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  1. ToP SCR

    Bandai, Goku Day was nine days ago. Where's the real secret rare?
  2. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Fans obviously vary but I've seen plenty of people who just "nope" at the idea of a next generation show. And that's why Toei can keep churning out poor and similar products like Super with no regard for quality outside of individuals who want to make certain fight scenes look good. I wouldn't mind making Goku a reason for the plot if it was good. There was a lot of story potential in the Tournament of Power that just goes nowhere, some of which involve Goku. It's the writers forcing Goku in when he doesn't need to be there that bothers me. One of the big offenses was him butting into Hit's fight with Dyspo. I've seen many defend Dyspo as a top tier fighter (so they can feel better about Gohan having no good fights) and since Hit didn't take him out, Hit ended up doing nothing. Goku really had no reason to be in that episode. Whenever he's on screen he's taking away from other characters. A lot of his action is irrelevant and could be skipped entirely in favor of other characters. Even if we focus on others and keep Goku's important fights some of which he chooses not to win instantly or Jiren chooses not to defeat Goku instantly, that's still plenty. Universe 7 already had like 90% of the eliminations with Goku having the most. Why is that good writing?
  3. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    Our Zamasu found out about Goku because Beerus and Whis brought him to that universe for no reason but to set the nonsensical plot in motion. Future Zamasu was "recruited" by Goku Black and had no knowledge of Goku because he died. Goku Black somehow is a result of our Zamasu fighting Goku. Our Zamasu did see the Godtube clip of the Universe 6 tournament but his hatred for Goku was already there. I did say that one of the few things to come out of the Universe 6 tournament was introducing Zeno but yes, the Tournament of Power was born from the Universe 6 tournament. We have to keep the characters at the time when they were most marketable. I applaud GT for aging the characters. It's too much risk and effort to do a next generation series because Goku Goku Goku. You have no idea how many people are opposed to this because this is Goku's story and Goku is the face of Dragon Ball. Is it any wonder why people drool at references and callbacks with no substance and no consequences? I don't trust them to make a Uub-focused or even a Goten/Trunks/Pan/Uub story because they aren't in the business of passion projects or good ideas. They won't even physically age up Goten, Trunks, and Marron.
  4. Dragon Ball Super Anime Discussion

    It's not too complicated for me. There are a few moments in Super I legitimately enjoy but it's a VERY small few. Otherwise, Super's really bad. I'll agree on GT being good/great ideas with bad execution but at least they were trying to tell a story across the series. Each arc led into the next with Super 17 being the least linked but arguably still linked. As a follow-up, what does Resurrection F have to do with Battle of Gods? Nothing. What does the Universe 6 tournament do besides introduce worthless characters and Zeno? Nothing. What do Future Trunks and Zamasu have to do with anything that followed? Nothing. Neither are mentioned again. But we now have two Zenos for no reason. What was the point of the tournament other than new toys and cards transformations? Nothing. Frieza's back. Are we going to kill him again? Super also can't do drama to save its life. I know people can boil Dragon Ball down to just people fighting but I think it can be more than that. There's a lot of heart (for me at least) in the previous three series. I just don't care about anything that happens in Super but that's also because the people at the helm seem like incompetent morons. Remember when Piccolo died in the Resurrection F movie? He didn't die? Let's randomly kill him for literally no reason that will factor into nothing and revive him offscreen. People wanted Gotenks in F? Here he is! *defuses instantly* That's what you wanted, right? Hey, Ginyu's back! I wonder where this will go... Oh, he's dead. There's so much wasted potential that I think Super squandered it more than GT. Remember Goku and/or Hit saying they won't be playthings for the gods? Went nowhere. Remember when Frieza wanted to overthrow the gods? Went nowhere. Potentially evil Angels? Went nowhere. Remember when Gohan said he was training towards a new form? Went nowhere. The Zenos aren't dangerously overpowered children. They were actually benevolent gods testing us all along. What's that? The six universes he erased because he felt like it? Uh... here's Goku teaming up with Frieza OMG!!! GT at least retired the Earth Dragon Balls and taught the cast not to rely on cheat codes. Super on the other hand has introduced too many cheat codes for its own good that nothing will have consequences. Not to mention it takes place before Uub so we know no one permanently dies. We now have Super Dragon Balls, Whis' time reversal, Whis can apparently bring people back to life for no reason, and Zeno can erase threats if Goku asks. That's in addition to the Earth and Namek Balls we already have. As for fights, Goku just needs to get beat up to activate Ultra Instinct so in the new movie, it's potentially an hour of filler until that happens but if the enemy is to be a threat, it has to top Ultra Instinct. Know what that means? More transformations! How can you keep this cash cow going without continuously raising an unraisable ceiling? A big problem with Super is that it exists to make money, not because they had a great story idea that happened to make money. Why are they taking a hiatus for a movie? Because selling tickets generates more money than a tv show? You can bet the show will be back at some point. People are eating this garbage up. They'd be fools not to continue it with no creative effort and relying on references and callbacks. I'll close with Super having no ideas with bad execution. It beats out GT in spectacle for sure but you should want more than spectacle especially considering what Dragon Ball has given us before. GT knew when to end and gave us a wonderful final episode that felt like the end. How did Super end? On a bloated tournament that overall meant nothing with no closure because it'll keep going. But Goku and Vegeta in Saiyan Saga poses ZOMG! So clever!
  5. Gohan Awakening Questions

    With Awakening Gohan, only attacks he performs are considered styled. Attack cards in your hand, discard, and deck are whatever they're printed as so his level 2 can still only search styled cards. Hope this helps!
  6. Monaka's too strong?

    Doesn't get around Barrier. 0/10
  7. Draft Box 2 Info

    It's a silly symptom of Japanese card games where they believe people will make counterfeits if the images are big enough. A stupid notion in line with "Vegeta's Destruction Blast" because calling the card "Vegeta's Big Bang Attack" will somehow destroy the franchise even though the last Bandai DB game had a Big Bang Attack card.
  8. Set 4 just got revealed and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

    I wouldn't mind if it was Batman: The Animated Series with Batman Beyond. If it's more comic stuff with images that have been used to death, pass.
  9. Future Sets

    Goku can always go back to doing ally/drill things other MPs do better especially without a new stack. You have to consider that SS3 will most likely be a single level. Which 1-3 will people use? Would it shock you if it was just Awakening? At some point, his new transformations and higher ceilings in Super become extremely difficult to design because Awakening was so poorly and generically designed in the first place. People will have no reason to stop playing Awakening otherwise. Maybe more God trait things but that's a long time from now. Even then unless the next SSG is also level 1, our SSG is already outclassed by Awakening 1. For risk of breaking Black's self-mill support, this won't change. Thematically I like the risky high damage angle. The issue is Awakening 4 already has a free +2/-2 life modifier and a free card from anywhere. So yes, you'd have to outdo that for it to see play. If SS3 supports the drill or ally theme on his old stacks, you have to Unleashed/Kaio-Ken through bad levels or go Awakening 1-3 anyway changing nothing. I don't mind being wrong but Awakening Goku exists and it's dumb so Fan Z has a tough job no thanks to Panini. If SS3 is underdesigned and no one plays it, it's Panini's fault. If they outdo Awakening 4, that's not helping either but is also Panini's fault for raising the ceiling too high.
  10. Future Sets

    While the Fan Z sets have problems, I think the majority of them are minor or juuuust acceptable enough. The major problems are still the Panini cards. Skill-less trash like Awakening Goku and Unleashed. I'm curious what Super Saiyan 3 Goku and the forms from Super are going to do to top it. You have to top it if anyone's going to play those over the Awakening levels. Yeah, Goku's not winning events nor is he unbeatable but you're playing at somewhat of a disadvantage right from the start unless your card quality's better than his. Unpopular opinion incoming. You're not wrong about the meta based on results, but I feel that because the game isn't officially backed and there's less at stake (generally speaking), people aren't bringing all the gross decks. Oppressive Vegeta's a brain dead deck that doesn't exactly take a lot of skill to play. It rewards you for nothing and locks your opponent out of playing the game. It's not unbeatable but it's so stupidly uninteractive that I'm surprised it isn't dominating. Same with some other decks. The relaxed meta is great because people are taking things that probably wouldn't be their first choice if this was still Pan Z. There's a Restored Gohan/Empowered Broly out there. You know it. I know it. They're just not showing up in droves.
  11. Future Sets

    I wish they would do GT and even though they said they wouldn't, you can make the excuse that chronologically Super takes place before so Super takes priority. Honestly we have plenty of content that'll last us a while. We haven't even gotten to key elements of the Buu Saga yet and then there's 2+ movie sets. Kami forbid but who's to say this'll even last through Super? You'll have to settle for beard Vegeta with a side of beard Goku.
  12. Favorite MP

    Competitively I think we can add Awakening Vegeta. The ridiculous level manipulation into passes is appalling with Saiyan Oppressive Mastery.
  13. Future TCGs

    If we're talking Awakening cash grabs, let's not forget the one Dragon Rare per box. While the cards themselves are accessible through starters, what was the problem with doing the three starter foils per box like in Evolution? Super's release schedule for the year is insane. In the short time this game has existed, they have gone above and beyond what I've seen in any other game in terms of product releases. No breathing room to enjoy a set because the next one's in two months. A new product pretty much every month, some of which retail for $100 a piece. Not to mention the excessive amounts of necessary promos you may or may not have access to. In some ways they have every reason to be overconfident but this is too much and I hope they get burned for it. All Panini had beyond your standard booster set was starter decks every three sets and a Comic-Con promo each year. That was plenty.