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  1. A few leaked card images...

    Ah, couldn't make out that part.
  2. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I'm just saying that because of traits, Fan Z can get away with not calling him Majin Vegeta. Unless traits were going to be a thing under Panini, they would have to put (This character is considered to be a "Majin") on every villain Vegeta for that set while the rest can still be called Majin Dabura, Majin Babidi, etc. It's not a matter of Majin Vegeta being separate from Vegeta, it's that Fan Z doesn't have to call a Majin a Majin whereas Panini might've had to jump through some hoops with Vegeta.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    With traits being a thing I don't know if anyone will be called "Majin X". It would be a waste if you couldn't mix villain Vegeta with Majin Vegeta if you ever wanted to do that.
  4. A few leaked card images...

    I feel like there's a 1 next to the red cost. At least it's one per deck. Good precedent to set. That said, this better not be 0-1 per case. Might be mistake that "ultimate" is printed twice.
  5. A few leaked card images...

    No, Vegito's one of the SPRs, the four four per case alt arts. As far as I know, no info on the secret rare yet.
  6. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    This Gohan's surname is "The Great Saiyaman". You'd think they'd save such a definitive surname for a Gohan MP level over an ally unless Saiyaman gets his own stack. Score knew to use "the Great Saiyaman" for his World Games level 1. It'd be a missed opportunity for a new Gohan stack or even a single level to not utilize Saiyaman in some way but they already lost the perfect surname. You might say a new Gohan stack here should just be "Gohan" so it matches this ally. Well, it makes sense why there isn't a Great Saiyaman ally as it'd be silly that you can run him alongside the original Gohan ally. Future Gohan destroys this argument but we can always hope that they'll change for the better.
  7. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Took them long enough but they finally broke the trend of having a different version of an ally in hero or villain. I think since Ox King ally includes Chi-Chi, perhaps this should've as well. I can somewhat rationalize no Goku or Piccolo though.
  8. Set 10 Blue Mastery Speculation

    Unless this hypothetical copy-based Blue Mastery is THAT good and justifies you staying on Frieza's 2, I feel like generic Frieza with Unleashed to 4 is the better thing to bank on. We'll see if there's enough support to prove otherwise.
  9. Namekian Radiant Gohan

    For the record, are you building all these decks to play against a friend who exclusively plays Knowledge Piccolo? I might give different advice if that's the case. Any reason you're using Determined and Armored over Awakening or Future Gohan? Determined is trash. If someone ever Digs you up, you'll have a bad time unless ^, then nevermind. I don't know if the deck needs Forceful Block, especially at 3 since you have allies. I'm still for adding up to 3 Clench. Flinch on the other hand makes far more sense now because you have allies. Not sure if there's a way to fit Buffer in unless you don't like the banish after use. Training Ball vs Force Push, I'd go for Force Push. The block difficulty, endurance, and potential banish especially against Namekian can hurt. Not to mention the huge damage. Another thing to think about is running some or all of the Namekian energies that draw on hit as your boosts let them crit and if they don't have Time you can keep a combat going. For sure I would force at least Hand Burst in because I love that card. Harder to stop and it can already crit. Not to mention you can set up the draw with Hybrid Defense or other Rejuvs.
  10. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    I'm hoping he means the new Blue Mastery will be copy-based which has been a long time coming. I haven't built Blue Golden Frieza since the promo came out, but I can't think of anything specific that would make you want build him out of Blue now except just because.
  11. Namekian Radiant Piccolo

    I wasn't thinking about leaving level 2 at all though Piccolo Unleashed isn't a bad place for beats and/or Ball victory. It's just that both of Piccolo's level 1s are awful at this point in the game and there just doesn't seem to be enough anger for you to get off 1 let alone 2 in this deck without Unleashed or Namekian Leaping Kick (which has no place here) whereas unless you're playing against Broly or they hit too many Tugs, Gohan will eventually get to 2.
  12. Super Dash Promos Revealed

    They better be printed to oblivion because people will definitely buy extra product just for these promos. Otherwise I hope stores have a limit to keep it fair. The game doesn't need scalpers making this harder than Bandai already did. I don't know how far ahead they planned the copious amounts of promos and increased R/SR count when they underprinted set 1. It surprises me that there was enough time for them to activate multiple copies of Pot of Greed while they twirl their moustaches. I don't know any other card game that had this many promos and extra products announced before its second set. I think what bothers me about the deck box packs is that assuming you need playsets (because god forbid EVEN ONE of these promos are leaders or alt arts, the only one that is was free), you need to buy two hero ones and two villain ones. That's around $65, the average price of a box you could be buying instead. And you WILL need boxes this set.
  13. Namekian Radiant Piccolo

    I know you might be switching to Kami but... Is Radiant the only way you're leveling up? If that's the case, you might be better off putting more Allies and using Gohan Vengeance 1 and Premiere 2 for the life card boost. Whenever I build a beats deck (or really most decks), I have to play Tug to get rid of Ox King. He just shuts these decks down. I'm sure you're aware unless this was tailored for your playgroup. I don't see you reaching 3 to get the full use of Flinch, so why not Clamp instead? I'm also for adding Buffer. With the additional endurance on both of those, Stance feels really meh these days even if it isn't banish after use.
  14. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    They're taking the traits farther than before, but "Saiyan" and "Namekian" should've always been printed on the cards somewhere especially if Gohan can use Namekian. With the improvements made to the game under Panini, nobody thought it was dumb that players (fan of the show or not) STILL have to reference the rulebook to see who falls under Saiyan/Namekian? Especially when you design allies like Turles where Saiyan count matters. Excited for new Android cards that work better with Android characters. It's what they should've been in Pan Z. Hoping 18 gets a new named card too. I'm still for Great Saiyaman as his own MP so we have another six style user. Kid Trunks to be his own MP would be great but since they didn't list him with Goten I'm thinking they're going to do the stupid thing and let him mix with "Trunks". Seeing how Van Zant was the real villain of the Buu Saga and earthling is a trait now... who knows?
  15. New "Secret Rare" for Set 2

    I was floored when I saw that they increased the count of everything but non foils. Just... really? Considering they underestimated the demand for set 1 I wonder how far in advance they decided to flaunt their greed for the second set. They actually had time to plan this? The secret rare better be a leader or a fancier special rare alt art. Then there's the gross amount of promos. If it even is a silver lining, you only have to buy two of each deck box pack for a playset instead of four but that's a booster box you could be buying instead and you WILL need booster boxes this set. Then there's the draft box where you may need to drop 100 for four new promos and one tournament pack. It's one thing if it was all set 2 packs, but they aren't... They really need to make promos only alt arts and/or leaders. Otherwise, distribution doesn't matter unless they flood kits with them. Even then, playsets might take forever without trading/singles. As another technical silver lining, set 2 will have some value in the super rares you can trade towards all those promos you won't have. I think they just destroyed the main reason to play the game which was cost to play and there was already bad blood with the tournament promos. I may be on my way out unless they happen to increase the super rare count per box. Even then the unnecessary amount of promos might kill it. I'm not going to lie that foil leaders (Vegito!) makes me disagree to some extent. In general I agree with you. If they weren't foil like rare Masteries were they definitely should all be uncommon. The kits are horribly half-baked. I don't know why there's only 16 packs and they're meant for participation. Unless they were counting on low turnouts all over, there's no reason for this. If they claimed they were for top 8 or something, that's different. Something meant for participation should be more plentiful. Panini seemed to understand this. Then these kits cost money, are hard to get, and unless the store splits them, the kits are supposed to last ONE tournament.