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  1. It is good. Broly seems to be the front runner, but I could see goten doing well too.
  2. Red Energetic Krillin

    Red tactical drill says your OPPONENT's effects can't lower your anger, and embarrassing drill is once per combat.
  3. Huh? You still attack with resourceful. The instead refers to instead of discarding. You perform the 3 stage attack regardless of whether a set up comes into play or not.
  4. One correction here. In your example for number 2 you actually can use blue resourceful mastery. It is considered an attack (precedent saiyan rampaging mastery) and placing the set up into play is an effect of the attack. This is different from red ruthless mastery which is not an attack itself but an effect that generates an attack. Final flash would stop red ruthless.
  5. I probably just overlooked it. Did you try red choke hold for anti anger? If so how effective was it? Still has some of the same weaknesses you pointed out though.
  6. I never thought I'd see someone play red stylish entrance. Care to comment on that? I like the deck a lot, and you're playing a lot of my favorite often overlooked attacks. One thing I do feel is missing though is red static shot. The anger gain and non prevention are just too good to pass up. Plus in ruthless you can surprise your opponent by throwing 2 of these in a row. This is especially good when you need a crit and does lots of damage when paired with goku. I probably wouldn't have played red shoulder grab either, but I'm curious if you have reasoning for not playing it (even as a tool box 1 of). Glad you did so well. Congrats!
  7. It works very similar to the ret goten deck I posted not too long ago (I still haven't tested goten though). It levels up super fast and delivers heavy beats at the same time. Both feed each other. It is a strong mppv and survival threat. The only energies in the deck are eraser cannon. It wins by survival about 60/40 to mppv. Usually when it wins it is about to win by both win cons at once. In fact it has won both in the same action several times. Still need to update it for set 10, but probably not many changes. Probably just suppressive strike. I estimate the goten deck will work similarly but favor mppv instead of survival. Less board control may hurt though.
  8. Yes. I usually only run 2 eraser cannon because of this, but can easily up to 3 if I think the meta calls for it. Usually 2 is enough though. Also the deck has a few ways to ditch dead cards and turn bad hands into good ones. Possession drill being the biggest. But sometimes you just need to throw the eraser cannon anyway even if it means blowing up one of your drills. The deck can still perform even if it loses some drills, and you can always hope to get them back later. But the vast majority of the time your opponent has stuff to blow up. I've been playing this deck since set 7 when I finally gave in to broly in order to beat awakening goku (which was running rampant at the time). It started out as adept gohan. Then became ret gohan. And finally ret broly. Even won the last Colorado ARG with it. Was always surprised it never caught on more since it was (and still is) one of the best decks in the format. At least in my opinion.
  9. Zoids reference? So far 2 games against Ret Broly. The deck certainly does a lot of things to give it a hard time. That being said the reverse is true as well. Trunks has a very difficult time keeping allies and/or drills on the field against broly. Broly usually ended up on 2 for about half the games, which means drills went bye-bye immediately. It also allowed broly to chip away life cards even with the high physical defense. Blue rest didn't feel very useful because most of broly's attacks had hit effects or were unpreventable (Dig). And blue sword rage, while very good in the match up, turned out to be not enough in the long run. After the sword rages were used up the deck felt like it didn't have much defense. Especially with the many orange attacks that can only be stopped by physical combats. Trunks knee bash definitely put in work though. That and slam were probably the biggest hurdle (and not being able to level effectively, but I'm used to dealing with that). However, with aggressive sword drill rarely in play for long it was hard to get it when you needed it, and the decision between that and another rage to block with was a difficult one. The allies that were the most trouble to deal with were of course briefs and ox king. Though ox king wasn't quite as impactful as I expected because knee bash was keeping most of my drills off the board anyways. And like you said it was difficult to keep both in play which was really needed in the match up. Need ox king to keep broly's damage low and needed briefs to keep up with actions/deal enough damage to broly. Could only really get one out at the beginning of the game reliably, and they didn't stay out long (see eraser cannon with no energy blocks). I also expected flying kick to be more trouble, but like I said I rarely had more than 1 drill in play at a time on either side of the field. It was useful for the endurance though. Basically both decks neutered each other to the point where both were hitting like wet noodles. This led to a long dragged out game which worked in broly's favor as more of trunk's tools got banished (after use, from board, from discard, etc) and broly kept chipping away by banishing the top of the life deck. Broly also runs nearly as many phys blocks as trunks + check up drill, so it was nearly as defensive. Also rejuv from check up added up unless it got banished. All in all, Ret Broly took both games, but it was only 2 games and by narrow margins, and I'm sure you would've piloted trunks better than I did so it's hardly conclusive. Still a great experiment. I have a Ruthless trunks deck myself which works pretty similarly actually (Though without the allies and more drills. And sacrificing some anger hate for more damage.). Speaking of which I need to update that deck. PS: Dashing sword can only grab styled or named cards, so it can't grab itself. You may want to consider this if you add Devilish Sword Strike since you would also not be able to search for that.
  10. Blue Resourceful No17

    I'd recommend a15 for drill control. As well as like 2 vans. This should allow you to drop wrist block for something better/ with endurance. Unless you're also playing it as a meta call. You can also drop a few attacks. I know that sounds counter intuitive but you're basically running 45 attacks right now. You can only draw so many a game. Don't think of your set up attacks as non combat cards in resourceful. They're attacks. Meaning you're only playing 6 non combat cards effectively right now. You have some leeway to add more. Challenging strike is unnecessary, and I don't like easy knee personally, but if it's a meta call I guess that's up to your preference. I also think you should try to focus more on either life or stage damage attacks. If you try to do both your stage damage won't be effective enough to lock them down reliably. In which case you'd be better off just dealing life damage. However, since your MP and mastery are focused on stage damage and keeping your opponent from leveling I'd recommend stage damage. Probably ditch slash too. Excitement is almost definitely a 3 of. Definitely want decap too.
  11. Android 20 does this better I too would like to test against that trunks tag deck. Sounds like it could possibly be a hard counter for my top deck. Any chance you'd post a decklist denithan?
  12. Yeah I was thinking mill made more sense than damage output for 17. I mean it's possible he won't even run 17 too. This video was posted weeks ago. It's possible he found too many counters to it to make it worth running or any other number of reasons. Also, you may never face the deck or never face it in the finals. Yes it may be a gamble, but it might be worth it. I assume you've actually tested the match up extensively? You seem like you test pretty thoroughly. Is it really a hopeless match up? I say go with your gut. A lot of the time it's more important to be comfortable with your deck than having the absolute best match ups. You can't always predict match ups, and pairings come down to chance a lot of the time. Knowing your deck is something you can control. Many friends in my play group have taken a different deck than their main deck to regionals (due to predicted match ups) in the past and ended up regretting it. Myself included. But retribution garlic sounds like a deck I'd like to see played, lol.
  13. I'm testing videl mischievous right now. And so far I have to agree. I chose videl because I thought she'd be enough to patch up some of the damage issues with her AT setting. She also controls really well. However, so far what I have found is that I control the whole game and still wind up losing in the end. Presumably just not enough damage output since it's working pretty well defensively. Maybe I just don't have the mix right yet. I'm also considering other mps. I imagine 17 would be a more extreme version. More control, less damage output. But I haven't tried it yet.
  14. Dragon Ball Top Tier

    Honestly the story ideas and a lot of the art design was pretty good, but everything was poorly executed and the writing was so bad/nonsensical that it ruined it. I still like some of the character designs though (which is all you really need to base an MP on). Otherwise yeah, fuck GT. But to be fair a lot of the movies are as bad or worse and we're still covering all of those.
  15. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    Honestly it could have no cost and still be more fair than unleashed. But I like the flavor of your card.