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  1. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    We have like... two metas lol. Our ToP practice group and then the rest of the group. Our Normal group had this HUGE spike of Dabura that seemed to shape the meta. Certain decks just can't handle the level of aggression Dabura can pump out. Because of it, decks that can have risen in prominence. M.Vegeta has been some response, Ally Mill decks (Though they run the risk of being entered on and just getting wrecked in one bad combat). Adept Gohan / Goten MPPV/Survival decks have been getting some love, Drawku and F.Gohan are always present. Oddly no real Yamcha or Surpreme Kai, though I suspect that they would be doable if they don't get caught in a bad combat. Discard Pile hate has been rapidly growing in both circles, as has anger hate and anti-ally techs. Spheres seem to be running around at 3-ofs in most decks up from the 2-ofs.
  2. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Black punishment got an errata in set 4. Now reads: Energy attack costing 2 stages. DAMAGE: 4 life cards. Raise your anger 1 level. HIT: Until the start of your next turn, whenever a card banishes itself after use your opponent destroys the top card of his Life Deck. http://dragonballztcg.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Punishment
  3. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Denithan - Arrival drill doesn't proc for Cells ally fetch since his is "When entering" and arrival is only during combat. Other than that solid. Does the deck typically run the blue restraint / wash combos? I tried that with Babidi at first and it felt.. well bad. Also, with Blue tag having no reliable way to rejuvinate Cell's provocation, does it typically make the cut still? Jaith1 - I have been trying to find a place for Raditz. I thought it was going to be this Babidi deck especially since the first iteration ran a pretty absurd number of setups. The problem I have with him as a whole, is that once again I find myself not having a reliable way to push myself to low enough stages to actually use him. For example, my Babidi deck has 0 stage damage in the deck, he won't be pushing broly to 1-0 stages anytime soon. Driving drill will certainly hurt some decks more than others. Moment of peace is certainly neat, honestly forgot that card existed. Would add, non-adept, non-combative decks. Majin Vegeta isn't just a beats MP though, so he should lose the beats race to Broly. Mike, the guy who does the art for FanZ is in our play group and has a pretty fun Red Ruthless Majin Vegeta. He has a hard time if he gets stuck on 1, but once he gets to 2+ he is bouncing all over the place. Beat decks not named Broly have a hard time chewing through the raw amount of stages that deck tends to have just from the level hopping, and it can push some real damage while it's doing it. Like Babidi to Cell, I would compare Majin Vegeta to Broly. Yes, they both want stage beats and extended combats, but they approach how they do it in completely different ways.
  4. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    Yeah Babidi's combos harder when all the pieces line up, but his normal level 2 power with reliable support is slightly below what Cell can do with reliable support. Though, I was thinking about it, and I'm wondering if there is a misplay in the interaction? So here's how the super combo goes if I'm correct on how the interactions work Cards in play/in hand/availabe: Blue Feast + Level 2 power + Blue Waiting Drill w/ Tora+Buu+Dabura+Random Ally (We'll say Yakon) Activate level 2 power, destroy Yakon (Buu then forces a mill 2 thanks to Tora), period break in Babidi Power, respond with Blue Feast since an ally was destroyed, search your life deck or discard pile for a setup, drill, or ally and put it into play. Grab say.. Yamu and put into play. Feast is still resolving on the stack when the ally enters play and triggers both Blue Waiting Drill's rejuvination and Dabura's mill. Dabura mills for 2 thanks to Tora, and you rejuvinate the destroyed Yakon, which since you rejuvinated an ally will trigger Waiting drills mill 2 (3 w/ Tora). Cards resolve and go to discard and we complete Babidi's level 2 effect, milling my opponent for 4. Mill 2 - Yakon leaves play Mill 2 - Yamu enters play Mill 3 - Ally was rejuvinated Mill 4 - Babidi remaining effect Total - 11 In the particular turn I did the 18 mill I believe I had 1 Blue Training going and a challenging strike. In total I milled for high 30s to mid 40s that combat. I don't think Cell has anything that can compete with that level of shenanigans, and I'm honestly not even 100% sure I would get the ally rejuvination or if it would be Feast that would be rejuvinated, which would effect the mill count pretty substantially. Going to your other random note, I raise your Blue Piccolo with my Mischievous Tao thanks to the new Black Glare allowing for a tutor on Black Absorption drill for out of combat deck stacking and 9 combat enders (5 of which are repeatable). It's along the same vein, longs of mischief but difficulty closing out games. Ha Dabura deck ready to rage quit last week over it though after I ended every combat and watched him discard whole hands of sword cards then get pricked by Black Capture and/or dodon ray.
  5. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    That's a fair point about the ally spin. You are absolutely correct, and I failed to account for it as board control. When I think board, I think setups and drills which doesn't make sense when we are talking about ally decks like this. Babidi does bring other tools to the table though, such as 6 ally fetch cards (3 of which are combat enders). So different tools for different tasks. So, how are you getting your mill up that high consistently? Trapped doesn't do anything for you to increase mill unless he's your only ally out, so you can only get him OR Tora. So spin Escaping for mill 4, 7 if you have Tora out. Trapped doesn't increase the base mill of Cell's power since you mill before you spin on both level 1 and 2. So if you only have trapped + escaping on level 2 you mill them for 5 (base 3 not amped because trapped isn't your only ally, and then 2 from escaping which is now buffed by trapped being the only ally). Seems like the sweet spot is Tora+Waiting Drill+Escaping loop then you can mill for 4 from power, 2 for banishing Escaping, and then 3 from rejuvinating at the end of combat for a total mill of 9. Not bad for only 3 cards that are easy to setup. I like the consistency and ease of setup. I assume Dominance + Draining attack to get to 2? Maybe with that new Blue Drill to prevent de-level? Sounds straight forward enough.
  6. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I don't see Cell as having more control than Babidi until level 3 where you can pull Nappa from anywhere. Outside of that one level, you are in the same position as Babidi and will rely on whatever removal you have in the deck to get the job done. I don't think the two decks are all that similar. Yeah, they both deal with mill and they both have allies, but beyond that they view combat completely different. Then again, I haven't played Tag Cell myself, so maybe I'm drawing too many comparisons to Knowledge Cell? With the way I've build my Babidi, I play a skirmish style where I'm ducking in and out of combat trying to punish every choice my opponent makes while I build up my combo pieces until I'm ready to go for a K.O. With Cell, I feel like you are actually attacking and trying to push for damage on the opponent, taking a more traditional approach to combat. If I wasn't already planning on building a Krillin-18 abuse tag deck, I might try and build tag cell just to see the comparison lol
  7. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I think Cell would honestly have the advantage in the match up because he can spin any ally for his effects where babidi is killing off his own allies (At least in my deck as I sit at level 1/2 with Babidi). Babidi will QUICKLY run out of allies, especially if Cell lets Babidi get to 2, where his ability can only pull from discard and Cell keeps sending them to deck instead. In general though, I feel like Babidi can do it better. He doesn't need to rely on unleashed or another tool that shuts off MPPV to get where you want to go, so he doesn't open himself up to being de-leveled by opposing unleashed plays like Cell would. The Majin allies have built in protection in the form of damage prevention on Dabura and Buu vs the -1 life card of the one Cell Jr ally. Buu and Dabura both play into the combos of the deck where as the Cell Jr allies don't have any real effects of their own in most cases. Beyond that, both MPs can grab their allies, though Cell has the advantage of grabbing his Jrs from any zone starting at level 2 where Babidi doesn't gain such luxury until level 4 (Which again, you probably aren't seeing in my build unless your opponent digs you to four for... science?). I've not played Tag Cell, though I feel like if the Cell deck can get to 3 it'll probably do really well, but can struggle at lower levels. Babidi is a machine starting at level 1. Overall, I like Babidi more. But I've been looking for a deck to use cute cards like Blue Vision and Blue Feast for a long time, so I'll admit I'm probably biased.
  8. FanZ Escalation Checklist

    I don't know if my play group has just warped around a handful of MPs or what, but we seem to be having a very different view of the new Majin MPs then most. I don't know if it's how we're prepping or deck building or what, but we'll see what happens after ToP. Without giving away secrets on some decks I'll just touch on my new favorite pet project, Tag Babidi. I'm loving this deck and I think I have a pretty unique build for him (Or maybe not? No one is posting lists lol). Any deck is going to be a struggle to balance when you only run 5 attacks in the entire deck, but fine tuning and balancing it has been a blast. Not to mention the amount of combo potential it has. I think my record was a mill for 18 with one action? I would strongly recommend playing around the deck and learning some of the crazy things he can pull off. Favorite combo of the deck - Blue Feast + Level 2 power + Blue Waiting Drill w/ Tora+Buu+Dabura Bonus points for having Blue training active / Blue Challenging Strike active