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  1. True Power is obviously pretty weak as well. I think the risk of your discard pile is too great. Considering it is unmodifiable and can be endured, I don't think it needs such a negative risk. It has to be your first attack and offer no tech apart from ZOMG BIG CRITZ. Getting hit by Vegeta's Gallick Gun would be WAY worse for me than getting hit by True Power.
  2. I like using it with the saiyan drill with the parenthetical that let's you pull out an attached card. An extra tutor with an anti-control effect!
  3. Wow DERP yes I totally have my masteries mixed up. I built a Namekian RESTORED Nail, not Knowledge. xD So it seems we're in perfect agreement.
  4. I feel like I'm going to draw a lot of dead cards, so I am using knowledge for hand filtration (also not using a whole lot of rejuv apart from hybrid defense). Really I am constantly baffled that knowledge decks don't draw more dead hands considering they need to run 7 balls + setups... if I were to try that I guarantee you I'd be drawing constant bricks. **EDIT: Though that crit protection on my one ball (ball 7 ofc) would be pretty sick.
  5. I actually put together a Knowledge Nail physical beats running unleashed and namekian leaping kick. Level 3 with Namekian Backhand or built in smoothness level 4! Threw in some cool Namekian drills and Namekian crossed guards. I have nobody to playtest with, though. It could be total garbage. Also need set 8 cards for it. : /
  6. It kind of depends. I like anger as purely a mechanic to get stronger, but as long as cards like Unleashed exist anger is not necessarily the best option if your only goal is to level up to get stronger, but even that depends on the type of deck. i think MPPV is totally lame, but is needed as a sort of "balance of power." There can be some frustratingly defensive decks that give any survival oriented deck a tough time (especially Namekian). These types of super-defensive decks tend to struggle with dedicated MPPV decks because there are only so many ways to deal with anger using only defenses. Juggling NDB2 is freaking annoying, though...I've lost so many games to a perfectly timed NDB2 draw from my opponent and I was never even playing MPPV! I could be completely wrong though; that was an off the top of my head example. Without MPPV I fear many annoying types of decks would become very strong. To be fair though, Orange Ret really gave MPPV some more presence. It's no Black Devious, but maybe it is a teensy bit too strong.
  7. WHOA! Finally somebody else messing with Ret Garlic! Your build focuses much more on DBV which is pretty neat (dat level 3 power). I like it! My build is an MPPV build using DBV as backup, although that level 4 is preeeeety dangerous. Orange Ret Garlic is so cool. Your level 1 is more or less skipped. Garlic Jr.s Counter Blast on level 3 is a guaranteed good time, especially with VPB, NDB6, and Hiding Drill.
  8. I think the same thing would happen that seemed to happen in GT. I did not play GT very long because I hated it, and I think I know why. Control decks DOMINATED with the rule set. As an aggro player I was constantly frustrated that I could not get a good hit in. Expanded format was a nightmare with so many "stop all attack" cards in the game. No gohan's kick? Sorry, bro. You're not doing any damage this combat. Obviously this second issue would not be a problem in panini because TIAWT is the ONLY conventional stop all in PanZ. So it probably would not be as bad, but still lots of control... I get it that some people like to play slower control decks that rely on not drawing dead hands when your opponent enters, but I can't stand it. Attacking is where the action is in this game! Edit: Well, I shouldn't say I'm ALWAYS using aggro decks. I do have some midrange builds, but almost every deck I is about beating you down and winning by survival. I do have a fun Orange Ret Garlic. Jr. MPPV deck because I wanted to be different and not use Roshi.:P
  9. I just realized I started this in the Dragon Ball Super game section. The crap was I doing?
  10. To be honest I am somewhat irritated by the South Kai venue choice. Is there some super secret club in Louisiana or something that I don't know about? The one tournament I regret going to last year was Dragon Prix in New Orleans. The turnout was far less than I expected for what was supposed to be this big woohoo event, the first ever dragon prix. I don't want to spend money flying to that area again when numbers are already greatly reduced due to the game's discontinuation. I feel like there are FAR better choices for a venue. Why not Dragon's Lair in Austin, TX? My friend said they applied but never received a response. That was the best regional I went to. Super clean store, large fan base, high attendance, good prize support, and just all-around fun. I would pay to fly to Austin, TX, but not some random town in Louisiana.
  11. Yeah...considering just you getting to where I live is 10+ hours...
  12. Kai event locations revealed! Thank goodness that East Kai happens literally the weekend before my parents visit and it's less than a six hour drive, so I'm freakin' game! The dates for the others are sadly not up yet but at least we got an update!
  13. Awesome. I just hope east kai is not end of May because I want to go as well and to be honest, I totally want us to have an epic face-off.
  14. Aw, geez. That's a 10 hour drive for me. If Atlantic City only had 16 participants I can't imagine this one will be much more. I can't justify a trip that long without some sort of road trip plan (which would be doable if it were say, in June). I'm still waiting for the freaking Kai Event announcement. I need to make plans. How come you won't be able to go to events? Where are you located?
  15. Boy do I wish I had nearby locals where I could mess around with random jank. This idea sounds super fun to troll around with.