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  1. Yeah, I was excited to play buu, but I have to echo that he's pretty underwhelming. My biggest concerns: - AT: his upper levels are great sure, but he drops off REALLY fast. To the point where his brackets overall are pretty mediocre. Especially for an mp that seems to want to do physical stage beats. It only takes one weak stage attack to drop him to C or lower. Reminds me of SSG goku, but on every level. His relatively low PUR doesn't help this either. - Overly balanced: he takes a lot of good effects that we've seen on other MPs and mixes them together. This makes him good at a lot of things, but not great at anything since these effects have no synergy with one another. Jack of all trades master of none. This leaves him feeling very unfocused, and I think is leaving a lot of us scratching our heads thinking about what direction to take him. Maybe some new cards in the set will reveal some synergy where it does not currently exist, but it's a small set so even if that happens it will likely be narrow/niche. - No win condition: this has been said by others, but cannot be overstated. He does a lot to rejuvenate and hamper his opponents win con with board control, but this just serves to draw out the battle. Basically he's just trying to outlast the opponent rather than trying to win. This is not a great strategy with how fast the game has become. Especially against mppv decks since he has no built in anti anger support. Or even against dbv decks if you can't crit sufficiently. Best case scenario you're going to end up going to time a lot. He seems to want to be a stage beats mp, but other than having a physical attack on every mp level he does nothing to support this. That's not enough these days. Long story short he doesn't do anything that broly or cooler don't do better. Joey did hint that there have already been changes to the final version, so hopefully they're good. Some possible ideas to improve him may include: - beefing up the power of his effects. If his effects aren't going to synergize then they need to be a little stronger to be serviceable. For example the lv 1 could be changed to 4 stages instead of 3 and 2 rejuv instead of 1. This will be difficult to balance though as this could easily snowball into buu being great at everything. - add some consistency across levels: this would give him a direction to build him and a win condition to pursue. For example you could just add "your attacks do +1 stage of damage" to all of his levels and that would go a really long way. Suddenly he's a consistent stage beats mp. - make his named cards less gimmicky/more consistent: this could be solved any number of ways with small modifications to mp or card powers. Currently these effects are unreliable unless you're on lv 3 and have many counters and ways to play around them. When I first saw the named cards I was fine with them being gimmicky for the sake of flavor because I assumed his mp would make up for it with pure power. This is not the case so far. Fingers crossed for the final version.
  2. Perhaps, but he would have reliable blocking and anger hate. I'm actually kind of liking the idea of blue protective. MPPV is (in theory) one of his harder match ups and it would help immensely with that. Should still be able to get to 2 reliably as well (which lv 1 would probably depend on the number of cards with anger in them that you're running).
  3. You joke, but he actually probably would be pretty great in retribution. That said, dynamic and ruthless seem the obvious contenders for best deck. I want to put him in resourceful, but I wish his named card didn't shut down your set up attacks too (especially because there's lots of ways to tutor it since it's styled).
  4. The lv 3 is totally broken. Because it makes your sword cards styled it can trigger an infinite loop with dashing sword and your namekian sword chop with a single attack. Namekian sword chop is probably overpowered as is by adding a card to hand from your banish zone, and probably needs a total rework. Even without that the level 3 allows dashing sword to chain with itself for as many as you have in your discard pile +1 sword card of choice. Which is likely a game ender. Too punishing for not drawing a block. Parenthetical should be your attack cards with sword in ty he title are considered styled. Then it will work like awakening gohan. But at that point Denithan would be right and it could use a little something extra to compete. The level 4 modifier seems broken to me. You could easily get up into the +9, +12, or even +15 life cards range. With every attack. One namekian backhand would be a game ender. Yes you have to get to 4, but leaping kick working with the dragon ball effects and unleashed would make this pretty easy and even if you get there early his other effects are plenty good for early game. Possible fixes could be capping the modifier (+5 maybe? ) or having it only apply to his personality attack. The discard banish should probably just be an immediate effect either way. On the reworked lv 2 the hit effect has a similar problem to the lv 3 parenthetical. Being able to rejuvenate ANY banished card on lv 2 seems a little too powerful/abuseable. Maybe limit it to sword and named cards. But you could probably make the setup tutor work with even non-sword set ups. I see no issues there and the better ones tend to be sword anyway. Gives him more targets when life deck gets low. I really don't like the styled sword cards = EDB parenthetical. It brings up to many rulings questions. For example radiant mastery would allow you to place any sword card into play including types that aren't supposed to do that like physical or energy combats. Would the attacks be useable at that point? I don't know. That's new ground. And on 2 and 3 this includes your freestyle sword cards too. I'm with Denithan that an effect like that belongs on a namekian card/s (probably drill or setup to avoid the above situation). And it helps keep the stack from being shoehorned to one style. I might suggest making gohans sword juke into a namekian card, giving him a new named card with a broader effect, and creating a namekian sword drill that synergizes with the stack. That said I really like the flavor and thought you've put into this. Joey did say the next gohan stack would not be sword focused though. But that doesn't mean he won't be able to do something with swords. I'm personally ok with this because I'd rather gohan have more broad appeal.
  5. I think you could get away with just 1 focusing drill. 1 sphere is probably also ok since they're aren't a lot of events you're worried about. I agree on puar as well. I think the 3rd right beam is worth it since it also helps get a hit off for prevention and helps with anti anger (can be rejuvenated for additional anger loss). Helps on offense, defense, and your poor mppv match up. Focused blast is an interesting idea as well. Overall I think I would try: -1 puar -1 chaozu (you probably need to ditch another ally and chaozu is the most expendable because he isn't immediately reliable due to his cost. And after he attacks you have to find him again which you've admitted the deck is slow at doing) -1 sphere -2 focusing drill -2 sweeping blast -2 counter ball +1 right beam +1 edb 7 +2 BEM +1 orange staredown +1 power point +3 focused blast The goal with these changes was to drop some board cards for dead draws (you're very board heavy running a large drill and ally package), add some combat enders, and maximize value in attacks. With 3 right beam, separating shot, and AK you don't care much about time which makes sweeping blast and sphere less relevant. Dropping some board makes your tien draws more reliable. As you said your ally package needed to be downgraded since you don't have enough ally tech to work with. Combat enders will also help mitigate risk from drawing dead and help you use your lv 1 when entering search more often. Power point helps get drills out faster and adds endurance. Staredown helps with board hate consistency in this board heavy meta (if you feel the lv 2 search does an adequate job though you can swap this for a sphere or overwhelming power for the crit or something fun. Try to stay away from more board though.) Focused blast does (for the most part) the job of both focusing drill and counter ball while letting you trim board and be slot efficient. I will admit that I don't have a ton of first hand experience with focused blast though, so it should definitely be tested. Anyway these changes should help you get up to speed a little quicker and reduce the odds of getting caught with your pants down. But yeah it does suck that there's not more useable ally tech. I'd encourage you not to give up even if it's just a fun deck.
  6. Deck testing

    I play against myself a lot to test new decks or changes, but yeah it's no replacement for actually playing against another person. I went through a period (set 3 maybe?) Where I was testing a ton of decks on octgn against myself and i think my skill level as a player actually dropped overall. Playing on octgn you lose a lot of sensory input that let's you make quick decisions (for instance you can see the whole gamestate at a glance in person, but on octgn you have to do things like check deck counts to know if you are even ahead or behind). And the mindset of playing against yourself and playing against someone are very different. Playing against yourself you are focused on remembering the game state and trying to always make the most optimal plays while pretending you don't know what the other player has in their hand. Playing an opponent you can play on what you think the other person will do, allows creativity, mind games, when to take a risk, and all kinds of other things. These skills need to be maintained just as much if not more.