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  1. How big do you like your Decks?

    With 60 card decks a 5 life card attack was 8% of your deck. With 80 card decks a 5 life card attack was 6% of your deck. 80 card decks were way too tall. 60 card decks make it too easy for players to lose to attrition.
  2. Everyone on these forums pretty much agrees that Unleashed and Drawku are broken. Cell's set 7 stack is just as broken. With 2 anger from his level one, and 2 anger from Restored it doesn't take much to reach level 2. Even if your opponent manages to control your anger you can just level up with Jump Kick or Cell's named card. Once you are on level 2 all you need to do is defend and mill your opponent by 4 cards every combat. Versus MPPV decks Restored Cell just needs to camp level one for an easy answer to anger decks. Awakening Cell is basically Blue Piccolo except you get to use a better style, and you aren't dependent on drawing Blue Dominance. Namekian has six good omni-blocks and regenerates quickly, so it doesn't take much to load a deck up with a bunch of blocks, and then sit back and laugh at your opponent. Edit: I forgot to mention that if you hit level 3 you can mill your opponent for six life for free, and then do an AT +6 physical attack. Also Cell's Style mills you for 4 life, and shuffles back in. So it's basically a recurring Black Foreshadowing.
  3. What masteries would you like to see?

    Card effects that last the entire game are much better than card effects that last a single combat though. IMO Orange Energy beats has to be Yamcha or else you lose due to too much endurance in the game.
  4. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Ok so after a few weeks of trying different things out he's not broken at all. Blue 17 can just lower and lock him to his level one forever, plus deal with his allies. The attach card that stops unleashed plus Blue's anti-anger easily locks him to level 1. Saiyan Clench decks just need to land two attacks to end a rejuv/mill deck like his. Blue Pikkon matches his mill with rejuvenation. Android 13 can tutor for the anti level up card with is named card, and once he hits level 3 he gets to mill too. Cooler outrejuves him.
  5. What masteries would you like to see?

    I don't want any masteries that let a style do something it isn't known for. No Orange ally mastery, or Black anti-anger mastery for example. Three things I would like to see... 1. A Mastery that let's you perform a styled attack for 4 power stages, so long as your MP cannot perform an attack on his current level. This would be a huge boon to all the MP stacks that lack an attack on level 1. 2. An Orange Mastery that keeps your opponent from being able to prevent damage from your energy attacks. "If you have two or more styled drills in play damage from your energy attacks cannot be prevented." This would help to bring energy beatdown decks back into the limelight, as well as give Orange a slight boost vs anger decks. 3. A Black Mastery that brings Black as a style back from the dead zone that it is now in.
  6. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Nevermind. I think I'm done with this game. Future Gohan is nuts once he hits level 3. Unleashed makes every game a matter of "Who played Unleashed first?" Even if those things get fixed Cell is waiting in the wings as a tier 2 broken deck. MP stacks like Pikkon are still underpowered silver bullets and little more. Gonna go enjoy Splatoon and Splatoon 2 now. Nintendo does balance right.
  7. Awakening Cell is broken.

    It's called auto-pilot decks. Good game design requires a player to think like using Red Enraged Mastery. Bad game design has a deck doing everything automatically like Red Ascension. Orange 20, Blue Piccolo, both versions of Cell, and Black Krillin were all auto-pilot decks.
  8. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Just built a Red Ascension 20 deck that completely wrecks Cell Restored. Lookout Drill shuts the mill engine down hard. The deck is based around red drills, and energy attacks.
  9. New FanZ CRD...

    Well that's gay. Oh well.
  10. New FanZ CRD...

    What's Legacy?
  11. New FanZ CRD...

    The CRD was updated again on July 6th. FanZ just limited Unleashed to one per deck. That means Unleashed is now BAU and limit 1 per deck. I feel like I can finally get back to playing this game without having to deal with broken auto-pilot decks.
  12. Awakening Cell is broken.

    But it is about that. Mill 4 a turn, and mill 6 a turn in Namekian is broken. Not to mention that Cell's Style is usually Mill 4 and shuffles back in.
  13. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    I'd rather them leave the game alone, and let the metagame settle into a balanced state. It might get there one day if they ban Drawku and Unleashed. FanZ just continues to add more broken nonsense to a game with too much broken nonsense. It's unplayable right now.
  14. Awakening Cell is broken.

    The level 2 anger drop isn't the only thing Cell has to combat MPPV. There's also Ball 2, Dragon Radar, Dragon Clan, Maximum Will, Villainous Energy Beam, and Overtime. With 9 energy blocks, 6 physical blocks, 5 level up cards, Ball 6, 9 Allies, and 7 omni-blocks aggro decks can't do much of anything. Unleashed is just a way to answer something broken with something else broken. But I think I'll put one together on Octgn and see how it does. I haven't played in months, but the one thing that kept Awakening Cell from being top tier in set 7 was Blue Drawku with Unleashed. It just got destroyed by that deck. But then again everything but Orange Roshi and Red Vegeta did. Also I think Red Cooler might be able to take it on. Any milling is quickly healed by Cooler, and Tug of War is bound to give Cell serious problems.
  15. 1. All MP Powers must be equal to a card played from your hand. Piccolo, Krillin, and Ginyu dominated the early game, because they had virtual hand advantage over their opponents. The only exception to this rule would be Cooler’s level 1 power. Supernova more than makes up for it. 2. All MP Powers must be just as good as any card that a player would include in his deck. Would you run twelve copies of Nappa’s level one power if it were a physical attack, instead of an MP power? How about Nail’s level one attack? No. Those cards would be common level jank. 3. Cards in PanZ cannot be better than their Score counterparts. This isn’t hard to understand. ScoreZ was on another level. You don’t see MTG reprinting a better version of Black Lotus for standard play. Why the heck does PanZ have better versions of KHSB, Awful Abrasions, and Aura Clash? 4. Most of the milling cards, and card effects need to be removed from the game (keep A20’s Choke, BST, and BSM). In DBZ your life deck represents gametime. When you draw your last card your time is up. When somebody does nothing but block, and play card effects to destroy or banish cards directly from your deck, they are playing for time. Landing a single punch, and then running from your opponent for the rest of the fight would cost you a boxing match. It goes against the spirit of DBZ as whole, and makes games boring. No, I’m not saying that control shouldn’t be a thing in this game. There are ways to win with a control deck other than milling your opponent to death. You can win by DB, you can play a slow anger victory game ala Red Cooler, and you can rejuvenate until the cows come home in Namekian. Or better yet, you can set up a complicated coup de grace and finish your opponent in one fell swoop ala Carpet Attack. 5. The player going first needs to start with four cards in his hand. The player going second needs to draw one card at the start of the game and power up. This way both players start the game on equal footing. 6. No MP power under level 4 should be equal to playing two cards from your hand. This mostly applies to Broly’s level 3. It could possibly be applied to Cooler, and 13 as well, but I think testing would need to be done. 7. Cooler Ally, and Nappa Ally cannot be placed back into your deck from the banished zone. Have you ever played Tag Ginyu vs Red Roshi? How about vs Orange Yamcha? The match is unwinnable thanks to Nappa and Cooler being impossible to deal with.
  16. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    Ah ok that's what I thought it was. Yeah, I was one of the first people to point out how busted that loop would be, in the set 7 previews threads. How did they fix the loop BTW?
  17. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    Yeah, every style needs to do it's own thing to an extent. Red = combos, physical beats, and anger. Orange = Drills. Black = deck dismantling. Blue = Defending, Allies, and Anti-Anger. Red drill based decks for example were a waste of design space. What was the loop with Hercule? That he never died until he drew all 3 copies of his named card?
  18. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    Yeah average isn't the same as minimum. That makes sense. Tug Of War is the answer I was looking for. That card is guaranteed to go off eventually, and when it does Roshi can just burn through all his setups in a single combat. Just two in a deck should be enough to throw Ginyu off balance long enough for Roshi to dominate. I think Tug, Weighted Clothing, and Supernova are all fantastic cards because they are rubber bands. The more you are losing, the more likely they are to help you win. In my own experience without Tug of War, Roshi is left hunting for Red Energy Blast, or praying that the Ginyu player doesn't have an effect that searches the DC pile (which he does just as often as you have a crit.) Also the way I built Red Roshi was with 18 setups in a single deck along with DBs. Maybe you ran a different build that had a few less setups.
  19. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    The only non-setup cards that use critical damage effects in Red Roshi are Grab and Knee Lift. How are you using six cards in your deck to land a minimum of two crits a combat? Is there some combo or loop I don't know about?
  20. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    You do realize Tag Ginyu could just run Lunar Ray, Battle Ready, and Overpowering attack to get Nappa back into play right? Not to mention his level 2 power with Dominance. For every Red card that crits Ginyu has a way to get the card back into play from the DC pile. Not sure how you played Red Roshi in your area, but he was 1/3rd setups in my experience.
  21. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    I forgot Roshi could run Red Ascension now.
  22. Rules for reforming PanZ.

    Yeah I think the power up idea could be bad, now that you mention it. The player going second would get PUR advantage every game. What if we just made it so that both players started at 8 stages above zero, and there was no PUR on each player's first turn? Half the MP stacks in this game need serious redesigns. Even the official game creators have admitted that via giving us new levels for old MP stacks. If every MP stack were competitive, this game would be played for years and years. It would be almost impossible to run out of all the combinations of decks. As far as point 4 goes, maybe not everything would need to be banned so hard. There are some main offenders though like Orange Destruction, Black Foreshadowing, and Namekian Overtime. I think some combination of those would need to be banned or nerfed. Either that or give the playerbase better answers to the milling strategy. Print answers other than Lookout Drill. Maybe give Saiyan an attachment card that prevents milling or banishing? Or an ally with the same effect? As far as point 3 goes, I consider this game to be dead. FanZ doesn't exist in my mind. The game ended with set 7.