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  1. Set 10

    Dabura is tied with Burter as my favorite character, and he has a lot of powers and flavor so I hope he gets proper treatment. There's spit, weapon conjuration (for some potential Sword synergy), demon breath, meditation, and a power level at or above Cell's. Also I guess this is less likely now with such limited card pools, but for the Buu Saga I think it would be a good time to make another archetype like Sword: Magic. In general there's a lot of Magic from the Kaioshin, Babidi's family, and Buu to make the cards. Babidi could be a destructive Magic-themed MP and Dende a healing Magic-themed MP. Old Kai could be a Hero Ally that supports Magic, and Bibidi the Villain Ally. It seems to write itself but like I said they might not want to bother with that when there will only be so many cards released per Set.
  2. FanZ - Legends Checklist

    I'm sure in some sort of cosmic sense Kami has more to do with Bardock than Raditz, who I'm kind of surprised even ended up with an MP given how he's treated. Maybe he'll get some focus in the Dragonball Zero set. Also I don't feel like needlessly commenting on every single typo I see in a preview but there are still typos present on some of these reworked cards and I really wonder how that manages to happen.
  3. It's June 30th, there is supposed to be the final CRD TODAY

    Was that an attempt to give specific MP's more of a shot? I doubt Devious Trunks for example could prove more problematic than Devious Krillin, unless there's something I'm missing.