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  1. Yea I failed to mention it was Score Z I was talking about. So if both MPs are pretty much equal 5 above 0 and the match is villain vs hero, hero goes first?? Unless hero over powers villain?
  2. If my MP is a villain and my opponent MP is a Hero and both our MP are equal at 5 above who goes first. BC i was told Villains automatically goes last.
  3. bump
  4. WANTS Scores Z FD Black Star Dragonball 6 & 7 foil Black Leg Drop x3 Alt foil Trunks Finds The Answer x2 foil Blue Narrow escape x 3 alt foil Dragonball Z CCG Goku Golden Oozaru lvl 1 Goku flights foil x4 HAVES Mastery Saiyan Style Mastery foil x2 *146 Saiyan Style Mastery foil *148 Freestyle Mastery foil *126 Namekian Style Mastery foil*139 Black Style Mastery foil *126 Black Style Mastery foil *119 Red Style Mastery foil *147 Blue Style Mastery foil *120 Orange Style Mastery foil *140 Black Style Mastery foil *129 Saiyan Ground Slide Broly's Legendary Ki Explosion x3 Bardock lvl 1-2 Master Roshi Sensei Goku Super Sayain 4 lvl 5 Majin Destruction x3 Your Wish Has Been Granted x2 Excessive Aggression Trunks Recon alt foil Dazed foil x2 Help me out