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  1. Old Score Z rules if I recall had it that Hero went before Villain and then if both were the same alignment it was based on current power level (Weaker went first I think) this version of the game, like Shoryu said, it's all just random. Dice, rock paper scissors, whatever.
  2. Just reporting more finds - another one in the group bought 40 packs, pulled 26 foils a heroic dashing punch, Ultimate Sacrifice, True Power, and Trunks level 2 dragon rare. I bought 48 packs hoping to mimic his success... pulled 20 foils and a power mimic. They aren't all hits it would seem.
  3. 5 minutes would be a bit quick... but it would be nice if it got fast enough we could do best of series in a reasonable time frame.
  4. Different metas then I suppose. Set 4 he seemed to pop up everywhere. Everyone seemed to have a Ruthless Turles. But set 5 I saw a few try and pit him against roshi, but just seemed to get rolled by both Namekian and Saiyan Cell. Set 6 rolled around, and I don't think I have seen a Ruthless Turles since, outside of my own attempts to bring it back. Everyone seemed to just move over to Broly/Cooler/13. It only feels like it's gotten worse since then.
  5. Ahhh Turles.. the one set wonder. (Okay, like two sets)
  6. In combat, up until recently, no. You could win solely off of pass rejuv (Thank you Black Command...). But that's not the kind of interaction we are talking about. MPPV, while yes in combat, doesn't really care what your opponent is doing unless they do something to directly interfere with your anger generation (Wallbreaker). Yeah, you throw attacks, but you don't usually care if they actually land or deal damage unless fishing for a hit effect. Unlike DBV - You at least have to have the dragon balls in your deck to win with that win condition. 7 unique cards that win you the game is more akin to the other card games auto win condition then MPPVs "I shoved a bunch of anger cards in my deck and I won!" I am probably just failing to explain myself correctly. But the gist of the direction the thread was moving was, at least from my perspective, that simply throwing an attack and blocking and the crit mechanic, was not interaction akin to say activating a trap or counter spell card. Or maybe I just misread things, in which case, go back to ignoring my random ramblings.
  7. Most games have ways to win without interacting with your opponent. Though I do believe DBZ is the only one that can do it from a core mechanic like MPPV. I think we all know the game is flawed. That's why we are discussing how it could potentially be changed. It is kind of funny to me to see MPPV rise and fall over the sets as a top win condition. Feels like a bit of an arms race between how much anger can be generated by a style vs how much anti anger is in the meta. Obviously with Set 7 being the official end and Roshi being the King of MPPV, we can see who won. But I know FanZ introduced a ton of anti anger cards. For those actively playing FanZ, is it enough to deter the King?
  8. I guess we have different feelings towards how interactive this game is than others. I personally felt that the attack and block system felt more interactive then another card game, as it allows just as much play on my opponents turn as on my turn (With the exception of non-combat cards) where most games it's the reverse, and the majority of your deck can only be played on your turn and you sit there and watch your opponent do their thing on their turn. I do get what you mean though, as far as no real interaction with effects. It almost feels like you would have to overhaul the entire game to get a different feel for the game. The change you suggested, making all cards hold until both players pass would be a mess with the current card pool, not sure how you would handle draw cards. A cool concept that obviously would be one direction you could take it if a redesign was made. Then you could have blocks that canceled effects, attacks that blast through the stack, even stack adjusting cards.
  9. Well, since it's not a secret anyway. Can confirm, someone in the play group pulled an AK, I personally pulled the Alt DR level 1 Cell pack foil. Had another friend pull Instant Transmission.
  10. Welp, my first real night of testing Nail went alright I guess. The first game, I thought I was onto something when I MPPV'd against an Orange Cooler deck. Second game, was up against a Blue Resolute 18 (FanZ level 2) and things started off really well. I was out pressuring and taking all of the little advantages I could. However, there was just this breaking point I must have reached where my deck just ran out of steam. Next thing I know, I go from fully in control of the game to having lost in two combats. The other matches I had, never got off level 1, and just got stomped. Certainly going to make some tweaks. I liked knowledge, and it felt pretty good overall, but like I said, there was just a point I would hit where I couldn't rejuv anymore and once that point was reached, I lost. Thinking I might try restored and take a look at using an Unleashed Engine as Namekian has a couple decent attach cards I might be able to take advantage of. Anyone else having any luck with their nail decks?
  11. I can't speak for anyone else on that, but I have personally always felt that while yes, every game has and requires luck. A good game, and a well built deck/good player, will find ways to mitigate that luck. That's why most card games I have seen judge a deck based on it's consistency. No idea how well Destiny does that as I haven't played. But saying "all games have luck" while true, doesn't necessarily reflect how much luck.
  12. I like Wallbreaker. It has been clutch in too many games for it to not be something I enjoy. What I don't like, is that there isn't an energy attack version of it.
  13. The only "Success" I have had with adept is with Broly. Face Crusher... Charge? and some other card with conditional remain in play. Plus a few of the newer cards that give card draw on condition. It was successful in that it got it's drills out and beat the living snot out of people once it got rolling. But it was slow. If you could take it down before the wall was built, or it leveled at a bad time, it was a bad day.
  14. Pretty much. The difference is that with the lightning bolt, it's once per combat. Unless I and my entire play group has been wrong about that this entire time
  15. *Continuous* "Your Styled attacks gain Hit: If you have 2 or less drills in play, you may search your life deck for a styled drill and place it into play" Courtesy of Orange Captivity Drill and Orange Adept Mastery. I've also felt it would be much stronger if it could have continued... or worked on your non-styled attacks