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  1. I did make it a constant.
  2. Here's a proper Villain Vegeta stack for the current power level of cards... Level 1 PUR = 3 In C at top 3 stages. Power: Physical attack dealing AT +3 power stages of damage. Raise your anger 1 level. Hit: Gain 3 power stages and use a critical damage effect. Level 2 Power: Physical attack dealing AT +4 power stages of damage. Raise your anger 1 level. For the remainder of combat your styled attacks that raise your anger deal +2 power stages of damage. Level 3 In D at top 3 stages. Power: Your attacks that raise your anger, or have "anger" in the text box deal +4 power stages, and +4 life cards of damage. Level 4 Power: Physical attack dealing AT +10 power stages. Draw a card. If this attack dealt critical damage draw a card.
  3. This would have been a good power back in the day, but now it's too little too late.
  4. Yeah it would need to be tested for sure. My point was that power creep has a bad effect on games. Eventually cards get so powerful that entire games are won before the unlucky player has a chance to react. When a game isn't power creeped games take time to win, and strategy becomes more important. When a game is power creeped we have a lot of instances of winning on the first turn like Yu Gi Oh. The opposite can happen too. When cards are too weak games can take over an hour. I also played Score Z. Endurance was an answer to the power creeping of attacks in that game. At the end of Score Z a Red CS Kid Buu deck could easily deal 16 life just from a standard AT +3 attack, thanks to Red Thunder Clap. But here's the thing. Pan Z attacks started out extremely tame, but the level of endurance was the same as the end of Score Z. The result was that the only MP standing a chance at traditional survival was Ginyu. It took until set 6 to correct that mistake. And even after all that the best deck was a Red Cooler control.
  5. Gonna enjoy watching MetaX crash and burn. They blew through a lot of customer goodwill with Pan Z. Also, they no longer have DBZ nostalgia, or Jim Ward's epic game design to fall back on. MetaX will be unsuccessful, and a train wreck balance wise.
  6. That would be a lot better. Oh I landed an energy for 5, or a physical for 8 and it has a 75% chance of not topdecking endurance? Finally!
  7. I really shouldn't have to go and dig up old lists of top cut decks to prove that WB and Ball 2 were not staples. Half the top cut decks either didn't run WB or didn't run ball 2. Most of the ones that ran ball 2 were either Namekian, Krillin, or just going for a DBV on the side. The game is luck based, so we should just introduce extremely swingy cards that decide the entire match? Ok then. Here's my new card for DBZ. Name: You win! Event Power: You win the game! Now entire games can be decided on who draws this first. It'll feel about the same as playing MPPV decks vs non-blue decks. Also, Spheres will go even further up in price.
  8. No they haven't. Tons of decks have made top cut in the past without running those cards. Also, why have entire matches decided on whether or not you lucksack and draw wallbreaker at the right time? That's just as bad as seeing who is the first to draw Unleashed. Games should be decided on strategy, not whether you happened to draw a single game changing OP card.
  9. Anything can be countered with the right draws or deckbuilding. But can it be countered consistently? Also, why settle for an environment in which Wallbreaker and Ball 2 are staples outside of Blue?
  10. Are you kidding me? If a physical attack can't do theoretical damage of 10 or more life, I don't even put it in the deck. Not unless it has an epic secondary effect like Blue Betrayal. As the game stands right now, I think at least a little endurance should be skimmed off from somewhere. At the very least pick a few choice cards and reduce the endurance on them. Namekian Cell can easily run 30+ blocks, and win via attrition. MPPV decks are too lightning fast with Orange and Red.
  11. There is too much endurance in this game, and it has been ruining it from the start. Control decks want to mitigate damage, while slowly whittling their opponents down. Endurance helps with that. MPPV decks don't want to suffer critical damage, and endurance helps with that too. Captain Ginyu would have been a lot easier to deal with, in the early environment, if there wasn't enough endurance in Orange and Blue to choke a horse. Maybe Namekian Knowledge wouldn't have required an errata. I think every card with endurance should be lowered by one. Cards with three endurance should only have two endurance. Cards with two endurance should only have one endurance, and so on.
  12. Score Z made steady progress, getting better and better as time went on. Yes, Score Z had it's share of OP nonsense, but it was an entirely new card game. Nobody had any clue how new cards would affect the environment. New mechanics like Focused Attacks, Endurance, and Defense Shields were constantly being brought out. The quality of the art on the cards was fantastic. Pan Z on the other hand started off looking really promising. New rules aimed at nerfing MPPV, and Dragonball Victory. But with Pan Z virtually all the lessons learned from Score Z days were forgotten. In Score Z we learned that hand advantage was broken, but let Black have x3 Devious Drill in Pan Z. In Score Z we learned that cards with OP effects needed to be banish after use, but in Pan Z Disk just went to the graveyard. In Score Z we learned that too many combat ending cards made for a boring game, but in Pan Z you could fit 9 psuedo-combat-ending cards in a little 60 card deck easily. In Score Z we went from laughable MP powers in the Saiyan Saga to useful and interesting powers starting in the Cell Saga. In Pan Z MP powers pretty much stuck to the awfulness of the Trunks Saga. Until set 6 happened that is. The Score Z devs had no clue what they were doing, but it was their main job, and they put a lot of real hard work into it. The Pan Z devs just designed cards as a side gig apart from their real jobs. Did Pan Z ruin the game? No, Pan Z ended as a broken mess, but it was salvageable. When Fan Z came along adding even more brokenness, refusing to fix anything, and splitting the community, that's when the game was ruined. Nerf Devious, Enraged, Drawku, Retribution, and Ascension. Limit Unleashed to 1 per deck. Ban Awakening Cell. Now the metagame is healthy and interesting again.
  13. Namekian was designed around DB manipulation, and rejuvenation. That's enough to base a style on. Add in some discard pile manipulation and effects that draw from the discard pile. Suddenly you have three things that Namekian does well. Namekian shouldn't have gotten mill effects, anger, or extreme anti-anger cards. Just like how Red didn't need drills. Saiyan was meant to be the style that foregoes MPPV in favor of using higher levels to win via survival. The problem? It wasn't fast enough at leveling, and most of the Saiyans sucked. Saiyan was also meant to be the endurance style, but eventually every deck was running 30-40 endurance per deck. Finally the "If your power level is higher than your opponent's do X" cards should have been better, and more frequent. Anyway... Black = Hand Destruction, Life deck dismantling, and discard pile banishing. Red = MPPV, Level Hopping, and Combos. Orange = Drills, Drills, and Drills. Blue = Anti-Anger, Allies, and blocking. Namekian = Rejuvenating, DB Manipulation, and Discard pile stacking. Saiyan = Endurance, Survival via leveling, and "Do X if higher."
  14. For sets 1-2... Red Shattering Leap, Red Heel Kick, and Red Lightning Slash were all nerfed into the ground. Shattering Leap should have stayed the same as Score Z. Heel Kick should have been AT +3, raise your anger 1 level, get any styled attack from discards. Lightning Slash should have been AT +1, raise your anger, and Hit: Destroy all allies or drills in play. Saiyan should have gotten a lot more anger in set 2 to counter Wallbreaker. Strength Test should have banished bottom 2 cards for every anger gained. Grab should have been AT +2 and given you 1 anger on top of everything else it did. Rescue should have rejuvenated 2 cards per combat. Spin Kick should have destroyed another ally on hit. Orange should have gotten more support for Orange Energy, and less support for Orange Drill Mill. For set 3... Blue Takedown should have just lowered the opponent no questions asked. Red Leaping Kick should have just been a styled Dev Blow for AT +3. Orange Mini Ball should have let you play the drill from your hand instead of discarding it. Also should have been able to use the effect as many times as you wanted in combat. Have a mini-ball and 3 drills in hand? That means you can toss 4 of them at your opponent while putting 3 drills into play. Let's be real though. It wasn't the card design as much as it was the sucky MP stacks.
  15. It was needed due to the small deck sizes. You can't combine AT +3-4 attacks, and 60 card decks without running into a ton of five minute games. On the flip side you can't have physicals doing AT +2-3 without every control deck soaking stages all day. I would take 1 endurance off of every card with endurance 2, and 3. At the start of the game Blue and Orange already had ridiculous amounts of endurance. Oh and Turles wasn't as bad as Frieza or Vegeta, but he still had the lack of hand advantage thing going on. He made top cut 3 times and then disappeared. A B tier MP stack is just as much of a failure as a C or D tier stack. Either way you are putting yourself at a huge disadvantage by playing them in a competitive environment. The gap between A and B tier in this game was as wide as the gap between 19 and Vegeta in the anime. B tier decks would win vs the A tier decks 30% of the time or less.