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  1. This post includes content that hasn't aired in english, so it's kind of a spoiler, but I mean you probably have already seen him if you keep up with fighterz reveals, but you've been warned. So a while back I made some DBS cards that were kind of low quality, and always planned to improve it, and Toyear is the year I do that. I changed my old cards text effects a little to make it better in my opinion, but I want input from other peoples before making the cards. Is it too powerful? Too weak? I designed them to have a lot of synergy between levels, which is where his Duplicates card comes in. He is a set-up heavy control deck IMO (except for his L4 that's just damage whaling). Goku Black L1 POWER: Physical attack Raise your anger 1 level. You may place a card from your hand on the top of your life deck. DAMAGE: 0 stages. HIT: Destroy the top card of your opponent's life deck. You may destroy the top card of your life deck. Goku Black L2 (Whenever you advance to this level, your opponent's MP loses 2 stages.) POWER: Energy attack costing 2 stages. Reveal the top card of your life deck, if that card is a set-up place it into play, otherwise place it back. DAMAGE: 4 Life cards. HIT: You may discard a card to draw a card. Goku Black L3 (Whenever you advance to this level, your opponent's MP loses 3 stages.) ∞: When entering combat, search your life deck or discard pile for a set-up and place it into your hand. The first time each combat a set-up you control leaves play, it is placed back into play. Goku Black L4 (Whenever you advance to this level, your opponent's MP loses 4 stages.) POWER: Draw 3 cards then discard 2 cards. Lower your MP 1 level. Goku Black's Kamehameha Energy Combat Energy attack costing 3 stages. Search your life deck for a set-up and place it into play. This attack deals +3 life cards of damage for each set-up you control. DAMAGE: 5 stages. Goku Black's Duplicates EVENT (You cannot attach more then one copy of this card at a time.) POWER: Attach to your MP. While attached you may banish this card as an action to perform an attack printed on one of your MP levels equal to or less than your current MP level. Discard this card when your opponent deals critical damage. Goku Black's Sword Pierce Physical Combat (If this card is placed into your hand by a card affect, raise your anger 2.) Physical attack The next attack you perform this combat is considered to have sword in the title. DAMAGE: AT+3 stages HIT: The next attack you perform this combat with sword in the title cannot be stopped. (Banish after use.) Zamasu Ally (Whenever a card affect would banish this card, it is rejuvenated instead. If this card is the only non-dragon ball card in your life deck, you lose the game.) POWER: Banish this card from your hand to prevent 3 life cards and 3 stages of damage from an attack. ∞: Whenever you play a named attack card, you may banish this card to have damage from that attack be unpreventable. Something to note. His level 3 only places a set-up into his hand. I contemplated having it place into play the set-up and having the second affect place it on top of the life deck to enable you to draw it again or banish for endurance. I also considered having it place the searched set-up in play and keeping the first set-up to leave in play. I figured that was too powerful for a L3, but I dunno. His play His L4 is powerful but you only can use it as often as you can get to level 4, which is still broken with red cards level hopping, I don't know how to fix that. Frankly, I'd be okay with his L3 being L4 and putting it to what I listed above. I just don't know what to do for the other level. Any ideas?
  2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    I literally literally cannot contain excitement. I've never been more excited for a game before. I have to keep it under control though, over hype always leads to disappointment.
  3. What would sell you on Xenoverse 3?

    Being able to use the same attack animations as other people in the game. If I want to use the Vegito attack animations on my CaC I should be able to. New story. Xenoverse 2 was literally Xenoverse 1 storywise. Maybe take a break from timebreakers? How about a what if story based in a universe where everything is different? Like what if the Saiyans never went extinct? What if Baby or Dr. Gero with Android 17 from GT acquired a time machine and traveled into the Super time line? Or what if Buu absorbed Janemba, which would have made it to where Vegito gets Killed by Buu. What if Goku fused with Vegeta to fight Beerus instead of turning Super Saiyan God? That would allow for an interesting story. I am tired of nearly the same story every time. I'd like better combat. give me Raging Blast combat with beam collisions!!!!!!!! I don't care if the game must be 1v1 to allow this. This would be a major selling point. Custom auras and custom ki blast colors. I have no clue why this isn't a thing already. Heck, if they improved the combat and had a story similar to the one I listed, I wouldn't care if they even gave CaC. The CaC was never the selling point, the fact that it is Dragon Ball was, but that reason has worn too thin for Xenoverse 3 unless they dramatically improve the story and combat. Oh yeah, and how about multiple accessory slots? Why can't I wear a Halo while using something else?? Why??
  4. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    I agree that some of them probably don't need a full stuck, such as Trunks, or maybe even Vegeta. I see Goku having a full stack simply because he has so many different appearances such as base, ssj1, ssj3, ssj4. I'm curious if you plan on doing a full ssj4 Gogeta stack or just making alternate L3 and L4 for the Gogeta stack FanZ will make eventually? He only had like five minutes of screen time (just like ssj1 Gogeta) so it would be kind of weird, although now that I stated it, I guess they are going to have to do that for SSJ1 Gogeta.
  5. What's everyone looking forward to in gaming?

    Dragon Ball FighterZ The next big DLC for Stellaris that is going to change how territory works. Also some new grand strategy game that involves war, politics, and government management. There's no games that do this good. Crackdown 3? I'm also excited for the next generation of GPUs as I have a gtx960 2gb and am wanting to go ultrawide 1440p when I can get an affordable GPU to match.
  6. It's a shame Empowered was frozen. They should of just put restrictions on who could use it instead of shutting down decks that weren't even meta.
  7. We need cards that open up possibilities for having those silver bullet cards in your deck, even if you don't need the silver bullet itself.