraged. It's what we've been saying FOREVER and Panini never listened.