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  1. I had the same thought. All I can figure is that they wanted to give either all balls and BAU or only your balls and no banish. That's only a guess though
  2. So uhhh... Kami.
  3. Dave and Adams has been offloading stuff for a bit now. Super good deals all around.
  4. Black 17 with FanZ level 1 camp. Use all the jank black cards like Black Taunt that force your opponent to draw (And thus discard) and then all the black attacks for life card damage.
  5. Found an actual quote of the masked rule. Seems between the two of us we were getting it there. Masked Attacks - All Masked attacks have the word "Masked" in the card power printed in bold. When you play a Masked attack, you play it face-down in front of you and tell your opponent what kind of attack it is. After your opponent has had a chance to defend during your Attack Phase, you flip the card face-up, pay for the attack, and resolve any effects of the card that were not stopped or prevented.If a Masked attack has a cost, you must be able to pay the cost when you play the card, but you don't actually pay the cost until the card flips face-up. If you play a Masked attack that you couldn't pay for when you played it, you lose the game.What Happens When You Lose the Ability to Pay for the Attack? If your opponent's defense causes you to lose the ability to pay the cost of the card when it flips over, put the card you attacked with in your Discard Pile and your opponent returns the card he/she used to defend with back where it was before your attack. (If the defense was played from your opponent's hand it goes back in hand: if it was a Non-Combat, it goes back in play; if it was on a Personality, it is no longer "used" for the turn.)You Must State Your Attack Type Correctly: If your masked attack is a different type than the attack you said it was, you lose the game.Also another thing that wasn't mentioned in the Rulebook, any Personality Powers that can perform a Masked Attack lose the "Masked" keyword and cannot perform Masked Attacks as their Constant Combat Power.
  6. Triple Unleashed hate, in Chilled, King Cold, and Cooler
  7. A hellish nightmare that was a cool concept. If I recall it worked like this: When I perform a Masked attack, I play it face down. I tell you if it's a physical attack or energy attack. You have to decide to block it based on that information. Some of them had effects if they were blocked, some of them did crazy damage. No way to tell until it was too late. ~Edit~ I've been sniped! As for the losing point that Cytorak brought up, I only remember losing if you lied about what you were throwing (Such as saying it's an energy when in reality it was a physical). I also believe that if they chose to block, you would still do the resolution of effects like a normal attack, just with an added step. So Perform attack->Defender decides to block->Pay for attack->Use attack effect->Use block effect->Damage as normal I think anyways, could be wrong.It's been awhile
  8. 18 also has the new level 2 which is pretty easy to work around. Maybe not competitive, but at least there is a clear game plan when playing her that can create a real advantage is utilized fully.
  9. Well, this news makes me sad... Thanks for the information Sh0ryu. ^^ Sadly, doesn't sound like it's something I will personally be investing in if that's the case.
  10. I just hope it ends up more akin to Budokai 2/3 and less like... well the rest of the DBZ fighting games. A little tired of every character having exactly the same combos. Xenoverse was a step in the right direction, but I still miss old budokai having unique attack combinations to use specials instead of just rehashing the same button press for every single special attack in the game.
  11. Hmmm, I think I'm confused by what you are meaning by Iconic. You certainly have some of the decks I think of when I think Iconic PanZ decks (Knowledge Piccolo, Devious Krillin, Protective Ginyu (Later Tag Ginyu), Adaptive 20, Empowered Broly, Resolute Goku, Retribution Roshi... Maybe Tag Gohan?) But a lot of these others were just kind of what got by for those masteries. Like Perceptive... Anything. Wheelo is probably what everyone tried to make work, but Tien probably did it better. Ruthless, I would argue that Broly and DrawKu did Ruthless better than either Tien or Turles. Adept - Yamcha... There's like one person championing that deck. However, with the recent tournament I think we may have found another contender with Awakening Gohan. Enraged Cooler/13/possibly Roshi from the set 5 days? Rampaging (Clench) Nappa or MPPV Trunks/Gohan both from Awakening.
  12. I'd have to vote for Slug. I know! Most people seem to like Slug, but I find him pretty trash tier at best. Hear me out on this... His named cards are... Advance or lower 1 MP level rejuv 4 and physical attack for AT+3 that gives anger. Both would be AMAZING if... Lord Slug level 4 didn't shut off MPPV. This limits him to DBV or Survival. Now, he has a pretty good argument for Ball Victory, but anyone who has tried that decks knows how bad it is to come across someone who can crit you reliably every turn (Krillin lvl 1, DrawKu Lvl 2, Broly w/ Saiyan Reveals) or has access to banish your balls (Broly again...) and when some of those MPs (*cough*Broly*cough*) are some of the most played in the game it realistically removes that win condition as something you can rely on. This leaves us with... Survival. Lord Slug does have some rejuvination, but lets face it, he is out paced by other control MPs and doesn't have any real threat for damage output like aggro MPs. I would say Cooler has replaced him in every way imaginable with the exception of in Namekian, where Cooler can't go and he has access to some cute cards. But even with those tailor made support cards, he still just doesn't get the job done.
  13. Anyone seen any note of the East Kai deck lists? I'm hoping my Google-Fu is failing me.... I'm curious about a few of the decks.
  14. I'm expecting some kind of errata for it. No idea what, but something. Though as Artificial Human went over, he probably won't be that big of a deal. I would be more concerned about Goku abusing current enraged mastery. But yeah, probably not enough to make him good, but it might be something that makes him.. not a steaming pile of meh?