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  1. Lmk what you got man.
  2. Title is misspelled, but at least this "opertunity" is once in a lifetime. For a low price of $350. Wait, it's not even a real card? $350? Holy crap, that's not even a proxy. It's a fan made "super sweet custom card" that's literally worth nothinh? Holy s***. This has to be a troll. If not, then let me help you out. Move the decimal for the asking price 3 places to the left, 2 if you're feeling dangerous. I have a feeling you don't know what that means, so let me help you out. Asking price should be $.350, $3.50 if you like to live dangerously. (I'm a sarcastic a-hole, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to rail you for this. Forgive me, but you do need to do proper research before opening yourself up to this).
  3. Hey guys. I am close to finishing my original Z collection and only need a few more cards. I just have cash to buy. I know its a long shot, but if anyone has any of these cards, PM me and we can hopefully set up a deal. WANTS: ANY GEN CON OR COMIC CON STAMPED CARDS MISSING SCORE STAMP: SZ3 - Champion Drill J1 - Fatherly Advice CC1 - Namekian Strike AS Foil Cell Saga Limited Foil Without Score Stamp (Have Regular Limited Foil to trade with it): 1 - Blue Sliding Dodge 6 - Saiyan Right Cross 8 - Black Fatality 29 - Orange Strike 32 - Red Power Strike 33 - Red Face Strike 39 - Dende Dragonball 1 41 - Saiyan Triple Kick 42 - Namekian Fist Block 47 - Blue Evasion 48 - Orange Energy Focus 49 - Namekian Upward Dash 50 - Saiyan Left Punch 52 - Orange Energy Discharge 72 - Capsule Corp Ship 83 - Ally Rescue 88 - Yamcha The Powerful 89 - Krillin The Friend 103 - Tien The Quick 108 - Namekian Energy Beam P2 - Cells Arena