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  1. What masteries would you like to see?

    Raditz maybe. Nappa maybe. His ally hate would pair well with this. A control bardock would. Vengeance trunks would.Future gohan would. Hell maybe even old cell 1 for a potential 9 stage energy every combat. I'm not saying lv 1 camp is the only way to play it. It just seems like a strong option. Obviously the saiyans with lower power levels would still benefit a lot even while levelling. Also I didn't think I'd have to point this out but it's good on defense too. If your AT is still in the E bracket even at 1 above 0 it's a lot harder to deal you stage damage.
  2. What masteries would you like to see?

    Had an idea for a new saiyan mastery that would help the underdogs but not buff the likes of Broly and Goku. Saiyan Domination Mastery Constant: While your MP is above 0 your MP's power level is considered to be 1,000,000 Power: If your opponent's MP is at 0 power stages you may destroy a set up or drill in play. If not choose a card from your discard pile and rejuvenate it. It's very simple, but potentially very powerful. Broly/goku/etc jump out of the 1 million range very quickly, so this mastery really wouldn't help them unless they want to build a lv 1 camp deck which seems far inferior to the current builds. Though you could make a lv 1 goku work, a raditz build would be superior. The board destruction is also something saiyan in general lacks, but I didn't want it to be too easy. Also this is redundant for Broly, so yet another reason he wouldn't use this mastery. The targeted rejuv can also be very powerful. This let's you sculpt your deck/hand for late game especially when paired with saiyan rescue. It can even allow another use of saiyan menace in a menace build. The constant effect also enables the use of some of the "Higher power level" cards for low power level MP's. At least in the early game. Maybe the biggest selling point for me though is it would finally allow lv 1 camp decks in saiyan which would enable you to run some of the great drills they have now. Saiyan suppression drill and/or hanging out drill for instance would be murder with this mastery. It also seems to fit very well thematically with saiyan fighting style overall. Thoughts? Does anyone come here fo PanZ/FanZ anymore?
  3. What masteries would you like to see?

    All of roshi's level's have power abilities. I'd play turles.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    I agree with all of this except point 2. Orange fierce attack already does all that.
  5. Set 10

    I'll agree with the sword and android card sentiment.
  6. Set 10

    I am of the opinion that they should continue with super and treat GT sagas like they have been treating movie sets. So starter set of super, booster set, then GT based booster set. This also does not preclude them from doing throw back sets for the boosters whenever necessary. In order capture any personalities from dragon ball or Z they may have missed. For instance the first set could be battle of the gods, followed by a booster set focusing on missed heroes like bulma, chichi, and yajirobe, followed by a booster set focusing on the first GT saga. Then gold frieza followed by a frieza throwback booster featuring zarbon, dodoria, etc followed by the next GT arc.
  7. Set 10

    As a known Gohan fan I actually would prefer saiyaman just to be a single level, and save the full stacks for other characters in set 10. Make saiyaman a new lv 1 (possibly 2) and save the full stake for mystic. Gohan has plenty of good levels right now as it is. Although I would like a new level 4. If they do a single level now they can work adult super saiyan 2 into the mystic stack as level 2 or 3. As far as Trunks verse kid trunks goes I think it would be very unlikely that they are considered different personalities at this point. Given the wording on dr. briefs and the way they treated future gohan I think it would be highly unlikely that they're not interchangeable. And frankly it's more fun from a game standpoint to be able to mix them. Otherwise we'll never get new trunks levels to play (or at least not many), so future trunks would eventually get phased out. I know it doesn't make sense from a flavor standpoint, but I think the upside is greater if they're mixable. I know the guy in the article is just speculating, but I'm hoping the set goes something like this: Full Stack: Kid Trunks (for sure) Goten (for Sure) Videl (For Sure) Babidi (For Sure) Dabura (For Sure) Hero 18 (likely) Spopovich (likely) For the last one I'm not sure. It could either be saiyaman, hercule, piccolo (just cause he needs one), One of the other villains (yakon maybe), or even a surprise like Dende or majin vegeta as a preview (since they've been fond of those lately). But I'm hoping they do single levels of: -Gohan (great saiyaman) lv 1 -Hercule lv 1 -Piccolo lv 1 -Krillin lv 1 And do one of the other options for the full stack. I personally would favor yakon or majin vegeta just to get more villains out there. This would leave us with set 11 looking something like: -Fat Buu -Majin Vegeta -Goku SS3 -Supreme Kai Though I could totally see them doing majin vegeta as a full stack preview for set 10 then doing maybe dende for set 11. A. because it pleases the rabid vegeta fan base and B. because it gives them a namekian for set 11. Then movie set 12 something like: -Bojack -Broly -Probably lot of single levels which could include future trunks and/or kid truks (since each plays a role in the movies), goten, ss2 Gohan, piccolo, hero vegeta, videl, hero 18. Or they could do another weird combo saga and give us something like Zarbon and Dodoria MP's Then set 13 if we hopefully make it their might be: -Super Buu -Mystic gohan -Piccolo? -Goten? -Kid Trunks? -Hero Vegeta? -Goku? -Not sure what else. Maybe single levels for tien, yamcha, and krillin. Maybe we'd get bulma, chichi, yajirobe, etc. instead of some of the above? Not real sure. Could be a tough roster to round out. 14: -Kid buu -Vegitto -Gotenks -Hercule 15: -Tapion -Hirudegarn -Janemba -Pikkon/Uub Yes I'm getting pretty far into the future now and the further out the harder it is to predict. I have ideas for what they could do after they reach the end of Z too, but it might be too soon to think about that.
  8. Piccolo Revitalized vs Namekian Inheritance

    Piccolo 4 stops it. Inheritance says use an immediate effect. Piccolo says your opponent can't use an immediate effect.
  9. Black Combo Question

    Clench cannot attach to cooler. I am uncertain if this means that clench is not a valid target at all or if you could target it but the effect would fizzle when it attempted to attach and then would likely be discarded. Might be worth asking on retro.
  10. Kami Scenario Question

    Yes owns and controls are different. Lookout says your opponents card effects, so I would think while they control the drill it would be their effect. You can definitely play another guardian drill on your side of the field as well. I believe you would be able to pass it to your opponent again as well, but I am uncertain on that.
  11. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    Do it...
  12. How much do you care about Fan Z now?

    Yeah the Denver scene still plays weekly, but it's casual now (no entry fees). The prize support has been the last round of panini promos. It's a shame that the north group MoT is talking about stopped, but we still have a lot of fun with it. Fanz has on the whole been pretty balanced in my experience. And it maintains the same feel of panz. I know some of you expressed concerns of power creep/brokenness, but there really hasn't been any more of that than you'd see in a standard set. Most of the stuff put out in sets 8/9 looks more powerful on paper than it actually turns out to be in practice. Plus it's a lot easier to update anything that gets out of hand. I'm excited for set 10. I feel like some people have been hesitant to try the fanz stuff because it's a low point in the series and people don't care about filler characters. Set 10 should put us back into the main plot line and get people excited to play their favorite characters. That and it's just harder to stay in the loop these days with retro being the only real source of regular information. As long as people are playing the game I'll keep playing.
  13. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I disagree. I think awakening cell is tier 2. Any mppv deck worth it's salt can power through the 2 anger drop from the lv 1. Aggro decks can power through cells defenses. And cells anger/level can be lowered. His anger really isn't that fast compared to many other decks and leaping kick/draining attack opens him up to lowering by unleashed. It's a solid deck, but hardly broken.
  14. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    Yeah but a strong unpreventable attack and possible anger gain seems stronger and more reliable.
  15. Enraged Cell (Legacy Bonus)

    I like the idea. A. I think you're overcommitting on allies. For example turles is not going to help you in an mppv deck. I'd probably just stick to the 2 good cell Jr's and call it good. Switch to the new lv 2 and drop the ally tech. You really only need allies for counter kick and lv 1 power anyway. B. I think you should switch to the new lv 2 and replace your second physical block with resourceful block to try and get extra uses of the lv 1 power (plus lv down card draw). The new lv 2 will help keep allies in play. C. I'm not sure how I feel about red furious lunge. There may be a better choice there. D. You should run the old lv 3. A hit with that is a crit (aka anger), and the damage is good enough that it can help you close out a game in a pinch. Especially if you have gotten in some mill from the 1 and 2. The new 3 is ok, but it can be difficult to keep the necessary allies in play. Besides your primary win condition is mppv not survival so the old 3 is definitely superior. And you can even use the level up effect should you need to abandon mppv for any reason.