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  1. I'm not sure what style I see chilled in yet, but he definitely has potential. His named attack is pretty great. He'll do well with attacks that do both damage types like black enraged assault and that new blue zinger. Off the top of my head I believe black and blue have the most options for those. I could see him work well in red (both masteries) and orange (retribution or adept). Otherwise I'm not sure. Blue has plenty of strong physicals but no mastery really jumps out at me. Protective is always solid and might help with anger. Resolute actually could be great because the life card modifier becomes a stage modifier and the draw ability pairs well with chilleds own draw effects to reliably set up draws with things like positioning drill and blanketing blasts. On that note I guess adaptive would be viable too maybe. Probably not though.
  2. And that's why it never got the proper attention. It's not obvious or intuitive. You really don't understand it until you play it a bunch. But to answer your question: it is all of the above. Dbv only has never been a reliable strategy in this game, so no straight dbv deck has ever had much success. That's why radiant slug never worked. And since that was the most obvious deck everyone tried that first and then got frustrated with the mastery when it didn't work. Radiant works best as a survival deck with dbv as an alternate win condition. The anger gain it provides is only enough to slime to your way to 2 or 3 depending on mp. So you'remostly just trying to work your way up to the optimal level for your build. From there you have a lot of options. The greatest strength of the mastery is the ability to switch between passive and aggressive strategies quickly. You can outlast your opponent with mill/rejuv, attack with direct damage, or bounce balls effectively. With the damage boost from the mastery and ball 1 you don't typically need to land many attacks to make a difference. Also it's great utility for cards that require balls like salvo, namekian smoothness drill, right throw, double strike, etc. Not to mention the ball bouncers like hurried quest and inheritance. You will need reliable ways to critical balls if you hope to ever win by dbv though.
  3. Honestly radiant was always a good mastery. Most people just never gave it a fair shake. Some people were too comfortable with the established namekian masteries and some bought into the "hype" that radiant wasn't good. But I've seen several successful radiant builds. I switched my awakening cell build from restored to radiant and gained a lot more traction in set 7. When knowledge came back I switched it to knowledge, but I've been generally unsatisfied with that decision. I was going to switch back to radiant, but now I'll just probably wait for kami.
  4. Yup. Also probably cell mill.
  5. Meh, the freestyle drill doesn't do much for me. Seems too situational and frankly not even that impactful. The only scenario I can see it making a big impact is against late game ball out. Like the blue drill search though.
  6. Oh no, not your life deck. A lot of the destroy effects say "from the top" anyways though.
  7. Black side thrust. Set 1.
  8. Black already has an attack that can do that.
  9. A19 was always tier 3 at best. Especially since there weren't many good attach cards. I tried several off the wall ideas with him back in the day but never got much traction. He's probably better now with the increased card pool though. The lv 1 is still garbage though. He needs a new lv 1 to shine.
  10. All really good except the namekian one. New Orange drill + intimidating drill = pain
  11. Jesus Christ that's not going to be fun to play against. And I don't know why you're knocking the level 2. Devious Mastery with built in hand knowledge seems ridiculous to me.
  12. I actually liked masked too
  13. Cell, godku, wheelo, raditz, niche mps. The main thing that will limit it is the mastery/mp. Otherwise an omni that can raise or lower anger and can't be sphered is worth a slot in any perceptive or mill deck.
  14. So we're just going to gloss over black getting an unsphereable omni block? That's pretty cool. Yes it has an easy to meet requirement first, but still really good.
  15. Tora seems good for cell too