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  1. How big do you like your Decks?

    With 60 card decks a 5 life card attack was 8% of your deck. With 80 card decks a 5 life card attack was 6% of your deck. 80 card decks were way too tall. 60 card decks make it too easy for players to lose to attrition.
  2. What masteries would you like to see?

    Card effects that last the entire game are much better than card effects that last a single combat though. IMO Orange Energy beats has to be Yamcha or else you lose due to too much endurance in the game.
  3. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Ok so after a few weeks of trying different things out he's not broken at all. Blue 17 can just lower and lock him to his level one forever, plus deal with his allies. The attach card that stops unleashed plus Blue's anti-anger easily locks him to level 1. Saiyan Clench decks just need to land two attacks to end a rejuv/mill deck like his. Blue Pikkon matches his mill with rejuvenation. Android 13 can tutor for the anti level up card with is named card, and once he hits level 3 he gets to mill too. Cooler outrejuves him.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    I don't want any masteries that let a style do something it isn't known for. No Orange ally mastery, or Black anti-anger mastery for example. Three things I would like to see... 1. A Mastery that let's you perform a styled attack for 4 power stages, so long as your MP cannot perform an attack on his current level. This would be a huge boon to all the MP stacks that lack an attack on level 1. 2. An Orange Mastery that keeps your opponent from being able to prevent damage from your energy attacks. "If you have two or more styled drills in play damage from your energy attacks cannot be prevented." This would help to bring energy beatdown decks back into the limelight, as well as give Orange a slight boost vs anger decks. 3. A Black Mastery that brings Black as a style back from the dead zone that it is now in.
  5. Everyone on these forums pretty much agrees that Unleashed and Drawku are broken. Cell's set 7 stack is just as broken. With 2 anger from his level one, and 2 anger from Restored it doesn't take much to reach level 2. Even if your opponent manages to control your anger you can just level up with Jump Kick or Cell's named card. Once you are on level 2 all you need to do is defend and mill your opponent by 4 cards every combat. Versus MPPV decks Restored Cell just needs to camp level one for an easy answer to anger decks. Awakening Cell is basically Blue Piccolo except you get to use a better style, and you aren't dependent on drawing Blue Dominance. Namekian has six good omni-blocks and regenerates quickly, so it doesn't take much to load a deck up with a bunch of blocks, and then sit back and laugh at your opponent. Edit: I forgot to mention that if you hit level 3 you can mill your opponent for six life for free, and then do an AT +6 physical attack. Also Cell's Style mills you for 4 life, and shuffles back in. So it's basically a recurring Black Foreshadowing.