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  1. Set 10 Decks

    Blue pickles has probably the easiest time leveling (on paper) due to unleashed and dominance with the protection of the new set 10 drill (Performs a worthless attack making it searchable with new cards, but if you're namekian trait you can't be deleveled by opposing card effects) I would 100% suggest going in on the unleashed/dominance engine.
  2. Namekian Restored & Saiyan Empowered are Frozen

    Saiyan Sword Skill is the card you seem to be missing. So level 1, obviously shoots to 2. From there you have the mastery effect for skip, gut kicks, and then the new cards that force skips, Dashing punch, and Sword skill (turning all attacks that hit into a skip). On top of skip effects, you also run Blinding Energy Move, Trunks Slam, Earth Ball 7, and the new card that can all end combat, which level 3 can loop until it gets into a position where it can push for game. So run the skip cards, combat enders, trunks Slam/Trunks Knee Bash included and anger cards. Also, Saiyan Inspection Drill is a 3 of.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Videl is absolutely going to make it in. As much as I want to say we would get a Gohan MP stack for the great saiyaman, I don't believe we will since we had Future Gohan and Awakening Gohan fairly recently. I believe they are doing a new piccolo stack to cover Namekian. Like you, I think Kid Trunks will actually be in the running due to Goten getting a stack and all the talk I've been hearing about making Kid Trunks different from Future Trunks. Means the 8 MP stacks should be: Krillin Goten 18 Dabura Supreme Kai Videl Piccolo Kid Trunks 1 off MPs: (I think there will be 4 of them) Hercule Yamcha ??? ??? I don't have any recollection of what those last two one offs are. I'm sure I've heard something somewhere but I honestly don't remember.
  4. Set 10

    So, If I were to hypothetically say I had seen something from set 10 that I couldn't share, but it takes an existing fun loving, but not great, MP to (if I'm correct) a top tier contender of an MP. Would this be a good or bad thing