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  1. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Videl is absolutely going to make it in. As much as I want to say we would get a Gohan MP stack for the great saiyaman, I don't believe we will since we had Future Gohan and Awakening Gohan fairly recently. I believe they are doing a new piccolo stack to cover Namekian. Like you, I think Kid Trunks will actually be in the running due to Goten getting a stack and all the talk I've been hearing about making Kid Trunks different from Future Trunks. Means the 8 MP stacks should be: Krillin Goten 18 Dabura Supreme Kai Videl Piccolo Kid Trunks 1 off MPs: (I think there will be 4 of them) Hercule Yamcha ??? ??? I don't have any recollection of what those last two one offs are. I'm sure I've heard something somewhere but I honestly don't remember.
  2. Set 10

    So, If I were to hypothetically say I had seen something from set 10 that I couldn't share, but it takes an existing fun loving, but not great, MP to (if I'm correct) a top tier contender of an MP. Would this be a good or bad thing