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    I am new to playing dbz panini any one local willing to help me learn build decks and donate cards will help me greatly and I always pay back those who help me. My facebook is listed above and my venue is Miniature Exchange in Grand Prairie Tx we have tournaments every Wednesday and we meet up at 5pm. I hope to see you all there!
  1. New Player Looking for Decks to play

    Hey everyone I just started the game about a week ago. I met up with someone in my area and Im getting a complete set of commons, uncommons, and rares with all of the leaders and he might give me the other draft leaders. I also had him give me everything for the fused zamasu deck from mafuba jar on youtube. So I have that completed as well with all of zamasu's promos and supers. What other decks that are cheap in cost right now before set 3 drops? I have everything for blue just about and on thursday is when I will get the rest of the green, red, and yellow im missing. So other then supers and promos im missing I should be in a good spot for some decent teir 2 decks maybe? what do you all suggest?