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  1. Pretty good ideas tbh. While seeing that letter next to the power levels would indeed be ugly, would be great for new players and would save time during games for those who don't have the AT memorized. I think the reason they haven't done that yet is because the power level flavor just feels so goooooood.
  2. Maybe smug punch? I know you have the anti-anger thing going but I actually don't see many cards that would benefit from it. Also, how do you feel about blue slash? One thing I noticed is that this deck seems to be low on endurance (could have missed a few since I did not sit down and count). Have you tried playing against any fast aggro decks?
  3. I'm all for anything that promotes the health and longevity of the game. I don't intend to pick another game up. If this gets snuffed out, I lose a hobby. Would a full rule-book re-write be needed? I know they added a few new clauses in the recent CRD they could include.
  4. Kinda neat. Have you tried it with Android 15 yet? Not sure if it's really needed but the extra board control is pretty sweet, especially with Orange Ret being so popular currently. Pesky drills. Maybe toss in a blue arrest or two to compliment that? Just tossing out ideas though. The deck could be perfect as is for all I know.
  5. It makes me happy that other people feel the same way I do about Pan Z, that despite its flaws, it was the best version of the DBZ game to date!
  6. That might be the one kickstarter I support!
  7. Ugh sorry one thing I forgot to mention... When I learned about Pan Z right before Set 3 dropped, I went out and spent all the money. I was so freaking pumped. When I learned about some of the new Pan Z rules I was even MORE pumped. IMO one magnificent new rule Pan Z introduced was the rule with named cards. It was stupid that in Score MPs could use any named card. I like how they are exclusive to that char now. Gives each MP a totally unique feel and playstyle. Critical damage is also awesome. Inherent ally hate! Remember how bonkers ally decks could be in Score Z due to sheer numbers? The new ally rules in Pan Z cleared that up, and ally decks are still very potent, but they are much more strategic now and less "DROP ALL DUH ALLIES ON DUH TABLEZ." Upon reading your post again though I don't think I addressed your concern at all. With all that happened I suppose Pan Z might have harmed the game. I'm not ton Retro. I feel like the licensing fiasco really left a bad taste in peoples' mouths. Such a waste...Set 7 was awesome, too.
  8. Well, Fan Z did finally update their blog last night...took long enough. I did play Score Z and the fan base was much larger it seemed. I remember going to some pretty awesome tournaments with LOTS of players (200+). However, I am convinced that Pan Z was a better and more balanced game for several reasons: 1. Score Z had so many "Stop all of this type of attack this combat LOL" cards that there were many combats where I could not deal damage to my opponent. The fact that Gohan's Kick had to exist is a travesty. 2. Dragonball Victory decks were very strong. I made top 4 several times and always lots to some 55 card DBV deck that just ended combat and defended all game. Super lame. 3. Namekian and Saiyan had inherent hand advantage with their masteries. I played Namekian physical beats and did better than I should have done simply because I had six card hands with the level 1 promo Cell with 2 AT +3 physical attacks as his level 1. That with namekian's attack pool gave me more attack per combat than my opponent could handle. I only really played Namekian and Orange in Score Z (other than "for fun" decks). But in Pan Z, I have made viable decks of every style because they can all be good. I'm not saying they couldn't all be good in Score Z, but I feel like the Pan Z situation was better (at least toward the end...I did not start playing until the very end of the reign of Black Krillin). I think Score Z was more popular because: 1. It was fresh. We love the engine and when it was first introduced, it was wicked awesome. It was very barebones at first. We didn't have MASTERIES until set 3! IMO the game REALLY took off when Cell Games hit. I remember my Namekian deck went from garbage to competitive after that set. Endurance? Focused attacks? The game became so much better with those new mechanics. Good times... 2. DBZ was still in its heyday. Toonami was still doing reruns at the time if I remember. Pan Z did not have that to run on; DBZ had been done airing for over a decade. And I am by no means bashing the score game. I would give anything to go back to that time in my life. The tournaments. The exorbitant amounts of promos and collectibles. The weekly tournaments. It was a blast. This is all just my opinion of course! Sorry for the long post but I think this is an interesting topic. Anybody disagree? TLDR: I don't think Pan Z was bad for the game. Definitely not worse than no resurrection at all. We have to wait and see with Fan Z, though. With the licensing issue I think Fan Z might be our only hope. The game was already wished back to life once...if it is snuffed out again it might be gone for good.
  9. A fellow Gohan Adept fan!!! I suspect our builds are...quite different, but I am on a quest to prove that Adept Rox Sox. I haven't quite succeeded yet because I'm the bubble-out master, but I am VERY close!
  10. I might have been able to go if I knew ahead of time. Now plane tickets are over $700. Screw that.
  11. Sigh. So only the locals got the info. If they want this to work, they need to be better at announcing this crap well in advance. Although I don't know if I'll be going to this one anyway. Still. Thanks for the info!
  12. ARG! Where can I find this information? I google it and NOTHING comes up. This is getting irritating. This is the only forum I participate in and I check the Dead Zone blog. why WOULDN'T they post it on the blog?
  13. I tend to agree with your more pessimistic view. It's only a matter of time before they call it quits as they are not paid and this undoubtedly takes a lot of time. However, doing only MPs/Named/Masteries could be the sweet spot. However, NOTHING is going to happen if they don't freaking tell us when West/South/Grand/Supreme Kai events are. I am going to get wrecked by plane ticket prices if they don't hurry it up.
  14. That's some "intresting" spelling in the post title. This doesn't seem suspicious at all!
  15. Yup. They learned a lot since then. Remember the text on the original Saiyan Saga cards? Good stuff.