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  1. New CRD

    I run Devastating Blow in most of my decks, thank you very much. But nothing stops them from using Ascension and banishing Panic off the top and like anything, just because there's answers doesn't mean it isn't stupid. There aren't any good answers to forced passes/skips which Trunks has in spades. You're most likely not going to stop Trunks' Evo 3 picking up a Sword Slash and skipping your action. The timing of the Dev Blow is crucial which sometimes it just doesn't work out especially if Red Panic hits the discard because of the damage from Dev Blow for example. I'd run more discard hate if I could but some styles just don't have enough. There's also little you can do if they build up a good amount of Red Bribe and Red Relaxation. I like Quick Blast, but in Ruthless it's tough to fit a set in. It's more freestyle cards which can screw up your game plan especially if they crit it off at the wrong time and as an attack it's obviously lousy.
  2. New CRD

    Another card I'd like to bring up is Red Panic, a card that absolutely shouldn't exist. The double-edged aspect of playing DBV with Red Ascension Mastery (since it can banish a Ball off your deck) is essentially gone. And couldn't this be a limit 1 card? Limit 2 even? No, it's gotta be at 3. A cheap, lazy way to make Red DBV work when the baseline for similar effects before Red Panic was Information Gathering. It even gets around a DBV mirror match if you had to banish a Ball your opponent owned and they somehow cleared it allowing you to Red Panic it back in... You can make the argument that Red DBV hasn't gotten support in a while (I'd argue it doesn't need any) but this is too dumb and easy. Is Red DBV dominating events? Of course not but DBV Ascension Trunks is such a stupid deck to play against. There's just not a lot most decks can do to cover anger, board hate, forced passes/skips, and crits/DBV hate simultaneously.
  3. I like that they're giving an option to fund prize support to make events more worthwhile but $15 for a foil MP stack is pretty steep even if I know where the money is going. Yeah, if you don't like it, don't buy it but if they were cheaper I'd buy multiple stacks. It almost makes me wish they were tournament promos again.
  4. Thanks for replying. That's a shame. I'm willing to take the low quality images or even photos just to have a record of what they look like. I heard the same reasoning you did. Don't 100% agree with doing that for the MPs though which I believe are now for purchase and no longer tournament promos. Guess they're that exclusive now...
  5. New CRD

    I completely forgot about "Sensei Deck" and "Sensei Deck Only" cards which would completely solve the Tug, Wall Breaker in every Sensei Deck issue. Just have to make watered down or alternate versions. I think your example is fantastic. I just don't trust the FanZ guys to reign it in as much as you tried to. On the subject of set rotation, I don't think it'd be too bad for the game. There's just too many set 1 staples that will never go out of style otherwise. It would certainly switch up the staples but at least some cards that never made the cut would actually see the light of day. It's far too late to implement set rotation. Firstly because the sets are small as was said and especially because the current cards are designed to be on par with Panini's biggest offenders. There's no room for the game to settle down because the power creep is comfortably stable. It's not going anywhere without another full reboot.
  6. I don't think they were released in a good resolution/quality but regardless of that do you have images for set 9 and 10's promos?
  7. New CRD

    Visiting the Past and Orange Focusing Drill are frozen. Overpowering Attack and Orange Meditation are limited to one. It's a step in the right direction but they could've gone so much farther. There's a lot more unfair BS floating around in the game that nobody would/should miss. Other than Orange bias, I don't know how Orange Attraction Drill and Orange Focusing Drill were allowed to coexist. It was a long time coming for Visiting the Past. Allies (potentially with Bojack coming out) are getting too much support and are hard to handle especially in Blue so I won't miss Overpowering Attack. Orange Meditation shouldn't have existed so now it exists less.