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  1. What masteries would you like to see?

    People have been playing black! (I think it's mostly because it's arguably the easiest style to get best of right now for your playmats) and set 9 did add some good black power cards. Also, Set 10 may give black a good mastery again... so there's that possibility
  2. What masteries would you like to see?

    At the moment, no. As much fun as the deck is, if it doesn't get clench, it doesn't actually do much. Any deck that can be turn one scout maneuvered out of the game will never be a realistic tournament deck. Also, if more attach hate gets printed, the deck already loses ground. As it is, the deck has a hard time against any flavor of Trunks, struggles against Broly (Saiyan Back Breaker specifically), and can struggle quite a bit against any Black deck (Scout Maneuver, Searching Technique, Defensive Burst, etc). If clench decks start topping or were at all a consistent threat, then sure. It would be too much. That's what play testing is for
  3. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Weird, I see unleashed as less and less of a problem the more the game advances. It's still a powerful card, and it still does more than it should. But I see less decks taking it, and I see less decks auto winning with it. Future Gohan is really strong. No arguments to be made there. It's a strong stack. I really wish they had made him his own character instead of letting him mix stacks.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    I would love a free style mastery, but it would have to have a defensive effect, since free style decks would be heavily lacking in defense (Playing an MP like Yamcha that has a block, and you include Time and Enhanced reflexes you only have 6 total blocks in your deck) Would love a Saiyan mastery that allows you to tutor attached cards (I want to see Clench decks be a thing and watch the world burn) Honestly I would love to see the other styles get masteries that start you with akey card in play, akin to Tag and Retribution. Especially for weaker deck archetypes. Not sure how to do it for all styles, but it could be fun.
  5. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I have always been of the mindset that I try and remind people of mandatory triggers. But optional ones? That's on you. It was your choice to not use it's effect.
  6. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I was doing honestly an idiot and got attracted to a deck that I didn't have the time on. I was playing my take on Adept Gohan (Awakening). Thought I was going to play Ascension Yamcha, had been play testing Ascension Yamcha. Brought Adept Gohan to locals the night before we left to see how it felt. Fell in love with the deck and the power it could put out.
  7. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Ascension Trunks is my most hated combo. Had to play against it at West Kai. Previously it was Orange (Both Adept and Retribution) trunks. The West Kai deck I actually got two games in against (We messed up pretty bad in play on the first game so wanted to see if it would actually have mattered). A quick run down of the two games is in the spoiler. They were the only games all day where I didn't feel in control of the flow of the match, and to speak to my anger control, it was the only deck all day to get past level 2 (Including against Empowered Broly for one of my matches) Trunks things: 1) Great anger MP (Multiple Anger levels, good named cards for Anger) 2) Named cards that give amazing levels of Utility (One that hits attached cards/setups/drills and counts as sword, the other is a force combat ender, and both give anger) 3) Great ability to tutor his cards so he becomes very consistent at what he is trying to do (Sword package/Level 3) Because of those, I have a hard time beating him, because I have to luck sack into answers, and if the player is smart they can tutor out the counters to those answers due to sword package or level 3 with a strong anger package. If you do get a good hand, he can dip out of combat almost as easily as Yamcha can.
  8. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Holy balls man. You still played after that? I'm pretty sure a ruling like that would have tilted me off the face of the planet. At some point part of being a judge is to see the obvious in front of your face and not just what's in the rulebook. Granted, I only have your side of things, but even if only half of that's true I hope that kid got at least something....
  9. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Good guy Vile. Reminding people of their stuff.
  10. Awakening Cell is broken.

    Nah man. You sound ready to give up on something you are passionate about. Just have to think outside the box (or in this case, inside the box). I still haven't found a good consistent way to beat trunks, but that doesn't mean that I don't still have a bunch of fun decks I want to try and play (Though I admit, my saiyan Raditz deck doesn't see much play these days). Cell I think requires a two fold attack. 1: Level punishment 2: Ally removal. Protective Raditz actually should have decent access to both of those tools. With blue having many level drop cards and tons of anti-anger you should have no problem level locking him at level 1 with the right build and Blue Betrayal can deal with Cells allies really well. I don't know what exactly your deck is built around, but the tools are there. If you put your head into in the game and your heart into the deck, I'm sure you can find a way to overcome Cell. If you hit any speed bumps I'm sure myself and even better players than I can take a look at the problem and help you analyse the issue.
  11. Awakening Cell is broken.

    I have a hard time considering Cell as anything more than another rogue deck when he continues to be a non-factor. Yeah, cool he mills. Mill is a strong option against some decks. That's like complaining 13 is too strong because he can level when you hit him and hit his Impenetrable Defense cards. You say we should redefine what we think is a "good" deck. Personally, I think you should. You bring up that these decks you like have a chance to win against the top decks. That's cute. But a good deck shouldn't be defined by it's potential. It should be defined by it's consistency AND it's performance. Tien is a good example of a high potential deck. Perceptive Tien can literally beat any deck out there if it hits the right cards. But it can also lose to any deck out there. Tien is not a good deck, because it lacks consistency, despite having really high potential. Right now, I would say Empowered Broly and arguably Namekian Gohan are the two decks that are in contention for "Best" right now. They have really high potential, and are very consistent. There is a reason they continue to top events. Even when Empowered was banned for worlds, Dynamic Broly showed up. Awakening Cell on the other hand has done... a few top 8s I think? 0 top 4s? I get not liking an MP stack and what it does. I'm pretty sure we all have that MP. Mine is Trunks... Honestly when I play against Trunks I feel like they gave him everything. Is he OP? Doubt it. But man, am I one triggered SOB whenever I play against it. The fact that I have typed out 3 paragraphs ranting about it (Deleted each one) just thinking about how many things about that MP upset me. I get the feeling that Awakening Cell is to you what Trunks is to me.
  12. which one?

    What Artificial Human said with one addition. Set 4 also had some misprints in the starters that can be misleading. Awakening starters has the best spread of cards outside of black.
  13. FanZ - Legends Checklist

    Exactly this
  14. New FanZ CRD...

    Oooh, you were the Tien that just went full wombo combo on one of the players in my group I think. I heard good things about your deck =D
  15. New FanZ CRD...

    Congrats on that by the way! You were the black goku right?