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    I am new to playing dbz panini any one local willing to help me learn build decks and donate cards will help me greatly and I always pay back those who help me. My facebook is listed above and my venue is Miniature Exchange in Grand Prairie Tx we have tournaments every Wednesday and we meet up at 5pm. I hope to see you all there!
  1. Advice required on r/b trunks deck

    Which trunks are you using? Set 2 or the black xeno trunks?
  2. Mono green/ possibly red/green deck suggestions

    Cell just got a hole lot better now that 13, 14, 15 are out and they get their own negate. If i had everything for cell id build him. Cell is still a top contender.
  3. Set 3 Masked Saiyan Aggro

    I thought with super combo cards there was only a max of 4 allowed in the deck? Or did that change?
  4. Zamasu?

    Anyone have any good zamasu builds comming up in set 3? I know he has some green support out there with set 3 so maybe blue, black, and green?
  5. G/Y mecha frieza deck help

    Check out youtube theres a few deck profiles out.
  6. Warp and black cards

    Has anyone figure any new strategies with the new warp area and black cards? What decks do you think are gonna make a comeback with the new expansions and set 3?