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  1. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Cell should be everything but Majin/God, because he's comprised of Earthlings, Aliens, Saiyans, Namekians, and is an Android. King Kai should be Alien/God if Kami is the baseline to go off of. Idk if Gohan will be a Saiyan/Earthling/Namekian, or a Saiyan/Earthling with access to Namekian Style, but he should probably be an Earthling too since he's born there and is half human. Is Goku a Saiyan/Earthling or just Saiyan?
  2. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Saiyan focuses on cheating out Levels more than the Anger manipulation or MPPV done by Red, but I just didn't want to gloss over it when acknowledging Styles that use Anger the most. Anger is definitely a general game mechanic, which is part of my point since I think Rejuvenation is as well. Saiyan and Namekian do it the most by far like we both said, but even if the powerlevel is on average worse for the other Styles they still have a lot of cards that can do it in addition to the already existing Styleless Rejuvenating options. The restriction in this case seems to be specifically disallowing Namekian(and Saiyan?) Users and blocks off its accessibility to some of the Earthlings who excel at Energy attacks. What I meant by calling it Freestyle being misleading is that it's much more locked off than something like AK ends up being. Unless they decide to make Nail and Slug Alien-Namekians and do the same for earlier Saiyans, which I really doubt since I'm assuming Alien is supposed to be a catch-all for non-Traited races, roughly 5-6 MPs should currently be able to use it fully. That number will grow with time, but it's still a fraction of all Personalities. It's more akin to a Named card or Allies that only work with listed Personalities, cards typically given much more leeway than other Styleless ones. Do you think many Personalities that can't use it twice will run it anyways? Yeah, NHD is the ubiquitous example and I probably should've said that instead of Kami L2, but he was kind of fresh on the mind. Other Styles do have targeted Rejuvenations and some cards that trigger when Rejuvenated, but they're just not as powerful as NHD. It was brought up a lot as a freezing candidate with good reason, and I think Namekian Airborne Attack makes it clear that they want to limit how many cards will let Namekian target and Rejuv any of their Styled cards. I think that's kind of their point. In the Styles/Personalities that could make use of this targeted Rejuvenation is still rare, and Rejuvenating specific cards usually isn't as good at triggering other effects as Namekian is(Orange has some okay cards that lower anger when Rejuvenated for example), so the card makes up for and helps out the strategy on its own by being playable twice. Red Leap is probably the best of any Styled Red/Orange/Blue/Black card to Rejuve and Orange has a few mediocre ones for anger reduction, but you'd probably still like to run this in a Deck with multiple trigger targets, and the Personalities themselves help to provide those. Playing it twice is still good even if you aren't Rejuvenating anything spectacular, though. As for a greater focus on Blue's method of Rejuve I agree that this would be good (so long as it didn't push Cooler over the edge), but all Styles already have their own method of Rejuvenation focus, such as Orange and Drill Rejuve. I think this limited support for it works fine as is.
  3. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    He probably meant absolutes. Every Style has anger gain but Red and Saiyan do it best. All Styles have Rejuvenation but Namekian does it best. It's also kind of misleading to just call it a Freestyle when most Personalities won't be able to get the second play, presumably when the card is considered good enough to run. If anything it might be considered too good a card for most Namekians and the Alien requirement prevents that from being an issue, like how Cooler would be pretty ridiculous if he had access to Namekian. This and how annoying Rejuvenating 2 Cell's Provocations with 1 card would be is probably why the card has the 2 Trait limit in the first place, since Cell would be an already strong Namekian-Alien able to use it twice while running a Namekian Rejuve toolbox far better than any other Style's. Targeted Rejuve has mostly been kept out of Namekian's reach(Kami can do it and is Namekian), to the point where you could say it specifically isn't a part of the Style. Saiyan actually has the most I think. If a Namekian considered it worthwhile this could still be run and activate once. The Kai should be God/Alien and have access to both this and Blue Terror. Freeza can Rejuvenate his named cards, potentially triggering Frieza's Arrogance twice. Pikkon plays it twice and his Named card has a Rejuv trigger. Tien isn't an Alien but Preparation getting Rejuvenated does draw a card and at Level 4 he can use it twice anyways. I think the Trait does a good job of pushing this "Freestyle" card into some specific functions depending on who is using it and in what Style it's being used, so I don't see the big issue. My bigger problem would be if Trait cards become as obvious an addition to your deck as a majority of Named cards are since that would lead to a lot of boring autofill.
  4. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    Who does it work with: Frieza, Ginyu, Cooler, King Kai, and Chilled for now? I'm assuming Saiyans and Namekians won't also get Alien tags and Cell/Junior have too many Traits for the effect. The Kais will probably be Alien/God and the villains should be Alien/Majin, so it will work with them too.
  5. FanZ Set 10 - "Revelation"

    The first Set had more Heroes than Villains too since it was also establishing the cast, and depending on how they handle the Fusion and Buu cards it could happen again in later Sets.
  6. Set 10

    Dabura is tied with Burter as my favorite character, and he has a lot of powers and flavor so I hope he gets proper treatment. There's spit, weapon conjuration (for some potential Sword synergy), demon breath, meditation, and a power level at or above Cell's. Also I guess this is less likely now with such limited card pools, but for the Buu Saga I think it would be a good time to make another archetype like Sword: Magic. In general there's a lot of Magic from the Kaioshin, Babidi's family, and Buu to make the cards. Babidi could be a destructive Magic-themed MP and Dende a healing Magic-themed MP. Old Kai could be a Hero Ally that supports Magic, and Bibidi the Villain Ally. It seems to write itself but like I said they might not want to bother with that when there will only be so many cards released per Set.