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  1. Hmmm.an interesting approach. Since there are two I just want to clarify, you mean remove bruning aura drill not aura drill right? I agree. Puar can be dropped easily. He's an extender for when the deck is working. Right now, his engine isn't working. If this deck could spit out allies faster I would agree that two of the blocks aren't needed. However as is, I'm hesitant to remove my only two non-BAU physical blocks AND remove the passive block that so far has been working. Perhaps we just play against different types of decks, but honestly black is not why focuaing drill is at 2. Pretty much every deck in play group runs removal. Which is another reason why the deck currently isn't functioning. I can't get the allies to stay in play. In the 10 or so games this deck has now played, I think only once has the primary blocker (chichi or pickles) not been banished early on forcing me to rely on the drill engine for protection. With how my test games rounded out last night, I don't see the Ally engine being worth pursuing in my group at all. It's the inconsistent part and giving up what it does do well to double down on that weakness feels like a disaster to me. With that said, I encourage you that if you like the concept of the deck to use the now styled allies to create prevention then run with it. Unless orange gets a little more Ally support I think I'm going to try something that can focus on what is already functioning with the deck.
  2. Update after tonights games Shenron is awesome for getting back Icarus from destroy effects and the layered drill protection engine works fantastically. What doesn't work - The allies are too slow. Maybe I do need to look into combat enders or something, but I just cannot get my allies out fast enough early on against an aggressive deck and if it's something aggressive that also has access to a ton of crits on command like ascension Krillin then that ally engine just completely falls apart. Anti-anger. It's simply not strong enough. I CANNOT throttle a fast deck. I will say the deck feels REEAAALLLY close to being good. It's RIGHT there. It just needs one or two things, but I'm afraid that those things just don't exist at the moment. However, on a positive note, if you play against a lot of stage beat decks, this deck is a champ. But it struggles getting it's own stages low enough to get those attacking allies going. Would love an orange drill that let me drain stages to buff up attacks. That'd be fantastic. Currently looking at the sobering hammers again - I NEED more ways to get those allies into play. Wallbreaker - I have enough defense to keep it live, hate that it is only a speed bump against some decks and against unleash decks it can hurt me, but I am not seeing a real alternative.
  3. It hasn't changed too much as of yet. I still haven't decided what I want to take out for Shenron. Probably the second conference drill The only changes so far have been -1 Assistance Drill -1 Heroic Sphere -1 Right Beam +3 Assisted Kamehameha Here is the current list though
  4. So first off - Thank you again Denithan for the AK catch. Already noticing it doing work. I realized another card that needs to be added that fits the theme of layered protection. Shenron ally. With Icarus protecting from destroy effects and needing to be hit first, shenron can then just rez him similar to the combative mastery pulling back protection drill if it gets sniped. Now I just need an ally that tutors allies from the deck =P
  5. Deck testing

    I do it when testing initial concepts. I'm fairly lucky that I have an active play group that meets almost every Thursday . However, playing against myself is something I have done in every card game I have ever played. Helps me get a feel of the deck and see if the engine actually functions before taking into a real match.
  6. It makes sense that you would mention some of the above cards. At one point another a lot of them have been in this deck and have already been cut. I'll start by addressing each of those and why I personally took them out. Orange Uppercut - Was cut due to the overall lack of damage the card brings. Yes, it lowers stages, but the ability to tutor an energy combat isn't unique for the deck since I already have awakening Gohan level 2 power to do the same thing. Combine those with the fact that it's a physical and doesn't get any of my modifiers or proc mastery, it just didn't make the cut. It might go in again though, since you're right, it would allow me to double down on the cost of that energy attack. Just wish it didn't have to tutor a styled card! ugh. Orange Bicycle Kick - This cut was a hard one to make. I loved the anti-anger on the card and the ability to swap out some of my drills. But like uppercut it was eventually dropped due to the lack of damage and synergy with the rest of what the deck was trying to do. It too could come back, just because the utility it offers is so high but I'm not sold on it being in the deck as of yet. Orange Offensive Strike - I LOVED this card in the original build. It was cut during the FG days of the build and I honestly miss it. The biggest problem I had with the card was when I would either draw two of them at the same time or have one go to damage making the rest of them weaker. Super fun card though. If it had just a little more.. anything I would probably put it back in without a second thought. Orange Electricity - I'm constantly going back and forth on this card. I really like the prevention effect and damage. It got cut during the transition to the ally build due to the lower cost and knowing stages was going to be a problem. Right now I'm considering dropping Right Beam for it again, especially after last weeks games where my allies were under heavy attack and having the prevention effect could have come in pretty clutch. As for the other cards you mentioned: Android defensive blast - Yeah I noticed this one as well. It would be cool to take some of the bluster out of some decks out there by shutting off their abilities. Ultimately it got put on the back burner because I have no idea what to replace for it while I'm still working out getting my stage drain down and it only being a 1-cost energy. Definitely bumped back up to the maybe list. Assisted Kamehameha - HOLY SUPER KAMI GURU: Okay, so this is exactly why I posted. I just KNEW there was something stupid obvious I was missing and here is a fantastic example of such. I usually don't even THINK about this card unless I'm playing Goku or Vegeta since they are the ones giving it reliable crit damage. But with my drills I will too. Big oversight on my part and will FOR SURE be trying to find a place for this one. Combat enders are a cool idea. You are right, I don't have a lot of "unconditional offense" as you put it. So far, I have yet to get an ideal scenario going, so we'll talk realistically what it does have. Puar + Tien + Fierce attack. Using Gohan level 2 to grab fierce attack and then Puar to copy Tien (Giving +1) and then Tien attacking (For another +1) with modifiers and whatever else you drew can start adding up the unpreventable damage fast. So far, I haven't played a game where people have enough blocks in the deck to stop it consistently. Honestly, the hardest match up I've had so far was Black Mischievous 17. I had to save Chichi for his punch so he couldn't stack vans and had to always be ready to grab an orange staredown to deal with Van should it come out on it's own. Though Icarus would have just been shuffled in thanks to assistance, a follow-up van would start to sweep my allies away. Plus the hand destruction kept hitting my attacks so I never had enough attacks in hand to drop my stages low enough to begin using the attacking allies while he kept firing off direct life attacks. Quite frustrating to be honest. That and letting someone use my Cell deck to see if it could keep Gohan down. turns out, the deck is rather resilient though, the only game I have lost so far was against knowledge piccolo, but he drew into a bunch of combat enders and I failed to play around ball 2 correctly which set me back a ton. With some quick changes, I think the deck has a decent match up against most. I need to test it against a TRUE anger deck though. See who gets where first.
  7. So far, cards I am considering adding Point Blank volley - Costs 3 stages which will eat a huge chunk of my PUR stages, has anti-anger and can randomly come to my hand after being endured from damage Orange Spotlight - I do so love my cute cards and this is among the cutest. I would have to play with my hand revealed for a turn, but giving all my attacks +2 life for the turn is pretty juicy sweet if I time it on a turn I can really pop off. Sobering Hammer - I HATE the fact that I'm still considering this card. It won't grab most of my allies. Pretty much only Icarus, it's not an energy combat so won't get any of my damage buffs or trigger mastery prevention if it hits. What it does do, is it allows me to cycle icarus easier and if it does hit will shut down unleash decks for a bit, including my own level up (Which yes, there have so far been some match-ups I have chosen to not use level 1 power because wiping my board and resetting my stages was far more painful than gaining the single ally would have been)
  8. What drew me to combative was a conversation I had on the trip back from the last tournament. How gross would it be to get to level 3 as Garlic Jr with combative mastery, ball 6, and hiding drill out. Of course, Garlic never got tested because... nah. But the deck quickly evolved into Future Gohan with his -1 life card on all levels and his ability to shut down / abuse opposing powers. The deck tested EXTREMELY well in some matchups but completely failed in others for both a leveling build and a camp build. The biggest problem with it was that it lacked aggression and couldn't deal with ball decks, ally decks, or speed anger decks at all because of it. Got me thinking about using the hero allies that perform energy attacks to make up for the lack of aggression and with Awakening Gohan they would also trigger the mastery prevention effect. This should, in theory allow me to still be very strong against a straight beats deck, whos damage is going to be heavily mitigated and recovered from and also give me a lot more pressure on the board. I especially liked the fact that I get to use cute cards no one ever uses, like assistance drill and goku ally. =P
  9. So I have started working on this as my new pet project, and I really really am enjoying the concept but am having some difficulty in certain matchups keeping my stages low enough to be able to fire off my ally attacks. Looking for some spicy card suggestions if anyone has them. Here is the deck so far:
  10. Set 10.5

    My initial impressions: Starting from the first reveal and working down. Nail level 1 - Dude is cool. I'll be curious to see what people do with it. If his trigger power was constant, then I think he would be a lot better, but still being able to force a Defensive Burst upon your opponent or any other such nasty hit effects could be fun. He's really close to good (I feel) but I honestly do think he is missing enough to make it a big splash (Like most of the one off levels). We'll see, but right now it seems Black is the only stand out to make use of that power. Red Shining Sword Attack - Great... more named Sword cards. I know how this card came to be, and my utter dislike for Future Trunks creates some biased against this card. it's overall a decent card for sword decks and I know I'll be playing it in my Red SworDura (Sword Dabura) deck. We'll see if the whole swords want to deal stages but this does life thing becomes a problem or not (I don't imagine so since red has ways of making both sword and named card damage unpreventable) Guru ally - Potentially cool. Not great for Nail, we'll see once Dende gets his stack if he becomes worth playing. Raditz Ally - Only thing that comes to my mind is Blue Resourceful Ginyu. Maybe it could be a thing? Doubt it. I feel like I'm missing something with this card. Feels okay but not great. Namekian Planetary Countdown - This thing had me lose my mind when I first read it. Then I realized it was shuffle not rejuvinate and I calmed myself. It's a cute card but ultimately I am not sure how much I like it when it gets compared to Namekian Growth. (Growth doesn't have the requirement to only work when you lose, allowing you to work around opponents removal. Growth Rejuvinates instead of shuffling, which for ball decks means you get to top deck your balls when close to death. Growth has other uses if you are in a position where rejuvinating isn't a concern). Overall this card is cool, but I don't think it's as big as people make it out to be. Blue Stylish Pose - OMG YES FINALLY GINYU BABY YOU'RE BACK. *cough* So I enjoyed playing Blue Ginyu. What I didn't like is playing Tag because my playgroup loved banishing my allies. I might rebuild the deck with this card. Feels really strong. Already talking with someone in our play group about a deck that might be able to abuse this for some fun shenanigans. Will see how that goes. Saiyan Swift Sword Drill - I don't know how I feel about this. It's another trunks card, which I already dislike and in the hands of trunks we can now make Trunks Knee bash stay in play to be used twice? It's a fun card that has some strength behind it but it helps everything I dislike about Trunks and this makes me sad. Black Judgement Rush - Cool art, cool endurance, more "considered named" card and it's black with anti anger. I have yet to come up with a deck that wants to play this in my head outside of Mischievous Broly/SworDura but I'm sure someone will find a way to put this neat card to use. Orange Luxury - This card is a trap. You have been warned. Don't do it. Resist the urge. All in all, feels like Trunks came out of this the best with the Red and Saiyan card literally being designed for his stack, which frustrates me the most about this mini set. Only thing I'm truly excited for is that new Blue card. TONS of potential in that setup. The rest are pretty mediocre but neat additions to the game. Now, to wait to lose to the new namekian setup.
  11. A Home For Frieza?

    Always happy to help =D
  12. A Home For Frieza?

    Have a huge frieza fan in my play group - Will say this: Retribution Frieza is pretty dirty. Set 1.5, which should be released sometime this week will also apparently release something for Red that makes the red variant pretty dope, and there is also Mischievous Frieza as was already mentioned. While I'm sure there is a blue build that would work for him, the other 3 styles he has access to are all pretty strong for Frieza. Just comes down to what you ultimately want to do with Frieza. Do you want to camp 2? Do you want to get to 4 for that sweet 3-action generating MP? Do you want to mill? Do you want to nuke with named cards? One mistake in your original post though that I noticed - Retribution Frieza does not get the drill first combat. He levels when entering combat (Which is not yet in combat) and retribution mastery requires that you have changed levels this combat, not turn. I would leave MPPV to Cooler. Take the new level 1 and enjoy having easy early access to that golden form. From there, build to your liking.
  13. No, none of the matches were recorded. Jeff Sosa, the second place winner and my traveling companion for the event was going to stream but I convinced him not to do it so that he could better focus on his matches. in the end, I'm glad I did because it got him to a higher placement but I understand a bunch of people would have enjoyed seeing some games. As for future kai events, no idea. There is another set being released between now and the next Kai event I plan on attending. Who knows what that will do and how things will shift with that release. The deck is still solid though and I have a hard time imagining a world where it would get worse. Maybe as more MPs come out that are either stronger on earlier levels so I can't use domination or have quick level up mechanics so I can't use Ki Burst. Or in the case of stacks like the new Frieza, both.
  14. Well, I came I saw and I went to West Kai with Dynamic Cell. Had a few people ask for a report so I thought I would post one. Normally wouldn't do so since I didn't exactly do well, but sure why not. Keeping things brief: Round 1: Mischievous Frieza (New level 1+golden level 2) - Mario Ramirez - Didn't know much to expect other than the hand discard and mill that I had been playing against plus the standard Frieza named card shenanigans. Turns out, I was on point. Nothing really to say, the deck was cool. He ran things like Tora ally and milled a bunch. I was honestly worried, he was chipping away at me pretty good but then for some reason he pushed himself to 3 and lost all pressure he had on me. I cleared out his allies and just made short work of the deck. Really cool concept, and if he had managed to get to / stay at 4 or just decided to stick at 2 I think he could have beaten me. 1-0 Round 2: Enlightened Awakening Gohan - Oscar Lew - Didn't know it at the time, but this was the champion from the previous year. I knew he was going for physical beats, but for some reason it didn't quite register in my mind he would be playing leaping kick. It's so obvious now, but too little too late. My thought process was that I wanted to get Tracking blast attached ASAP so I wouldn't get ball'd down to 1. I get my tracking blast attached thanks to Cell level 2 when entering, he leaping kicks and I realize my doom. Long story short, he reaches level 3 in the first combat and continues to reply the Cell Games arc after Gohan reached SSJ2 versus Cell. I eventually make it to 3, but it's waaay too late for me to recover and I get blasted. 1-1 Round 3: Knowledge Future Gohan - Jeff Sosa - Of course... One of my traveling companions. Time for our first team kill. I had played against Jeff a lot and I knew I was in for a tough match that was going to need a few things to come up in my favor if I wanted any real chance to win. Unfortunately, I didn't see any of that needed luck. Few combats later, I'm level 2, He's level 3 and I have about 20 cards left in deck. All 3 unleashed and both Cell's Draining attack in deck. We enter, I finally draw into my unleashed and manage to hit level 3. Too bad by the end of that combat I only had about 8 cards left in deck. We go another round of combat and he drops me to my final 3, passes until I run out of gas. No reason to keep fighting, I can't kill him and can't heal any of that damage back. My turn, I draw out. 1-2 Round 4: Radiant Slug - Jacob Schrum - There was a slight reporting error where I got the points from my last match. We got it corrected but was told to play the round with the current pairings. Not going to lie. Since hearing about that Radiant Slug deck that won an event not too long ago, I've been playing a bit of speed ball on the side myself and was really looking forward to this match so I didn't mind the chance to face off against Jacob's rendition. I'm a little fuzzy about how everything starts off, but we're both making pretty good headway towards our various win conditions. I'm slowly eating into his deck and he is slowly making progress with his balls. I keep him stuck between levels 1/2 so he can't get to slug 4, but still we find ourselves at this amazing moment where if I had been playing anyone but Cell I would have lost. Jacob has 5 balls out and plays down earth ball 3. One of the cards he grabs from discard is Namekian Surge. All he would have to do in normal circumstances is enter and play the attack. We both see it and reach for the GG handshake. I stop halfway through and say "and you win... If I was anyone but Cell" and sit back down. Jacob sits there for a second and sees the same thing I do. Makes the right call and passes rejuvs. My turn, I can't risk him just drawing into the ball so I enter, use my level 4 when entering to grab a "Reveal for crit" effect - hit ball 5 to shuffle another ball back into his deck setting him back 3 balls away from victory and just push for game. It was a lot of fun and was the game that made me happy I teched in my Overwhelming Powers. Without them I'm pretty sure I would have lost (Were responsible for taking out radar twice and dragon clan once, along with a few others) 2-2 Round 5: Oppressive Vegeta (Awakening) - Hector "Miguel" Gonzalez - Was looking good. I was 2-2 but it looked like my two losses were doing well enough that I might still be able to get into top cut with a 3-2 record due to good tie breaks. All I had to do was win this one to find out. I only glanced at the name on the sheet and didn't realize I was playing Miguel otherwise I probably would have been a bit more cautious with some of my plays. I don't take Oppressive Vegeta too seriously with Cell. I have just as many tricks up my sleeve as he does, except I don't run out of gas as easily as I have found OP Vegeta to in my own testing. It starts off great, I get to 3 early on, we are trading back and forth with some great awesome endurance coming in clutch on both sides. Exactly how a fight between two saiyan decks should be. We have ourselves a good ole Unleashed/Vicious Strike/Cell level 4 bouncing game going on inside of our battle as well. Sadly for me, I end up losing this war and find myself on level 2 at full stages looking down a level 3 Vegeta. final combat and he gets in a jab I'm not worried about, follows up with a gutkick (Due to skips). I make the biggest mistake I can think of all day and don't block it with the outrage in hand. I was worried about some threats that could be in his hand, however I didn't realize that they were all used up and if I had taken my time to check discard/banished I would have known I was holding this block for a card that couldn't come. I take the attack and get dropped to 1 stage. I can no longer throw the Saiyan Burst in hand. I throw vicious strike instead. It hits, I lower myself to get my stages back. He throws final flash, I can't block it with outrage and it takes me down to 3 cards left. He uses the hit effect to lower himself to 2 and snipe a card in hand. He hits the Saiyan Burst. There goes my chance. All I had to do was either block the gutkick to have stages for the burst (Which would have rejuvinated a card, putting me at 4 left at the end of the turn and likely done lethal damage by the end of the turn) or had him snipe the block with final flash hit effect and I would have won with the damage from outburst. Either way it was a super close game and by far my favorite game of the tournament. Final score 2-3 Final notes: My record was pretty abysmal but I still take some solace in my losses. All three made it to top 4 (One won the tournament and another was in the top 2). So at least I lost to the best there. Great crowd and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone. Hope for a rematch or two at Colorado.