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  1. Best decks for this 3 please :$

    hum do you have the deck list for that ? i just want broly for set 1. i would like to see a nice hit deck but it's hard it seems.. tbh what i wanted more now would be a androids deck . a really nice androids deck.
  2. Expansion Set Reveals! Full List!

    i dont know how good they are since i didnt understand well that over realm thing.. they will just be in game 1 turn ? anyway the other cards look smooth.
  3. Best decks for this 3 please :$

    how can HIT be that bad ? wow.. alright i try to check it.. what is top 2 deck list?
  4. Best decks for this 3 please :$

    Hi, I'm very new and very noobish.. i heard this decks suck and dont stand a chance but they are 3 of my favourite characters and that's what im aiming for .. can someone giving the better decks for this guys :Hit, Broly and Black Goku?
  5. where can i see top decks?

    thanks for the answer and where can i learn the game ? it looks easy and so hard at same time i dont really know how it works.. and i saw the video of their official page
  6. where can i see top decks?

    Hi, i'm new at this and wanted to know what's meta and what are the best decks out there. IS there any good place beside this site to be aware of it ? like regional or national or world top deck :s