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  1. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    It's a shame Empowered was frozen. They should of just put restrictions on who could use it instead of shutting down decks that weren't even meta.
  2. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    We need cards that open up possibilities for having those silver bullet cards in your deck, even if you don't need the silver bullet itself.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Somebody should let the developers know that Cell should also have the alien trait. He does have Freiza and King Cold DNA in him doesn't he? Cell has access to ALL the traits except for God, dang.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I'd guess you can't use the effects that trigger off of a 500,000 or less power level. It is an infinity affect that is always active, so there shouldn't be an order of effects to choose, right? I've never really been good at the trigger rules. Somebody should make a thread about the rules of triggers since the old forum pages are gone.
  5. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I feel GT has good ideas but somewhat boring fights. Super has good fights but the inconsistencies/ stories are bad compared to the last few sagas of GT. If they don't wanna do GT they could just give us a single level 4 for SSJ4 Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta, A17, then give us a full stack of Omega Shenron and MAYBE Baby. Then ally cards for Uub, Baby, Omega Shenron, the other shadow dragons. Those are the only things worth covering in GT IMO.
  6. Does anyone have the templates for PUR, Endurance, ect... I wiped my computer and don't have them anymore and it's taking a really long time to edit them out. Oh yeah and what are the fonts used for each part of the text? I lost the file that had that information too.
  7. What named cards would you like to see for past characters? Or even future characters? I'd like Tien to get a multiform card. Something like: Tien's Multiform Drill (If this drill is destroyed from the top of your life deck you may place it into play and draw a card.) ∞: When entering combat draw a card. Your attacks after modifiers deal half damage rounded up. During the discard step, if you are not at your maximum hand size you may draw a card. Banish this card when your opponent deals critical damage. Is this a broken card I can't tell. I'd also like a Great Ape Vegeta L4 for villain Vegeta who will hopefully be interchangeable with Majin Vegeta, who will also hopefully have a Final Explosion card. Also feel like Roshi should have got a named Kamehameha instead of Krillin, considering he invented it. Double Sunday for Radz?
  8. How would you feel if mentors were introduced into the game as a mechanic? How they would operate is like this: It is a single card of a character, such as Vegeta. They start outside of the deck like the mastery. They come with their own effect or power that can be used, sometimes only once per game. They come with a VERY small side deck that you can draw upon, but you have to destroy the top three cards of your life deck to draw the top card of the mentors deck. This deck size will vary with mentors, so some may have 6 while others have 3, this allows for things like silver bullet cards being a guaranteed draw if you use a 3 card mentor and put the maximum three cards of said silver bullet in the deck. The mentor/ side deck can hold their own named cards! There are no stages on the mentor, meaning they don't have to pay power stages for attack costs. However, they can only perform attacks from their own deck. They cannot be used like an ally. That means no directing damage, no taking over combat, ect. Here's a thought out example of a mentor Mentor: Vegeta Deck size: 4 cards POWER: (This can only be used once per game.) Stops a physical or energy attack. I decide to draw the top card of my mentors deck, so I destroy the top three cards of my life deck to draw the top card of my mentor's deck. It's a Galick Gun, which I normally couldn't use, but it's more like Vegeta is using it rather than me. It costs me zero stages, and I get the immediate and hit affects of the card for myself. Other mentors would be Piccolo, King Kai, Goku, Roshi, and eventually Whis when we get there. I'm not sure about villains though they don't have many "mentor like" figures.
  9. What masteries would you like to see?

    I'm reviving this thread! Hooray power creep! Saiyan Mastery Physical Attack Damage: 0 stages. Destroy the top card of each players life deck. HIT: Your opponent's MP looses 2 stages. ∞: Whenever one or more cards are destroyed from your life deck, your attacks deal +1 power stage and +1 life card of damage for the remainder of combat. Saiyan Mastery ∞: Whenever your power stages are at zero, your power level is considered to be 1,000,000. Your physical attacks deal +2 power stages of damage but cost +1 stage to perform. POWER: (use whenever you play an attack.) You may choose to forgo any HIT effects. If you do, that attack deals +3 life cards of damage. Namekian Mastery POWER: Pay any number of power stages to a minimum of zero. Rejuvenate an equal number of cards. ∞: At the end of your first combat, search your life deck for a Namekian Dragon Ball and place it into your hand. Namekian Mastery ∞: Whenever your MP advances a level, you may shuffle any Dragon Balls you control into their owner's life deck, if you do, choose x drills you control and keep them in play. x= the number of Dragon Balls targeted with this effect. POWER: Shuffle a Dragon Ball you control into its owners life deck to search your life deck or discard pile for a drill and place it into play. POWER: Discard a drill you control to search your life deck for a dragon ball and place it into your hand. Namekian Mastery POWER: Discard a card during your planning phase to draw the top styled card of your discard pile or the bottom styled card of your life deck. Shuffle your deck. ∞: If you rejuvenate during the rejuvenation phase, increase that amount by one and raise your anger 1.