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  1. Cards that ruined the game… Black Smoothness Drill: In card games hand advantage is king. Black Smoothness Drill goes even farther allowing people to plan ahead by saving two power cards. It’s not just the hand advantage that made this card OP, it was the ability to set up perfect combos. This was limited to 1 per deck in Score Z, yet the much milder PanZ gets to run these as a three of? Black decks could easily preemptively remove all your answers to this card, meaning you’d have to fight the entire game with your opponent at a huge advantage. Namekian Flinch: At first glance this card doesn’t look too powerful. You have to be at level 3 to use it. It would seem that you have to wait for your opponent to perform a physical attack too. It would seem that you need to have a DB out. But with Piccolo’s Weighted Clothing, and his first two levels giving you free anger, this card just became OP in Piccolo decks. You can play it after your opponent plays any attack, so no you don’t need to wait for a physical attack. Being able to grab one of seven different effects was OP, but the ability to use NDB2 at will shaped the metagame. It made personalities that needed to get off of level one, just that much worse, and gave Namekian an easy answer to MPPV decks. VTP: Yes, Score Z had Expectant Trunks, and Fatherly Advice. But two key differences made VTP a cancerous card. First off VTP only gives hand advantage to the defender. Second, PanZ’s smaller deck sizes made drawing this card much more consistent. Being limited to 2 per deck in a 60 card format, is like being limited to 3 per deck in an 80 card format. This card was often just used to grab combat enders allowing control decks to avoid a loss. Wall Breaker: In Score Z cards like Awful Abrasions were introduced to give silver bullet answers to the OP Trunks Saga Red Mastery. After the Knowledge nerf PanZ didn’t have an MPPV mastery that was broken. But the game devs decided to take Awful Abrasions and drastically improve on it anyway. It was no longer a dead card during combat. It no longer could be dealt with by any setup hate. The detach conditions were harder to pull off. This was one of the cards that made the already bad Frieza, and Vegeta even worse. Top heavy MP stacks like those could have been B tier if not for all the limiting anti-MPPV cards in the game. Black Corruption: This card gave Black decks an easy out vs Dragonball decks. It was also just more pointless freebie damage in a style that already had way too much free damage. Ginyu decks could sometimes be ruined just by accidentally losing two allies to this card off the top of the deck. NDB7: This card gave the person playing it an instant 6 life card advantage, while setting up their next combat. Defensive decks often just used it to stack freebie damage cards, and defenses. This meant that having your opponent draw this often meant your opponent was about to close the life card gap by 12 to 16 life cards. The ability to bounce or shuffle this card back in, meant that many games were won entirely from this card alone. NDB6: Physical beatdown decks didn’t really have a good mastery to modify their physical attacks during the first set. Black Devious helped but Black wasn’t a good style for dealing with ally decks outside of Nappa. Nappa was too weak to have consistent damage. NDB6 made it even harder for physical beatdown decks to win, by shutting off most of their already weak damage. Namekian Knowledge decks just had to drop this and then laugh as their physical beats opponent had no way to capture it. This effectively pushed physical beats out of the meta-game for the first four sets. Unleashed: This one is obvious.
  2. Yeah I'm loving set 10 too. Supreme Kai's regeneration is just what Orange needed to take advantage of having all those drills out. The 60 card format makes games end so quickly that it can be hard for Orange to setup in time. Regeneration solves that issue for Orange.