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  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I can't believe nobody has started a thread on this, but, THIS GAME LOOKS GODLIKE!
  2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    That isn't true. The deluxe edition just came bundled with the season pass. The only became available last week.
  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    It is just a season pass. The characters aren't available Day 1 but they will be available immediately if you buy the season pass, just like all season passes.
  4. A few leaked card images...

  5. A few leaked card images...

    This is true but being a one of makes him easier to play around. Especially with so much destruction and discard around. I feel it is an even balance. Time will tell tho. I do like the idea of Turn 2 Objection, Turn 3 Goku and Vegeta Battle cards, and Turn 4 this Vegito >:D
  6. Hitech Bardock

    Dood this looks awesome!
  7. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    These are the "Super Dash" promos. The red packs that, if your store has ordered them, they give you one of with ever 12 packs you buy. http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428901&free=P-021 P-022 P-023 P-024 Cell and Goku are RAD. Dropping that Goku on turn 3 is NUTS.
  8. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    I REALLY like that A17 promo
  9. A few leaked card images...

    I gotta be honest, if they are gonna do "Secret Rares" this is the best way to do it, make it one per deck.
  10. Draft Box Promos

    Stumbled across some leaks of the leaders from the Draft Box. For those that don't know that is the Draft in a Box for $100 that comes with 4 exclusive leaders, 12 packs of set 1, 12 packs of set 2, and one tournament pack. Right now we got Gotenks and another Frieza. http://ibb.co/irS9qm http://ibb.co/eEsaVm http://ibb.co/g4Cyi6 http://ibb.co/mikvVm Interesting to note that Frieza can FINALLY self awaken now and his ability is not once per turn. Will post more as I come across them, if anyone else finds any post 'em up here!
  11. Red C/U/R Reveals

    UPDATE TIME: Tournament Promos: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428901&free=P-011 P-012 P-013 P-014 P-015 P-016 P-017 P-018 P-019 P-020 Red C/U/R: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428002&color=Red
  12. Red C/U/R Reveals

    For reasons unknown the Red reveals have been delayed. They are supposed to be up later today at an undisclosed time. Will post here when available. Based on the SRs I have seen I might be switching from Cell to something Red, Red looks SUPER good this set.
  13. A few leaked card images...

    This Gohan on one turn and Buu on the following >:D
  14. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    It can never be as bad as Power Rangers. That shit was insanity. And, again, at least with those deck box packs, they are available for normal purchase in stores. so they should be as hard to get as the One Hit Vegetas were, i.e. not at all.
  15. Lightning-fast (Red) Hit

    You HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO run four copies of your color's 1 Drop Negate Attack.
  16. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    I agree, but I think with these Super Dash promos, since they are supposed to be for everyone who buys 12 packs, I can only imagine that there will be LOTS more available than the Tournament Packs.
  17. A few leaked card images...

    I am VERY interested to see if Ghost tokens have colors or not, because if they count as Red... Hello SS3 Goku promo...
  18. Where's this thing going?

  19. Bo1 vs. Bo3

    So not sure if anyone here was keeping up with the debate of DBS being either Bo1 or Bo3 but ARG (which are the game's regionals) confirmed the ENTIRE event is going to be Bo3, meaning the event will be two days. What is everyone's take on this? I thought it was pretty obvious that Bo1 Swiss and Bo3 for Top Cut was the way to go for this game, but apparently not. Also I don't trust ARG to make the prizing for a 2 day event worth it, and that isn't even accounting how many people will actually come. Basically the entire Top 8 at the last ARG for DBS (New Jersey if i remember correctly...) agreed that Bo3 wasn't a good idea, but then they went and did it. Wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this here, because it is better than talking in the DBS FB page, which is basically Retro at this point (ugh).
  20. Bo1 vs. Bo3

    That's what I mean though. The game has a very forgiving Mulligan system and late game you draw OODLES of cards, so it is REALLY hard to "draw bad" in this game as compared to others.
  21. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Yeah man 24 unpreventable LC of damage on level 4
  22. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    well shit lol
  23. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Didn't they nerf shoulder grab so it doesn't do stuff like that anymore?
  24. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    I think it is just like the UC Frieza from Set 1. Just a not-as-good version of the leader for people to experiment with.
  25. Set 2 Yellow Spoilers

    C/U/R List: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/cardlist/?search=true&category=428002&color=Yellow Strategy: http://www.dbs-cardgame.com/strategy/union-force/yellow.php They seem to have abandoned the hard control concept of Yellow and gone for a "Lightsworn" esque engine and people are saying it is bad but honestly I think this has great potential. The 5 Drop Cooler that makes ALL Metal Coolers Double Strikers (which means it includes the drones) plus a 2 drop spell that taps everything on the opponent's field AND a free 20K blocker? Me likey. Hard to say where it will fall in the meta, Cell still seems best, but I am VERY interested to see what the SR Yellow card is and does. That could push it over the top.