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  1. vegeta or broly?

    I would run the promo Broly if you already have access to it and are currently running the 1-drop Broly. However, in most of my green builds, I have been running Furious Yell Vegeta over Rampaging Attacker. The reason: He helps against stall strategies to allow you to awaken.
  2. Successful Decks

    Blue. Blue/Yellow. Blue/Green. Blue/Red.Yellow. Vegeta, Gohan, Vados, Goku (starter) and Golden Frieza.
  3. Frieza Control

    Pro tip: Golden Frieza is good.
  4. Mixed Colour Decks

    I started out by just playing mono color, however I have started to branch out to multi-color decks. I've been noticing multi-color is by far superior at the risk of having a shaky color base. You can easily play two or three color decks, just make sure you build your deck correctly.