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  1. Need opinions.

    All right, guys. Real talk. How is the new Dragon Ball Super card game? I have very limited experience with it. I got some free half decks from a store I happened to peruse while visiting a friend, but they didn't grab me. It could very well be the demo-decks, which is why I'm making this post. The demo-deck games just felt like back and forth dropping battle cards while managing hand size with not a whole lot else going on. At the same time I've been hearing a lot about this new game. I want some opinions. How does this game play? Is it fun? Does it allow for deep strategies and deck building? Many of you know I am a Pan Z megafan (despite the issues with the game). I don't want to miss something cool. While I have been hearing the DBS buzz, it has been ominously silent in my Pan Z circles. This could all be coincidence. Although to be honest, I'm kind of "meh" at the thought of starting all over from scratch again...that's if there's even a tournament scene going on in central Virginia.
  2. Mixing Dragon Balls?

    Nope. No mixing. You don't have to run a full set, but any d-balls in your deck must be from the same set.
  3. FanZ - Legends Checklist

    Whoa he did. Probably good though. He seemed pretty strong. Still good for sure!
  4. Final CRD

    xD I'll make it good YOU'LL SEE
  5. Final CRD

    I'm going to wait to see what fan z says before putting my Tien deck back into devious mode. Although at this point I think it may actually be BETTER as perceptive based on how I've built it. Considering the only thing they did was make the complicated mastery rulings (and the orange ret thing), I'm a bit disappointed, but as somebody already stated, this was meant to be a final Pan Z format. Kinda hope they just leave the masteries frozen for Fan Z.
  6. Sing it from the mountaintops!
  7. Did they say they would do it today? I can't remember. That would be pretty cool. I hope FanZ goes with it.
  8. Orange Adept Gohan Suicide Aggro

    Some people have been asking and experimenting with Orange Adept Gohan after reading the East Kai 2nd Place story I posted. I wasn't going to post the deck list because I figured Fan Z would put it up like they did with North Kai. But they didn't. So here is the build I used! Gohan 1-4 all Awakening Stack Orange Adept Mastery Physical Combat 3x I'll Dig Your Grave 3x Android Arm Breaker 3x Shoulder Slam 3x Devastating Blow 2x Wall Breaker 2x Stomach Crusher 2x Heroic Dashing Punch 3x O. Uppercut 3x O. Knee Strike 3x O. Extension 3x O. Collision 3x O. Enraged Bash 3x O. Leaping Punch 2x O. Refocus 1x O. Quick Dodge Energy Combat 3x O. Stare Down 3x O. Energy Catch 3x O. Bicycle Kick (Yeah BOOOOIIIII) Events 3x Confrontation (considered not using these so spheres would be dead draws, but it's too useful...) Drills and Setups 1x O. Join Restraint Drill 1x O. Checkup Drill 1x O. Intimidating Drill 1x O. Distracting Drill (helps against enemy physical beats and shoulder slam fun) 2x O. Freezing Drill 1x Orange Snoozing Drill 2x Visiting the Past As stated in my other thread, I just wasn't in the mood to let my opponent set things up or do things anymore. It's all about freezing drill shutting off popular blocks (including time which I despise). Very little defense in the deck. Go hard. Orange Bicycle Kick shenanigans. It's pretty neat. It is packed with plenty of endurance because you are going to be taking hits. This deck operates under the simply principle of "empty their life deck before they empty yours." It does huge damage and leaves a lot of your opponents draws as dead cards, especially since it can easily stage lock with a single attack. It has an answer to all kinds of decks! Just...maybe don't run this deck if the Black Style ever takes off again. My Black Perceptive Tien deck defeats this deck fairly easily what with the defensive bursting and the board hate.
  9. New FanZ CRD...

    Hahaha can do! I wish I could have gone to West Kai so very badly. It's just too expensive considering I live in Virginia. It's not even that I can't afford it, but it is very tough to justify spending so much money just to play a little bit of cards. How many people showed up? I have SO MANY decks I want to try out!!! It's driving me crazy. They have been tested extensively and are all ready to roll, too!
  10. New FanZ CRD...

    Haha yeah I haven't seen the Torching Drill shenanigans in person but that's a whole different (and just as powerful) way to abuse the bicycle kick. It's like you initiate combat, this starts playing and you drop bicycle kick right before 0:03
  11. New FanZ CRD...

    It is insanely strong. A couple days before the tournament I decided to add 2 Visiting the Past to my deck just to reuse them as much as possible. After testing I realized I struck gold. Orange Bicycle Kick + Orange Checkup Drill + Orange Intimidating Drill is just SO FRIGGIN' STRONG.
  12. New FanZ CRD...

    I am so happy with the new CRD. I am LAUGHING. Not for the reasons you expect. I was one of the bicycle kick abusers that broke it so hard they had to nerf it. This is AWESOME. Joke's on them too because my Adept Gohan was only using one checkup drill BWAHAHAHAHA But I have no idea what went down at West Kai. I can't imagine they made those changes JUST because of me. There must have been some West Kai Orange action. THEY NEED TO POST THE DECKLISTS FROM BOTH TOURNAMENTS.
  13. Set 9 Spoilers

    Holy crap I love the Chilled stack (despite my distaste for the Bardock movie). Dibs on Blue Resolute Chilled.
  14. Nintendo SNES Classic

    Not with that attitude!
  15. Nintendo SNES Classic

    Freaking scalpers.