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  1. Regarding making Kid Trunks interchangeable with Trunks because we won't see Future Trunks after a while, it's a disappointing possibility but I don't really buy it as a justification. I'd like to think that Nail and Raditz will some day get new levels and if they can out of the blue, so can Trunks. Putting that aside, he's still in Bojack, Super, and has a flashback in Battle of Gods. Even if we don't see him for a while, we know he's coming. With how Future Gohan was handled (which I cannot see the reasoning for), there is no lack of Gohan appearances to the point that we need to sacrifice Future Gohan as an extra MP to support regular Gohan. It makes no sense. Not to mention they straight up fumbled when they made a set including History of Trunks and designed ZERO sword or android cards. Like really, how do you do that?
  2. Unless they call Kid Trunks "Trunks", they'd have to errata Dr Brief as well. There's no reason he shouldn't work with his grandson. You never know. Perhaps Panini always intended for Kid Trunks to be "Trunks" with how they made Dr Brief. They had the foresight to make Chichi work with Goten so I want to believe it was a conscious decision even if I'm disappointed by it. A Videl stack isn't in question. She'll definitely get one but Hercule is featured quite a bit so I think he deserves a single level here to help him out.
  3. Does anyone else want Great Saiyaman to be his own MP and not swappable with Gohan? I'd still let him use Gohan named cards but let him be his alter ego and have another character that can use all six styles. As much as I like Gohan, I don't think he needs help after nonsensically making Future Gohan not his own MP. I'd be more accepting of Saiyaman being interchangeable if Future Gohan wasn't but the idea of Great Saiyaman being his own MP because of his secret identity is fun in its own way. Let's hope they don't do something stupid and make Kid Trunks interchangeable with Trunks... Definitely looking forward to hero 18, a not awful Hercule LV 1, and something for Piccolo. There'd better be some new Android and named cards for old characters... I'm actually pretty disappointed in Spopovich being a MP. I get that there's slim picking for villains, but ugh. I feel like the heritage thing will probably only apply to the colored styles which I'm totally for. Are we finally breaking the stupid barrier of not making new versions of allies that exist? Hoping for a Goku or Vegeta that aren't terrible.
  4. I think it's still fun to talk about the card game whenever someone has something good to bring up. I'm okay with Trunks. Perhaps I'm not seeing the builds they're talking about or I'm running the right decks/cards to stop him, but I'm assuming it's how fast he gets off 1 and once they hit Evolution 3, they're in a good position for the most part. I think the crux of it is his 2 because it doesn't do anything to further a win condition and it's blank against at least half of the matchups. I generally can't stop his 1 but when they're on 2, they're kind of stuck relying on good draws to get off of it. That kind of says it all. I have numerous problems with the cards and the nonsensical rules, but the game itself will always be fun.
  5. Totally off topic but going off the last few posts, I still think tiebreakers should be applied for swiss. I don't know how others feel about that but I just don't care for ties, especially when there's a VERY clear winner after extra turns are finished. FanZ follows Panini's rules as much as they can which I'm okay with, but since Panini didn't do anything regarding these issues with the last CRD post, we're just not going to have either. Regarding triggers, I dislike having to remind my opponent about any triggers. I admit that we're all prone to forget our own at times as well, but I feel that if such a rule is in place, it should only apply to mandatory triggers. If I'm guessing right, your opponent had Orange Energy Phasing Drill? That's an optional effect. You shouldn't have to ask about each and every card on the board if they don't say anything. Maybe when it comes to Events, it's worth asking "Sphere?" but otherwise, no. It should be their problem. I don't know any other game that does this.
  6. I'm surprised they went with Aquaman over Batman or Superman to promote the game. I don't know if it's news that the promos are alternate art, but I hope that's the trend.
  7. Okay, so "not necessarily" meaning nothing that would push the exclusives to the point where you have to have them. It's convenient to have a playset of everything if you can, but in this case it's convincing someone who's shaky to begin with and doesn't want to invest a lot if he doesn't have to. Also, I don't know how good the secondary market would be on the game, let alone starter exclusives. I don't see a lot of people/stores opening extra decks to resell singles like Panini's set 1 starters. We'll see.
  8. I'm trying to get a friend into the game when it comes out. He doesn't want to buy two decks but is wondering if the starter exclusives are worth buying two decks for playsets?
  9. I know. That's what's odd about the Goku because it seems like they literally printed a bunch of the standard uncommon to stamp the gold foiling on them but changed nothing else. It's like the platinum promo reprints over a traditional Bandai promo. Hopefully the game is big enough to the point there's enough excess on the local promos so they'll be cheap to buy but exclusive promos are never a good idea. I'd rather they do platinum reprints again so we can have foils for the uncommon leaders.
  10. The "Coming Soon" Goku is what throws me off when it comes to promos as the numbering on him is the same as the booster set's essentially making him an alt art but Trunks is actually a PR numbered card and I'm assuming the rest of his kind are as well.
  11. I almost wholeheartedly agree with you. There's just that 1% or so of me that wishes pulling a high rarity card would also yield a character I wanted or something I'd like to look at. In any game I know not all high rarity cards are meant to be "all-stars" and this personal grievance has no effect on the game as playability should be the priority. It's that same feeling a kid might have from pulling their favorite character/thing in foil from a pack. For me, it's almost absent here with the choices they made. I don't know how many people would trade a Goku for my Ginyu unless Ginyu's playability is through the roof. I suppose another point to make is that just because I don't care for the character choices, maybe others do. If so, I hope they pull who they want. At the very least, I'm glad none of the supers are leaders. There's nothing barring you from playing your favorite (if he's in this set) from the start. I've said it before but assuming boxes of 24 packs, I'm hoping they stick with 4 supers a box like their older games. Playsets would be a pain to collect but considering these high energy costs, maybe nobody NEEDS to.
  12. Well, I guess if they were going to give Vegeta three rares and a promo, he just wasn't going to get a super rare then... It doesn't matter overall, but I really wish there were more main characters in there. Without knowing how good they'll be beyond on paper, if I pull Ginyu over Goku... Now I'm curious what the other three premium rares are if they all happen to be alt art supers. Imagine pulling the highest rarity!!! and it's Ginyu...
  13. From a design standpoint, I think a basically free mill attached to a big attack with his power levels and being able to get banished allies (especially Turles) on level 3 is a bit much. His mill on 2 is irritating as well. You basically have to be playing your best decks or be running a lot of ally hate and anti-level/anger cards to stand a chance. It's not something you expect to do well against using your fun deck unless it's teched properly.
  14. Anime Trunks is apparently a genius because he learned the Galick Gun offscreen too but to be fair, that had an eyecatch. It took Goku all night to learn the Mafuuba which wasn't all that believable but he doesn't even perform it because bad writing. What was the point then? Oops, left the jar in the time machine that got blowed up but hey, we happen to have all the pieces. Trunks performs the Mafuuba perfectly. Oops, somebody left the sticky note in the past. What, Piccolo didn't mention that in his tutorial? I liked the idea of bringing the Mafuuba back to deal with an immortal. I appreciated that like Cell's time machine, but then the characters fumble the ball in ways I couldn't imagine. And for what? To drag out the arc. They couldn't just use the Mafuuba properly with the charm and have Black break the jar? He did show up after Zamasu got sealed. I guess I have to agree that the manga handled Trunks better even if the anime tried to give him the spotlight in the stupidest ways. It came down to fanservice over logic which is the anime's M.O. At least for the anime, Goku's first encounter with Black annoyed me because Goku didn't need Blue to fight him. Why should I care about the main villain if he can't handle Blue? There was no reason for Vegeta to not just go up there and destroy the threat to his son's timeline. Instead, Black gets Super Saiyan Rose for no reason, a form that's stronger than Blue despite Black having no other transformations and previously couldn't defeat Super Saiyan 2 (?) Goku because this was written by hacks. I thought they specifically had Kibito Kai split to establish that Potara fusions no longer have the permanent-ness as a drawback. As it is now and especially in the anime, why did they make Kibito Kai split at all? While we're at it, why not split the witch from Old Kai? It's not like he's doing anything with his abilities and there's no way he likes looking like that. Did they not use the other two wishes? On another note, Trunks' hair color... Is this the biggest problem with the arc? No, but the fact that they didn't change kid Trunks' hair with it and in the Z flashbacks explaining Cell's time machine they put a color filter over those scenes to hide his hair color speaks volumes. Why did they do this in the first place? Did they think the audience was so stupid that they couldn't tell the difference between Future and kid Trunks unless they changed one of their hair colors?
  15. I think hitting setups and/or drills should be added to critical effects but criticals need to be not so easy to accomplish. There's just not enough decent cards that can handle big boards. Either that or all decks should have access to at least one board hate card even if that's all the card does. Perhaps along the lines of Devastating Blow. And no, Saiyan Sabotage doesn't count. Every time they put that in a starter I would go nuts. This isn't a color pie thing. It's not like any style is inherently the board hate style, but I don't feel like there's enough board hate for those decks.
  16. I would definitely like a more focused 2 hour movie adapting the Goku Black arc. I don't have much confidence it'll blow me away but I'd prefer it to be independent of the anime and manga versions with ONE trip to the future. I think most of all I'd like an OVA of Trunks dealing with Babidi and Dabura. Show us his training with the Supreme Kai and Z Sword. While those can be two different discussions, I feel like both things add to how unlikable Goku's become in Super. I don't know why I'm supposed to root for the guy anymore when in Dragon Ball you were supposed/happy to and in Z you might go along with him despite his stupid decisions. I think the difference is that you admit it's a guilty pleasure whereas it's the blind fanboys that sort of halt the series from being better. Why should they improve if people love what they're doing? I know it comes down to preferences and different strokes, but Super just isn't working for me. It's a blatant milking over a project born from good ideas and love of the franchise. It's not enough to just throw Future Trunks in to attract old viewers. I was very skeptical of his return and I was right to be. No Burning Attack because animating is too difficult. He learns Final Flash offscreen but because Trunks is trash here, it doesn't do anything. They may as well have not done it. Vegeta's first Final Flash was dragged out but it felt grand. Knowing how Trunks is written in the manga, I don't know which is worse. In the anime they have to make up a transformation he gets for no reason and no one else has so he can compete. Doesn't matter how stupid it is that he can all of a sudden fight Black evenly. They simply made it so. In the manga, the writer knows Trunks is useless and keeps him that way which is disappointing but makes sense. I don't like the idea of the healing powers coming in so randomly but at least it didn't come out of absolutely nowhere. It had an explanation. If I was writing the arc, I would let Trunks have the win because why bring him back to be a cheerleader? I don't know what I'd do with the Zeno button afterwards, but that was a stupid plot convenience anyway and really, what does having two Zenos add to the series? I REALLY hated the Spirit Bomb sword because that also came out of nowhere but if they established that he trained in the technique in addition to the healing with Supreme Kai or something, I'd accept it more. Trunks can't compete? Do the Super Saiyan God ritual with him. Vegito inflicts a wound that Trunks takes advantage of because otherwise Vegito DID NOTHING. If you cut Vegito's scene out of the anime and just had Trunks do his Bomb sword, it'd play out exactly the same except we wouldn't have this stupid time limit to the Potara.
  17. In the anime after Kid Buu died, Goku gave a thumbs up and Vegeta gave one back. In the dub the two shared a laugh as well. I think the speech was Vegeta's ultimate payoff but to see not much of a change in his interactions afterward was what bothered me. I guess it was too much to expect of him? At least from my perspective, Vegeta is for the most part consistent in Super? Goku's consistent too. Consistently horrible. Goku's definitely done some stupid things in Z, but I don't think he's ever been this unlikable and stupid. I've seen people say he's not a good guy and whatnot, but I could still find things I liked about him in Z and especially Dragon Ball. The Super anime's pretty horrendous and clearly meant to milk the franchise with how disgustingly long the Goku Black and recruitment arcs were and starting it off by doing two 10+ episode arcs retelling two movies worse with bad filler shoved in. GT got whatever it wanted to get done in 64 episodes. Super is well within its rights to go beyond that of course, but when I consider the content of these almost 100 episodes, this is not something to be proud of. Then again, there's people who love the Super anime to death and think it's better than Z. They don't care that it's stupid because they're overjoyed that DRAGON BALL'S BACK!!! Even if Resurrection 'F' was foreshadowing a future villain, unless it was the two fusing against Zamasu/Black or even if it's going to be this tournament, the comments were so long ago the payoff won't seem worth it. Even if it's brought up now, I don't know if I'd care. Maybe it was just be an offhand comment that has no payoff because it's out of character for Goku and Vegeta and the writers hate that.
  18. Tug is a necessary evil with how viable allies are but I don't really like the silver bullet-ness of it. I'm glad you didn't include 13's Impenetrable Defense. I hate that it goes off immediately and can return from the banished pile. At least Weighted Clothing is a dead card that requires an action when used from the discard.
  19. What Goku said in Battle of Gods irked me in that he's never really said something like that when using the Spirit Bomb or fusion. Those aren't usually his go-to options, but before he does them, he doesn't take time to say he'll regret doing so. It can be interpreted that way, but I didn't like him outright saying it and foreshadowing how irrelevant the others are and will continue to be as Goku hogs the spotlight. The earrings I give him a pass on. When Gotenks defused in Buu, Gohan could take him so while fusing would've been a more guaranteed victory I don't think Goku or Gohan would've liked to fuse permanently if they didn't have to. After Vegito defused, Vegeta crushed the earring and Goku got mad because he felt they would've needed it after rescuing the others which is the smart and appropriate response. Against Kid Buu, crushing the earrings is in line with my Goku issues. I'll agree that Vegeta is more serious in Super, but he's more standoffish towards Goku than I thought he would be after his Kid Buu speech. I don't mind that Vegeta's still training. It's that his rivalry is back and his interactions with Goku aren't any different. A lot of my problems with Vegeta come from the Goku Black arc of the anime. Even though Future Trunks' world is at stake, Goku and Vegeta refuse to fight together because status quo. I thought Vegeta would do so for his future son, but apparently not. This mindset from the two of them is why I thought we'd never see a fusion in Super and probably why they had to make so many trips to the future and drag out the arc. I thought the point of showing Zamasu and Black fighting in tandem was supposed to have our guys do the same which didn't happen until the very end with Vegito. Same with Resurrection 'F' and Whis commenting that if the two fight together, they'd be quite a force but that's not the lesson of the movie and nobody learns anything because status quo.
  20. I've heard that argument as well, but short of a few taunts in the anime, Vegito was all business. Short of Buu's dimensional scream, he stood no chance against Vegito so the conditions are the same. Perhaps the disparity between Gogeta and Omega was that much different than the one between Vegito and Buu. Also, I do recall GT Goku being pretty cocky when he could be. So in the context of GT, I suppose Gogeta's behavior is no foul and him displaying a trait of one of his materials is a fine idea. I had my doubts about seeing Goku and Vegeta fuse in Super due to their characters being so out of whack. It really irritated me in Battle of Gods when he told Beerus he didn't like using Super Saiyan God because it wasn't his own power. In Z and especially the movies, he relies on people all the time be it the Spirit Bomb or fusion and he never performs either reluctantly. Vegeta's "You are the best/number one." speech during Kid Buu was the best outcome for the character the series could end on. Now Vegeta's reverted for no reason except he has to because new series and munny. I was hoping for Gogeta in Super too, but knowing/seeing the dance is different from being able to perform it properly. It really seems like something you have to practice and the worst part is if you screw up you're punished with a useless form. You have to be able to do it 100% perfectly like Goten and Trunks or else it's just not ideal for battle. I'm afraid until it's brought up that Vegeta is on the kids' level with the dance, Vegito's the best we'll get IF we ever see him again with how these two are written now. All things considered, a canon Gogeta just doesn't seem likely unless we get one from an alternate timeline's future.
  21. I kind of wish there were more single levels for old MPs that they were holding off on previewing. Was really hoping for a new Piccolo and maybe a Raditz just to finish the trio. The Saiyan blocks seem like they'll be really annoying and essentially staples outside or perhaps in tandem with MPPV builds.
  22. That's an even better point to design Bardock around allies. I think his Budokai ultimate move involved remembering his team. Unless the allies for the set were just his team and Chilled it wasn't going to happen. I was disappointed that the last set didn't have the four directional Kais or even West, South, East, and Grand as it was the perfect set to do so. I don't think anyone would've questioned the loss of Olibu. Pikkon was missing, but he has more appearances. Same with Bubbles and Gregory.
  23. It's why I italicized effective. As you seem to know, so many people tend to take effective as stronger, but effective can mean a lot of things. At face value and with what's presented, the lack of a time limit and not needing to learn the dance which requires A LOT of time and perfect synchronization makes Potara fusions the less troublesome method. That's what I subscribe to. The only drawback at the time was the fusion is permanent. Thanks to bad writing giving the Potara a time limit, there's 0 reason not to use them over the dance. It seems we'll never get Gogeta in Super. Vegeta's unwillingness aside, why would they ever take time to practice the dance? I guess for when they don't have the Potara, but the two are so against fusion at this point, I wouldn't count on Gogeta's first canon appearance short of another alternate timeline where the two are friends again. I was going off the Super anime in that Goku and Vegeta didn't heal and I don't recall Vegito using a bean after fusing. I could be wrong. Then again, after Gotenks' first encounter with Fat Buu where he got beat up, Trunks and Goten were beat up after defusing. Then again again, in Fusion Reborn Goku and Vegeta were clearly in bad shape, but Gogeta was definitely mint. I really wish we got more screentime/characterization from Gogeta in Fusion Reborn. He was only in it for maybe two minutes. Don't get me wrong. That scene was awesome but considering the whole movie was leading up to that, I wanted it to be longer. While Gogeta in GT was awesome in his own right, I don't know what happened with the shift in personality. Goku's personality suddenly became really prominent but he was completely absent in Fusion Reborn. I've heard the argument that Gogeta was playing around waiting for Omega to use the Negative Karma Ball so he can change it to positive energy. Vegito was stalling as well but we didn't see much playfulness. Maybe all of a sudden the writers wanted Gogeta to be more like Goku to differentiate the fusions further?
  24. That's something I forgot to mention. I wish all of Bardock's team made it in as allies. I guess if they're sticking with five allies per set, that wasn't very likely, but this set is essentially about him so to not have all his guys is disappointing.
  25. Have some more fusion-related random thoughts. Old Kai was a fusion with random witch too. Not that that tells us anything because Supreme Kais are inherently terrible when it comes to fighting relative to the Saiyans and their God of Destruction counterparts. The Vegito being stronger than Gogeta thing comes solely from things Old Kai said. That the earrings produce a more effective fusion and Goku/Vegeta being rivals makes the fusion more complete. However, we don't know any such details about the dance as Goku's the only one who knew it and didn't make these comments. I think the only benefit of the Potara at the time was the lack of a time limit (a huge advantage) and one of the participants didn't have to power down which may affect the result. Gogeta probably could've defeated Super Buu if that option was viable. Thanks to Super's lousy writers and their penchant for spitting on lore, both methods have a time limit now so they're as bad as each other unless you buy into Vegito being stronger. You can always try a Super Buu (Gohan) vs Janemba debate which would be difficult. If Janemba is stronger than that Buu and Gogeta defeated Janemba instantly, maybe Gogeta's stronger? In Super, Goku and Vegeta were pretty beat before they fused as well. I suppose the fusion arrives fresh regardless of the condition of the materials. However, when they defuse, they revert to whatever shape they were in before fusing. On another note, there was no reason in Super for Vegito to have his standard outfit as Vegeta was wearing his Saiyan armor instead of his Buu Saga outfit.