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  1. Successful Decks

    Blue. Blue/Yellow. Blue/Green. Blue/Red.Yellow. Vegeta, Gohan, Vados, Goku (starter) and Golden Frieza.
  2. Frieza Control

    Pro tip: Golden Frieza is good.
  3. Mixed Colour Decks

    I started out by just playing mono color, however I have started to branch out to multi-color decks. I've been noticing multi-color is by far superior at the risk of having a shaky color base. You can easily play two or three color decks, just make sure you build your deck correctly.
  4. What masteries would you like to see?

    Black Revenge Mastery Your styled attacks without printed anger gain "Raise or lower a player's anger 1." Power: Discard a random card from your hand. If the card discarded was styled, you may lower your anger 1. If you do, your opponent discards a random card from his or her hand. Blue Thought Mastery Instant Power: Use when you use a critical damage effect, search your discard pile for a styled setup and put it in play. Power: Banish a setup you control. If you do, your styled energy attacks do +2 life cards of damage and gain "Hit- You may draw a card. If you do, discard a card." Namekian Training Mastery (You cannot win by MPPV. At the start of the game, search your life deck for 7 Dragon Balls and banish them.) Power: When entering combat, search your banish zone for a Dragon Ball and play it. If you control 3 or more Dragon Balls, advance an MP level. Orange Technique Mastery (You may play or put it play copies of styled drills that you already control.) Your styled drills without endurance gain "Endurance 1." Power: Banish a styled drill you control. Perform a Physical attack doing AT+3 power stages of damage. This power may be used twice per turn. Red Furious Mastery Instant Power: Use when you use a critical damage effect. Raise your anger 2. Power: Banish the top card of your discards to raise your anger 1. If the card was styled, you may destroy a setup, ally or drill in play. Saiyan Awakened Mastery Power: Use when entering combat. Draw a card. You may reveal your hand. If your hand contains only styled cards, draw 2 cards and your attacks do +1 stages of damage this combat. Yes, these are OP, who cares
  5. Jyn/Ackbar Mill

    Here's what I would do this deck: E Jyn Ackbar Command: 11 2x Fast Hands 2x Con Artist 1X Cunning 2X Lone Operative 2X DL-44 Heavy Blaster 2X Second Chance Supports 1 1X C3P0 Events: 18 2X Don't Get Cocky Kid 2X Negotiate 2x Friends in Low Places 2X Commando Raid 2X Electroshock 2X New Orders 2X Rebel 1X Leadership 1X Sabotage 1X Cheat 1X Never tell me the odds
  6. Jyn/Ackbar Mill

    I feel like (at least right now) there are not enough competitive cards to add to a mill deck to make it more consistent. I would consider two copies of New Orders in a mill deck. It allows you to take their battlefield (to gain the shields) and then use it (get the claim effect) then follow up to claim as your next action potentially milling 4 in one turn directly from the deck. Plus, getting certain decks of their battlefield is a nice bonus as well.
  7. Staples

    Yeah, I was not really focusing on specific colors. I was talking about universally good in most decks. Ultimate Judgment Jaco, Son Goten, Family of Justice and Furthering Destruction Champa can be included in any deck, not actually play them from hand, but rather use them for their combo effect.
  8. Post-Errata Meta

    FN was arguably one of the best decks pre-errata after the meta started to settle. Now that the other meta deck got neutered a bit, I see FN probably ending up as the most played character.
  9. Staples

    Guess I'll try this game after all. After analyzing the set (and playing demo games on TTS), I feel like the following are staple cards in some capacity for every deck: Ultimate Judgment Jaco Son Goten, Family of Justice Furthering Destruction Champa The Negate Cards The "if your leader is X and you have 4 or less life..." Is this what you guys are seeing when you are playing games?
  10. Beerus Deck

    Yeah, I didn't read the rule booklet...
  11. Beerus Deck

    Here you go: 4-Color Son Goku. Someone should build this and see how amazing it is.... Leader Son Goku (Green) Blue (16) 4x Energy Boosted Majin Buu 4x Encouraging Presence Monaka 4x Objection 2x Whis' Coercion 2x Senzu Bean Green (14) 4x Slasher Trunks 3x Full Energy Power 3x Family Kamehameha 1x King Vegeta's Suprise Attack 3x Mighty Striker Gohan Red (14) 3x Vados's Assitance 4x Fickle Destruction 4x Hit 3x Magetta of Universe 6 Yellow (16) 4x Sorbet, the Loyal Commander 3x Ginyu Force Guldo 3x Ginyu Force Recoome 4x Avenging Frieza 1x Frieza, Hellish Terror 1x Full Power Frieza
  12. Beerus Deck

    I have no clue how to play or what key cards are. However, I will develop a 4 color deck that will destroy all.
  13. Beerus Deck

    I'm sure it's better than most randoms building a first deck
  14. Star Wars: Destiny - Rules Update 1.4

    Well if by Heroes you mean Poe/Maz, then yes it did, but it's still competitive (and is probably STILL the best deck). As for Ammo Belt/Second Chance, I found that combo to be pointless unless you were running a LS mill deck (which did get hit). Han/Rey never needed it (I ran 2 SC and 0 AB with my store championship winning Han/Rey).
  15. Star Wars: Destiny - Rules Update 1.4