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  1. I think you could get away with just 1 focusing drill. 1 sphere is probably also ok since they're aren't a lot of events you're worried about. I agree on puar as well. I think the 3rd right beam is worth it since it also helps get a hit off for prevention and helps with anti anger (can be rejuvenated for additional anger loss). Helps on offense, defense, and your poor mppv match up. Focused blast is an interesting idea as well. Overall I think I would try: -1 puar -1 chaozu (you probably need to ditch another ally and chaozu is the most expendable because he isn't immediately reliable due to his cost. And after he attacks you have to find him again which you've admitted the deck is slow at doing) -1 sphere -2 focusing drill -2 sweeping blast -2 counter ball +1 right beam +1 edb 7 +2 BEM +1 orange staredown +1 power point +3 focused blast The goal with these changes was to drop some board cards for dead draws (you're very board heavy running a large drill and ally package), add some combat enders, and maximize value in attacks. With 3 right beam, separating shot, and AK you don't care much about time which makes sweeping blast and sphere less relevant. Dropping some board makes your tien draws more reliable. As you said your ally package needed to be downgraded since you don't have enough ally tech to work with. Combat enders will also help mitigate risk from drawing dead and help you use your lv 1 when entering search more often. Power point helps get drills out faster and adds endurance. Staredown helps with board hate consistency in this board heavy meta (if you feel the lv 2 search does an adequate job though you can swap this for a sphere or overwhelming power for the crit or something fun. Try to stay away from more board though.) Focused blast does (for the most part) the job of both focusing drill and counter ball while letting you trim board and be slot efficient. I will admit that I don't have a ton of first hand experience with focused blast though, so it should definitely be tested. Anyway these changes should help you get up to speed a little quicker and reduce the odds of getting caught with your pants down. But yeah it does suck that there's not more useable ally tech. I'd encourage you not to give up even if it's just a fun deck.
  2. Deck testing

    I play against myself a lot to test new decks or changes, but yeah it's no replacement for actually playing against another person. I went through a period (set 3 maybe?) Where I was testing a ton of decks on octgn against myself and i think my skill level as a player actually dropped overall. Playing on octgn you lose a lot of sensory input that let's you make quick decisions (for instance you can see the whole gamestate at a glance in person, but on octgn you have to do things like check deck counts to know if you are even ahead or behind). And the mindset of playing against yourself and playing against someone are very different. Playing against yourself you are focused on remembering the game state and trying to always make the most optimal plays while pretending you don't know what the other player has in their hand. Playing an opponent you can play on what you think the other person will do, allows creativity, mind games, when to take a risk, and all kinds of other things. These skills need to be maintained just as much if not more.
  3. Set 10.5

    I think it's great for a mini set. I'm glad we're getting some missed opportunity cards and winner cards. Ther cards range from mediocre to great. With maybe the exception of the orange card, but even that isn't completely terrible. Nail level 1 - I really like this. Definitely wants to be a camp deck. Makes me want to change my black deck from mischievous cell to perceptive nail. That said defense could be a problem and stage gain is probably a must. Other decks I could see working are ruthless, resourceful, and adept. Hell combative too, but you'll have to watch your stages very carefully. Red Shining Sword Attack - I'm a little turned off that it does life cards, but it oozes flavor and the life cards fit that. Ironically this is probably most useful for frieza, but it's decent for trunks and dabura. I like that you can search it with sword drill if you already have trunks sword slash in hand. 18 may like this too since being named means it has Android in the name. Maybe paired with the other new red sword card that does life in amplified? Guru ally - ironically not a great fit for namekians right now. Level hopping in general has kind of gone out of style. May actually be better for earthlings that don't care about drills. Or dende some day. I'm a little bummed it levels you back down considering it's already restricted to once per game and only 2 traits. Doesn't seem overly powerful to let you keep the level with those kind of restrictions. Especially compared to unleashed. Raditz Ally - Ginyu is whast comes to my mind as well. Seems like a powerful ally. I'm just not sure it has the right MP right now. Namekian Planetary Countdown - Love the flavor and call back to the old game. Seems good for ball decks. Probably not worth it for anything else. Blue Stylish Pose - really strong set up. Ally decks aren't really my thing, but I could definitely see this card seeing lots of play. Saiyan Swift Sword Drill - Honestly one of the strongest cards of the set to me. Yes it's pigeon holed to trunks, but it's strong enough that it probably should be. I could see sword getting pretty oppressive Black Judgement Rush - First of all I cannot get over how cringe worthy this name is. That aside it's great to see a solid black physical with decent endurance. It's a niche black needs filled. I don't think it's enough to make black physical a thing again on it's own, but a couple more decent attacks and we could be in business. Until then it has some solid, if niche, uses. Orange Luxury - Here was my post from retro: Yeah, the more I think about this card the more I think it's not very good. Since it has to be played from hand it's just replacing itself with a random draw. Which you could have potentially just drawn into instead of this card if it wasn't in your deck. So that part is effectively null. So basically it's a basic draw 1 then discard. This is a solid effect on a personality because it's reliable. However, for this card to be effective you have to draw it when you have something bad in your hand (and draw a better card on your random draw). You don't gain an action. Then if you still have a drill in hand you can place it. Which would actually give you net minus 1 action. And it's BAU and has no endurance. It would be a lot better if it said "if the discarded card was a drill you may place it into play" instead.
  4. Didn't see a post for this yet: https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/#jp-carousel-1740 Discuss
  5. Hero 18 Combative

    I like the deck. A local friend had the same idea but hasn't built it yet. For me personally I feel like efficiency drill isn't worth it. You could easily swap in a number of good energies that do 5 base. Plus it's very easy to get aura or Android attack drill in play. Efficiency drill will be one of your lower priority searches anyways, so it won't be in play reliably. So why gimp yourself with weak attacks for the half the game or more that it's not in play. It's much easier to get Android attack drill out because of toss and it essentially fills the same purpose for reaching higher damage (and helps your stronger attacks too). I'd drop the whole efficiency drill suite: -efficiency drill -combined blast -offensive strike -precise shot (though an argument could be made for keeping this) +check up drill +3rd power point The rest of the swap ins are optional. If you need more anger orange rage is probably a good choice. If you need anti anger meditation will work great. The above distracting beam idea may be worth trying too. If you need more drill tech I'd suggest orange memory since combative does modify stages. I'd also suggest putting time in. I assume you took it out because of freezing drill, but you're not always going to have that in play. Especially since it isn't even one of your top priorities according to your posted strategy. There will be plenty of times where it's still useful. Great deck! I look forward to hearing how it does.