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  1. You're taking broad statements to quite an extreme. He said nothing about toxic communities or boycotting stores for reasons he didn't give. From a technical standpoint, playing a digital card game means going to a store less but that's less of a boycott and more of that's what you have to do if you like the game. By your logic, aren't you advocating for boycotting digital games in favor of playing a physical game at a store? I don't have the data to back it up, but while Super seems to be quite a hit overall, it's still niche in some areas especially for those who don't have easy access to a local. In that case, if you make a far trip for a 7-8 person event, it may not feel worth it. I personally prefer to play at a store, but this simply isn't an option for any given game. I don't know if I would pay for a digital card game and if all card games went this route I would not care for that but they already exist and if tournaments are held online, it's more inclusive regardless of where you are and your store situation. There absolutely could be online tournaments with a bigger turnout than one at a store. By virtue of it being online alone means more people can play. At the end of the day, we can have opinions on preference but it's up to the company that creates the game whether to go digital or not.
  2. Current Tier List (Pre-Deckbox Expansion)

    It wasn't in set 1 for whatever reason. The effect always seemed insane for a game like this but apparently it just wasn't enough until now.
  3. Hero 18 Combative

    If Krillin doesn't get around Freezing Drill, then I'd swap him for Time. I like the modifier but well, Time. Yeah, Meditation should be a near staple in all Orange decks. I'd feel sad about using Examination Drill to lower anger as I feel leveling for 18 is super important but I suppose it must be done and is coverage nonetheless. Efficiency Drill will bring your attack back to 5 after using Energy Phasing. I don't know how fast this deck can get to 4 even if I see the means to. It's hard for me not to put Defiant Challenge in an 18 deck. She's one of the few MPs that it hugely benefits. I don't know whether to classify it as a fun or serious card because to put it in I have to sacrifice something that might be better. On another note, how about Orange Launcher (though it doesn't work with Combative) and Overwhelming Power just for the crits? It doesn't look like the deck crits enough or do you just ignore Balls and Allies? Roshi and Ox King allies are some of 18's worst enemies. When I looked at the set 8 and 9 MPs at face value, they were always interesting but outside of Future Gohan, felt niche. I'd love to be proven wrong but King Kai most likely won't be doing anything. Future Gohan can be played around when he's entered on. Bardock's annoying but has to level to do anything which is 18's problem as well. If you want to talk about "real fucker" decks, that's still Panini's stuff which is what's winning the events. Granted it may be players not experimenting enough, but when your baseline is Goku and Broly, how is King Kai supposed to deal with that?
  4. Hero 18 Combative

    I did say Orange cards as a blanket statement but obviously Assistance Drill isn't going to be doing anything. I'll clarify by saying that they aren't necessarily overpowered but overdesigned. I don't see why an Orange deck would ever not play Meditation because it's never dead. Unlike Wall Breaker where you risk it being a poor attack at worst, Meditation being an attack that can crit along with Endurance 2 is versatility that didn't need to be there. Sweeping Blast I think can be annoying on the receiving end but it's no worse than Tandem Blast. Though you can argue that Sweeping is way more easy to trigger than Ki Burst or Tandem Blast. I know a lot of people were crying foul at Juke and while it's not too bad, nobody thought Orange was going to get/needed something like this. Bicycle Kick is still nuts. I've been playing Red Reverse where it doesn't work with Endurance since as damage it hits the discard pile before you can endure with it so therefore it's no longer part of your deck. Similar to how Saiyan Cheap Shot doesn't prevent Endurance from being used. The new Red blocks have generically outclassed almost every other Red block, with the amount of Endurance on them, anger, and great effects. Other than niche effects or Blocking Hand for an extra anger, you're most likely going to play these FanZ blocks. Legendary Strike did not need the reveal crit. We all know which MP this was intended for and Broly doesn't need two cards that do that. While I'm not saying we should outright ban winners from having a bias towards a MP, Broly being able to reveal two of these/Tantrum for two crits is dumb. The card would've still seen play otherwise. Namekian Resourceful Blast is just poor design with an effect that's beyond helpful for the style. Before, you had to crit naturally or draw into Double Strike/Team Up which have costs attached to crits. Now there's a FREE crit you can draw or an effortless play from the discard. It just wasn't necessary and while it doesn't break the game it felt like the guy plays Namekian, wanted more crits because his Balls kept getting taken, so that's what he did. No nuance or any real thought process to the card. The skip blocks having Endurance 2 may have been too much. It's like if Gut Kick had Endurance. It would've seen more play before Oppressive if it did. There's few reasons for any Saiyan deck to not use these skip blocks. It's a no-brainer like many of these cards simply because of the Endurance when such an effect doesn't warrant Endurance. I don't know if "flavor of the month" is an argument here which is what you can say I'm making for the blocks as this was the case during Panini as well. If they want people to play new blocks in the future, they'll have to be better than these. If you want to say that this is just power creep, then I'll agree. I'm just trying to say that I can see how some could see these as overpowered. I at least think some of the key cards in these sets are overdesigned for sure but not worth boycotting the format.
  5. Hero 18 Combative

    If we're looking at set 8, the Orange cards, Red blocks, and Future Gohan can fit into "overpowered schlock". Things like Saiyan Legendary Strike and Namekian Resourceful Blast are winner cards and while I guess the developers could've reigned them back more (if they did at all), there's blame to spread. In set 9, the Saiyan skip blocks were dumb, Pre-Game didn't matter until Oppressive Mastery, and other than Orange Memory which previously only worked with Adept, the set looks okay to me. I don't care for how good the human named cards are at face value but it's not because I've seen them in action so maybe they're duds that didn't help anyone but Tien. There's definitely an argument for set 10. All the MPs are playable to some extent but even with how 18 was designed to be generically good, I don't think anyone reaches the threshold of Goku or Broly in terms of overdesigned or outright stupidly broken. Oppressive Mastery was definitely a mistake, even with no MPPV. There was also no need for Orange Spine Kick and Suppressive Strike to lock their trait effects behind Saiyans instead of anyone else. To be fair, I haven't played against/with a wide range of set 10 decks but it sounds like he's had this problem since set 8 which I definitely don't understand outside of Orange.
  6. Hero 18 Combative

    Efficiency's there if for some reason 18 gets stage locked so energies can still be paid for. Though it's been said that Efficiency and Attack Drill are very low priority for the deck especially since the Mastery can't get them so yeah. I like Offensive Strike in 18 because she can make sure they're in your deck to grab but in hindsight, that's more for Adaptive beats where you only need one Drill to hit crit damage. You otherwise have to rely on Efficiency or having both Aura and Attack Drill out here which is too much commitment for a full playset. Then again, if you have Captivity and Examination, this is a potential six anger gain with multiple preventions on the Mastery so there's an argument even if you can't boost the damage. I'm in agreement about Time, Checkup, and the third Power Point. Rage can be quite clutch at times for four anger on hit and Meditation's a near staple at this point.
  7. Hero 18 Combative

    I'm sure seeing the deck in action would address some of these. Does Krillin being parenthetical get around Freezing Drill? Is your last card Orange Combined Burst? What level do you usually end up at? Do you get to 4/MPPV often? Ever use Conference Drill's banish effect? Any reason for no Checkup Drill? Being able to get it for a block with the Mastery when you're under Time or need one of your block effects is solid. Plus the extra rejuvenation each combat. Is there enough anger lowering to not run Orange Meditation? Any thoughts on Energy Phasing Drill and Overwhelming Power? Pure meta calls? Finally, Defiant Challenge? I don't necessarily feel the loss of 20. It's so annoying when he's Tugged, Orange Stare Downed, or criticaled. Villain 18 might fare better here in this regard because the Mastery covers crits to some extent but then the Leisure loop doesn't work unless you use Combative on it in every turn. I think the big difference between this and Adaptive is I'm really missing the +1 modifier to make my 4s crit without the help of Drills which you won't always have. Most of the attacks in this deck are pretty sad without modifiers/Efficiency though you're supposed to poke your way to survival while your opponent can't. As for Yamcha, his named cards don't work with the Mastery though he himself might not be bad here. I think you can make an argument for Awakening Gohan as well since you can pack more freestyle cards and they all work with the Mastery. I'd consider Ball 6 but that's without seeing the deck in action. My last version of Orange 18 had it.
  8. Red amplified hero 18

    I'm just guessing but it sounds like it's aggressive with tiny damage while denying your opponent meaningful damage. It's not exactly energy beatdown but attacks enough to trigger the Mastery for Examination and maybe Captivity Drill for the anger. I'd be interested in seeing a list as well to see what/how many Drills make it in. I feel like getting your Drills out is too slow since it's one per combat and that's if you don't rejuvenate Time or other key cards instead. And once you level they go away unless you max out Conference Drill. It wouldn't be like Adaptive where the Drill wall gradually gets bigger and bigger regardless of leveling. Regarding Amplified, I think it has to be said that there will be some level of camping on 1. You won't always have Unleashed and there's not that much anger on the attacks being played, at least not reliably so to count on it for leveling every game.
  9. Assuming you're playing a Saiyan (because the topic's moot otherwise), what's the preference? I'm seeing more Suppressive Strike but Stomach Crusher has merits that are hard to overlook. These would clearly be played as a detractor to combat enders so isn't Stomach Crusher objectively better there? Or are the other effects on Suppressive Strike worth letting them still throw the card for the non-combat ending effects? Suppressive Strike - Only stops "card effects" from ending combat but not the cards themselves from being played. Rejuvenate 2 can make a huge difference if it's the right cards. Similar but not the same as endurance 2. Trait effect only stops Time unless there's something else. Everyone plays Time but is this effect too situational? Banish after use. Stomach Crusher - Can't play Blinding for the attack or Black Power Up for the stages. They become straight up dead. (Does this include hit effects like Saiyan Shattering Blow?) Slows down or completely shuts down Setup use. Matchup dependent vs SS stopping Time which is in every deck. Less important but still important things: 2 endurance, +1 stage of damage, doesn't banish after use. Thoughts?
  10. Red amplified hero 18

    Is there any synergy between Combative and 18 besides Android cards being styled for the prevention? The potential extra attack from Toss to keep the prevention going? It's very unfortunate that the Mastery can't get the Android Drills back. Trying to see if Combative is just another Retribution for her or other MPs in that there's basically no synergy and it only works because Retribution's dumb in its own way.
  11. Red amplified hero 18

    I like Adaptive a lot too but those effects just aren't enough. Last year it was Saiyan Empowered and Namekian Restored that dominated the Kais. And so they were frozen. I've heard a lot of complaints about Retribution but I suppose since it isn't winning anything or not enough people are taking it to tournaments so that they could win, it was left alone. Same with Awakening Goku. Then there's the whole cards can't be frozen for two years thing or something like that.
  12. Suppressive Strike or Stomach Crusher

    Oh, they're not close to a staple side deck type of card for sure. I just thought when you mentioned your Adept Gohan, you actually ran a number of both.
  13. Suppressive Strike or Stomach Crusher

    Didn't think about Yamcha's Rescue. Slowing down setups is definitely more niche while stopping Time is possible in every matchup however situational that may be. It could be in the discard/banish already but then again, there may be no setups to slow down. I almost want to say the endurance and locking down the other effects of combat ending cards of Stomach Crusher makes it more solid in general but I don't know. It's tough to practice with these as they're for very specific matchups/scenarios. How many do you run of each? Is it because of the decks you play against or you feel both are needed regardless?
  14. Red amplified hero 18

    I try not to succumb to Retribution if I can but it's so solid it can make lackluster MPs do okay which is irritating. If you stick with Drills here, definitely put in Red Despair Drill. Manipulating your anger with the Amplified Mastery to keep yourself at 4 or less anger can add up to +8 life to an attack. Imagine that with Destructo Disk.
  15. Red amplified hero 18

    Efficiency Drill will make Freezing Beam do AT+2 stages and 5 life cards because after the modifier from Android Attack Drill it now does life cards when it previously didn't. Good luck. It's a shame that even with such blatantly good effects on 18's 3 and 4, getting there is the problem and while her 1 and 2 aren't the worst they just don't cut it. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  16. Red amplified hero 18

    You have it right on Efficiency Drill. You energy attacks that do life cards will never be less than five. I don't know how much anger you can put in here to make that work, but definitely fit in Unleashed. It may be a tough climb to get to 4 but her 3 has some nasty value. While not direct Drill hate, perhaps Dig can help. Leveling your opponent may not always be a good idea but it gets Drills off the field and makes your energy attacks unpreventable, helping your original concept. Works well if you can keep up the pressure. Regarding Energy Toss, tell me about it. I was pretty disappointed when 18 couldn't use it.
  17. Red amplified hero 18

    Hope this makes sense. Efficiency Drill makes all your attacks that do less than 5 life cards do 5 life cards. When it says "after modifiers", that's including things like Android Attack Drill. Android Attack Drill does not stack on top of the attacks that Efficiency Drill affects. Rather if both are in play, Android Attack Drill only affects attacks that inherently do 5+ life without Efficiency Drill's help. Definitely get rid of Energy Toss. Without the trait effect which 18 can't trigger, it's trash here. There has to be something better to play. I'll also echo that any 18 deck needs to level. The hero level 1 isn't the worst but it's not worth camping on.
  18. Set 3 Attack On Titan - Information Thread

    There's actually quite a few (dead) games that reflect their IP. It's a lost art now but off the top of my head there's Yu Yu Hakusho, Zatch Bell, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and more I'm forgetting or just haven't played. In full agreement about Super. While I enjoy how the game works, it really could've been any IP or no IP at all. Super just happens to be popular and they got lucky it worked out for them. Even lazier is that your deck color doesn't have to match your "MP" color and you can run your "MP" as battle cards in your deck. You can argue the sky's the limit for deck creativity but Panini seemed to understand the need to make MPs feel unique through named cards and restricting ally usage. As for games like UFS and Weiss Schwarz, I like the idea of mixing IPs from a fun standpoint but hate having to buying into sets I don't want to be competitive. So in a way I like that you have to stick with a Weiss Schwarz IP from a cost standpoint but what if your IP gets no new sets? Power creep will overwhelm you and you'll eventually have to buy a new deck. Some IPs are lucky enough to get new promos here and there but not all of them. It seems making a generic game and slapping an IP onto it is quite a go-to option in Japan. Not that that doesn't happen elsewhere but it seems way more common in Japan. I suppose it's easier to design one generic game and not worry about licenses expiring or lack of content to keep the game going. For me, it's disappointing when an IP-based game doesn't actually play like the IP. I won't outright refuse to play in those cases but I would have appreciated the effort of having it be like the IP despite whatever downsides there may be.
  19. Draft Box 1 - What's inside? What are the breakdowns?

    I understand four copies of the same leader if the draft box was bought to be used as intended. Purely as a product, it was off putting when this detail was made clear. It's only okay now that these leaders are reasonably priced, but before? With promo overload, people were right to be concerned and the notion of having to buy 4+ of these to collect the leaders or pay inflated singles prices wasn't very attractive.
  20. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Really? Not buying into a business model/product I don't like is as bad as trying to sue them where I know I'd lose because first and foremost my case is based on nothing? What exactly am I hypothetically suing them for in your scenario? Is the issue really too many reprints or them not making the card accessible in the first place therefore facilitating a need for reprints? You have to understand that what they want to do is milk people on multiple levels. They don't care if your cards are worth anything because they can make an extra buck. It's the Yu-Gi-Oh! plan except I've heard it's worse. Make X needed card hard to get so people buy sealed product for it = profit Reprint card X in a new product so those without it need to/can buy that = profit Repeat Even if you remove the reprint aspect and leave hard to get cards hard to get, it's still an antiquated and bad business model/process for the players. That's what's hurting TCG/CCGs in general, at least for me.
  21. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Uh... yeah, that ^. I don't know how you got suing giant companies out of "teach them a lesson" especially in the context of what I've been saying.
  22. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    I wouldn't say Pokemon is a savior, just one of the games that will probably continue to do fine should the others die out. The real savior could've been Dragon Ball Super, but they had to turn to the dark side. I don't think the sky is falling but at the end of the day if these companies fail, let them. They don't want to adapt and be less greedy, teach them a lesson. Whether they learn anything or not is a different story and we all know they won't.
  23. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    Either Trunks needed a change or Blinding needed banish after use. It's unfortunate that it took a Fan Z card for this to be considered but that is the situation we're in now.
  24. Saiyan Oppressive Nerf BAYBEEE

    I don't know what the problem was. Once again the devs reveal their hand holding nature. Just run the nonexistent counters, ya bums.
  25. Are Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games Dying?

    Wallet fatigue is only due to the terrible business model. Less people are playing? Give them an attractive reason to give you their money. It's less about oversaturation and more about competition. The problem is TCGs/CCGs aren't attempting a race to the bottom. I know that phrase can have a negative connotation but in what significant way is Yu-Gi-Oh! trying to outdo Magic? Or insert any other TCG/CCG there. These companies are perfectly happy continuing as they are because they're incompetent and overconfident that people will keep paying into it and any losses will magically disappear over time. I've praised Dragon Ball Super's first set many times here for being quite generous in their rarity counts/distribution. There's some stinkers in the Super Rares, but you'd be hard pressed to go broke playing the game back in set 1 when it came to set singles. All that good will they built thrown out the window with a disgusting amount of promos and set 2's horrendous rarity counts. They're now no different than any other card game. "You were the chosen one. It was said that you would destroy the abusive model, not join them. Bring balance to the hobby... not leave it in darkness." If these companies are failing, they need to make a major change to be more inclusive. If they keep doing the same antiquated nonsense, they're doomed to fail and deserve it. Yu-Gi-Oh! as a game is too far gone. Other than making the game cheap to play without relying on belated reprints, it would need a reboot with competent card/game design. Dragon Ball Super can course correct but I doubt they will. Set 1 was bait and short of underestimating set 1 sales, set 2 was all according to keikaku. Pokemon's doing fine but their packs are inherently more of a ripoff as the commons are pure garbage. You're not even buying a pack of ten cards with all those worthless basic Pokemon. Bushiroad, haw. These companies just need to do some self reflection and do the right thing. Spoilers: They won't.