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  1. So I know Oppressive Trunks can rocket off level 1 pretty quickly but it means you have to lead with a true styled attack if you want to start the skipping game. So far I'm liking Gohan as an alternative to Trunks or any other Saiyan so far. Gohan Adept can turn all your attacks, even your mp power, into styled attacks giving you a much larger variety of attacks that you can lead combat with and gain the Mastery's "first styled attack gains, skip action" effect. Meaning you can open with answers if needed or stack that extra anger to then fallow up with Gohan's Power Punch for an unstoppable +5s or better. From what I've seen through playing and playing against, Saiyan Sword Skill really holds any Oppressive deck together allowing for those chains of skip actions. This is the first build and probably can and will be fine turned and I'm considering adding in the End Combat cards like EBD 7, Blinding Energy Move and Saiyan Shattering Blow. Also Saiyan Elbow Drop probably could and should find its way into this deck as it represents 2 attacks, with a potential 2 anger and 2 skips with Sword Skill Attached. Mastery: Saiyan Oppressive Mastery MP: Gohan - Adept Gohan - Unlocked Gohan - Unassuming Gohan - Undeniable Physical Attacks: x3 Gohan's Power Punch x3 Gohan's Backlash x3 Suppressive Strike x2 Heroic Dashing Punch x3 Devastating Blow x2 S. Body Blow x3 S. Gut Kick x3 S. Spin Kick x3 S. Terrifying Strike Energy Attacks: X3 S. Burst x3 S. Prepped Ball Blocks: x3 S. Outrage x3 S. Reverse Catch x3 S. Energy Release x3 S. Arm Catch x1 TIAWT Events: x2 Confrontation x2 Heroic Energy Sphere x2 S. Display of Power x1 S. Strength Test x2 S. Sword Skill Set-ups: x2 S. Enraged x3 S. Pre-Game
  2. Saiyan Oppressive Broly

    Curently 3-1 Wins 3: Oppressive Trunks New Black Mastery A17 New Black Mastery Roshie Loses 1: Ascension Yamcha
  3. Let's talk: Oppressive Trunks

    I got to play against Oppressive Trunks today with Oppressive Broly. What an interesting both players just skip a bunch of stuff while the other player gains anger game that was. I thought I was about to lose with me Lv 3 Broly and 38 cards left and him Trunks Lv 4 and 33 cards left. It was my turn to enter or not and I knew from looking at Trunks' power that I was going to have to enter and go all out because if he got his next turn he most likely would win on the spot. I got super lucky and entered and he drew 0 blocks and ate 13s, 13s and 14s of damage back to back to back via skip effects and all of it was converted to life cards and won the game. But phew what an ugly match it is being on the receiving side of skip actions end combat
  4. Saiyan Oppressive Broly

    -3 Saiyan Tantrum -1 Saiyan Enraged +2 Saiyan Body Blow +2 Saiyan Sword Skill
  5. Red Ruthless Turles

    Thank you, you can actually ask a lot of the original players that I was one of the first players to run Ruthless Turles when he first came out as a new MP, mine never tried to stay on lv 1 though. It was when Ruthless Turles was displayed at the world tournament that we saw Ruthless Turles try to stay on lv 1 via drill camping and taking advantage of anger lowering drills for effects, I forget who ran it though. Either way you choose to play this deck I love it cuz it really is an all in your face aggro which was really hard to pilot last year because there was just sooo much tempo control decks like Krillin, Ginyu, A13, A20 and Piccolo....ugh glad that meta is kinda in the past.
  6. Nice to finally see the best Mastery from Score Z get its showing in FanZ. I was hopping there was enough ways to cause the opponents cards to cost at least +1 stage to use but there just really isn't anything that can do that for Saiyans. So for now I'm looking to skip as many actions as possible into a survival/MPPV victory with a small sub theme of suppressing the opponents stages to 0 as often as possible. Mastery: Saiyan Oppressive Mastery MP: Broly 1-4 Blocks: x3 Saiyan Outrage x3 Saiyan Lightning Dodge x3 Saiyan Energy Release x3 Saiyan Reverse Catch x1 TIAWT Events: x2 Stare Down x2 Villainous Energy Sphere x1 Saiyan Strength Test x2 Saiyan Interruption x2 Saiyan Display of Power Set-ups: x2 Visiting the Past x3 Saiyan Pre-Game x3 Saiyan Enraged x1 Villainous Visage Attacks: x3 Saiyan Gut Kick x3 Saiyan Legendary Strike x3 Saiyan Severing Punch x3 Saiyan Spin Kick x3 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam x3 Saiyan Tantrum x3 Suppressive Strike x3 Broly's Eraser Cannon x2 Flurry of Blows x3 Devastating Blow
  7. Red Ruthless Turles

    I didn't know the trait trigger at first so: -3 Red Static Shot +3 Suppressive Strike
  8. It's been a long time since I've gotten a chance to play a little Z. So I return to the game with my old favorite all in your face aggro Ruthless Turles. Its very similar to the Red Ruthless Turles I used to run with some up-grades. I expect to make some adjustments to the deck as I get to play it and see how the game has changed over the last year. This particular style of Ruthless Turles isn't about trying to camp Lv 1 and take advantage of drills, it never was....it actually welcomes getting to Lv 2 and Lv 3 on a regular basis. MP: Turles 1-4 Mastery: Red Ruthless Mastery Blocks: x3 Red Blocking Hand x3 Red Stop x3 Red Brace x1 TIAWT Events: x2 Stare Down x3 Red Restriction x1 Red Observation x2 Villainous Energy Sphere Set-ups: x2 Red Relaxation x2 Visiting the Past x1 Villainous Visage Dragon Balls: Namek Dragon Ball 4 Physical Attacks: x3 Red Knee Lift x3 Red Tandem Attack x3 Red Mule Kick x3 Red Furious Lunge x3 Red Heel Kick x1 Red Lightning Slash x3 Red Double Strike Energy Attacks: x3 Red Energy Blast x3 Red Static Shot x3 Red Tandem Blast x2 Flurry of Blows