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  1. PFFT what? lol
  2. Selling both Celebration promos for $50, shipping included. Mint condition, will put in sleeve and top loader in bubble wrap envelope for maximum protection. No international sales. PM me if interested, thanks!
  3. I did this same thing years ago too. I thought you needed an even amount of everything. Funny how kids think that way huh? But @Majin Goo could you go over your description again? I didn't quite understand what you meant.
  4. In case anyone is interested, those 48 pack booster boxes that Panini unloaded on Dollar Tree with full 12 card packs are on sale for $30. This makes it $18 cheaper than getting them for $1 per pack at Dollar Tree. Just wanted to post in case somebody was interested.
  5. Between the low set number count, and the amount of product that'll be opened, I don't think it'll be hard to find whatever you're looking for. This won't be a "nobody anywhere has Chokes" type of situation.
  6. You wanna split it for $15 each? lol
  7. Any idea on ratios of high cost cards yet?
  8. I think you only need playsets of cards that are ABSOLUTE essentials. Something the deck just doesnt work without, or runs FAR less efficiently without. i have a feeling more cards will be 3 ofs than 4 ofs. it will need some play testing but I think you can get away with having your lowest mana curve be 2 costs. meaning, the lowest costing cards in your deck can be 2.
  9. Edison and I tried making that deck, it doesn't work.
  10. Blue/Green Gohan Yellow Frieza Green Broly Honestly I LOVE the Revenge mechanic. I love the idea of just kamikazi-ing into my opponent's card lol
  11. For those who don't have the link:[R] But yeah all these rare cards are godlike. Broly + Protective Ring + Plus other cards like the demo deck Gotenks is gonna be bananas. Honestly every style in this game looks super powerful in its own way, they all seeem viable, and that is great for the game as a whole.
  12. Yeah her mill deck is probably the best ive seen.
  13. Same
  14. I actually got to play ARMS for the first time at CEO last weekend and damn I was floored with how impressed I was with it, when I expected nothing from it. My advice is... USE THE CONTROLLER. Motion controls are horse shit. As fun as it is to pop your ultra and Jojo ORAORAORA your opponent it isn't worth the trade off of the god awful motion tracking for basic movement.
  15. Was there ever room for 20? You mean one of the best Orange decks ever that won the first World Championships? lol As far as 17/18 go Blue Mill 17 KINDA works...
  16. You would have to have the opportunity to counter first because if the attack is countered Gotenks' effect doesn't activate.
  17. That makes sense because you should still have a window to possibly negate the attack, and therefore Gotenks' effect, and blockers can't be used unless there is an attack in play.
  18. I was thinking the same thing actually. Since he has to land a hit or he might as well have no effect. I believe it would activate as soon as your attack is declared, before blockers are assigned or combos are used.
  19. Damn that does suck. See if someone at AX can scoop you a starter early maybe?
  20. What is REALLY gonna suck is having a full board and losing because you killed Harley Quinn lmao
  21. They are the prettiest damn things I have ever seen. I can't wait to get some signed by voice actors. This Vegeta seems really good in Red, taking advantage of all the double/triple strikes and attacking red does.
  22. Prince Virginia arrives! @manoftomorrow010
  23. All the kill yourself to gain advantage cards seem to be high risk and high reward, time will tell if that is a viable strategy. awakening faster sounds good but I am wary on leaving yourself with so little life on the back swing.
  24. YAAAARRRR!!!
  25. I would imagine no starters for series 2. will probably only have starters every other set, which seems good to me. Hype af for The Black Goku saga to make it into the cards, although I am honestly more excited to see what DBS Future Trunks and Zamasu are like more than Black Goku.