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  1. Suppressive Strike or Stomach Crusher

    My Adept Gohan is...unusually aggressive. It has lots of room for attacks and runs 3 of each. Normally, using both is completely out of the question due to deck space unless I want to run 2 of each or something. TBH, I don't yet have many decks that use either of these cards.
  2. Suppressive Strike or Stomach Crusher

    In the case of my Adept Gohan 2.0, "Why not BOTH?!" More relevant to the OP: I tend to prefer Suppressive Strike because it also shuts off Time as well as things like Yamcha's Rescue (which would get around stomach crusher). The rejuv is also nice. But Stomach Crusher does have that sweet, sweet endurance and while the setup effect doesn't usually help much, I can see it being a game-changer in certain situations. Stomach crusher would include hit effects. If the card has the capability of ending combat, it just can't be used, like how Black Power up doesn't NEED to end combat, but because it can, NOPE. But I hate Time. A lot.
  3. Red amplified hero 18

    There was a Red Amplified 18 at the Dennis Games that did quite well if I remember, though I do not remember if it made top 8 or not. It might have bubbled out.
  4. Finally on OCTGN

    Hey, all! I FINALLY have OCTGN fully operational. All of my decks (even the ones I don't have set 10 for yet) are uploaded and I'm ready to test some weirdness! My username is Thearbiter20x6 (shocker I know). If you see me up CHALLENGE ME! Probably going to play some games tomorrow because I want to test Orange Ret Garlic Jr. and maybe Orange Combative Supreme Kai.
  5. Ascension Trunks

    It's pretty strong. My Goku Surprise Attack build didn't stand a chance (I could only lower anger through crit and ruthless mastery hit effect...a weakness I was well aware of xD). Now that I'm back from CA I need to get OCTGN running and put all my decks up so I can do some serious playtesting. I played a bit with my brother in CA and I feel like my Black Perceptive Tien deck is FINALLY, after many MANY attempts, tournament ready. I want to see how Adept Gohan fares against the Ascension Trunks build.
  6. Wait, seriously? That's ACTUALLY how it works? Shouldn't they have re-ordered the clauses for clarity. Why isn't this mastery flooding the game yet?! It seems SUPER strong if this is the intended use!!!
  7. With all the Fan Z tournaments popping up for 2018, I will definitely be going into my "Mad Scientist" style deck-building zone once I get back from visiting family and friends in CA (flying out in a few hours and will probably be ominously silent for 2 weeks xD). Using Surprise Attack in Orange is a neat idea. I thought of tossing three of them into Adept Gohan for even more shenanigans but I need my digs man. D: "My current testing with the deck has been a bit odd. Turn 1, it's normally for the best to grab either Orange Captivity or Orange Dan. " Orange Ret can only search for non-infinity drills on turn one though! I think I mentioned it before but the main reason I used Goku was because in a pure aggro physical beats deck, I have no need for his named cards. Bardock's named cards are good. Real good. The sucky thing about having them with surprise attack is that if you use surprise attack, while you may be crippling your opponent if they, say, run unleashed or something, you're going to lose some AWESOME cards in return. However, this deck has something that Goku Ruthless lacks: BOARD PRESENCE. That's significant. I'm still trying to figure out how I would want a Bardock sniping deck to work. I want to use Black Enraged Assault and similar cards so it has to be Black, but Perceptive? Mischievous? Conflict? I can see myself having a difficult time leveling and if I get stuck on 1 or 2, aggro decks are going to tear me to shreds. Though I feel like less people are playing aggro nowadays. Once I get back from CA I'm getting on the OCTGN train full-speed, so hopefully I'll be able to test out some of this crap instead of waiting for events.
  8. I actually saw this on the Retro page yesterday and was pretty surprised. I didn't even know about Rampaging (I treated them all like ruthless). So to make sure I understand it correctly: You use Resourceful to discard a Styled Setup that performs an attack and so it counts as an attack, but you then decide to place the setup into play instead of attacking/discarding, so even though an attack didn't actually go off during that action, you made an attack originally and so it was allowed. Yeah? I am working on a Resourceful deck so I want to make sure I'm interpreting it properly.
  9. Dennis Games Top 8 Funtime w/decklist

    I did not try choke hold. With some minor exceptions, I wanted every attack in the deck to raise my anger for maximum turbo drawku abuse (red power lift seems to be of little value but I am always so scared of defensive bursts and this is a good lead attack against black). Orange Ret Garlic Jr. and Black Perceptive Tien are next on the test list! I'd like to try one of those next.
  10. Orlando Regionals

    For real! I miss the days of Score Z when tournaments got BIG! It is so exciting to face such overwhelming odds. Although it can be frustrating too because you need a reeeeally good record to make top cut...
  11. 1. Yes since Stretch Kick is both an attack and a setup. 2. You can USE a Stretch Kick already in play but you cannot play it from your hand as an action if you were somehow able to do that from another card effect (for instance, you could NOT use the Fan Z Blue Resourceful Mastery to discard it from your hand and place it into play). 3. Nope. While still in the deck (and even in your hand) the non-styled cards themselves are still non-styled. The attack becomes styled when you play it from your hand, which is funny because that gets around effects from cards like Red Tandem Blast and Orange Sweeping Blast. Your first question made me realize that Black Left Burst can actually be useful in certain matchups. Red Double Strike and Wall Breaker are good things to banish but yeah blue setup attacks as well!
  12. Dennis Games Top 8 Funtime w/decklist

    I'm fortunate I even topped. I was being an idiot lol. Too bad I fought that Cell mill deck first. I might have been able to go further, but David's Red Ascension Trunks would have stopped me anyway. Red Stylish Entrance. It's WAY underrated. Sure, it sucks if you draw it, but I rarely have more than one card I don't want in my hand and I can use that for the Ruthless Power. The times it does work result in a CRUSHING blow to your opponent. It also gives red some much needed endurance. Imagine that with Red Relaxation at the same time. It's overwhelming. If time is gone and they can't end combat, I have so many cards in my hand that not only will I beat the crap out of them, but I will likely level up with all the anger, resulting in a BIGGER Grecco-Roman-crud-out-of-beating. People were ending combat on me all day though and I only got to level 3 during the game I got time locked. I agree that Red Static Shot is amazing and at one point in time the deck included 2+. The anger being hit is what throws me off and I am trying to focus on stage locking/stage damage. I feel like with static shots, I would not have enough stage pressure in my hand and if it gets blocked, meh. It also lacks endurance which is understandable for how good it is. I also fear being stage-locked myself without any board presence and a relatively low number of blocks, so I tried to minimize energy attacks. For me, Red Shoulder Grab is ESSENTIAL (not sure if I made a typo in my novel but I definitely was running three of these bad boys). It really puts pressure on dragon ball and ally decks. I fought a lot of decks that kept trying to drop allies on the board (Supreme Kai and Tag Videl) and shoulder grab was always ruining their day. Nothing clears the ally train like Shoulder Grab and Double Strike. The extra anger control option is good as well since the deck has only crits and the mastery hit to lower anger, something that David knew and took advantage of during the first game.
  13. Dennis Games Top 8 Funtime w/decklist

    And while this Drawku build is decent, some of the above mentioned crippling weaknesses keep it from being winner material imo. That first match showed me all too well that there are certain decks that it just cannot defeat. My Adept Gohan deck is way better. <3 How I love it so. Although, Black is making a meta presence again. Gohan could have trouble with Black decks that can rejuv/reuse their defensive bursts.
  14. Dennis Games Top 8 Funtime w/decklist

    I have always wanted to make a deck PURELY focused on sniping cards. Black Scout, Black Enraged Assault (a card I adore but never get to use), Black Searching Technique, etc. Bardock might be perfect and I just realized I have him and his named cards now. Think I might give it a try. I am working on getting OCTGN up and running. The Dennis Games was the last bit of persuasion I needed. No more being lazy! I have WAY too many deck ideas to ignore OCTGN! We'll have to THROW DOWN.
  15. Dennis Games Top 8 Funtime w/decklist

    Decklist time! Also I realized as I thought about my top 8 match that I didn't really misplay like I thought I did. The only thing I did wrong was not discard the ally, but I had forgotten that the second Cell's Draining Attack hit the discard before Surprise Attack could get it, and THAT'S why he still had one left. He stacked it with ball 7, after all. I thought I made a poor surprise attack choice but that was not the case. Even if I saved myself the 5 mill, it was mathematically impossible for me to do enough damage that turn to get him down to drawing himself out when his turn started. He could have entered on me, used his level 3 power, and ended the game since I was at zero. Anyway, here's the deck: Red Ruthless Goku SURPRISE ATTACK build Red Ruthless Mastery Goku 1-4 (all awakening stack) Physical Combat Surprise Attack x 3 Red Power Lift x 2 Red Double Strike x 3 Red Aerial Assault x 3 Red Mule Kick x 3 Red Tandem Attack x 3 (can catch Black Mischievous off guard) Red Shoulder Grab x 3 Red Collision x 3 Red Sword Stab x 3 Red Heel Kick x 3 Red Powerful Strike x 3 Red Blocking Hand x 3 Red Reverse x 3 (these can be switched; I just like the stage loss effect) Red Forceful Strike x 3 Red Furious Lunge x 3 Energy Combat Red Energy Blast x 2 (these were amazingly useful despite me being physical aggro) Red Energy Defensive Stance x 2 (set 10 Red Flee obviously superior but do not yet have) Red Brace x 3 (these are so awesome for blocking an energy and still being able to use ruthless to play the attack you just used) Events Red Stylish Entrance x 2 Overwhelming Power x 2 (immune to my own Surprise Attacks and great board clear) Setups, Drills, and Dragon Balls Red Relaxation x 3 Earth Dragon Ball 2 (specifically for the 17 matchup) Earth Dragon Ball 5 (not as useful as I thought it would be; probably not going to use it again) It is somewhat liberating not using non-styled cards. Look at all the crazy cards I was able to use, such as Red Powerful Strike! For my aggro decks I make sure to pack a healthy amount of endurance (sword stab and collision) because I plan to take some hits, especially from energy attacks as this deck is a little light on energy defense. With the right draws this deck can level up very quickly and potentially win by MPPV if you opponent somehow survives the Goku lv 3 barrage. Like I mentioned above, in practice it is somewhat of a one-trick pony. No tutoring, no rejuv, no board presence. What you draw is what you work with. The goal is to banish time and simply overwhelm the opponent with sheer hand advantage (stylish entrance + relaxation). One serious weakness this deck has is the lack of ability to keep your opponent in combat. I never really got off a "super combat" all day because people were packing ALL KINDS of combat ending tech at the Dennis Games. When I get my huge hand they just blinding energy move. Ideally, many of these combat enders would be taken out by surprise attack and you just have to keep up the pressure even if they end combat on you. I also fought two Supreme Kai decks and he packs three extra combat ending cards...one was black so add three Black Power Up on top of that (but at least goku has some board clear for the power ups). Anyway, this is a good deck to test against to see if you can handle physical aggro from a non-Broly deck! After some experience with it I would definitely add in a third Red Energy Blast. I have plenty of three-ofs that can be knocked down to 2 for the energy blast. The only reason I use three of certain physicals is because I ran out of red anger-raising physicals with cool effects. >.>