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  1. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Yeah, it's true I might be getting too caught up on the luck aspect of the one player too much. The other two decks I have been testing did just as poorly against him (Both are orange, played a total of 3-4 games with those two decks against him. Both decks run triple meditation. In total I played meditation once against him just because I never drew into it). As far as what is at the events, this is one of the other reasons I am hesitant about bringing my variant of Cell is because the decks have been so random. The meta seems to be the most open it has ever been and not knowing what a particular deck is going to do seems like it can cost you big time with Cell unless you can get off of 2 early on. Both of the other two decks have their own weaknesses but they are far more forgiving. Which leads me to your next question, I'm considering a Retribution Cooler and then a unique deck I have been playing around with of Orange Combative Future Gohan. But at this point who knows, I could show up to the event and throw caution to the win and put all chips on my Black Mischevious Hercule lol. Overall I like Cell and Future Gohan the most because they aren't common and they can really mess with someones head. But cooler is a real threat in both MPPV and survival where the other two are only survival decks. I think I'm going to give Cell more work. I've been focusing a ton on FG because Cell was a joint effort and FG has been my concept from the ground up. Cell has some stronger tools against other outliers like ball and ally decks. I just need to heavily change up my game plan for fast MPPV decks and adjust to counter their particular MPPV strategy.
  2. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    He plays a ton of the 2-anger cards like Dash, combo, knee catch etc. Runs dev blows and shoulder slams for anger control, small ally package that included sobering hammers that if it hits shuts down unleashed, the allies themselves weren't really a problem. Obviously runs Android 13's impenetrable defense and android insubordination for random anger gains. He also runs the hand sniping cards such as Black interrogation and stare down combined with michevious mastery; which I swear he sacrificed some kind of animal to get the accuracy he has to hit key cards out of my hand. Seriously, dude straight up rolls a dice to see what card will get hit and last night for example out of all the games I tested against him with different decks he only had one turn where he didn't rip the cards he wanted. Truly frustrating. Which is why I originally went with pulling outburst to stop the hand discards, but the more I play against it the more I think I just need to severing punch his anger combos away. I'm going to one of the kai tournaments here in the next few weeks and honestly I would love to take this Cell deck. But facing this deck really makes me gun shy and leaning towards another of my projects that is much more forgiving towards mistakes.
  3. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    New threat encountered... Was up against Mischevious 13. Man that deck went straight beast mode. I did get unlucky and never drew into a way to get off of level 2 until it was waaay too late. The deck generates a lot of anger and packs a decent punch. I want to get a few more games in against it, Severing punch feels like it could be an MVP against the deck since most anger is +2 in the deck. Any suggestions?
  4. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    So a few more game sessions later with this deck. Even had a buddy play test it and I have to say it is a blast. I did tweak my version by two cards, removing 1 Saiyan Power Up and 1 body blow to make room for 1 overwhelming power and a 3rd Saiyan Ki Burst. The only two physical beats decks I have gotten a chance to play against have proven a non-factor thanks to tutoring out Saiyan Parry when needed and simply using the level hopping to generate more stages. Even after taking a bad combat against one of the decks, it wasn't anything that cell couldn't stabilize and recover from. Last night, the deck met it's first big loss against a Resolute Pikkon. He managed to kill two unleashes early on (Not that I could use them while he was on level 1 anyways) and I chose the wrong course of action. He was doing small chip damage to me, so I was tutoring out the rejuvination cards like Tantrum, not worrying about his anger. He eventually hit level 2, which I originally was hoping I could luck draw into the third unleash after he did but I never saw it. All the while his rejuvination and damage prevention started out pacing mine since I was stuck on level 2. If I were to face the deck again, I would focus more on dropping his anger and chipping away at his deck faster than he can chip away at mine. However, it was annoying that Pikkon level 1 power level is high enough to stop my use of Domination. While there are only a handful of characters that can do that, and no other character in the game has the bracket retention that Pikkon has it's something to be noted. I also didn't draw Cell's draining attack all game. If I had and gotten to 3, I do believe the game would have become easy at that point. Any progress on your side? Any tweaks you have made?
  5. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Same. It's been a ton of fun and I think the deck has some good potential. I know I'll be playing it again next week and probably for awhile until I find some glaring weakness with it. For now, like I said, my biggest worry is a hyper aggressive physical beats deck like Broly.
  6. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Found the ruling. Number 17 17) If Cell level 4 searches for Saiyan Tantrum, is the card "revealed" to prove that it is a Styled card (triggering Saiyan Tantrum's critical damage effect stipulation)? Our previous Overwhelming Power vs. Roshi's Back Strike rulings states "you may reveal [Overwhelming Power] in order to use its placed into hand effect" - is this technically "revealing" or is it simply "show it to your opponent?" ** Searching for a card and revealing it to your opponent is considered “revealing” and would trigger Saiyan Tantrum in this scenario.
  7. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    For me last night, getting their discard pile full wasn't a problem, so Strength test was always doing something, but I also didn't have near the level jumping that the new build has. You have a good point with it. I'll keep it in my build for now, but it'll be a possible future cut. Severing punch for me has been a pretty consistent card. So like you said, it might be a meta call. For me, it shuts down black anger decks and orange anger decks (Which mostly use +2 anger cards), while slowing down Red anger decks to some degree plus the hit effect makes it a "must block" card against level jumping decks. This might be to you what Saiyan Destructive Blast is to me. At the very least, I would run a 1 of. Originally I was going to cut Saiyan Power Up from your build as well, however with the switch over to more energy focus I'm worried how we will hold up to an aggressive stage deck. Will the level hopping stages be enough to keep up pressure? Right now I'm not sure, so I left it in. If it turns out that it's not needed, then I will certainly be cutting it (Probably for Rapid fire, or something similar). the card is certainly on the list of possible future cuts alongside strength test. Will require more testing to know for sure though. I LOVE that Cell level 3 doesn't need to hit. I mean, you want to block it anyways just for the 7 life unpreventable. But yeah, it's fantastic that we can almost always get the banish/level effect off. As for the reveal when teching the card. I am like 80% sure it was ruled that the reveal when searching counted. I will double check though, I don't want you to get screwed over on a ruling because I remembered something incorrectly.
  8. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    I actually do like the idea of keeping outburst. 17 is pretty common here. One of our players who wasn't there last night even favors an Adept 17 as his deck of choice. So having the tech is certainly something I would like to add . So after putting together your build and comparing it to the one I used last night. Here is what I came up with (using your latest build as base) -3 Cells Style (I like it, but I want something more consistent) -2 Hand Swipe (I feel the blocks are a little heavy at the moment, cutting back a bit to make room for more aggressive plays) -3 Rapid Fire (It's a decent hitter, but that's all it does. I am dropping it in favor of some more utility) -2 Saiyan Flip (Again, blocks feel a little heavy, so dropped them. I considered dropping all 3, I am not sure how I feel about giving my opponent free attack table buffs) -3 Lifting Kick (Again, putting in more utility with the same endurance. We are losing out on the AT life cards but I think the utility should more than make up for it) ~~~ +1 Energy Outburst (Possibly +2 depending on if you drop flip completely or not. Free 6 life cards and will stop hand manipulation. I like it) +1 Strength Test (Replacing an attach card, this card is secretly nice to have on hand against decks with discard recursion ) +1 Rescue (This card makes all my decks, especially this one so I can cherry pick what I want back in my deck for next combats search) +3 Saiyan Burst (Anger control, decent damage, rejuvination, high endurance. Consider this my replacement for Rapid Fire) +3 Severing Punch (I suppose this would be what I would consider the replacement for Lifting kick. Yes, you lose the lifecard vs stage damage and endurance goes down by 1. However, controlling anger and if it hits will also control Unleashed / dig / any other level hopping effects for possibly up to 3 combats is just too strong) +2 Legendary Strike (Again, Anger control with endurance. Plus, when you search it you get a crit if you need it (Ball decks, spot check allies, anger throttle when entering combat, etc) and you can always play it for prevention if needed. Overall, fantastic card) +2 Domination (Yes, I am running both this and Ki Burst. Domination excels against black and Namekian that both play events that aren't styled, while Ki Burst could potentially shut down decks like Awakening Vegeta / Android 13, etc) Overall, a 13 card change. Brings some of my utility over while keeping your level hopping and other utility cards. What do you think?
  9. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    So to report, I got extremely lucky. In all the games I played, opening combat all started with a cell's draining attack or unleashed. The most notable game was against the new piccolo stack using the new mastery (namekian). I got to 4, and kept tutoring out Saiyan domination all game. I knew he was an unleashed build, it's namekian so hybrid defense is a thing, shutting down time, confrontation, and other shenanigans as well. Royally bent him over. He got off level 1 once... only for me to crit ball 2 away and drop him back to 1 in the following action. I think if we merge your new beats build with my more toolbox oriented deck we might actually have quite a beast on our hands. I didn't get to play against any future gohans, but I honestly think I am the only person in my play group that has a deck built up for him right now but I could see him being a problem now as well if it's a variant that gets to level 2/3 before I get to 4. I did forget to mention it earlier. While building this cell, another build came to mind. One focused on stage locking the opponent. It's kind of a mix of my former Raditz deck and a Cell Jr deck I built when oppressive was first announced. Same concept as now, you want to push off of 2 as fast as possible, though with this deck you want to get to 4 asap. Once at 4, you focus on rejuvination while stage locking. Run the drill that forces your opponents first attack to cost +1 stage, the new Saiyan Drill to make everyones PUR 1, Saiyan Emergence (Your preferred fetch card when entering combat at level 4) and the Saiyan card that reduces all opposing personalities 3 stages, gives an anger and then shuffles back into the deck. Plus running triple menace, triple Ki Blast, triple tantrum, rescue, the newer saiyan card that on hit rejuvinates a styled card etc and then Saiyan Overpowering Aura drill for consistent anger control while you are rejuvinating. If these other builds fail, I may have to look back into this one, unless someone is looking for obscure cell ideas and wants to give it a go.
  10. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Yeah, it definitely has a Swiss army knife feel to it. I did forget that you had switched some things around from your first build. Digs certainly would be nice, if gut kick had endurance it would for sure have made it in. I did one test game with it so far and first combat felt super smooth. In the end it turned into a giant grind match that could easily have gone either way. Tonight the real test begins though
  11. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    Alright, I built my variant. I did make some changes, for better or worse but I would like your feedback. Allies aren't too big in my area, mostly just one off allies here and there. So I removed the anti-ally tech. I also removed the ally engine completely in favor of doubling down on attached cards/drill. I added a few more saiyan control cards that I felt would be useful overall to control the overall pace of the game. If you get a chance, let me know what you think - my games are tonight so I can always adjust between now and then if needed. Same mastery and levels except since I have 0 allies I switched level 1 for the old level 1 Events 1x TiaWT 3x Saiyan Outrage 2x Villainous Empowerment 3x Unleashed 1x Saiyan Rescue 1x Saiyan Strength Test Physical attacks 2x Cell's Draining Attack 2x Saiyan Body Blow 2x Saiyan Elbow Drop 3x Saiyan Grab 2x Saiyan Legendary Strike 3x Saiyan Severing Punch 3x Saiyan Turning Kick 2x Saiyan Backbreaker Physical Blocks 3x Saiyan Parry 3x Saiyan Reverse Catch Energy Attacks 2x Saiyan Aerial Attack 2x Saiyan Tracking Blast 2x Saiyan Domination 2x Saiyan Ki Burst 3x Saiyan Burst 2x Saiyan Tantrum Energy Blocks 3x Saiyan Energy Release 2x Saiyan Crouch 1x Saiyan Hand Swipe Drills 1x Saiyan Transformation Drill 1x Saiyan Protection Drill 2x Saiyan Overpowering Aura Drill 1x Saiyan Showdown Drill
  12. Saiyan Dynamic Cell

    So we should start a revolution on Retro about reversing the Cell level 4 nerf, right? I was honestly considering building a dynamic Cell deck myself. I don't know how I feel about some of the particular card choices (Like Saiyan Destruction Blast). I'll probably put together a version of it if I get time before my games Thursday and let you know how it goes.
  13. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    Yeah, but Broly is good in anything. Like many, I'm bored with it and don't want to rely on a single MP to carry a mastery. Turles/Nappa will always have the potential to 1-shot someone. They are also super fragile. If you get rid of Clench their damage output can be pretty laughable. I might try a clench deck but the last time I did I gave up when half my play group was playing Awakening Trunks and then a few Saiyan Broly players running around (Love having clench spun away by back breaker )
  14. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    I am only saddened by the nerf because it is now the second deck I have built with this mastery and had it completely destroyed by the mastery changing. 1st was a Cell Jr deck 2nd was my Kid trunks MPPV deck. I suppose I'm in the camp that now looks at the mastery and doesn't really see it's strength anymore. Nothing comes to mind when I look at it outside of possibly a Awakening Vegeta deck, but I feel there are still better homes for him outside of this mastery.
  15. Set 10 Decks

    Blue pickles has probably the easiest time leveling (on paper) due to unleashed and dominance with the protection of the new set 10 drill (Performs a worthless attack making it searchable with new cards, but if you're namekian trait you can't be deleveled by opposing card effects) I would 100% suggest going in on the unleashed/dominance engine.