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  1. So how does everyone feel about the idea of Panini's new game? I personally love the concept and the fact they will be incorporating movies and that the first set will be DC focused is a HUGE draw for me. I am wondering what the possibilities could be! I am very interested to learn more, needless to say. What say you Top Tier?
  2. FFG

    That is a BIIIIIG problem tho
  3. I feel this so bad. I am a big DC fan and to see such a golden opportunity seemingly already flop just hurts my soul.
  4. I'm super disappointed and it's the first announcement Dx
  5. FFG

    They absolutely 100% are. I don't know if it just comes from their lack of experience with CCGs (being so used to the LCG model) or what it is, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot and anchoring the game down from being the best it could be.
  6. Some bare bones Meta X info on the dbz blog Cant really make heads or tails out of the info given, and they really shouldnt be putting the first info for this game on the DBZ blog... -__-
  7. But I agree with what everyone has said. Make a few cards saiyan or namekian only for flavor. PanZ had a HUGE problem with color identity from the start (shoehorning everything into every style) and something like this would really help fix that problem.
  8. You mean Broly is fine? lol
  9. So CFL has pre orders up. For the starter, promo pack, and box. The decks have a small $1 or so discount for preordering but preordering a box nets you $20 off the MSRP. Just wanted to throw this up for anyone interested.
  10. Heads up for anyone interested, boxes are currently $27 off MSRP for pre order on CFL
  11. This is the same thing they have had since the site went up, nothing really explains anything.
  12. What say you on Nintendo's new console, previously known as the "NX", Top Tier? Personally I am completely underwhelmed.
  13. Completely agree. The reason I lost my final match at the Perfection era ARG was because of the bogus draw systems in place in DBZ.
  14. Yeah stalling was such a big problem in Pokemon they had to add a whole new section to the rules to try and fix it.
  15. FIVE MINUTE GAMES WOULD BE AWESOME id LOVE to not be at a 16 man tournament for EIGHT HOURS lol
  16. I still saw Turles do work for a long time. Tier 1? Of course not, but he wasn't completely useless like Frieza and Villain Vegeta were.
  17. Disagree on that last one.
  18. I am with Bard on this one, I am also confused...
  19. Yup unfortunately I missed the raffle for that and the panel. Celebration was freaking AMAZING tho. Was able to get a set of promos on both days I was there so I am happy about that.
  20. I have NO IDEA why they waited so long and announced NOTHING before now, the first day of Celebration, (especially for people who would've wanted to get Felicity Jones to sign it, like me... >.>) but these are the promos available, you have to play a demo game to get them apparently so you can bet ill be by the FFG booth to snag some, hopefully both days if they let me.
  21. and apparently they don't have anything for sale at the booth either... -___-
  23. That game has ALOOOOOT more depth and is WAAAAYYYY better designed than destiny tho. they are almost the exception that proves the rule.
  24. Ok, well I entered 3 tournaments, do I have enough XP to say I don't like it? Or do I have to win a regional first?
  25. The other promos didn't so unfortunately I don't think this will be different.