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  1. Gohan Awakening Questions

    With Awakening Gohan, only attacks he performs are considered styled. Attack cards in your hand, discard, and deck are whatever they're printed as so his level 2 can still only search styled cards. Hope this helps!
  2. Monaka's too strong?

    Doesn't get around Barrier. 0/10
  3. Draft Box 2 Info

    It's a silly symptom of Japanese card games where they believe people will make counterfeits if the images are big enough. A stupid notion in line with "Vegeta's Destruction Blast" because calling the card "Vegeta's Big Bang Attack" will somehow destroy the franchise even though the last Bandai DB game had a Big Bang Attack card.
  4. Set 4 just got revealed and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

    I wouldn't mind if it was Batman: The Animated Series with Batman Beyond. If it's more comic stuff with images that have been used to death, pass.
  5. Future Sets

    Goku can always go back to doing ally/drill things other MPs do better especially without a new stack. You have to consider that SS3 will most likely be a single level. Which 1-3 will people use? Would it shock you if it was just Awakening? At some point, his new transformations and higher ceilings in Super become extremely difficult to design because Awakening was so poorly and generically designed in the first place. People will have no reason to stop playing Awakening otherwise. Maybe more God trait things but that's a long time from now. Even then unless the next SSG is also level 1, our SSG is already outclassed by Awakening 1. For risk of breaking Black's self-mill support, this won't change. Thematically I like the risky high damage angle. The issue is Awakening 4 already has a free +2/-2 life modifier and a free card from anywhere. So yes, you'd have to outdo that for it to see play. If SS3 supports the drill or ally theme on his old stacks, you have to Unleashed/Kaio-Ken through bad levels or go Awakening 1-3 anyway changing nothing. I don't mind being wrong but Awakening Goku exists and it's dumb so Fan Z has a tough job no thanks to Panini. If SS3 is underdesigned and no one plays it, it's Panini's fault. If they outdo Awakening 4, that's not helping either but is also Panini's fault for raising the ceiling too high.
  6. Future Sets

    While the Fan Z sets have problems, I think the majority of them are minor or juuuust acceptable enough. The major problems are still the Panini cards. Skill-less trash like Awakening Goku and Unleashed. I'm curious what Super Saiyan 3 Goku and the forms from Super are going to do to top it. You have to top it if anyone's going to play those over the Awakening levels. Yeah, Goku's not winning events nor is he unbeatable but you're playing at somewhat of a disadvantage right from the start unless your card quality's better than his. Unpopular opinion incoming. You're not wrong about the meta based on results, but I feel that because the game isn't officially backed and there's less at stake (generally speaking), people aren't bringing all the gross decks. Oppressive Vegeta's a brain dead deck that doesn't exactly take a lot of skill to play. It rewards you for nothing and locks your opponent out of playing the game. It's not unbeatable but it's so stupidly uninteractive that I'm surprised it isn't dominating. Same with some other decks. The relaxed meta is great because people are taking things that probably wouldn't be their first choice if this was still Pan Z. There's a Restored Gohan/Empowered Broly out there. You know it. I know it. They're just not showing up in droves.
  7. Future Sets

    I wish they would do GT and even though they said they wouldn't, you can make the excuse that chronologically Super takes place before so Super takes priority. Honestly we have plenty of content that'll last us a while. We haven't even gotten to key elements of the Buu Saga yet and then there's 2+ movie sets. Kami forbid but who's to say this'll even last through Super? You'll have to settle for beard Vegeta with a side of beard Goku.
  8. Favorite MP

    Competitively I think we can add Awakening Vegeta. The ridiculous level manipulation into passes is appalling with Saiyan Oppressive Mastery.
  9. Future TCGs

    If we're talking Awakening cash grabs, let's not forget the one Dragon Rare per box. While the cards themselves are accessible through starters, what was the problem with doing the three starter foils per box like in Evolution? Super's release schedule for the year is insane. In the short time this game has existed, they have gone above and beyond what I've seen in any other game in terms of product releases. No breathing room to enjoy a set because the next one's in two months. A new product pretty much every month, some of which retail for $100 a piece. Not to mention the excessive amounts of necessary promos you may or may not have access to. In some ways they have every reason to be overconfident but this is too much and I hope they get burned for it. All Panini had beyond your standard booster set was starter decks every three sets and a Comic-Con promo each year. That was plenty.
  10. DBS 2018 Product Releases and Nationals Confirmed

    Maybe neo Bandai run by the Japanese folks. The old Bandai's card games can have excessive SR+ counts which like this game is awful in its own right but there wasn't a brand new product every or even every other month.
  11. DBS 2018 Product Releases and Nationals Confirmed

    I've said something to this effect before but I don't know how they went from a nice and reasonable 8 SRs and 12 Rs in set 1 to 14 SRs, 18 Rs, a SCR for no reason, and dash packs (especially since they're not just box toppers) for no reason. I mean, they have every reason/right to do this but it's really annoying. Their greed surpassed all my expectations. I don't know where they found the time to go from set 1's player-friendly counts and underestimating sales to the insanity of all these products. I can't think of another card game that vomited this much product in this time frame. And it's not like they're reprint sets or a starter here and there. These are full booster sets and $100 products, at least that's what they're asking. Arguably the draft boxes are skippable because you should just buy the leaders separately (Who alone is buying four of these to get the leaders anyway?) but really now. And this ultimate box is another $100 product. ALL of those cards better be foil... Maybe they won't even bother addressing Mecha Frieza because they already know there's something worse in the works. He'll be a cupcake soon enough. Why let metas settle when there's a new one you have to worry about potentially every month?
  12. Where the HFIL is Piccolo?

    They keep teasing that one artwork of him for promotions/mats/boxes, but he's nowhere to be seen. If he wasn't a 10k draw in set 1, he'd have no representation in any deck... I understand why they do it but we don't need a Goku leader every set. The red one from set 2 was a complete waste.
  13. Fu, Shrouded In Mystery

    You never know with this game. Kale just got better with her specific support and is an early play card. You can argue Fu's already chump change and can only go lower (though not as low as Meta Cooler SPR...). Right now we need to see if Bandai does anything to Mecha Frieza or if the game slows down so you can actually drop Fu without losing the game for it more often than not.
  14. Box of set 3. What to do

    Sorry to hear that. A terrible predicament. For some reason this set is worthless. Are a majority of the SRs THAT bad or has the game become too fast for the high cost characters? Only low costers like Caulifla, Kid Goku, and Pan are worth more than a pack. Ultra Instinct Goku as well but I think that has more to do with him being "new" and "wow". Only pulling the SCR SS4 Goku will get you towards breaking even on 115. Otherwise you're going to lose A LOT of money. Even at 75, unless you pull Shugesh foil and/or any SPR except Fu you'll lose money as no combination of SRs alone will help you break even. Your other option is to gamble on the eight foils being a combination of all the money cards but that's super unlikely as well. Getting screwed on the dash packs really doesn't help because Cabba and/or Vegeta have some value. Too late now but could you not have told the guy you only bought the box thinking there would be events and try returning it? It'd be low of him not to but then again, no dash packs...
  15. Fu, Shrouded In Mystery

    Upon reading it, the card sounds like a clincher but the game has become too fast for this guy to be worth the resources to play him. He'd basically cost your whole field/turn and if he gets Bloodlusted...
  16. Set 3 Secret Rare - SS4 Goku

    When will the favoritism end?
  17. You're taking broad statements to quite an extreme. He said nothing about toxic communities or boycotting stores for reasons he didn't give. From a technical standpoint, playing a digital card game means going to a store less but that's less of a boycott and more of that's what you have to do if you like the game. By your logic, aren't you advocating for boycotting digital games in favor of playing a physical game at a store? I don't have the data to back it up, but while Super seems to be quite a hit overall, it's still niche in some areas especially for those who don't have easy access to a local. In that case, if you make a far trip for a 7-8 person event, it may not feel worth it. I personally prefer to play at a store, but this simply isn't an option for any given game. I don't know if I would pay for a digital card game and if all card games went this route I would not care for that but they already exist and if tournaments are held online, it's more inclusive regardless of where you are and your store situation. There absolutely could be online tournaments with a bigger turnout than one at a store. By virtue of it being online alone means more people can play. At the end of the day, we can have opinions on preference but it's up to the company that creates the game whether to go digital or not.
  18. Current Tier List (Pre-Deckbox Expansion)

    It wasn't in set 1 for whatever reason. The effect always seemed insane for a game like this but apparently it just wasn't enough until now.
  19. Hero 18 Combative

    If Krillin doesn't get around Freezing Drill, then I'd swap him for Time. I like the modifier but well, Time. Yeah, Meditation should be a near staple in all Orange decks. I'd feel sad about using Examination Drill to lower anger as I feel leveling for 18 is super important but I suppose it must be done and is coverage nonetheless. Efficiency Drill will bring your attack back to 5 after using Energy Phasing. I don't know how fast this deck can get to 4 even if I see the means to. It's hard for me not to put Defiant Challenge in an 18 deck. She's one of the few MPs that it hugely benefits. I don't know whether to classify it as a fun or serious card because to put it in I have to sacrifice something that might be better. On another note, how about Orange Launcher (though it doesn't work with Combative) and Overwhelming Power just for the crits? It doesn't look like the deck crits enough or do you just ignore Balls and Allies? Roshi and Ox King allies are some of 18's worst enemies. When I looked at the set 8 and 9 MPs at face value, they were always interesting but outside of Future Gohan, felt niche. I'd love to be proven wrong but King Kai most likely won't be doing anything. Future Gohan can be played around when he's entered on. Bardock's annoying but has to level to do anything which is 18's problem as well. If you want to talk about "real fucker" decks, that's still Panini's stuff which is what's winning the events. Granted it may be players not experimenting enough, but when your baseline is Goku and Broly, how is King Kai supposed to deal with that?
  20. Hero 18 Combative

    I did say Orange cards as a blanket statement but obviously Assistance Drill isn't going to be doing anything. I'll clarify by saying that they aren't necessarily overpowered but overdesigned. I don't see why an Orange deck would ever not play Meditation because it's never dead. Unlike Wall Breaker where you risk it being a poor attack at worst, Meditation being an attack that can crit along with Endurance 2 is versatility that didn't need to be there. Sweeping Blast I think can be annoying on the receiving end but it's no worse than Tandem Blast. Though you can argue that Sweeping is way more easy to trigger than Ki Burst or Tandem Blast. I know a lot of people were crying foul at Juke and while it's not too bad, nobody thought Orange was going to get/needed something like this. Bicycle Kick is still nuts. I've been playing Red Reverse where it doesn't work with Endurance since as damage it hits the discard pile before you can endure with it so therefore it's no longer part of your deck. Similar to how Saiyan Cheap Shot doesn't prevent Endurance from being used. The new Red blocks have generically outclassed almost every other Red block, with the amount of Endurance on them, anger, and great effects. Other than niche effects or Blocking Hand for an extra anger, you're most likely going to play these FanZ blocks. Legendary Strike did not need the reveal crit. We all know which MP this was intended for and Broly doesn't need two cards that do that. While I'm not saying we should outright ban winners from having a bias towards a MP, Broly being able to reveal two of these/Tantrum for two crits is dumb. The card would've still seen play otherwise. Namekian Resourceful Blast is just poor design with an effect that's beyond helpful for the style. Before, you had to crit naturally or draw into Double Strike/Team Up which have costs attached to crits. Now there's a FREE crit you can draw or an effortless play from the discard. It just wasn't necessary and while it doesn't break the game it felt like the guy plays Namekian, wanted more crits because his Balls kept getting taken, so that's what he did. No nuance or any real thought process to the card. The skip blocks having Endurance 2 may have been too much. It's like if Gut Kick had Endurance. It would've seen more play before Oppressive if it did. There's few reasons for any Saiyan deck to not use these skip blocks. It's a no-brainer like many of these cards simply because of the Endurance when such an effect doesn't warrant Endurance. I don't know if "flavor of the month" is an argument here which is what you can say I'm making for the blocks as this was the case during Panini as well. If they want people to play new blocks in the future, they'll have to be better than these. If you want to say that this is just power creep, then I'll agree. I'm just trying to say that I can see how some could see these as overpowered. I at least think some of the key cards in these sets are overdesigned for sure but not worth boycotting the format.
  21. Hero 18 Combative

    If we're looking at set 8, the Orange cards, Red blocks, and Future Gohan can fit into "overpowered schlock". Things like Saiyan Legendary Strike and Namekian Resourceful Blast are winner cards and while I guess the developers could've reigned them back more (if they did at all), there's blame to spread. In set 9, the Saiyan skip blocks were dumb, Pre-Game didn't matter until Oppressive Mastery, and other than Orange Memory which previously only worked with Adept, the set looks okay to me. I don't care for how good the human named cards are at face value but it's not because I've seen them in action so maybe they're duds that didn't help anyone but Tien. There's definitely an argument for set 10. All the MPs are playable to some extent but even with how 18 was designed to be generically good, I don't think anyone reaches the threshold of Goku or Broly in terms of overdesigned or outright stupidly broken. Oppressive Mastery was definitely a mistake, even with no MPPV. There was also no need for Orange Spine Kick and Suppressive Strike to lock their trait effects behind Saiyans instead of anyone else. To be fair, I haven't played against/with a wide range of set 10 decks but it sounds like he's had this problem since set 8 which I definitely don't understand outside of Orange.
  22. Hero 18 Combative

    Efficiency's there if for some reason 18 gets stage locked so energies can still be paid for. Though it's been said that Efficiency and Attack Drill are very low priority for the deck especially since the Mastery can't get them so yeah. I like Offensive Strike in 18 because she can make sure they're in your deck to grab but in hindsight, that's more for Adaptive beats where you only need one Drill to hit crit damage. You otherwise have to rely on Efficiency or having both Aura and Attack Drill out here which is too much commitment for a full playset. Then again, if you have Captivity and Examination, this is a potential six anger gain with multiple preventions on the Mastery so there's an argument even if you can't boost the damage. I'm in agreement about Time, Checkup, and the third Power Point. Rage can be quite clutch at times for four anger on hit and Meditation's a near staple at this point.
  23. Hero 18 Combative

    I'm sure seeing the deck in action would address some of these. Does Krillin being parenthetical get around Freezing Drill? Is your last card Orange Combined Burst? What level do you usually end up at? Do you get to 4/MPPV often? Ever use Conference Drill's banish effect? Any reason for no Checkup Drill? Being able to get it for a block with the Mastery when you're under Time or need one of your block effects is solid. Plus the extra rejuvenation each combat. Is there enough anger lowering to not run Orange Meditation? Any thoughts on Energy Phasing Drill and Overwhelming Power? Pure meta calls? Finally, Defiant Challenge? I don't necessarily feel the loss of 20. It's so annoying when he's Tugged, Orange Stare Downed, or criticaled. Villain 18 might fare better here in this regard because the Mastery covers crits to some extent but then the Leisure loop doesn't work unless you use Combative on it in every turn. I think the big difference between this and Adaptive is I'm really missing the +1 modifier to make my 4s crit without the help of Drills which you won't always have. Most of the attacks in this deck are pretty sad without modifiers/Efficiency though you're supposed to poke your way to survival while your opponent can't. As for Yamcha, his named cards don't work with the Mastery though he himself might not be bad here. I think you can make an argument for Awakening Gohan as well since you can pack more freestyle cards and they all work with the Mastery. I'd consider Ball 6 but that's without seeing the deck in action. My last version of Orange 18 had it.
  24. Red amplified hero 18

    I'm just guessing but it sounds like it's aggressive with tiny damage while denying your opponent meaningful damage. It's not exactly energy beatdown but attacks enough to trigger the Mastery for Examination and maybe Captivity Drill for the anger. I'd be interested in seeing a list as well to see what/how many Drills make it in. I feel like getting your Drills out is too slow since it's one per combat and that's if you don't rejuvenate Time or other key cards instead. And once you level they go away unless you max out Conference Drill. It wouldn't be like Adaptive where the Drill wall gradually gets bigger and bigger regardless of leveling. Regarding Amplified, I think it has to be said that there will be some level of camping on 1. You won't always have Unleashed and there's not that much anger on the attacks being played, at least not reliably so to count on it for leveling every game.