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  1. I don't think anyone is arguing that Saiyan isn't strong right now. It is. I argued that there's very little variation because empowered mastery is almost always the best choice. Rampaging trunks is one of the exceptions, but it's not that competitive against the top tier decks. There are faster mppv decks, and Rampaging has a huge disadvantage against protective. Protective is admittedly not as popular as it once was, but there are still plenty out there. And it only takes 1 bad match up to ruin your tournament chances. Shoryu- panz did not have a color identity problem at first. It was fairly well defined in set 1. That issue developed over time. I still don't think it's horrendous now, but there is definitely room for improvement in the future.
  2. I'd be on board with the next official reboot of the game not having Saiyan or namekian as styles. Instead just print Saiyan/Namekian heritage only cards. For flavor and diversity.
  3. I don't know what his response will be, but I'll give my 2 cents. Endurance was limited in pan z at first. You could argue that it should have been even more toned down though (looking at you blue and black). However endurance was one of the easiest ways to bring the weaker styles up to par, so it power crept more than most effects. Now we're at a point where all styles have access to a large number of cards with both good effects and good endurance. I do think it is needed in the game because if you're going to keep the same deck count and attacks are inevitably going to have some power creep there needs to be a defensive mechanic to even it out in order to maintain the same combat flow. And endurance does this seamlessly. Allowing combat to flow intuitively and promoting decision making in deck building. However, I would argue that endurance values probably started too high and power crept faster than they should have. PanZ did a good job of balancing cards based on damage, cost, effects, and endurance but I'd say that the devs may have underestimated the true value of endurance. In other words they valued it less than other effects and therefore gave it out more willingly than they probably should have. But they were probably used to score z where deck sizes were larger. The smaller the deck, the more valuable each additional "card" of endurance is. And after set 1 was released they really had no choice but to balance any new cards around the standard they had already set.
  4. Do you have your masteries mixed up? Restored does hand filtration. Knowledge does crit protection.
  5. While I agree with most of your points, most of these are more about how things weren't balanced in the best way rather than a problem with the mechanic itself. I really do think alternative win conditions are important to keep the game from feeling stagnant. And for balance. Artificial Human- I think wallbreaker is fine now but probably came out a set too soon at least. It was just too powerful and didn't have reliable answers in set 2. Set 3 at least provided a villain answer in sagacious strike. Yes knowledge piccolo needed an answer, but it was too easy of an instant and almost insurmountable counter. And more than that it hurt other strategies that relied on anger even more. Like Saiyan and red who were already underdogs at the time, and villain vegeta and frieza who were also low tier at best. Wallbreaker is largely responsible for the pervasiveness of Devious krillin and blue ginyu for many sets after. Luckily it has more synergistic counters now.
  6. There's definitely too many constraints on the mastery currently. Either making the search effect useable multiple times per combat or removing the drill limit would go a long way towards making the mastery more viable. The only thing needed to counter this mastery is to block attacks. Which a lot of decks are really good at, and all decks are at least competent at. That's a huge weakness. There needs to be more upside in return. Unlimited drill search would free up a lot of space in deck by not needing to play cards that search for drills themselves. Probably wouldn't be tier 1 still because these days those drill search cards are very good, so you don't even gain a ton by not having to play them. But as it stands now retribution is superior for orange physical beats even though adept is specifically designed for that purpose.
  7. Pretty much what I did except restored is far superior to knowledge in this case. My only other ideas that might work are retribution or ruthless. Ruthless could be ok, but so many other mp's will do it better. Retribution with or without unleashed could be good though. His Named attack works well with it and it's another target for orange uppercut. If I did this i would probably try unleashed with a small drill package to take advantage of orange dressing room. Which is a great often overlooked card that's perfect for this deck. Nails attack also fills a void in auto crits which orange physical beats lacks without being forced to run launcher. Not to mention the orange cards that patch up nails AT damage.
  8. I think the game having multiple win conditions keeps things more interesting. And mppv is needed to balance against slow defensive decks. Yes losing to a lucky draw last minute dbv or a solitaire mppv sucks, but with properly built decks this is not that common. Overall it makes the game more interesting and balanced.
  9. So I tried it. Went better than I expected. 2 - 0 against my knowledge cell. So take that for what it's worth.
  10. I built a restored deck on paper trying to take advantage of newer cards like namekian thrust, grab, and aggressive drill. Using both leaping kick and unleashed (and a small amount of anger) to try to get to lv 4 as quickly as possible. Haven't tested it, but it seems fun.
  11. How is this the most active topic on the site?
  12. If hercule 2 plays hidden power drill it turns off the constant effect of the drill for both players. The parenthetical still works though. If hercule 2's opponent plays the drill it works as normal.
  13. I mean all things considered this game relatively has very few nerfs/erratas. The biggest ones are freezing the set 1 masteries, bau unleashed, and cell 4 nerf. And I'd probably argue that the meta was in a better state with all the set 1 masteries frozen, but I also understand that since the game is "officially" dead people want to get as much as they can out of the existing stuff. And that means as many masteries as possible. Perhaps it makes retribution stick out more when the biggest nerfs in the game are frozen masteries, but retribution is not on the same level of broken as Devious and enraged (with the current card pool and original wording). Not even close. And even if you freeze it that just opens the door for something else to be top dog (Empowered maybe). Seems better to just improve the card pool for the weaker styles then release a new set of masteries for the next starter set and reassess at that time. That's only 2 sets away. Not that long.
  14. While I don't think the game needs side boards I would say they need to be small if they were to happen. Like 5 or 6 cards. Any more and you really can completely redesign your deck to meet any threat. Decks should not be able to deal with everything. That's how you end up with one super dominant deck. But I don't think the game needs them anyways. Part of the skill involved in this game comes from anticipating and preparing for the meta while still maintaining focus on your own strategy. There are plenty of cards these days that deal with multiple threats that makes being prepared very realistic. The number of unwinnable match ups is minimal these days. Decks should have strengths and weaknesses. That's what keeps things interesting.
  15. I agree with a lot of what has been said, but do try to keep in mind that this was only one event. And only 40 people. And at the beginning of a set that is just starting to get explored. Also it is pretty normal for half the styles in a game to be better than the other half at any given point in time. And this has historically been true in this game. Now if this never changes then that's a problem. But look at the state of orange in set 6. Nearly unplayable. So it's only recently that it has become a top style. In fact prior to set 7 the only orange decks that really made an impact were set 4 android 20 and set 1 orange ginyu. Black was a top style for 6 sets, red for 3 or so, and namekian for arguably the entire game. So orange has earned a little time in the sun. For now.