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  1. Freaking scalpers.
  2. Man. I love the idea of these classic systems since I am a total sucker for the old-school games. Heck I was playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles not 2 hours ago. But the issue is I have most of these titles in my possession already via virtual console, remake on a new platform, etc. There's really no reason to get something that takes up more space when I can already play most of these games. : /
  3. Training mode and Grand Prix have helped immensely. I beat Grand Prix 4 pretty easily and my first ranked match was a clutch victory! Really starting to enjoy the game now that I'm not a total incompetent player.
  4. I actually did not see a lot of either Goku OR Orange Ret at East Kai. Very few of each. I don't think either made top 8. LOTS of Saiyan Broly. We need Black to make a comeback ASAP as these decks were Broly's predators. The population has grown out of control. Let me see if I can remember: Top 8 (not in order): Namekian Future Gohan Restored Namekian Gohan Restored Saiyan Dynamic Broly Red Ascension Cooler Saiyan Empowered Broly Blue Resolute Future Gohan Orange Adept Gohan (My deck!) Can't remember the last one. I think it was another Saiyan Empowered Broly but it might actually have been a Blue Resolute Goku which would invalidate my previous statement, although it remains that orange ret and Goku did not saturate the top cut by any means.
  5. I've seen some people toying around with Blue Resolute Krillin but that deck hasn't really made a significant impact yet. It's weird to me that Blue Resolute isn't dominating. The mastery just seems so friggin' strong.
  6. HAHAHA yeah it feels SO GOOD to rush somebody with motion controls, but when I punch, I tend to do a FULL REAL LIFE PUNCH and so my arms and hands go everywhere, messing up the motions. I think if I were to hold them stationary and do appropriate quick jabs with the appropriate curving while keeping their positions relative to me and each other intact, then the motion controls would be great. But I realized I just can't do that. Whenever I use motion controls I get way into it (when playing Skyward Sword I would often play standing up cuz when I swing that sword I MEAN IT). Today is controller experiment day! I want to be good so badly because the game is fun.
  7. My sentiments exactly. Orange Adept Gohan always appreciates more fuel and Orange Intimidating Drill abuse. >:D
  8. Any of you get ARMS for the Switch? I'm having a major issue with the game. IT'S KICKING MY ASS. Particularly, I am having difficulty with the Mechanica training stage. Yes. I'm getting rekt by training levels. I still need to practice a lot more but dang I could use some pro tips. Today I found out that I suck with the motion controls (which is a shame because they seem like they would be precise if my arms and hands weren't all over the place). I have only done the faceroll Grand Prix level 1 and some versus online matches (lost most of those >.>). I've read that this is common for beginners that that the game is legitimately difficult. I am hoping practice will win the day but yeah...
  9. This is fate...I have been wanting to fine tune my Black Perceptive Tien. I have been debating ditching pesky barrage and this card might just be the reason to do that.
  10. Hmm...the cards that threw me off were not entirely unexpected. The main culprits were Red Bribe, Red Blocking Hand, and Red Escape, but these are Red Cooler staples. Overall it was just a deck type I was not expecting or ready to face. Red Destiny would have caused even more issues if it were not for Orange Freezing Drill. And those darn Stupidnovas cleared my board later in the game, allowing him to take total control!
  11. It is hard to describe. It was Cooler. Doing Cooler things. It was a triple threat deck and it just flowed so well. I was very relieved that I did not face it in the top cut rounds. I don't think my deck could have won. When I fought it in Swiss, I had near optimal conditions and I still lost.
  12. It was pretty legit. TBH it was a great pick for that day. I would imagine that deck craps all over Broly and I fought 4 Saiyan Broly that day O_o
  13. I haven't seen them yet. I'm very eager. I want to know what that Red Ascension Cooler was packing that beat me in Swiss. That was my favorite deck that I fought during the tournament. Very unique and quite effective. Also that Blue Resolute Gohan (Fan Z stack).
  14. Yeah that actually would be one huge advantage to running Cell; his lv 1 also does stages of damage. I actually do wish Gohan lv 1 was AT +2 Stages instead of AT +2 life cards just for even more stage pressure. Although, there have been situations where I got a clutch crit thanks to the direct life card damage.
  15. It crossed my mind in the past, but Gohan's "make everything styled" is SOOO useful. Things like Heroic Dashing Punch, Dig, etc. which are GREAT openers can now get those drills out ASAP. Heck one of my favorite things to do is to open up with Gohan's level 1 against a deck that isn't running allies. Either they waste a block on a decoy attack or I get my drill. It's kind of a loss for them either way. Also, I have an orange distracting drill so I can keep up the AT damage even without stages. If I am fighting against another physical beats deck that card can be the MVP. And I actually don't even run orange empowered kick. I fully depend on gohan lv 1 and orange stare down for ally removal. Orange uppercut almost always goes into bicycle kick. Cell would have the nice advantage of running sagacious strike, but the skip from Heroic Dashing Punch can and has won games. It's just too good.