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  1. Combative Gohan - The New Pet Project

    Huh. I LIKE this idea. A lot. I'll keep checking in. I think this has a lot of potential.
  2. Namekian Sword Archetype

    Needs some tuning I think but the idea itself is interesting and has potential.
  3. Lemme smash

    Shows what I know...I can't complain if there are people who do enjoy those modes. I don't want the game to be less fun for those people. I can't WAIT to get wrecked online because that's what makes me improve the quickest. I'll seek out stronger opponents knowing I will probably lose, but I learn from them and come back to destroy them shortly after. =P
  4. Lemme smash

    Guess I should have read each reply! SSE wasn't bad or anything, but I found it extremely dragged out and repetitive. I have always played smash for the versus (doesn't have to be OMG COMPETITIVE RAAAAWWWWR but at the very least I just want to be able to smash with some buddies. ...but I'll get competitive playing online!
  5. Lemme smash

    Get that Inkling a stick. Inklings love sticks. But seriously. I am VERY excited for Smash. I did not play the Wii U one much because my friends had very little time to play games (when we did play it was usually monter hunter) and because the online was ASS. My Smash skills declined greatly as a result. I am looking forward to reclaiming my awesomeness by fighting strong opponents online! I am going to guess that the Switch Smash will be a port of the Wii U one with some minor upgrades and additions akin to MK8 Deluxe/Splatoon 2 or something. I am not expecting a brand new game. Nintendo wants to cash in on the Wii U games that got virtually no attention because of the super poor console sales. ...which I'm fine with. I'll sell my Wii U copy. It amounts to losing out on $40 from the Wii U one, but even with not playing it much, I definitely got $40 worth of enjoyment out of it. If the freakin' online doesn't suck, it's an auto-buy for me. Also, these games probably wouldn't take so long to make if they just stopped trying to add extra fluff. Does anybody really care about adventure mode? Smash Tour? We just want to fight. Get rid of all that extra crap I never use and just focus on the good stuff (unless people actually prefer Smash Tour and stuff like Subspace Emissary to Smash mode...do they actually exist?).
  6. Set 10.5

    Black Judgment Rush is by far my favorite. If only it raised anger. xD Nail can be fun but I just don't see him holding up to aggro, even with the potential defensive burst harassment. What the heck is he gonna do if he gets stage locked? I also agree that the orange card is a trap. It would also occupy valuable deck slots. The Namekian card annoys me but it should be fine. The Blue card is very good. Raditz can be fun in Black Ginyu. Enter, power, give raditz control, say bye bye to two of your opponent's cards. Take that, unleashed decks!
  7. A Home For Frieza?

    @Denithan aw man I completely forgot to post here before the match. Granted, I only had 10 minutes of notice. Tag Vegeta was victorious! Energy beats is a good match against his build, especially with all the difficult to stop attacks my deck was packing with and GALLICK GUN action.
  8. A Home For Frieza?

    Hasn't happened yet. I'll post before it does! Gonna be short notice, though. He says he's very busy this week and will have to get a spur-of-the-moment game going in the after 5pm EST hours. I have a game plan ready and SHOULD have the advantage. I'm running Tag Vegeta and I hypothesize that I will be able to keep Dr. Brief out the entire game.
  9. Yeah! Good stuff. I have a dynamic cell with the old stack as well and it's pretty fun. The ability to grab the right answers from the get-go is pretty sweet. I am very much looking forward to East Kai. Frederick's face off will have to hold me over in the meantime on the 24th. I have no idea what deck to play. : / I know what I'm playing for East Kai, though.
  10. A Home For Frieza?

    lol and that Frieza deck is my next opponent in the OCTGN tournament. BRING IT
  11. A Home For Frieza?

    Black Mischievous Frieza took 2nd place at the first Fan Z qualifier a few weeks ago. The deck list is on retro. Weird control/ball/surprise supernova build. It is apparently quite formidable. It's being played in the OCTGN League tournament going on. He is 2-0 and so am I. I am hoping I get to face it in battle soon.
  12. Score MP into Pan/Fan Z

    Man. In Score Z I didn't make decks upon decks like I do with Fan Z. There were only a few personalities I really cared for so I can't even remember the effects of most MPs... Perhaps Vinegar. The promo lv 1, not the garbage regular. : P The thing is, so many personalities in Score were just PURE garbage trash, especially the older ones.