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  1. Except Yamcha's because he doesn't get one...
  2. Not that they work in conjunction with those attacks, but he also has the most annoying named cards to play against and near costless, effortless plusses already.
  3. Oh, I bet you were very happy to see multiple Vegetas. The rare leaders should be especially easy to find as singles or through trades considering they're one per deck. At some point people will get sick of them like the rare Masteries in set 1. Rares should be one per pack unless you pull a super or premium. Assuming boxes of 24 packs and no horrible cases of short printing (it's happened with Bandai before), the rares should be plentiful enough.
  4. Perhaps an unpopular opinion that really doesn't matter, but while I appreciate the low rare count making playsets easier to obtain short of duplicate leaders I kind of wish the character choices were more diverse or had less scrub characters. Did there have to be three rare Vegetas? Couldn't we have a Goku, Gohan, and/or Future Trunks in there? I don't know about Cabba or King Cold being rare either though considering the characters that represent their colors, it's slim pickings if they didn't want Hit. Has there been any word on what a premium rare is? Hoping it's just one per box alt arts because gathering playsets of supers are already a turn off even if Bandai's track record shows multiple per box.
  5. You can make an argument for Bardock being a rogue personality, but straight up hero's a bit of a stretch even if the original card game did it. Early Vegeta wasn't a good guy because he felt bad about his people being wiped out. Same as Bardock trying to prevent that event. You can bet that if Bardock somehow defeated Frieza, the Saiyans would still be doing what they were doing but on their terms and not Frieza's. I'm guessing that unless Panini themselves bring Devious back, Fan Z has no intention of doing so. Devious with Bardock's 2 is pretty gross, especially with Smoothness. Draw a bad hand? Ditch two and take half of your opponent's with them. Otherwise, Bardock being able to selectively destroy your best cards is the no fun attitude I hated about early Black decks. His named cards are crazy too.
  6. You can play it just to return it to the owner's hand, but nothing else.
  7. I wasn't expecting a Kami MP in this set of all sets, but here he is.
  8. For sure people and stores would let newbies play with their starters and for the purposes of teaching people how to play, it works minus Allies and Dragon Balls. It just rubs me the wrong way that I can't enter say worlds with a starter. You'd never do that of course, but you'd think starter decks would be tournament legal no matter how horrible they are.
  9. With Panini's set 1 starters, I think the idea of making players collect a playset of the exclusive cards was a pain, especially since a bunch of them were THAT good. What a turn off for new players. If I was being fair, the starters were "robbery" and the sales further proved the card game could work and facilitated further sets. The bigger issue was that the starters weren't legal for play.
  10. Hopefully the supers are 4 per 24 packs like Naruto and Dragon Ball. I believe Power Rangers had boxes of 15 packs with 3 super rare equivalents. Even then, if there comes a time where there are too many supers per set and you can run max copies of them, that'll be a problem. Some sets of Naruto had 14 supers. Not sure if they've topped that before. It's easier on my wallet for the game to not have foils, but I wish every leader was foil. Hopefully they do alt arts or the promos are foil leaders. A majority of Naruto/Dragon Ball promos were "platinum" foils of cards that exist. Plus it's a lazier and cheaper option for them.
  11. I understood. I just wrote it wrong. Definitely understand kid Vegeta should always be a villain. Just the idea of him switching sides multiple times in a stack seems to go against the saga timing accuracy Panini was going for with their stacks. FanZ's Majin Vegeta is up in the air but I wouldn't be shocked if Panini's Majin Vegeta simply had 16's parenthetical. There needs to be a hero aspect to Majin Vegeta. Just a matter of how far they'll go with it.
  12. I'd rather wait for Majin Vegeta for them to do that. Panini tried to stick to certain periods of the show regarding a character's affiliation to be more accurate and I appreciate that despite the limitations. Majin Vegeta was both a hero and a villain for his tenure so that parenthetical fits him more. Realistically he'd only get one stack anyway short of an ill-placed single level, so best to tackle both affiliations on the first try. I wouldn't be against either. There's arguments for both. Same as if Pikkon should be Namekian for purely gameplay purposes. It'd just be awkward with the way the game's been handled for kid Vegeta to become a hero into a villain, etc. but that's just an aesthetics and inaccuracy thing. Of course this depends on if Majin Vegeta will be interchangeable with villain Vegeta in the first place. If he is, Majin would have to be in every surname or they have to use a parenthetical to say you can mix him with "Vegeta" along with a parenthetical that lets you mix in hero cards.
  13. Since Dynamic's so useless after turn 0, it should've included something like "While your MP is at level 2, your opponent's effects cannot lower your MP's personality level unless you want them to." You know, for the 1-2 Dynamic players who don't run Unleashed with it. If your opponent plays an early Ball 2, you're going to have a bad time. The your anger can't be lowered by criticals was a good idea too.
  14. I could do this all day, but for now... All Sword cards except Dashing Sword Attack and maybe Orange Sword Chop lose (Banish after use.) Trunks, Young Super Saiyan LV 4 - When entering combat, look at the top 6 cards of a player's Life Deck and put them back in any order. If you looked at your Life Deck, you may draw a card. If you looked at your opponent's Life Deck, banish up to 3 cards from either player's discard pile. Trunks' Sword Stance - Everything the same except add "You may draw a card." at the end,. Trunks' Knee Bash - Everything the same except replace the last line with " You may banish a Setup, Drill, or attached card." Aggressive Sword Drill - Everything the same except " If you have not searched your Life Deck with a card named "Aggressive Sword Drill" this turn..." Android 16's level 4 tops out at anything 500,000 or less. Orange Adept Mastery no longer a hit effect.
  15. Ask about conditions though almost all my cards are mint. Prefer to go by the feedback rule in that the trader with the lowest feedback sends first. Wants: Ultra Rare wants: Defiant Challenge x2 Heroic Energy Sphere x2 Villainous Energy Sphere x3 Villainous Visage (Print 1 or 4 only) Awakening (Set 7) Foil wants: Earth Ball 1-6 Cell Jr. 1-4 Gohan's Backlash Goku's Search x2 Namekian Buffer x2 Namekian Clamp x2 Trunks' Knee Bash Vegeta's Final Flash x2 DR Cell 2, 4 DR Gohan 4 DR Goku 1-4 DR Vegeta 1, 3, 4 DR Masteries Awakening (Set 7) Starter Foil wants: Black Defensive Burst Black Finger Block Namekian Crossed Guard x2 Namekian Dragon Clan Namekian Flinch x2 Orange Aura Drill Orange Launcher Red Sword Stab x3 Saiyan Drive By x2 Saiyan Face Strike x2 Saiyan Rescue Vegeta's Galick Gun Gohan 1-4 (Rainbow and Regular HT) Goku 1-3 (Rainbow) Trunks 1-4 (Rainbow) Vegeta 1-4 (Rainbow) Saiyan Dynamic Mastery (Regular HT) Vengeance (Set 6) Foil wants: Gohan, to the Rescue LV 1 Orange Fierce Attack Saiyan Club x2 Saiyan Tantrum Trunks, Protective LV 1 Perfection (Set 5) Foil wants: Master Roshi LV 2, 4 Aggressive Sword Drill Cell, Perfect (Pack foil) Dashing Sword Attack Saiyan Extreme Training x2 Saiyan Face Strike x2 Saiyan Rapid Fire x3 Evolution (Set 4) Foil wants: Android 17 3 Android 18 2, 4 Android 18, Smirking ALLY Namekian Energy Assault x2 Namekian Reinforced Catch x2 Shoulder Slam x2 Vegeta's Destruction Blast x2 Evolution (Set 4) Starter Foil wants: Android 17 LV 3 Rainbow Namek Dragon Ball 6 Namekian Maximum Will Namekian Side Kick x2 Orange Power Point x2 The Movie Collection (Set 3) Foil wants: Namekian Overwatch xX Oolong Ally Orange Captivity Drill Saiyan Freedom x2 Yajirobe, Bundled Heroes and Villains (Set 2) Foil wants: Krillin, Supportive Piccolo, Waiting Trunks, Bashful Trunks' Sword Stance Rainbow Hi-Tech wants: Blue Protective Mastery (low want) Namekian Knowledge Mastery (low want) Orange Adaptive Mastery (low want) Set 1 Foil wants (1st or 4th print only!!!): Any Allies xX (4th print) Confrontation x3 Devastating Blow It's Over 9000! xX Krillin's Destructo Disk Orange Energy Catch Overpowering Attack (4th print) x3 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon (4th print) x2 Piccolo's Weighted Clothing (4th print) x2 Stare Down x3 Tenshinhan, Returned (4th print) Time is a Warrior's Tool Trunks, Young Super Saiyan Level 4 (4th print) Trunks' Sword Slash (4th print) x3 Visiting the Past xX I may take Score cards if you have a list for me to go through but I can tell you what I'm looking for too. Mostly looking for foil MPs. Also need some of the Bandai game's foils. Haves: Ultra Rares: Heroic Plan x2 (x1 Print 1, x1 Print 4) Set 7 Pack Foils: Cell LV 1, 3 DR Gohan LV 1 DR Hercule LV 2 DR Trunks LV 1 DR Vegeta LV 2 DR Mercenary Tao, Shielded LV 4 Cell's Provocation Earth Dragon Ball 6 (Right side nicked) Namekian Discharge Orange Affection Drill Saiyan Anguish Drill Saiyan Bash Saiyan Clench Saiyan Internal Conflict Saiyan Ki Web Set 7 Starter Foils: Namekian Concentration Namekian Zone Pressure Orange Excavation Orange Hiding Drill Orange Overhead Smash Set 7 Rares: Black Flashback Black Strength Display x2 Blue Elbow Blue Friendliness Blue Left Blast x2 Namekian Inheritance x2 Namekian Surge x2 Orange Knee Strike x2 Red Mischief x2 Saiyan Despair x2 Saiyan Energy Barrage x2 Saiyan Face Off Goku's Search Hercule's Dynamite Kick x2 Hercule's Grand Entrance Mercenary Tao's Super Dodon Wave x3 Vegeta's Final Flash x2 (Ask for more) Set 6 Foils: Black Dispersion Black Impatience Black Liberation Blue Brush Aside Blue Hunt Blue Rehabilitation Namekian Airborne Attack x2 Namekian Harvesting Drill Namekian Impending Doom Namekian Robotic Destruction Namekian Vanishing Drill Orange Immense Blast Orange Shopping Drill Orange Snoozing Drill Orange Welcoming Drill Red Fantasy Red Integration Red Wallop Saiyan Assistance Saiyan Thrust Sobering Hammer Set 6 Rares: Sobering Hammer x3 Almost all of them, definitely all the styled ones, just ask Set 5 Foils: DR1 Cell, Imperfect (Hi-Tech) DR2 Cell, Semi-Perfect (Hi-Tech) DR3 Cell, Perfect (Hi-Tech) DR4 Cell, Unstoppable (Hi-Tech) Black Double Team Black Obstructing Drill Black Sharp Kick Blue Dispersing Beam x2 Blue Eating Drill x2 Blue Overcharge Blue Restraint Heroic Jab Master Roshi, Catcher LV 3 Namekian Back Kick Orange Hoping Drill Playful Punch Red Channel Surfing Drill Saiyan Back Crash Villainous Energy Beam x2 Set 5 Rares: Android 16's Rocket Punch Android 16's Tranquility x3 Black Choke x3 Black Discovery x3 Black Extreme Blast x2 Blue Head Charge x2 Blue Restraint Blue Toss x3 Blue Training x3 Cell's Style x2 Clash of Wills x3 Heroic Jab Master Roshi's Slumber x3 Namekian Back Smash Namekian Energized Bash x2 Namekian Face Crush x2 Orange Hoping Drill x2 Orange Ki Ball x3 Orange Overflowing Burst x2 Orange Right Beam x2 Overwhelming Power x2 Red Back Bash x2 Red Channel Surfing Drill x2 Red Downward Burst x3 Red Powerful Strike Saiyan Charged Kick Saiyan Extreme Training Saiyan Overhead Flare Trunks' Slam Yamcha's Expert Assistance Yamcha's Rescue Set 4 Foils: Goku, Relaxed LV 1 Piccolo, Composed LV 1 Android 20, Surprised LV 3 Vegeta, Unrelenting (Ally) Black Explosion Black Remembrance Drill Black Request x2 Blue Awakening Drill Blue Belly Bash Blue Flight Blue Hush Orange Audience x2 Orange Duck x2 Orange Outburst Namekian Downward Blast x2 Namekian Enhancement Namekian Overcharge Red Intense Blast Set 4 Rares: Android 18's Arm Breaker Android 18's Toss Android 19's Energy Absorption Android 19's Choke Android 20's Scouting Drill x3 Android 20's Domination Android Presence x3 Black Empowered Sword Slash x2 Black Learning Drill Blue Belly Bash x2 Blue Entertaining Drill Blue Kiss x4 Blue Wash x4 Elimination Enhanced Reflexes Moment of Peace Namekian Overcharge x2 Namekian Waiting Orange Freezing Drill x5 Orange Reading Drill Red Analysis x5 Red Antidote Red Rage x3 Saiyan Dash Saiyan Destructive Blast x3 Saiyan Peace Saiyan Tracking Blast Tug of War Vegeta's Destruction Blast x3 Set 4 Starter foils: Android 17 1-4 (Hi-Tech) Android 18 1-4 (Hi-Tech) Vegeta 1-4 (Hi-Tech) Blue Tag Team Mastery (Rainbow) Black Perceptive Mastery (Hi-Tech) Orange Adept Mastery (Hi-Tech) Red Ruthless Mastery (Hi-Tech) Black Energy Toss Black Foreshadowing Black Resistance Black Smoothness Drill Blue Biting Drill Blue Blockade x3 Blue Crouch x3 Blue Defensive Stance Blue Encircled Strike Blue Ki Build Up x2 Confrontation Namekian Chop Namekian Concentration Namekian Gut Punch Namekian Narrow Escape Namekian Right Throw Namekian Zone Pressure Orange Calming Drill Orange Extension Orange Offensive Strike Orange Palm Blasts Red Energy Outburst Red Hunting Drill Red Jump Kick Saiyan Arm Catch Saiyan Blocking Technique Saiyan Evasion Saiyan Foot Stomp Saiyan Hand Swipe Saiyan Offensive Strike Saiyan Prelude Saiyan Preparation Set 3 Foils: Lord Slug, Amazed Ally Black Chaos Black Combo Black Dense Ball Blue Dominance x3 Blue Double Blast x3 Blue Encircled Strike Blue Minions Blue Observation Drill Blue Upward Barrage Ensnared Orange Confidence Orange Flee Orange Reactive Strike Orange Uncontrolled Blast Red Dazing Drill Red Hop Red Saving Drill Red Slide Saiyan Arrival Saiyan Charge Saiyan Headbutt Saiyan Swat Set 3 Rares: Black Chin Kick Black Daze x4 Blue Observation Drill x3 Blue Surprise x4 Blue Takedown x4 Dr. Wheelo's History x5 Ensnared x5 Flip Toss Garlic Jr.'s Counter Blast Garlic Jr.'s Dead Zone Information Gathering x2 Lord Slug's Regeneration x6 Namekian Knockback x3 Namekian Overwatch x3 Namekian Right Kick x3 Namekian Surprise Attack Orange Electricity x4 Orange Empowered Kick Orange Spotlight x3 Orange Uncontrolled Blast Pulverize x2 Red Restriction x3 Red Threatening Drill x4 Red Retreat x5 Sagacious Strike x2 Saiyan Arrival Saiyan Studying Tree of Might x2 Turles' Fruit x6 Turles' Energy Ring x2 Set 2 Foils: Nappa, Overconfident LV 3 Nappa LV 4 Raditz LV 4 Tenshinhan, Prepared LV 3 Tenshinhan, Smug LV 4 Captain Ginyu, Aggressive x2 Goku, Thoughtful Trunks, Bashful Black Counter Ball Black Radiating Drill Blue Leaping Kick Captain Ginyu's Pain Face Smash Isolation Namekian Jump Kick Namekian Patient Block x3 Raditz's Dirty Tactics x2 Red Overpower Saiyan Driving Punch Saiyan Prepped Ball (Small nick at the bottom) Set 2 Rares: Black Counter Ball x2 Black Enraged Assault Black Head Charge x2 Blue Back Break x4 Blue Crush x2 Blue Overpowering Drill x3 Blue Leaping Kick x2 Blue Overpowering Drill x2 Blue Taming Technique x3 Face Smash x2 Isolation x2 Nail's Dashing Attack Namekian Clash x2 Namekian Cut Off x2 Namekian High Knee Nappa's Energizing Charge x2 Orange Chasing Drill x2 Orange Dodge x3 Orange Hand Cannon x4 Orange Mini Ball Orange Possession Drill Red Combined Blast Red Controlled Attack x2 Red Overpower x2 Saiyan Body Blow Saiyan Intimidation x4 Starter Hi-Techs: Gohan 1-4 Goku, Kaio-Ken Enhanced LV 2 (Rainbow) Goku 3-4 Krillin 1-4 Krillin 1-3 Krillin, Enraged LV 4 (Rainbow) Piccolo, Unleashed LV 3 (Rainbow) Vegeta 1-4 (Regular and Rainbow) Black Devious Mastery (Rainbow) Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Saiyan Masteries (Regular) Starter Foils: Black Capture Black Delay Black Energy Toss Black Energy Web x3 Black Lightning Storm Black Side Thrust Black Smoothness Drill x2 Black Speedy Dodge x2 Black Swipe x2 Black Targeting Drill Blue Avoidance x3 Blue Blockade x2 Blue Crouch x3 Blue Fist Smash Blue Ki Build Up x3 Blue Mental Drill x2 Blue Positioning Drill x2 Blue Reprimand Blue Rest x3 Blue Round Throw Namekian Concentration x2 Namekian Focused Beams Namekian Heritage Drill Orange Energy Gathering Orange Excavation Orange Hiding Drill Orange Quick Dodge Orange Rage Orange Steady Drill Orange Truck Lift Red Energy Shield Red Heating Beams x2 Red Power Rush Saiyan Energy Rupture x2 Saiyan Foot Stomp Saiyan Lightning Dodge x2 Saiyan Offensive Rush Saiyan Preparation Saiyan Sabotage x2 Set 1 Foils (Print 1-2 unless marked): Captain Ginyu, Leader LV 1 Captain Ginyu, Energized LV 2 Captain Ginyu, Body Change LV 3 Bulma, Genius Chaozu, Resurrected (Print 4) Burter, Ginyu Force x2 Guldo, Ginyu Force x2 (x1 minor dent top right) Jeice, Ginyu Force Recoome, Ginyu Force Nappa, Space Traveler Tenshinhan, Returned x2 Black Corruption x3 Black Disorienting Blow Black Mischievous Drill Black Reflection x3 (trading as a set) Black Scout Maneuver Blue Betrayal Blue Biting Drill Blue Battle Readiness Blue Defensive Flight Blue Farewell Devaastating Blow x2 Empowered Flying Kick Goku's Kaio Ken Krillin's Solar Flare Namekian Chop (4th print) Namekian Double Strike x2 Namekian Dragon Blast Namekian Finger Lasers x2 Namekian Flinch Namekian Maximum Will Namekian Palm Shots x2 Namekian Planned Attack Orange Energy Phasing Drill Orange Offensive Strike Orange Precise Shot Orange Searching Maneuver Orange Uppercut Quickness Drill x2 (x1 4th print) Red Back Kick (4th print) Saiyan Energy Focus x2 Saiyan Face Stomp Saiyan Pinpoint Blast x3 Saiyan Wrist Block x3 Set 1 Rares: Will work on later. Feel free to ask as I have all of them Confrontation Stare Down Time is a Warrior's Tool Ask for commons, uncommons, and starter cards. Promos: Beerus, God of Destruction x3 Frieza, Golden x3 Goku, Super Saiyan God Goku, Protector of Earth Gohan, Resilient Child Krillin, Ready Piccolo, Stoic Vegeta, Prince of Saiyans Black Corruption x3 Black Declaration Black Overload Black Punishment Black Scout Maneuver (Evo) x3 Black Smoothness Drill x2 Blue Crush x3 Blue Lifting Drill x2 Blue Positioning Drill x2 Blue Slash Blue Terror x2 Captain Ginyu's Body Switch x3 Combination Drill x2 Frieza's Supernova x3 Goku's Kamehameha x3 Gohan's Masenko x3 Isolation Krillin's Destructo Disk x3 Namekian Combat Drill x2 Namekian Gut Punch Orange Crashing Drill x3 Orange Dodge x3 Orange Fierce Attack x3 Orange Hiding Drill Orange Possession Drill x2 Orange Precise Shot Orange Uppercut Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon x3 Quick Blast x3 Red City Destruction Red Energy Blast Red Overpower x2 Red Trailing Blast Saiyan Body Blow x2 Saiyan Domination x2 Saiyan Intimidation x2 Saiyan Offensive Rush Saiyan Outrage Saiyan Pinpoint Blast x2 Saiyan Skull Jab Stare Down x2 Trunks Sword Slash x3 Vegeta's Galick Gun x3 Visiting the Past x4 Wall Breaker Playmats - Set 1 launch event Set 2 launch event Set 3 launch event Set 5 launch event San Diego Comic Con 2015 exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2016 exclusive (both versions)