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  1. Elite Emperor Palpatine

    Elite Palpatine Battleground: Frozen Wastes Upgrades: (12) 2x Force Speed 2x Force Illusion 2x Lure of Power 2x Force Lightning 2x Force Choke 2x Sith Holocron Events: (18) 2x High Ground 2x Isolation 2x Feel Your Anger 2x Manipulate 2x Deflect 2x Overconfidence 2x No Mercy 2x Premonitions 2x Rise Again This is the starting shell for my Elite Palpatine deck. I had initially thought Palpatine might be unplayable after more spoilers were revealed, until I saw Force Illusion and Premonitions. Since the deck runs two copies of everything, Premonitions can set up a free Rise Again to give the deck more longevity. The deck has a TON of blanking the opponent's dice/removal options. Can't wait to test these SOR decks.