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  1. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Good. I thought they should wait for another gohan anyways.
  2. Partners for Black Conflict Mastery?

    I don't feel like conflict has an MP that can make a triple victory deck work right now. Your going to end up skewing more towards MPPV or survival. The reason being most of blacks great anger cards are not very good at dealing damage, and there isn't really an MP that makes them work together. I think you might be better off going survival/DBV or MPPV/DBV. there are a lot more options to do that realistically. Ideas off the top of my head: -Kami Mill DBV using his drill and that black one that mills for DB's (maybe some cards with if destroyed effects) -Piccolo similar to the above but you want to get to level 2 and be more controlly since his lv 2 mill can do more of the heavy lifting. -Truks mppv (though ascension and ruthless will do it better) -13 is not a bad idea but won't run DBV. Tag will do survival better and retribution will do mppv (if not both) better though. -I feel like turles has potential here for crits on demand, but I haven't really completed that thought yet. Probably flimsy. -Awakening vegeta. Stay on lv 1. Crits for days. Espescially with his named cards and AK. enough crits that you could have a ball alt condition. -Could ginyu work? He does have 4 life card attacks on his first 2 levels and ways to amp his damage. The stage gain from the mastery may take your ally usage away but could help soak stages against physical aggro. Maybe I'm just ired, but this doesn't seem half bad in my imagination. Not enough room for DBV though most likely. And frankly probably too slow mppv wise these days as well, so this would be straight survival in all likelihood. -A future gohan deck that just sticks to 1 and slimes to 2 could provide a lot of lock down. Especially against anger decks which black generally has trouble with. Level 2 lowers 2 anger with a likely third on hit. Every combat. And the -1 modifier is a bigger deal than it seems. -King Kai would probably be my pick though. Seems like he becomes very solid once you hit level 2 and have gregory slinging 2 5 life card attacks per combat. 3 and 4 are even better. Leveling past 2 may be inconsistent but all you really need is the lv 2 and his lv 1 should help you get there with some consistency. Between king kai raising an ally to full and the stage gain from the mastery you have a lot of stage mitigation as well. The more I thought about this conflict is probably too slow for reliable mppv in general. Even the mp's that would do it well would perform better with other masteries. It might be useful as a secondary win con still, but it's probably the least likely of the 3 to get the job done.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I imagine the gohan MP stack will just use some saiyaman images and use generic subtitles. They did confirm a gohan MP yes? Attacks performed by allies reference the ally's traits unless it says MP. Shenron seems potentially ridiculous for DB builds. Lookin' at you Kami. Krillin seems promising and fun. I've been wanting a set up focused MP for a long time now. Still holding my breath for the new masteries though. Hoping this set will help reinvigorate the scene.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    Raditz maybe. Nappa maybe. His ally hate would pair well with this. A control bardock would. Vengeance trunks would.Future gohan would. Hell maybe even old cell 1 for a potential 9 stage energy every combat. I'm not saying lv 1 camp is the only way to play it. It just seems like a strong option. Obviously the saiyans with lower power levels would still benefit a lot even while levelling. Also I didn't think I'd have to point this out but it's good on defense too. If your AT is still in the E bracket even at 1 above 0 it's a lot harder to deal you stage damage.
  5. What masteries would you like to see?

    Had an idea for a new saiyan mastery that would help the underdogs but not buff the likes of Broly and Goku. Saiyan Domination Mastery Constant: While your MP is above 0 your MP's power level is considered to be 1,000,000 Power: If your opponent's MP is at 0 power stages you may destroy a set up or drill in play. If not choose a card from your discard pile and rejuvenate it. It's very simple, but potentially very powerful. Broly/goku/etc jump out of the 1 million range very quickly, so this mastery really wouldn't help them unless they want to build a lv 1 camp deck which seems far inferior to the current builds. Though you could make a lv 1 goku work, a raditz build would be superior. The board destruction is also something saiyan in general lacks, but I didn't want it to be too easy. Also this is redundant for Broly, so yet another reason he wouldn't use this mastery. The targeted rejuv can also be very powerful. This let's you sculpt your deck/hand for late game especially when paired with saiyan rescue. It can even allow another use of saiyan menace in a menace build. The constant effect also enables the use of some of the "Higher power level" cards for low power level MP's. At least in the early game. Maybe the biggest selling point for me though is it would finally allow lv 1 camp decks in saiyan which would enable you to run some of the great drills they have now. Saiyan suppression drill and/or hanging out drill for instance would be murder with this mastery. It also seems to fit very well thematically with saiyan fighting style overall. Thoughts? Does anyone come here fo PanZ/FanZ anymore?